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Chapter 56: The Way of Things

  Alder stared at his new bus driver, discomfited.  Was this a test?

  He was strong enough to resist temptation, right?

   She was barely wearing any clothes, he was reforming himself, but he wasn't dead.  Yet.  If he went anywhere near his new bus driver Spring might kill him though.  He sighed heavily and looked away.  He curled his fingers and gripped the leopard print material tightly, then forced himself to relax.  He could do this.  Totally.  He could ignore the little signals she was sending him, the flirtatious glances in the mirror.  He could ignore the lack of clothes on her...body.  No, best not to think about her body and the lack of clothes. His eyes kept wandering though...


  He sighed again.  Who knew the straight and narrow would be so hard?  It was going to be a long ride to the Coliseum.

  "Uh, Mom!"  Ryder yelled.  "I need another phone!"


    "Why do you need another phone?"

  "Mine broke on my last dumpster dive."

  Spring sighed.  "Dare I ask why you are dumpster diving?"

  "Senior project, remember?  I can't graduate without having a successful blog.  I have 30 followers, can you believe that?  I actually like the blogging part, it's kind of addicting."

  "Talk to your Dad about it when he gets home."


  Alyssa sighed happily.  She could dance all night, just like this, just her and Paeris, swaying to the soft tunes playing on the radio.  Who needed Prom?; but Paeris seemed to think that Alyssa would regret it if she didn't go.

  All too soon she heard the honk of the Limo, they pulled apart, and hand in hand they headed out to the Limo.

  Niall quickly kissed his Prom date before he lost his courage, he almost missed his Limo ride, but he and Fluffs got to the Limo just in time.


    Prom was perfect, Alyssa was glad she had gone.  She and Paeris had laughed, danced, giggled, started a Chicken Dance craze, and they had been crowned King and Queen of the Prom.  There was only one way to make this night epic.  Alyssa gripped Paeris' hand a little tighter as she carefully eased the front door open.  All was clear.  "Come on." she whispered.

  "Are you sure?" he whispered back.  Alyssa nodded.  She had been planning this night for ages, and she knew exactly what she was doing.  Paeris looked cautiously around.  "Where are they?"

  Alyssa shrugged.  "I don't care, once we're in my room, no one will come looking for us.  They'll be too busy wondering where Niall and Ryder are, they'll just assume I'm home.  And I will be."  She smiled at Paeris, and he smiled back.  She led him upstairs, and into her room, talking in hushed whispers and nervous giggles the whole way.

  They fumbled a bit with each other's clothes, then fell onto Alyssa's bed, the sweet little kisses turning into harder, more demanding kisses.  After making love several times during the night, in the wee hours of the morning, they finally fell asleep in each other's arms, and dreamed of their future.

  Paeris dreamed of all the children they would someday have, and Alyssa dreamed of getting a dishwasher.


   Alyssa woke with a start.  They had overslept, she jumped out of bed and threw her clothes on.  "Paeris, wake up.  We've got to get you out of here!"  He mumbled something and rolled over.  She shook him.  "Paeris, now!"  He blinked a few times, then blearily opened his eyes.  "Up, now!" she hissed.  The yelling downstairs was starting to get louder.

  Half asleep, he stumbled about, and pulled his clothes on.  "What's going on down there?"

  "Auntie Spring is upset that Ryder and Niall never came home last night.  Maybe we can..." she was interrupted by her bedroom door opening up.

  "Lyssa, the bus is here..."  Her dad's voice trailed off as he came into the room.

  Alyssa blushed.  "Uh, hi Daddy."

  Claudio's eyes narrowed.  "Alyssa, why is Paeris here so early in the morning?"

  "I can explain..." she said weakly.

  Claudio wanted to kill the boy.  He had even started for him, the boy's eyes had widened, but he hadn't run away, he had stayed where he was.  Either he was really stupid, or really brave, Claudio really hadn't care which, because as far as he was concerned, the boy was dead.  Claudio had ignored his daughter's pleas, he had ignored her crying and yelling, he had but one purpose in mind, until he felt his wife's hand on his shoulder.

  And now somehow he found himself at the Love Festival with his wife.  He did not know how she did it.  The boy was even still alive.

