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Chapter 78: Parenthood

Warning: Language

  "Oh, they have a freezer bunny!"  Luna exclaimed happily.

  "It's kind of scary, like that doll of yours that doesn't have any eyes!"  Skylar shuddered.

  "Mugs is not scary!"  Luna declared.  "He does need a friend though."  She added thoughtfully.

  Colin sighed.  "Alright guys, as promised, one toy each for staying out of trouble for two whole days!"  Two whole days of peace, it didn't seem like much, but Colin would take it.  Some days he really thought maybe he should get married, that the lack of a f*cking mother was what made them so f*cking rambunctious.   He watched as they eagerly headed towards the shelves that were stuffed full of toys.  He might even get five more minutes of peace out of this deal, if he was f*cking lucky.

  He glanced around the store, surreptitiously looking for Janet.  He still had women coming up to him all the time, kissing him, handing him their phone numbers, he had even called a few and went on a few dates.  A couple of them he had even accepted their offer to go inside their house, where they would make out, and his body had been more than eager to just f*ck them against the wall, or the couch or...  Inevitably though, he would pull back, regretfully, his body protesting the whole time.  While he had really wanted to get laid, he just...couldn't.  It felt wrong somehow, which he didn't understand in the least.

  From all that he knew of his former self, he was never serious with anyone, so why the h*ll did he feel like he was...cheating?  He had tried to explain it all to whatever woman he was with, but that f*cking conversation never seemed to go over very well.  So far, though, Janet seemed to be the exception to that rule, she had seemed to understand his conflicted feelings, and they had decided to take things one day at a time.

  He hadn't taken more than a couple of steps into the store when he spotted a doll in a polka dotted outfit.  "Creepy a*s doll." he muttered.

  He spotted Janet talking with a customer, and wandered her way, making to sure to keep his eye on his kids, but so far they were behaving.  His older three were so much easier to f*cking parent.  They rarely raised a fuss, and asked very little.  He felt bad about it, partly because he was f*cking sure it was a direct result of the way he had treated them in the past.  Now he just did all he could to connect with them, and whenever they did ask for something, he did his f*cking best to give it to them.  Most times it had more to do with keeping their younger siblings out of their rooms, and away from their f*cking stuff.

  Janet saw him, and gave him a little wave.  He smiled at her, and then leaned against the wall and waited.  They hadn't dated very long.  Maybe two weeks?  She hadn't met any of his kids yet, but that would change today.  He couldn't very well date someone that his kids didn't f*cking like.  He watched as she sashayed towards him, and she greeted him by pressing her body up against his, her lips seeking his.  She smelled so good, like summer peaches, and she felt even better, his lower body started to respond, and he groaned. 


  Her hands roamed over his body, and he let his do some exploring as well.  He wanted to get laid in the worst way.   He couldn't even remember ever having sex!  Six kids and no memories of making them, it f*cking sucked.  Then, just like always, the good feelings started to fade, and he felt the awful, crushing guilt.  He reluctantly pulled away.  Sh*t.  He f*cking needed to get over the sh*tty feeling that he was cheating.  He wasn't with anyone! 

  He rubbed the back of his neck.  Sh*t.  "Janet." he murmured.  How the h*ll could he move on, if he didn't know what the f*ck was holding him back?  He really wanted to f*cking move on with his life, but some...thing just wouldn't let him.  Was Janet the cure?  He didn't f*cking know, but he figured that if she worked at a f*cking toy store for kids, that she ought to at least be child friendly.  That had to count for something.

  "Hey handsome, what are you doing here?"  She pulled him back, and kissed him again.  He wound his arms around her and returned the kiss.

  "Not that I'm complaining."  She said when they pulled apart again.
  "I brought my kids down here, I promised them a toy."

  "Oh."  Her smile dimmed a little.  "They're here?  How...nice."

  Colin felt unaccountably nervous, over her meeting his kids or over his kids meeting her, he wasn't f*cking sure.  Where the h*ll was the instruction manual on these f*cking types of situations anyway?  Colin was startled out of his thoughts when Janet suddenly started to f*cking scream like a banshee.  He had failed to notice that the triple terrors had spotted him with Janet.

  "Owwwwww!"  Janet howled.

 "What the h*ll?" Colin said.

  "She's pinching me!"  Janet hollered.  She was trying, rather unsuccessfully, to shake Luna off.  Luna had a good grip on Janet's flesh though, and she wasn't about to let go.


   Colin was furious.  "Luna, what the f*ck are you doing?!  F*cking let go of Janet right now, or I'm grounding your a*s for the rest of your f*cking life!"  He felt a tug on his shirt at the same time he recognized Skylar's wail.

  "Daddy, you cursed!" she cried.  "You have your angry voice on Daddy, and I'm scared!"  Skylar began to really cry, fat crocodile tears rolled down her cheeks.  "Hold me Daddy!  I'm scared!" she wailed again, tugging at his shirt.  Colin sighed, frustrated, and leaned down to pick Skylar up.  She hugged him tightly, her little body shook with each sob. 

