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Chapter 40: Monte Vista

   Reilly met up with Chief Gallo on an obscure hill in Monte Vista.   The Chief greeted Reilly warmly.   "Welcome to Monte Vista Reilly!"  He shook Reilly's hand.  "I'm so glad that you've joined our little community."  He handed Reilly a set of house keys.  "The house keys as promised."


  "Thank you Chief!  I'm happy to be here.  I did a little bit of research about Monte Vista, and this seems like a nice quiet town."

  The Chief laughed darkly.  "Appearances are deceiving Reilly!  This town is quiet on the surface, but crime is alive and well, and it is threatening to overrun our fair town.  The head Crime Boss lives in our town, and we have been trying for years to nail him, but he is slippery and gets away with murder.  Literally."

  Reilly frowned.  "Crime Boss?"

  "Part of the Mafia."  The Police Chief explained further.  "I brought you in, but no one else but you and me knows that.  We have a mole, so you can't trust anyone.  As far as the town is concerned, you are just a small time Private Eye, who moved here because our town is so Family oriented.  You'll get lots of little cases, but the big one I want you working on, is getting the Kingpin behind bars.  As a PI you'll have more freedom, and you can operate under the Kingpin's radar.  Remember, trust no one."  The Chief stressed the word.

  "Who is this Kingpin?"  Reilly wanted to know.

  "The Monty's are a well known Mafia family.  In this town, Patrizio Monty is the Kingpin.  Watch your back Reilly, "  The Chief warned, "Patrizio is no fool, the man is lethal, and smart."

  "Understood Sir."

  "Good, then after you get your family settled in, I want you to head down to Venice Beach.  Rumors have it that is where a lot of secret meetings take place.  See if you can find out where they are meeting, so that we can plant bugs."

  Reilly left Elly, Rhys, and his Dad at the house to get things unpacked.  Reilly was eager to get started on his new job, and the first place he had to go to was Venice Beach.  Now to find some clues as to where this secret meeting place may be...

  He looked around, but he couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. 

 Reilly scratched his head, maybe he had the wrong beach?

 Reilly had this feeling though, that someone was watching him...


  He slowly turned around, and nearly jumped out of his skin when the intruder neighed loudly in his face.  A wild horse had been tailing him.  Reilly grimaced, he was glad that Rhys wasn't here to witness this.  Rhys would never let him live it down.

  Elly discovered the reason she had not been feeling very well.  She was finally going to have a baby!

  She waited until the terrible sickness had settled down, before telling Reilly about the baby.  Reilly was thrilled, and he thought Elly had never looked more beautiful.  She even had a certain glow about her.

  "Reilly!"  she said happily.  "We're going to have a baby!  We are so blessed!"  And Reilly agreed with her.

  Rhys buzzed around as only Rhys could do, getting the house ready for his Costume Party.  He had stopped perfect strangers on the street, and invited them over.  What better way to meet people?  Rhys reasoned.  He waited anxiously to see who would actually attend.

  When the party was only an hour away, he changed into his costume.  He fussed around with his hat, and laid out some candy and chips on the counter.  Only a few minutes to go, and he was ready.  Reilly came up behind him.  "Dude, you're seriously not going to wear that are you?"

  Rhys looked down at his costume.  "What's wrong with it?" he asked defensively.  Reilly opened to his mouth to answer that, when the doorbell rang.  "Hold that thought Coz, my guests have arrived."  His first guest was a Scuba Diver.  "Hello!" he said flirtatiously.   "I'm Rhys, and you are?"

  The Scuba Diver giggled.  "Nice costume!  I'm Cherie."

  Kit extended his hand.  "Hello, I'm Kit!  You must be some type of alien doctor?"  Kit thought it was interesting choice for a costume.

  "Why yes!"  the alien doctor said in a surprised high pitched voice.  "However did you know?"


  The party was in full swing, when Rhys first saw her.  He was immediately captivated by her.  He excused himself from Georgia, and ignored the mermaids that were waving at him.  He walked right up to her, and in his nervousness, he almost forgot to say hi.  He stared at her for several minutes while she looked at him curiously, before he remembered his manners.  "Hi," he said softly, "I'm Rhys."

  "Hello Rhys.  I'm Bianca."