   "Stop scowling."  Lia told him.

  He turned to her.  "I should have killed him."

  "Nonsense." Lia declared.  "Your daughter would never have forgiven you.  They're young and in love."

  Claudio scowled even more.  "I loved you, and I would never have dreamed of..."

  Lia smiled at him.  "Never dreamed Monty?  What a whopper."

  "You know what I mean." he said grumpily.

  "Let me see your hand."

  "Why?" he asked suspiciously.

  "I've always wanted to try one of these love meters."

   Claudio groaned.  "Lia, those love meters are ridiculous.  I could tell you..."

  "Yeah, yeah, yeah, " she said.  "Monty, have I ever told you that you think too much?"

  "Once or twice." he mumbled.

  "Well, I am telling you again.  You think too much.  More action Monty, less talk, put your hand here."  She pointed to the handle sticking out of the machine.  He sighed, but did as she said.


  Lia watched the swirl of lights and colors eagerly, when the machine finally spit out the paper, she snatched it quickly.  "I knew it!" she crowed.

  Monty leaned over her shoulder to look at the paper.  "Knew what?"


   She grinned at him.  "We were meant to be."

  Monty smiled back at her.  "I didn't need a piece of paper to tell me that."

  "No, " she said, "you just needed me to tell you that.  And I'm telling you now Monty, Alyssa and Paeris are meant to be, so you'd best get used to it."  Lia wrinkled her nose.  "Though we shall have a talk about safe sex and babies with them.  As much as I would love a grandchild, Alyssa needs to finish school first."

  Claudio stared at her.  "What?!"

  Lia patted his cheek.  "You know I'm right.  So, killing the boy is off the list."

  "What about intimidating the boy?"

  Lia smiled.  "Now you're talking."

  Alder had been watching the girl in the kissing booth for a little while now.  She looked so bored.  A guy would come up to her, hand her a buck, he would get a peck on the lips and then walk away.  What kind of kiss was that?

  Alder had decided to go to the Love Festival without Spring.  She was being unreasonable anyway.  Boys would be boys, he had told her.  She had not liked his answer.  He rolled his eyes.  Women.  As far as he was concerned, everything was fine.  No police had shown up at his doorstep, and when they came home from school, then he'd ask them where they had been.  No harm, no foul. 

 But this kissing booth girl, she really needed some kissing lessons.  She was never going to make much for the Orphaned Penguins fund at the rate she was going.  He glanced over at his sister and Monty to see if they were watching, but they were preoccupied with each other, as usual.  He shrugged.  It was only a kiss after all, and it was for a worthy cause.  Poor little orphaned penguins, Spring couldn't be mad at him for helping out such a worthy cause.

  He pulled out his dollar, and waved it in front of her face.  She didn't even look at him.  "How many kisses do I get for a dollar."

  "One." She said in a bored tone.

  He lifted her chin to make her look up.  "Hmmm, I'd better make it count then."


  "Ccc-count?" she stuttered.

  Alder nodded.  "Yes, I do believe those penguins are counting on me."  He slowly pulled her closer, her eyes fluttered closed and her lips parted.


  He gently cupped her face, and then kissed her very throughly.


    The girl melted against him and moaned softly.


    Alder pulled away.  "Now that is how you kiss someone." he whispered.  At one time he would have asked for her phone number, and arranged to meet her later.  There were all kinds of things he could teach her, kissing the least of it.  Instead he just smiled at her, and she smiled back dreamily at him.


  Alder heard his name being called, and he turned around to see his grandfather, Kit.  Alder waved, and then flew quickly over to him.


  "Gramps!"  Alder hugged Kit.

  "Hello you scalawag."  Kit said with a slight smile.  "Are you kissing the girls and making them cry again?"

  "Me?"  Alder asked with mock innocence.  "No way, didn't you hear Gramps?  I'm a changed guy.  I was simply doing my duty for those poor little orphaned penguins."

  Kit chuckled.  "Indeed?"

  Alder smiled mischievously.  "Absolutely."

  Kit laughed as he shook his head.  "From the tales your Dad has told me, I think he has found your escapades quite amusing.  Your mother on the other hand..."