  "Luna."  He growled.  "Don't f*cking push me!"  Luna looked at her father's face, and let go.

  Skylar sobbed.  "Daddy, you said another bad word!"

 Once Luna had let go of Janet, Colin turned his attention to calming down his other daughter.  "Skye, Skye, calm down, it's okay."


  "Okay?"  Janet screeched.  "Okay?  Nothing is okay!  Just look at this huge welt on my leg, put there by your daughter!"

  "Good one Luna!"  Jack crowed, as he clapped his hands.  All it took was one stern look from his father and Jack subsided rather quickly, his smirk remained though.

  Colin raised his voice, trying to be heard over Skylar's sobs.  "Janet, I'm sorry..."  he started to say, but Janet interrupted him.

  "You're sorry!" she yelled hysterically.  "You're sorry!"

  Colin set a sobbing Skylar down, she collapsed in a heap by his feet.  He closed his eyes briefly, then rubbed the back of his neck.  Sh*t, what the h*ll had just happened?  He looked directly at Janet, and tried again.  "Sorry Janet, my kids can be a bit exuberant sometimes, they're not used to the idea of me dating, but with time..."

She screamed. "Exuberant, is that what you call them?  They're f*cking sh*theads, and..."

  Colin glared at her.  "Hey now," he snapped, "there's no cause for name calling.  They're just kids..."

  "Monsters, not kids!" She said shrilly.

  "I think we're finished here."  He said stiffly.  "Let's go kids."

  They all got into the car and headed for home.  "Are we in trouble Dad?"  Jack ventured to ask after several minutes of complete silence.

  "What do you think Jack?"  Colin growled.

 "We'll be grounded forever." Jack said glumly.

  Colin snorted.  "Forever is not nearly long enough."


 "You can't catch me!"  Skylar taunted Jack.

   Jack splashed and hopped about in the water, just happy to finally be ungrounded.  "I could if I wanted!" he retorted.

  "Could not!"

  "Could too!  Just watch me!"  He tumbled after Skylar, who shrieked happily and tried to get away, but Jack was gaining on her.


  "Come on Luna!"  Skylar yelled.  "Join us!"

  Luna dipped a toe in.  "It's freezing!"  she shouted back.

  "Wuss!"  Jack hollered.

  "You'll pay for that Jack!"  Luna waded cautiously into the frigid water.   She shivered, brr, it was so cold!


   Colin kept a watchful eye over his kids as they splashed and screeched about in the water.  They were always half a step away from trouble, and he didn't want any of them to get hurt.  They had earned this time at the beach.  They had spent the last few weeks doing community service for the town and for Janet, on top of being grounded as discipline for their behavior at the toy store.  What they had done was unacceptable, and Colin wanted to make sure that message came across loud and f*cking clear.  There would be no repeats.

  They had dutifully pulled weeds, raked grass, picked up trash, anything they were told to do, all while Colin lectured them.  He would date whoever the h*ll he wanted, but that said, if they really didn't like her, then they needed to f*cking come to him and talk to him about it.  Not go behind his f*cking back and scheme and plot, and cause general chaos and mayhem in their wake.

Janet had been all smiles and apologies when they had shown up on her doorstep, ready to work.  Colin had told her as nicely as he could, they weren't going to work as a couple.  His kids weren't ready for him to date, and quite frankly, he wasn't f*cking ready either.  He should have f*cking listened to his heart, instead of trying to push himself. Maybe when they were older, they would all be more ready.   It just would have been f*cking nice to have one f*cking memory of sex.  Sh*t.

  "Daddy!  Come play with us!"  Skylar begged.

  They were the only ones on the beach, so why the h*ll not?  "I'm coming to get you!" he threatened as he charged into the water after them.  They all squealed, and scattered into different directions.  Colin grabbed a giggling Skylar first, and slung her over his shoulder as he chased after Luna and Jack.  He got a hold of Luna, "Arrg, my pretties, a dunking it will be with you two!"

  They shrieked, "No!  Daddy!  No!"  Then he dunked himself and both girls under the water, their heads bobbed up out from under the water a few seconds later, laughing.  "Again!  Again!" they pleaded with him.  Colin dove under the water, and grabbed Jack's foot and pulled him under next.  Jack's head bobbed up out of the water, and he splashed back at his dad.

  Colin dove for all three of them, and they all screeched in delight.  Some time later they headed closer for the shore, to play a game of  Stomp Splash.  Jack stomped both feet, and laughed gleefully as the water rained down over his father.  "I got you Dad!"

  "Oh yeah?"  Colin stomped back, and the challenge was on.


Lots of stomping and laughter later, a tie was declared, by Jack.  "I clearly won, you little imp."  Colin teased his son.

