Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chapter 38: Growing Up

  Reilly stared at the computer screen in fascination.  "Dad, do you see all these Missing Person cases?  And look, here, Ms. Patterson posted that her wedding ring is missing, and there is a reward for whoever finds it.  I'm pretty good at finding people and things, maybe I ought to try and solve some of these cases?"

   Kit wondered where the time had gone.  It seemed like just yesterday he was teaching Reilly to walk.  And now, Reilly was thinking about what career to pursue when he graduated in a few days.

  Kei found Ethan in the garage tinkering on his motorcycle.  "Ethan, can I talk to you for a minute?"

  Ethan wiped his hands on his jeans and stood up.  "Sure Love, what's on your mind?"

  "Do you remember that day we went to the Festival?"

  "With great fondness."

  "And that night?"

  Ethan grinned at her.  "Most definitely."

  "Well, we didn't use any protection that night, frankly, I didn't think we'd need to.  But, Congratulations Ethan, you're going to be a Daddy again."

  "Really?"  Ethan was stunned.  He had thought their child rearing days were over, and he had missed out.

   It didn't take Ethan long to figure out that here was his second chance.  "Kei, that is wonderful news!"


  "I know we planned on leaving for our new home soon, but Ethan, I'd like to have this baby first, before we move.  That way, I can have all my kids together, for at least a few days."

  Ethan nodded.  "I may have to make a few trips to Camulodunum by myself, but I'll definitely be here when our child is born."

  That night Rhys had a birthday.

  He decided to go to the Spring Festival for his birthday celebration.  He thought about inviting Reilly along, but Reilly was on the phone talking to Elly, and since Reilly could talk for hours to her, Rhys just decided to go alone.

  He was glad he did so when he ran into an old girlfriend Olga Younan.

   She had grown up into a beautiful woman, and Rhys had a hard time remembering why he had broken things off with her when they were in highschool.  He must have been crazy!  He was very drawn to this new grown up Olga.

  Olga, however,  seemed to have no trouble remembering the why.  "You were a jerk Rhys, you were dating several of us at one time, and you didn't think I would have a problem with that."  The memory was all to clear now, she had wanted them to be exclusive, and he had wanted to keep his options open.  All her talk of getting married when they graduated had just made him run faster away from her.  "You broke my heart!" she accused him.

  "I'm sorry, Olga."  Rhys apologized.

    "We just wanted different things.  I was just a kid, and definitely not interested in any talk of settling down.  But I've grown up a bit since then."

  It took a lot longer then he expected, but Rhys was able to coax a smile and a laugh from Olga.  He even talked her into dancing with him.

  They danced for hours, laughing together, and catching up on each other's lives.  Rhys refused to define how he felt being with Olga again.  She had always had some sort of hold on him, and that had scared him to pieces.  Neither of those feelings had changed.


     "I should be going."  Olga said softly.

  "So soon?"  Rhys questioned.  Olga nodded her head.  Rhys went to give her a good night kiss, but she held him off.

  "I don't think so Rhys."

  Rhys was confused, he had thought they had really connected, and he was only going to give her a little good night peck, it wasn't like he was going to maul her in public.  His confusion began to turn into anger as Olga explained herself.

  "I already know that you're a great kisser, Rhys.  And that you're good looking, smart, charming..."

  "I'm sensing a but."  Rhys said stiffly.

  "But...I'm just not ready for a relationship right now."

  Rhys laughed bitterly.  "That's always my line.  Is this a payback?"

  Olga shook her head no.  "There's just a lot going on in my life right now, and I just can't deal with one more thing.  And frankly, I don't like the way I am when I'm with you.  I turn into this jealous clingy shrew, and I can't stand myself that way.  It's just better if we stay as friends."

  Rhys snorted.  "Friends?  You just want to be friends?"  Olga was slow to respond, but she eventually nodded her head yes.

  "It is what is best, yes."

  "Suit yourself."  Rhys said tonelessly.  "I'll see you around then?"  He didn't wait for a reply, but abruptly turned on his heel, and walked to his car.  He was feeling so many conflicted things, he didn't know where to start.  Hurt, anger, frustration, even some shame mixed in there.  He was the one that had hurt her first.

  Why was it that when he finally decided that he could be serious about someone, that someone had to go and crush his hopes?  He doubted that he and Olga could ever be just friends, but if that was what she wanted, he would do his best to give it to her.

  Olga watched him go, but at the last minute changed her mind.  She couldn't get the hurt look on his face out of her mind.  Maybe he could change?  She ran after him, even into the street, calling out his name, but he never heard her.   She had waited too long and missed him.

  Maybe they just weren't meant to be.


  Reilly knew Rhys well, he knew that something was bothering him, but Reilly could never find a moment to corner him on it.  If he didn't know any better, he would even think that Rhys was avoiding him.  Except for the fact that life was pretty hectic at home.

  Rhys had attended his graduation, but refused to wear the lame cap and gown.

  Then he promptly joined the Military, and Rhys was gone most mornings.

   His grandmother, Reilly wrinkled his nose, had given birth to quadruplets.

 Four babies, the noise of them all crying at once was sometimes more than he could take.  Once they had their birthdays, though...

  ...the grandparents and their noisy brood headed for Camulodunum.  Rhys parents moved out shortly thereafter, but Rhys didn't move out with them.  "My parents are too affectionate."  Rhys had complained.  "They are embarrassing!"

  His Dad Kit, had a birthday.


  Reilly had celebrated his own birthday.

    And Maya had grown up as well.

  Which had prompted his Uncle Rylan to join the grandparents in Camulodunum.

  So after so many years of chaos and noise, the house was rather quiet now, Reilly reflected.  It was a bachelor's residence, with only himself, his Dad, and Rhys living there.  Reilly hoped that soon it wouldn't be strictly a bachelor pad.  Now that he was an adult, he fully intended to marry Elly.

  He found Elly, in her backyard.


  Notes:  Sorry--I did the quick writing style, and combined a lot of time into one chapter.  I was feeling lazy, lol, and I didn't want to write 10 chapters to get to this point.  I actually found out that the game only lets you take 1500 pics, before it stops recording them! I take way too many pics, and I end up using a small fraction of what I take!

  The household at the moment, is quite small!  It has never been this small!  But that will soon change, as I have 5 children to add to the household, so I moved everyone out with the exception of Kit, Rhys (the help) and of course Reilly (heir).  All goals were completed before they moved out, so Generation 2 is a success!  Woot!

  As soon as Tristan and Nira moved out, SP said they were expecting.  They ended up having quads as well! I'm scared for Reilly's sake, lol!!

  Funny story---at least I find it funny, Rhys has the flirty trait, and he has flirted and conquered female sims his whole teen life.  No problems at all.  He stayed romantic with Olga, but I forgot all about her, since I was taking the story all over the place.  Rhys grows up, I send him to the Festival, and he meets Olga again.  Instant attraction, all those dumb notices, compatible signs, the whole bit.  Rhys for the first time ever, wants to kiss her, date her, etc.  Come to find out though, Olga has gained the non-flirty trait!  lol  So they do this constant back and forth every time they meet.  As soon as Rhys tries a flirty move, she shuts him down.  I find that so ironic!  :D

  A few pics, just because I like them. :D

  Three generations---Ethan, Kit, and Reilly---and they are all reading (autonomously)!

  This is what the game did to Reilly when he grew up---I of course had to fix that!

And last but not least, I love how this picture turned out.  They are all getting abducted by aliens quite frequently, but this was the first that I had a Unicorn show up too!



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