  Alder groaned.  "She drives me crazy."

  "Elly hasn't changed much since your Dad first introduced her to me, babies and marriage have always been really important to her."  Kit was quiet for a moment.  "She has a good heart though, and she's been good for your Dad, she's made him very happy."  Kit sighed as he briefly reflected on his short unhappy marriage to Mina.  They had simply needed different things in life.  Kit looked at his grandson, and smiled.  Life was good though, he may have struck out in the love and marriage department, but he hit the jackpot when it came to grandkids, and even great grandkids.  "How are those kids of yours?"

  "The kids are doing great Gramps.  Ryder and Niall are doing well in school, and with the way they keep growing, they are costing me a fortune in shoes!  The triplets have already graduated, and with honors!"  Alder boasted, he knew the genius genes came from his side of the family.


  "Graduated already?"  Kit shook his head.  "Time sure passes by quickly, it seems like just yesterday I was changing your Dad's diapers, and now I have great grandchildren that have graduated from highschool, I'm getting old."  Kit said ruefully.

  Alder disagreed.  "You're not old Gramps."

  Kit smiled.  "My body says otherwise.   I can feel it in my bones, I don't have much longer here in this world.  Now, don't give me that look Alder, it is the way of things, even for those of you that carry fae blood in your veins.  I have lived a good life, and had my fair share of adventures."

  Alder's eyes lit up.  He loved hearing his grandfather's tales of Camulodunum, and the battles that had been fought.  His favorite ones involved his father, since his father was reluctant to talk of those days, as if he feared his kids would run out and do the same crazy stuff he had done as a teenager.  Alder would rather hold a guitar than a sword though, he left that sort of stuff up to his older brothers.  "Like the time that Dad ran off to Bridgeport, and you had to follow after him?"

  "Exactly!"  Kit spun his tale, all the more fascinating to Alder, because it was a true tale, and not a tall one.


  After Kit had finished telling his tale to his rapt audience, he paused for a moment, then said, "I have something for you."  He reached into his vest and pulled out a book.  "I grabbed this today, not knowing why, but now I know why.  I think you are meant to have it, to pass it down, and make sure it always stays in our family.  Guard it well, Alder."

  Alder's eyes widened in surprise.  "Is this, is this, THE book?"

  "That is the very book that my father made for me, because he knew he wouldn't be around to train me."  Kit confirmed.

  "Shouldn't Puck have it?  I think he'd be a much better choice than me, I don't have any of the powers that Dad has, or even Puck for that matter.  I'm just half-fae, more human than fae even."

  Kit shook his head no.  "No, Puck has no need of it, but someday, someday the family may just need the knowledge this book contains.  And never you fear about powers Alder, when they are needed, they will be given.  You had no need of them, and neither do your kids, but, who knows what the future holds."  Kit held the book out, and Alder carefully took it from him.

  "Gramps, I don't know what to say." 

  Kit patted him on the shoulder.  "I think we should get our picture taken.  You, me, Claudio, and your sister that has been dragging Claudio around to all the booths, I bet he could use a break."

  Alder rolled his eyes.  "She's trying to keep him from thinking about Alyssa and Paeris."  Kit quirked an eyebrow, so Alder explained what had happened earlier in the day.

  Kit found it as amusing as Alder did.


  "You should have seen it Gramps, it was the funniest thing I ever saw, I tried to tell them they should keep a closer eye on those two.  But no, what do I know?  No one wanted to listen to me, Alyssa wouldn't do that they said.  They keep thinking she is exactly like her mother, but she isn't.  I really believe they broke the mold when Lia was made, and thank heavens for that!  One Lia is more than enough!  No, I could tell that Alyssa is in love, and I, more than any of them, know what girls will do when they are in love.  Paeris is a good kid though, I expect they'll marry right out of highschool and have a passel of kids."

  Kit nodded his head thoughtfully.  "I am well acquainted with his family, yes, and I have even met Alyssa's young man, I agree with you.  They are well matched."

  Alder waved his arm, "Hey Lia!  Gramps wants to do a picture!" 


    Lia frowned at the picture.  "Alder, you are such a ham."

  Alder looked over her shoulder at the picture.  "What are you talking about?  I think it's a very nice picture."