  Jack giggled.  "Nuh uh, I won, but I didn't want to make you feel bad!"

  He grinned down at his son.  "Liar, liar pants on fire!"


   Colin stopped for a moment and just took in the scene before him, the smiling, happy faces of his children as they goofed around in the water.  Sometimes, being a parent was a real b*tch, but times like this, made it all worthwhile.  He loved his kids, and couldn't f*cking imagine what his life would have been like without them.

  He noted the darkness creeping in, and with a sigh of regret, called a halt to the beach trip.  It was time to go home.  All three of them tried to get him to change his mind, but he held firm.  In the fading light he helped them gather up all their things and get everything put back into the car.  They all climbed in, and he smiled as he drove down the twisty, windy road.  He loved listening to their childish chatter as they excitedly went over and over the day's events. 



  Colin glanced at Jack.  "Yeah buddy?"

  "You're the best Dad ever!"

  "I think so too!" Luna chimed in from the back.

  "Me too!" Skylar piped up.

  "Well, I have the six bestest kids ever!" he told them with a grin.


  Very soon they would be moving into their new house, and Skylar was so excited.  She would have her own room, but she would really miss having her sister so close.  The sisters liked to talk about things, important things while the grown ups were sleeping, and Jack snored away in a nearby bed.  Now how were they supposed to have these important talks without the grownups overhearing them?

  "Lu, do you ever wonder about who you're going to marry when you grow up?"


 "I already know who I'm going to marry."  Luna informed her sister.

  Skylar looked over at her sister.  "Really?  Who?"

  "Someone rich and handsome." She said loftily.

  "What about nice?  He ought to be nice Lu."

  "I'll sock him in the nose if he's not nice to me."

  "What about true?  Like Daddy?  I want to marry someone just like Daddy, he's been true to our mother all these years."

  Luna stared out the window.  "He doesn't even remember her."

  "Besides that, he was dating that nasty prune face Janet, that's not staying true to our mother."

  "He said he didn't like her much."  Skylar said loyally.  "He said he was only dating her because he thought we needed a mother.  But I only want our mother."  She sighed wistfully.  "I sure wish we knew more about her.  No one ever talks about her."

  "Grandpa says it's because they never met her, so they can't tell us anything about her.  I think when I get older, I'm going to look for her."

  "But she's dead Lu."

  "Well, I'm still going to look and see what I can find out about her.  She is our mother."

  Skylar nodded.  "I'll help you."  The sisters smiled at each other.


  Today was their birthday, and Skylar was helping her Gramps make the cakes.  She stirred the ingredients in the bowl.  "Like this Gramps?"


  Alder smiled down at his great-grand daughter.  "Just like that.  Great job Skylar, someday you're going to make a great cook."

  Skylar nodded.  "Just like you!"  She barely had time to finish her own birthday cake, before her birthday was upon her.  She couldn't wait to be bigger, and have more privileges.  Like dating boys.  She wanted to get married, and have a hundred kids.  She really wanted to marry her Daddy, but he told her it just wasn't possible. 

  She had time for one last birthday wish.  She closed her eyes, and wished with all her might.  She wished for true love.  When she opened her eyes up, she felt different, more grown up.


  Luna was more than ready for her birthday, and happily embraced it.  Her teacher, Mr. Landgraab, after catching Luna painting on the hallway walls for the bazillionth time, said she had artistic talent, and if she would quit painting on inappropriate surfaces, when she got older, he would let her join the exclusive Art Club.  She was totally stoked over that, and she would make sure he kept his word.  Or he would certainly regret it. 

  Jack thought birthdays were bothersome.  He was right in the middle of a very important experiment, he didn't have time for the nonsense.  Time or not, his body didn't listen, and forced him to stop, so that the birthday could commence.

  He still wasn't happy about it though.



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  And looky here---another happy chapter!  Two in a row!  Woot!  The trips have a pretty happy childhood overall, and they are very close to their Dad. (Stark contrast to Ivory's childhood, and even Colin's.) Not much about the older kids in this chapter, but next chapter we'll see what they are up to.  This one was about Colin and the trips mostly.

  Also, I think I managed to convey that their childhood was longer than 7 days, haha

  Colin is struggling a little bit, even though he doesn't consciously remember Ivory, part of him does still remember.  So while he wants to have a relationship ( and remember what sex was, lol  I thought that would be a fun irony for him, haha  I'm so mean!!), he just isn't able to get past whatever the block is.  Janet is no loss though, she was very mercenary, and she wasn't really interested in playing mommy.  She would be the type to try to ship them off to military school or something, lol  Not that Colin would ever allow that. =)

 Luna is quite serious about looking for information about her mother, and Skylar will help.  It affects them the most, Jack has his head in his books and experiments, and can't be bothered by such silly nonsense.

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No matter how many times I tell him how dangerous it is, Jack insists on being his own lab rat.

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