  "I'm glad you could come to my party Bianca."  He didn't know why she decided to crash his party, but he didn't really care why she was there either.

  They were a matched set, he decided, a couple of wieners, winners!  Diamonds in the rough, gems of great value!  Rhys was excited, here was a girl with taste!  He spent the rest of the night just talking and laughing with her.  Reilly might have even given him a bad time about it, if he hadn't been so preoccupied with his wife.

    Long after his Uncle had gone to bed, and all his other party guests had gone home, Rhys was still laughing and joking with Bianca.  Rhys was unsure who made the first move, only that it felt right when their lips touched.  Then he was kissing her hungrily, and she responded eagerly.  They moved to his bed, kissing each other the whole way.  Rhys pulled back, trying to put the breaks on and slow things down, but Bianca reached up and pulled his shirt off.  "I want you." she whispered.  That was music to his ears.

  Rhys had not intended to sleep with anyone, but his passion spent, and Bianca enfolded in his arms, he found he did not regret it.  He also did not want her to leave, a first for him, usually he was pushing them out the door.  This time, he protested when she climbed out of the bed.  "It's late, I'd better get home."  She kissed him softly, and Rhys pulled her back on top of him.  She laughed breathlessly.  "Rhys, I have to go."  She tried to say between kisses.

  "Stay Bianca.  I'll even make you breakfast." he bargained.

  She shook her head regretfully.  "Another time.  Call me, okay?"  She crawled off the bed and began the search for her clothes.  Rhys got up, and threw his underwear back on.  Then he stood back and enjoyed the sight of her scrambling around trying to find her clothes.  She looked good, he thought to himself, almost as good as he looked.  He spared a glance at himself in the mirror.  His newest tattoos stood out against his pale skin.



  Elly was so excited, she couldn't hold still.  Her baby was coming!  She called Reilly and told him she'd meet him at the hospital.  Then she jumped on her bicycle, and rode for the hospital.

  Reilly arrived a couple of minutes after she did.


  After several intense hours, a beaming Elly came out of the hospital with her precious bundle in her arms.

  "Reilly!  Hurry up!  Our ride is here!"  Elly carefully climbed into the taxi that Reilly had called.  She looked at her son's face, and decided there had never been a cuter baby.  Reilly got in on the other side of the taxi. 

Elly looked up at him.  "I want to name him Puck." she said.  "After my great, great, great, great grandfather."

  "Puck?"  Reilly questioned.  "That is an unusual name."  He thought about it for a moment.  "Okay, Puck it is."

  Elly squealed.  "Thank you Reilly!  I am the happiest of fairies this day!"

  Kit was just taking out the trash when the happy parents came home.


    "Hey Dad!"  Reilly waved.  "We had a boy, Puck!"

  "Puck?"  Kit said in surprise.  He got a closer look at his grandson, Puck,  once Elly was closer.  "He sparkles."  Kit observed.

  "All fairies sparkle when they are babies."  Elly said matter of factly.  She cuddled Puck.  "Oh Reilly, he is perfect!  But I wish to have a female one of these."  She glanced at Reilly.  "I say we go try for another right away.  And do you know what the best thing of all is Reilly?"  Elly did not wait for him to answer but continued on, "I do not even have to use those mandrakes to have babies with you.  You are so potent!"

  "Uh, "  Reilly stammered, and then blushed.  Elly grabbed his arm, and pulled him into the house.  Kit shook his head and chuckled.  He had a feeling that while Reilly might have been an only child, Puck would not be.


  Notes:  The costume party was fun---and I had to chuckle when I saw the costume that Rhys picked out.  Reilly was dressed as Tragic Clown (ironic as that was Kona's best friend!), but not for very long.  He and Elly kept getting distracted by each other. lol

  It was even more amusing when Bianca Monty showed up, in a hot dog outfit, and Rhys went immediately towards her and started rolling all these wants associated with her.  So Rhys really likes Bianca---she's not too bad looking---especially for an EA sim!  She is almost a young adult in my game---so to my thinking---she is college aged---18 to 19.  :)

  I don't remember the exact wording, but somewhere there was word that Monte Vista had a thriving criminal underbelly, aka Simcatti Industries.  So I took my inspiration from that---and from the fact that it looks more Italian than other worlds, and so it had to have a Crime Family/Mob.  Who better than the Monty's?  lol  But Simcatti will be popping up more and more---

  And finally---Rhys is the one I chose for the tattoo addiction.  I'm terrible at remembering to put things like that in the story---but there's his proof.  I've been giving him a new one once a week.