  She pointed at his image on the picture.  "Look at you!  Standing in front of everyone!"

  Alder started to argue back, but suddenly he felt a cool breeze pick up, and whirl around, and then he knew.  He turned around, and to his horror he could see that he was right.  "Gramps!" he called out, his throat clogged up.  "Gramps!  You can't leave yet!"

   Kit smiled warmly at his family as they gathered closer.  He couldn't speak any words, but he looked at Alder and mouthed the words, "Remember."

  "Gramps!"  Alder reached out in an attempt to keep his grandfather with him, but his hands simply went through him.


  Alder felt the tears run down his cheeks, and mingle with the rain that fell from the skies; even the heavens wept with him.  "I'm going to miss you."

  With a small little wave, Kit turned and faced the black garbed figure.


    With a wave of Death's scythe, Kit disappeared, and in his place a large tombstone was gently placed in his honor.


  Miles away, Reilly stopped in his tracks.  "Dad..."


  Alder stayed on the Festival grounds, long after the Festival had closed.  He simply couldn't believe that one moment Gramps had been full of life, and the next moment, he was gone.   He had stared unseeing, for hours, and was only startled out of his thoughts by his father's hand on his shoulder.  "Alder, come with me."

  Alder didn't question his Dad, but followed him obediently.  They crossed the street, and in the dark stillness, Alder could see his Dad's hands glowing.  He looked questioningly at his father.  "One last little show, in honor of Dad."  Reilly murmured.  He rarely used his powers any more, but he knew his Dad would have appreciated this.  "Look Alder, up there."  Reilly pointed to the night sky.  Alder looked where his father had pointed.


  Alder stared in awe, the night sky was alive with color.  The stars sparkled extra bright while purple ribbons of light chased blues and greens in a kaleidescope of dance.
  "Good bye Dad."  Reilly said softly.

  Alyssa wasn't sure what to feel.  On one hand, she was sad that her great grandfather had died, but on the other hand, she was grateful that with his death, nothing further had been said about her and Paeris.  The household was too wrapped up in grief.  She even thought she had been lucky, but lately, she hadn't been feeling too lucky.  In fact, she had been feeling a bit nauseous, she could only hope it was grief manifesting itself, rather than what she feared.

  Alder was in a funk, and having a hard time climbing out of it, so when his manager called with an opportunity to take his band and tour Egypt and France, he took it, dragging Ryder along with him.  Ryder didn't mind too much, he loved traveling with his Dad, they had a lot of fun together.

  When Alder wasn't performing, they played hacky sack in the middle of the streets in Egypt.


  They danced to Egyptian music.  Well, his Dad danced, while Ryder laughed at him.  Ryder threatened to take video and pictures and blog about it, but Alder threatened to feed him to a crocodile if he did.


   Ryder wanted to camp outside, under the stars, his Dad was a bit dubious about it, but in the end, he let Ryder have his way.


  In France, they stopped by to see his little brother, but found out that they were on vacation in China.  With nothing else planned, Alder decided to explore the old Landgraab Chateau.

  Ryder looked it up on his phone.  "Dad, that place is walking death trap.  No way am I going in there."

  "Nonsense."  Alder said firmly.  "It's culture and history, you'll learn a lot."

  Ryder snorted.  "I already know a lot by searching the world wide web, you should try it before you kill yourself.  Old Landgraab was a suspicious, paranoid fellow, and he left booby traps all over that house.  They make you sign a waver Dad, that if you accidentally trigger a trap that they didn't know about, your family can't sue them for your death.  Death Dad, and you are not listening to me."

  "Your talking nonsense, why would I listen to you?  Now are you coming with me?"

  "No, I'm staying here, I'll text Mom and we'll start planning your funeral."

  "Thanks for the vote of confidence!"


  Alder vowed next time he would look it up on the world wide web, like his son had suggested.  Ryder didn't say the words I told you so, but Alder could see them in his son's smirk.  "If you blog this, I'm feeding you to the crocodiles." he warned his son.

  "You left the crocodiles in Egypt Dad."

  Claudio didn't want a big fuss about his birthday, he didn't like parties or crowds of people, even if they were all relatives.  Maybe because they were ALL relatives.