  Oh yeah--and finally finally, Elly is the first sim in labor that I have ever seen go to the hospital on her bicycle!  Girl has some stamina!  :D

  Monte Vista:


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Chapter 39: Spring Fever

  Reilly waited nervously for Elly to show up. The past few weeks had been heaven, from their first kiss...

  to that day when Reilly finally asked Elly to be his girlfriend.   After he explained to her what that meant, she had happily agreed.


    He had invited her out to Greenstones, because it just bloomed with plant life, and Reilly knew how fond of plants Elly was.  Where was she?  He inwardly sighed with relief when he caught a glimpse of pink fairy wings heading his way.  She was here.

  Reilly always knew the exact moment when she saw him, because her eyes would light up.  "Reilly!"  she said excitedly.  "This place is most amazing!  Look at all the lovely plants!"

  "I thought you might like it."  Reilly smiled at her.  "Uh, Elly, I have a, something, to, uh..." he flushed as Elly looked up at him expectantly.  "Do you remember when we,"  Reilly blushed because he remembered full well, "had that conversation about human, uh, courtship rituals, and things, like engagements?"

  Elly smiled.  "I remember.  We are boyfriend, girlfriend yes?"

  "Yes, but, I would like us to be more."  Reilly pulled out a ring and dropped to one knee, "Elly, would you marry me?"

  Elly's eyes widened.  "This marry, we will have babies then?"

  Reilly blushed again.  "Well, yeah, eventually.  Kids are usually the next step."

  Elly smiled shyly at Reilly.  "Oh yes, please, I want to marry you!"


  "I should like to have lots of babies, Reilly."

  "Uh, I'll see what I can do."



  Spring Festivals weren't quite as fun to attend by yourself, Kit decided.  But he had been feeling cooped up and restless, and decided he needed to get out of the house for a little while.  He noticed the Kissing Booth when he first walked into the Festival, and after arguing with himself for several minutes, decided to give it a try.  The attendant was very attractive, but Kit had never kissed any one but Mina, he was kind of nervous.  Then he was disgruntled with himself, it was only for fun, he was making mountains out of molehills again.

  With that, he walked determinedly up to the Kissing Booth,

   and got his kiss.


  Rhys was all charm and smiles as he knocked on the door to the Durwood's home.  The butler let him, and led him to the parlor where two other guests were waiting.  He was surprised to see Olga there, with his cousin Dion.  "Olga, Dion."  Rhys nodded politely to both of them.  "I didn't know you were acquainted with Zack?"

  Olga nodded politely back at Rhys.  "Oh yes, he's my boyfriend's new boss, and we were invited to get acquainted with his new wife."

  "Your boyfriend?"  Rhys questioned.  Last he had heard, Olga was single.

  "Dion and I are dating now."

  "Really?  Congrats to the both of you."  Rhys smiled, though it hurt to smile.  Obviously Olga was over him, if she was dating other people.  Two could play that game, he decided.  "Where is our host?"

  "He's been detained at the Office."  Dion said, he had been watching the interchange between Olga and Rhys very carefully.  "He'll be here shortly, in the meantime, Smithson has been keeping us supplied with plenty of tea and sandwhiches.  If you're hungry or thirsty?"  Dion pointed to a tray sitting on the coffee table.

  "No thanks."  Rhys grinned, and let his pointy teeth show.  "I'm not hungry or thirsty, yet.  I think I'll explore a little instead."

   "Rhys, you'll get caught, and get in trouble."  Olga warned him. 

  "How thoughtful of you to care."  He said nonchalantly.  "But no worries, Zack intends to curry favor with me, not the other way around."  And with another nod to his cousin, Rhys went upstairs.

  He found the new wife, in a bedroom.  "So you married the old man."  Rhys commented, as he slouched against the door frame.

  The girl startled.  "Oh Rhys!  You scared me."  She stood up and walked towards him,  Rhys met her half way.

  "Why ever did you marry someone old enough to be your grandfather?"

  "Hmpf, as if you don't know.  Since you didn't want me..."

  Rhys laughed.  "I never said I didn't want you Olive, what I said, was, I didn't want to ever get married."

  Olive was confused.  "Aren't they the same?"

  Rhys moved in closer, in for a penny, in for a pound, he thought fatalistically.  "It's not the same thing at all."  He pulled her in, Olive didn't protest.

  "So, you want me now that I am not single." She whispered.

  "It does keep certain expectations out of your little scheming brain." he said.  Olive pouted, but her facade dropped quickly when Rhys kissed her.

    Olive wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him back.  She gently pushed him back towards the bed, her fingers undressing him as they continued to kiss.  "Not the marriage bed, I hope."  Rhys whispered.

  Olive shook her head.  "No, it's not."  After it was all over with, Rhys expected to feel something, but all he felt was empty.  Olive laid her head on his naked chest.  "Is this the start of an affair Rhys, or the end of one?"  Rhys gently disentangled himself from her and got up from the bed.  He began to pull his clothes back on.  "Rhys?"

  "Best get dressed Olive, you're husband will be here any minute."

  She got up, and pulled her robe back on.  "You didn't answer my question."

  Rhys shrugged.  "Call me if you're feeling needy."

  Olive hit him.  "You're such a jerk!" she hissed.

  Rhys chuckled harshly.  "Maybe I am.  I do believe I hear Zack downstairs, it's time for me to go."

  "Rhys, if I call you..."

  "Oh, I'm always up for some fun."  Rhys said bitterly.   "That is what I am good for."  Olive didn't understand his mood at all, she started to say something, but Rhys waved her off.  "Let's go, I'm done."  Olive turned and headed for the door, Rhys behind her.

   "You'd best put some clothes on." he suggested as he passed her.  Olive stopped and looked down at her robe.  She did as he suggested.

  Rhys found his host downstairs talking to Dion and Olga.  "There you are!"  Zack said heartily.  "Olga here said you had to use the bathroom, and I thought maybe the toilet swallowed you."  He laughed at his own joke, Olga and Dion laughed weakly along with him.

  "Bathroom?"  Rhys pretended to ponder.  "No, I was having an enlightening, " he paused, "conversation, yes, conversation with your lovely new wife, Olive.  Did you know we dated in highschool?"  The room was silent, and Zack stared at Rhys, not sure what to think.  "No?  Well, we did, she wouldn't sleep with me unless I agreed to marry her, I'm glad you took care of that for me."  Rhys faked a yawn.  "I find I'm tired, so I'm calling it a night.  Zack, as to the deal you wanted to discuss, I find I am not so interested after all."  Rhys turned on his heel and left.

  He ignored the bellowed, "What the hell..Olive!" of Zack's, along with the groaned, "Oh Rhys!" of Olga.  He had caused a lot of trouble tonight, but it still did not make him feel any better.  If anything, he felt worse.  But he ignored that too, he was getting good at this ignoring thing.

  Two weeks later, Reilly decided that having a big wedding was over rated.  Elly didn't care about one, Rhys was being uncommunicative, and his Dad was too distracted.  So Reilly pulled Elly aside, "How about we skip the ceremony and just get married now?"  Reilly suggested.

  "Does that mean we could have babies quicker?"

  "Um, yeah."

  "Then let's do it Reilly.  I am looking forward to this marry."

  "What a way to pressure a guy, Elly."  Reilly muttered.

  "Pressure?  I don't understand this?"

  "Never mind."  Reilly told her.  He grabbed her hands.  "I promise to love, honor, and cherish  you Elly, for all of my days.  And, " he smiled at her, "do my best to give you the babies you are wanting."  That would be no hardship, Reilly smiled to himself.  Though he was a bit nervous, it would be the first time for both of them.

  Elly repeated the words that he had said to her.  Then she added a few of her own.  "I am looking forward to having your babies Reilly." She smiled wistfully up at him after they kissed, their vows said.

  Reilly chuckled.  "Yeah, I think you've mentioned it a time or two.  Now as to those babies..."  He whispered in her ear, and she giggled, then they raced for their room.