  Spring was alone for her birthday as well, but she didn't mind.  Alder said when he got back home, he would have a new house built for her.  Just for her.  The last couple of houses had been built with Lia in mind, because Lia had the strongest opinions on anything.  Lia had decided though that after Alyssa graduated, she and Monty would travel to her mother's homeland.  It was spur of the moment, but, Spring reflected, that was how Lia was.


     Niall had plans to move in with his girlfriend, Alyssa planned to move out and marry Paeris, with Monty and Lia off traveling, that would leave just her, Alder, and Ryder.  The house would be so peaceful, Spring was really looking forward to the peaceful.  Alder had even gone one step further, and promised her he would hire a maid, so she wouldn't have to clean up after two guys.

  Spring smiled happily.  She'd had her doubts at first, but he made a pretty good husband.  Alder had left the details of how they got married up to her, and she had thought briefly about having a grand wedding and inviting all the women in town.  In the end, she decided to just keep it him, and her.  She also hadn't wanted him to get cold feet, and leave her at the altar.

  All in all, she was quite pleased with her life.


  Notes: Next chapter Gen 6 will be in charge---I'm happy to be done with opportunities.  Traveling seems to magnify game glitches, lol  A lot of Alder's opportunities involved traveling, for a career opportunity he had to find some music sheets or something at the Landgraab Chateau library.  It has been so long since I actually played with the adventure part of WA, I sort of forgot about a few of the traps, lol  Poor Alder.  He was so happy to get out of that house!!  He also likes to smustle, just like his Great-great grandpa Kona.

  I was so sad about Kit.  I thought it was neat he had shown up at the Festival, and I had Alder go and talk to him, then I thought I should get a family pic.  The game was freezing up so bad it was annoying.  After I got the pic w Monty, Lia, Alder and Kit, I thought wouldn't it be neat to get Ryder, Niall, Alyssa, and Reilly in the pic with them.  I had to wait for after school for the teens, Reilly kept freezing for whatever reason--so I kept having Alder call him, and then boom!  Kit died on me!  I was not expecting that!  Reilly shows up after it's all over, but hey, why waste a picture opportunity?  So I had Alder talk to him.  I had just recently installed a lighting mod that made the Aurora Borealis available to any world---and there it was, first time I had seen it outside of Aurora Skies.  I thought it was quite appropriate.

  Good Bye Kit---I'm gonna miss ya!

  And the book is still around.  Just in case, lol

  Alder is a great kisser.  I thought it would be cute to get a pic of a little kiss---but she kissed him so quickly I couldn't get a pic of it, and I was thinking, darn it, now I have to have him do it again so I get a pic.  Instead---He goes all out and kisses her, lol  Good thing Spring was at home! =)

  My plan is---move Lia and Monty out.  Lia is still a young adult, but Monty is half way through his adult stage.  I cannot watch him die, I am too attached to him, lol  Alder of course, is still a young adult, and Spring is half way through her adult stage, but while I like Spring, I am not as attached to her as I am to Monty.  I also, shortly after Ryder aged up (which will be shown next chapter) portered all of my sims to a new copy of the same town they were in.  I forgot to save the house they had, and I was too lazy to bother opening up that save, so I just built them another house.  I like it better than the one I built before anyway, lol

  One final note---Alyssa and Paeris were naughty, lol  I had just portered all of my sims and fixed all the relationships, got the housing all set up, but forgot to check my Woohooer settings. 


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Chapter 55: Epiphany

Alder stared in dismay at the dumpster.  It was so...dirty.  Filthy really.  Miss Hibbards had been quite clear though, the Senior Project this year was to start up a blog and make it successful.  To fail meant you didn't graduate.  Everyone had drawn a piece of paper from a hat, on that paper had been their subject matter for the blog.  To keep things even and fair, Miss Hibbards had said.


  Ryder groaned.  He had picked Dumpster Diving, could there have been a worse subject to get stuck with?  No, there were a few others that recieved a worse subject than him.  Arlo Bunch for example, he had to blog about what it was like to get hit by lightning, over and over and over.  Or Jake Pax, he had to blog about being an alien test subject.