  Rhys breathed the night air in.  He didn't care that it was raining out.  He just had to get out of the house, while he was pleased for Reilly, he just couldn't take all that happiness.  It ruined his mood.  He slowed when he saw Olga standing outside a house.  She didn't leave when she saw him approach, but merely stood there and watched him get closer.  "I hope you are happy," she said softly, when he stopped in front of her.

  "Really?" he said.  "What should I be happy about?" he asked her.

  "That scene you caused the other night.  Was it really necessary?"

   "I have no idea what you are talking about."

  Olga snorted.  "Well, for your information, while you made things extremely awkward and uncomfortable, at the end of it, Olive is still married to Zack."

  "Good."  Rhys said emotionless.  "They deserve each other."

  "Rhys,"  Olga hesitated for a moment, "Dion and I talked for a long time about you, being that you are second cousins, he already knew a lot about you."  Rhys pretended to not listen, and studied his fingernails.  "He asked me to marry him, and I said yes."

  Rhys looked up at her.  "So congratulations are in order?" he said tonelessly.

  "Yes, I wanted to tell you in person."

  "And now you have."

  "Would you stop with the jaded bit!"  Olga said exasperated.

  "I don't know what you want from me Olga."

  Olga pulled him in close to her, and he automatically wrapped his arms around her.  His body was freezing, Olga thought, though Rhys seemed unaware of it.  "Be happy for me Rhys."

  "And find someone else to love, we were just not meant to be."  She said sadly.  "I do care a lot for Dion, and I know we'll have a good marriage.  I want that for you too.  Dion and I are moving in a week, to Monte Vista, so this is good bye."  Olga kissed him one final time, and then pulled away, Rhys let her go.



  "What the hell was that Rhys Van Gould?"  Olive's ear shattering pitch made Rhys wince.

  Rhys turned around, his practiced charming smile already on his lips.  "Olive, whatever brings you out here, on such a stormy night."

  "You're such a jerk Rhys!  All of that, the other night, was because of her!"  Olive made the word her sound like a curse word.

  "I thought we already established the other night that I am a jerk." he said mildly.

  "You are horrid!" she shrieked.  "Do you know what I had to do to clean up that little mess you left me with?  And to find out it's her fault?"

  "No, that mess, as you so nicely called it, was because you slept with me, when you've only been married to Old Grandfather for two days.  Olga had nothing to do with that." he said shortly.

  "Well, I can ruin your life too."  Olive said viciously.  "I'm sure your cousin Dion would love to know about you and Olga."

  "Knock yourself out."  Rhys shrugged.  "Because despite what you think you may have seen, or not seen, there is no Olga and I.  Have a good night Olive."  Rhys pulled his umbrella out and walked away.

  "I could be pregnant with your baby you know!" She yelled out at him.

  "You know where to find me."


  Due to the late hour, Rhys entered the house quietly, but he didn't have to, he realized.  Everyone was sitting down and looking at him expectantly.  "What?" he asked irritably, as he shook his umbrella out.

  "We have something to talk about."  Reilly told him.  "As a family." he added.

  Rhys wandered over to the couch and flopped onto it with a sigh.  "Okay, hit me with it.  I'm a wretch, I'm no good..."

  "Sounds like a good topic for conversation later."  Reilly looked at him curiously.

  "We're not going to talk about me and my bad behavior?"  Rhys asked, confused.

  "I was done with that topic a long time ago."  Kit commented.

  "We'll talk later."  Reilly promised him. 

  Rhys grimaced.  "Then what are we talking about now?"

  "I've been offered a job, a really good one, as an Investigative Dectective, in another town.  The pay is terrific, and the cases, they are far more interesting than the lost wallets I track down around here.  But I am not the only one affected.  I don't know if I should take this job, and if I do, if you guys want to come with me."

  "I have to talk to the Fairy Council first."  Elly reminded her husband.  "About the Mandrakes."

  Reilly kissed her.  "I know Love, I didn't forget."

  "Where is this new town?  What is it called?"  Rhys asked.

  "Monte Vista."  Reilly answered.

  Rhys stared at Reilly.  "No kidding?"


  Notes:  Who knew Olive was standing behind Rhys during that whole little scene I set up, lol.  I was busy taking pics, then I get the little notice that others are noticing Rhys behavior and he'd better tone it down or someone was going to get hurt.  So I look around, and there's Olive, steaming mad!

  I sent Rhys to the first party, but I was busy elsewhere most of the time he was there.  When I got back to him, it was to find him with Olive in the bedroom, and they were getting up off the bed, and he had all the moodlets of a risky.  I couldn't believe it, and at Olive's engagement party too!  They had been romantic as teens, but it never went anywhere.  Since the damage was done, so to speak, I set up the rest of the scene!

  So, another move for the Kahekili family.  I have been making myself wait until Monte Vista was released to move them to another world.  I love Moonlight Falls, but after a while, it stutters too much, and annoys me, lol  This way I can play in the new EA world as well, and it is so pretty!  I am in love with the new pizza oven!  I want one for RL. :D

  I've also been playing/experimenting with a photo editor, it was fun! :) 

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Chapter 38: Growing Up

  Reilly stared at the computer screen in fascination.  "Dad, do you see all these Missing Person cases?  And look, here, Ms. Patterson posted that her wedding ring is missing, and there is a reward for whoever finds it.  I'm pretty good at finding people and things, maybe I ought to try and solve some of these cases?"

   Kit wondered where the time had gone.  It seemed like just yesterday he was teaching Reilly to walk.  And now, Reilly was thinking about what career to pursue when he graduated in a few days.

  Kei found Ethan in the garage tinkering on his motorcycle.  "Ethan, can I talk to you for a minute?"

  Ethan wiped his hands on his jeans and stood up.  "Sure Love, what's on your mind?"

  "Do you remember that day we went to the Festival?"

  "With great fondness."

  "And that night?"

  Ethan grinned at her.  "Most definitely."

  "Well, we didn't use any protection that night, frankly, I didn't think we'd need to.  But, Congratulations Ethan, you're going to be a Daddy again."

  "Really?"  Ethan was stunned.  He had thought their child rearing days were over, and he had missed out.

   It didn't take Ethan long to figure out that here was his second chance.  "Kei, that is wonderful news!"


  "I know we planned on leaving for our new home soon, but Ethan, I'd like to have this baby first, before we move.  That way, I can have all my kids together, for at least a few days."

  Ethan nodded.  "I may have to make a few trips to Camulodunum by myself, but I'll definitely be here when our child is born."

  That night Rhys had a birthday.

  He decided to go to the Spring Festival for his birthday celebration.  He thought about inviting Reilly along, but Reilly was on the phone talking to Elly, and since Reilly could talk for hours to her, Rhys just decided to go alone.

  He was glad he did so when he ran into an old girlfriend Olga Younan.

   She had grown up into a beautiful woman, and Rhys had a hard time remembering why he had broken things off with her when they were in highschool.  He must have been crazy!  He was very drawn to this new grown up Olga.

  Olga, however,  seemed to have no trouble remembering the why.  "You were a jerk Rhys, you were dating several of us at one time, and you didn't think I would have a problem with that."  The memory was all to clear now, she had wanted them to be exclusive, and he had wanted to keep his options open.  All her talk of getting married when they graduated had just made him run faster away from her.  "You broke my heart!" she accused him.

  "I'm sorry, Olga."  Rhys apologized.

    "We just wanted different things.  I was just a kid, and definitely not interested in any talk of settling down.  But I've grown up a bit since then."

  It took a lot longer then he expected, but Rhys was able to coax a smile and a laugh from Olga.  He even talked her into dancing with him.

  They danced for hours, laughing together, and catching up on each other's lives.  Rhys refused to define how he felt being with Olga again.  She had always had some sort of hold on him, and that had scared him to pieces.  Neither of those feelings had changed.


     "I should be going."  Olga said softly.

  "So soon?"  Rhys questioned.  Olga nodded her head.  Rhys went to give her a good night kiss, but she held him off.

  "I don't think so Rhys."

  Rhys was confused, he had thought they had really connected, and he was only going to give her a little good night peck, it wasn't like he was going to maul her in public.  His confusion began to turn into anger as Olga explained herself.

  "I already know that you're a great kisser, Rhys.  And that you're good looking, smart, charming..."

  "I'm sensing a but."  Rhys said stiffly.

  "But...I'm just not ready for a relationship right now."