  Compared to those choices, the dumpster was a breeze.  He grimaced.  It smelled horrific though.

  He held his breath, and dived in.

  It was worse than he thought it would be, and he had imagined it to be pretty bad.  It smelled like putrid vomit, and the little rice things wiggled.  He didn't think rice was supposed to wiggle.  He jumped out of the dumpster and shuddered.  This was going to be a long year.

  He pulled his phone out.  It was time to make his first post on what it was like to be a dumpster diver.


  Alder had lost his heart.  To a girl even.  A pretty girl with pink hair that clung on to him and called him Da da.


    Boys were great fun, and he loved his boys.  He found Reagan mystifying, she blew hot and cold towards him all the time.  But Cori, Cori just looked at him and said, "My Da da."  as she raised her arms up, wanting him to pick her up.  And that had been it.  Little Cori had stolen his heart.

  He vowed that he wouldn't let any one hurt her, and if any guy tried to...he paused in his thoughts, then he froze.  If someone like him entered Cori's life, he would have to kill him, no doubt about it. 

  And all those women he had been with, including Spring, they were someone's little girl, like Cori was his little girl.  So what did that make him?  And could he change?  He looked at his daughter's face, and he decided that it was time for him to stop running, and maybe, just maybe, even get married.

  "You hear that pumpkin?"  He grinned at his daughter, who giggled back at him.  "I'm gonna do it, become a Dad you'd be proud of.  Bite the bullet, and all those other cheesy cliches.  I'm gonna get married!"


  "So what do you think punkin?  Maybe your Mom would even let you be the flower girl?"  Alder couldn't see any reason why she wouldn't.  Cori was going to be her flower girl when she wed his brother, Puck.  Alder still couldn't get over the fact that his brother was not only engaged to Esther, but they were expecting a baby.  Puck had come over to talk to him about it, all worried about what Alder thought. 

  Puck said it had been a one time thing, and he felt horribly guilty about it.  Especially after Alder had refused to sleep with Jamie, but instead had let Puck know that his girlfriend was sleeping around.  Alder didn't see what the big deal was, and he told his brother so.  Esther wasn't his girlfriend, and he had never loved her.  Esther was not Spring.  If Puck had slept with Spring, well, now, that would have been different.

  "But he didn't, did he baby girl?"  Alder kissed the top of his daughter's head.


  "Now all I have to do is convince Spring that she still wants to marry me.  She's rather pissed, uh, I mean, mad at me right now.  I can't say that I blame her, she's put up with a lot over the years."  Alder smiled again at Cori.  "Your Mom should be back soon, how about I play guitar for you and your sister?  You girls seem to like that."

  Cori clapped her hands.  "Moosic Da da!  Moosic!"

  "Moosic it is."  He set Cori down on the living room floor and opened up his guitar case, and pulled out his guitar.  He strummed a few strings, checking to make sure it was still in tune.  He noticed Reagan come into the room, he pretended not to see her.  If he acknowledged her, she would disappear faster than he could say her name.  If he ignored her, she would stay and quietly listen to him play.

  "How about a little bit of the King baby?"  He curled his lips back in a fake Elvis imitation, as he started playing the tune Blue Suede Shoes.  Cori was crazy about the King.


   "Boo shoes!  Boo shoes!"  Cori giggled.


    "What about Ghost Riders in the Sky?"  Reagan asked quietly, almost hesitantly.

  Alder stopped playing and stared at Reagan.  "You like old country!?"  He wasn't sure how successful he was at keeping the horror out of his voice.  His daughter liked old country!!??  Had he really heard those words come out of her mouth?


  Reagan nodded, and then smiled shyly at him.  "You play really well, I just don't care for rock that much."  She smiled apologetically.  "But I really love country, the classics like Johnny Cash and Kris Kristoferson.  Do you know any of their songs?" 


  He saw the expectation in her eyes, the hope, and he sighed inwardly.  Today was a day of growth, not only had he decided to get married, but he, he, the lead guitarist of Excaliber, which most definitely was not a country band, he was going to play country.  On his guitar.  It was like, like sacrilege.  But he would do it, because he was a sucker and he loved to see the smile in his girls' eyes.  It was the first thing Reagan had ever requested of him, so like it or not, he was going to suck it up.