  Rhys laughed bitterly.  "That's always my line.  Is this a payback?"

  Olga shook her head no.  "There's just a lot going on in my life right now, and I just can't deal with one more thing.  And frankly, I don't like the way I am when I'm with you.  I turn into this jealous clingy shrew, and I can't stand myself that way.  It's just better if we stay as friends."

  Rhys snorted.  "Friends?  You just want to be friends?"  Olga was slow to respond, but she eventually nodded her head yes.

  "It is what is best, yes."

  "Suit yourself."  Rhys said tonelessly.  "I'll see you around then?"  He didn't wait for a reply, but abruptly turned on his heel, and walked to his car.  He was feeling so many conflicted things, he didn't know where to start.  Hurt, anger, frustration, even some shame mixed in there.  He was the one that had hurt her first.

  Why was it that when he finally decided that he could be serious about someone, that someone had to go and crush his hopes?  He doubted that he and Olga could ever be just friends, but if that was what she wanted, he would do his best to give it to her.

  Olga watched him go, but at the last minute changed her mind.  She couldn't get the hurt look on his face out of her mind.  Maybe he could change?  She ran after him, even into the street, calling out his name, but he never heard her.   She had waited too long and missed him.

  Maybe they just weren't meant to be.


  Reilly knew Rhys well, he knew that something was bothering him, but Reilly could never find a moment to corner him on it.  If he didn't know any better, he would even think that Rhys was avoiding him.  Except for the fact that life was pretty hectic at home.

  Rhys had attended his graduation, but refused to wear the lame cap and gown.

  Then he promptly joined the Military, and Rhys was gone most mornings.

   His grandmother, Reilly wrinkled his nose, had given birth to quadruplets.

 Four babies, the noise of them all crying at once was sometimes more than he could take.  Once they had their birthdays, though...

  ...the grandparents and their noisy brood headed for Camulodunum.  Rhys parents moved out shortly thereafter, but Rhys didn't move out with them.  "My parents are too affectionate."  Rhys had complained.  "They are embarrassing!"

  His Dad Kit, had a birthday.


  Reilly had celebrated his own birthday.

    And Maya had grown up as well.

  Which had prompted his Uncle Rylan to join the grandparents in Camulodunum.

  So after so many years of chaos and noise, the house was rather quiet now, Reilly reflected.  It was a bachelor's residence, with only himself, his Dad, and Rhys living there.  Reilly hoped that soon it wouldn't be strictly a bachelor pad.  Now that he was an adult, he fully intended to marry Elly.

  He found Elly, in her backyard.


  Notes:  Sorry--I did the quick writing style, and combined a lot of time into one chapter.  I was feeling lazy, lol, and I didn't want to write 10 chapters to get to this point.  I actually found out that the game only lets you take 1500 pics, before it stops recording them! I take way too many pics, and I end up using a small fraction of what I take!

  The household at the moment, is quite small!  It has never been this small!  But that will soon change, as I have 5 children to add to the household, so I moved everyone out with the exception of Kit, Rhys (the help) and of course Reilly (heir).  All goals were completed before they moved out, so Generation 2 is a success!  Woot!

  As soon as Tristan and Nira moved out, SP said they were expecting.  They ended up having quads as well! I'm scared for Reilly's sake, lol!!

  Funny story---at least I find it funny, Rhys has the flirty trait, and he has flirted and conquered female sims his whole teen life.  No problems at all.  He stayed romantic with Olga, but I forgot all about her, since I was taking the story all over the place.  Rhys grows up, I send him to the Festival, and he meets Olga again.  Instant attraction, all those dumb notices, compatible signs, the whole bit.  Rhys for the first time ever, wants to kiss her, date her, etc.  Come to find out though, Olga has gained the non-flirty trait!  lol  So they do this constant back and forth every time they meet.  As soon as Rhys tries a flirty move, she shuts him down.  I find that so ironic!  :D

  A few pics, just because I like them. :D

  Three generations---Ethan, Kit, and Reilly---and they are all reading (autonomously)!

  This is what the game did to Reilly when he grew up---I of course had to fix that!

And last but not least, I love how this picture turned out.  They are all getting abducted by aliens quite frequently, but this was the first that I had a Unicorn show up too!