    He knew the tune well enough, so he closed his eyes and he began to play.



 "Are you finished yet?"  Alder asked Spring calmly as he washed the dishes.


   "No!" she hollered into the megaphone.  "I'm not done yet.  I need to practice before my big protest at the Park.  I'm going to let all the women in this town know that you are a heartless, self centered jerk!  That they should stay far away from you.  You'll break their hearts and leave them as single Moms!  You're a troll!"


    "I'm going to do this town a favor!  I'm going to let them all know just what kind of guy you are!  A user of women, a heartbreaker!  A gigolo!"

  "Hey now," Alder said as he walked over to her.  "I was never paid for having sex, therefore the label of gigolo would be a lie.  Would you put that megaphone down, so we can talk?"


  Spring reluctantly put her megaphone down.  "Talk about what?  If you think you can persuade me to cancel my protest, well, forget about it."

  "No, no, I was going to tell you that I think you're so hot when your all fired up and passionate.."  He edged a little closer to her, and Spring felt her insides flutter.  It was so unfair that she found him so attractive, that just the look in his eyes as he came closer to her made her swoon.


  "Alder..." she said warningly.  "You stay away from me, you hear?  I'm ticked off and hurt and..."

  "I'm sorry."  Adler said sincerely.


   Spring stared at him in confusion.  Had he just apologized?  "Did I hear you right?"

  Alder nodded.  "I think you should make an honest man out of me Spring.  Our kids are nearly grown, and you still haven't married me yet."

  Spring glared at him. "If that is your idea of a joke Alder, I am going to take a meat cleaver to your stubborn thick headed, ooomph."  Her rant was cut short when he pulled her into his arms and kissed her, a long slow melting kiss that made her all soft inside and made her forget why she was so upset with him.

  When he finally released her, he stepped back slightly.  "That wasn't a joke."  Alder said seriously.  "I'm serious Spring.  I love you, I have for a long time.  I probably would have come to this conclusion a whole lot earlier if not for my mother pushing me." He said sheepishly.  "I love her dearly, but she gets on my nerves, and then my stubborn side kicks in, and," Alder sighed, "I'm a jerk.  I wouldn't blame you for saying no but..."

  "You haven't asked me yet."

  "I didn't?"

  "No, you said I should make an honest man of you.  That is not a proposal Alder."

  "Hmm, well, I should rectify that." He gave her his cocky smile, the one she loved so much. 


   "Spring, I love you, would you be crazy enough to take me on for life and become my wife?"

  Spring squealed.  "Yes!"  He grunted a bit at the impact as she threw herself into his arms.  "Alder I swear, if you ever sleep with..."

  "Thing of the past Babe."  He assured her with an easy smile.  "Don't you know, I'm reformed now?  Though I can't say for certain that we won't have any other kids knocking on the door looking for me.  I was a bit, uh, careless before my reformation."

  "I can deal with kids from your past, I won't be happy about it, " she said honestly, "but I'm willing to set it all aside.  I love you Alder, I always have."

  "I know." 


  Alyssa was so excited!  Paeris parents had to go out of town for a really important medical conference, so he was going to spend the night at her house. 

   It was also her birthday!  She shared her birthday with both Paeris and Niall.  The night couldn't get any better, she got to spend her birthday with her best friend, and also would get to spend her first few hours as a teen with him.

  Niall was older than both of them, so he had his birthday first.


    Followed by Alyssa.


  And finally Paeris.


  Once the birthday sparkles went away, Paeris and Alyssa shyly looked at each other.  Suddenly things seemed different, and yet the same.  He was still her best friend, but she also felt the stirring of something more.

   She felt a little too shy to come right out and tell him so, so she whispered it in his ear.


  She was overjoyed to find out he returned her feelings.  They grinned stupidly at each other, both feeling equal parts awkward and  happy.  Her mother spoiled the moment by opening the door and announcing it was time to go to bed.  Paeris unrolled his sleeping bag and crawled in, Alyssa followed suit.

  They talked and laughed in hushed whispers until the early morning hours before they finally fell asleep.


  Her mother woke up them up with the announcement that school had been canceled due to the snow.  Alyssa rolled up her sleeping bag, her thoughts whirling around in her head.  She had the whole day to spend with Paeris.  She smiled, happy inside.  She had the whole day to spend with Paeris.

  "Morning."  His voice was a little huskier, and deeper now. 

  She liked it.  "Good Morning." she said softly.  They stared at each other some more, both wearing stupid grins on their faces.  She couldn't get over how handsome he was; she could just look at him forever.  He seemed to enjoy just looking at her as well.

  They spent more hours, just talking.  Talking about school, other friends, family, their plans, and their plans for their futures.  They both wanted the same things.


  Alyssa really enjoyed talking with Paeris, she loved the sound of his voice, the way he spoke.  But she couldn't stop herself from thinking about his lips and kisses.  She really wanted to kiss him, but as of yet, neither one of them had made the first move.

  "Aaaand, you're not listening to me again.  Alyssa!  Hello!"  Paeris waved his hand in front of her face.  "Where did you go?  It must be an interesting place because you keep blushing."  He looked at her quizzically.

  "I'm sorry Paeris, but I just can't stop thinking, well, thinking about, er, kissing you."  she finished in a rush, then blushed even more.

  His eyes lit up.  "I've been thinking about kissing you all day!"  They smiled shyly at each other.  Paeris moved in closer to her, and put his arms around her.  They giggled and laughed, not the least bit embarrassed as they bumped noses and tried to figure out angles and whether they should close their eyes or keep them open.  One kiss led to two, which led to three, and then more and more, and Alyssa felt the slow fire burning in her blood, then it threatened to consume her as their kissing grew more and more passionate.


    "Ahem."  Alder cleared his throat.  "Time to come downstairs kids."



  Notes: In case it wasn't obvious, lol, Ryder is my Gen 6 heir.  He has to perfect a skill, and I have chosen the Social Networking one.  He actually rolled one of the new career rolls as well, Dumpster Diving.  It took me a long time to try to figure out why he would even go dumpster diving.  He is not the type, lol  In fact, he has the neat trait, and he hates every single moment of being in the dumpster.  I have never seen hygiene go down so fast!  Or his mood.  It's a good thing he always has his phone on hand---he can go stream some videos, lol   Help raise his fun.  As to the household roll, I won't reveal that one quite yet.

  Alder and Spring.  They really cracked me up, and I laughed a lot while playing through all of that.  Spring discovered she had a megaphone in her backpack, and she decided to use it.  She ranted about love and romance and all of that EVERYWHERE she went, lol  All autonomously.  She'd finish with the task I gave her---she'd start ranting about love again.  Priceless.

  I sent Alder over to spend some time with Cori, and get pictures.  For the first time he rolled the want to marry Spring.  So Spring is ranting about love, and Alder finally decides he wants to get married! LOL  Cracked me up.  Reagan loves country music, that amused me as well, as Alder is in a rock band!

  And yes Puck is engaged to Esther.  Unbelievable.  And he is having a kid with her.  I just had to shake my head.  Silly Puck.

  The birthdays started as a fail on my part.  Alyssa had been wanting a slumber party for quite a while, so I finally set one up, totally forgetting it was her birthday.  I wasn't sure if the birthdays would mess up the slumber party or not, but thankfully it was a not.  As soon as Alyssa aged up, she rolled all these love wants.  She wanted to kiss Paeris, she wanted to go on a date, etc. etc.  I decided they were just so cute together that I let her have her wishes.

  The heat of the moment kiss was autonomous, and so was Alder appearing in the room, he was going to have a *chat* with Paeris.  That made me laugh too.  Ha!  The look on Paeris face, uh oh, we've been caught.  Priceless.

  Gen 5 has been passing quickly, mostly because they had kids earlier than I had originally planned.  Within the next chapter, maybe 2, Gen 6 will be in charge, as they are all almost young adults.  My Monty is getting older too (he's an adult now, while Lia and Alder have barely aged at all), he is not a fairy. :(  He and Lia keep rolling wants to have more babies, and I feel so mean because I can't let them have any more while they are part of the active household. :(

  Thanks for reading! =)