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   With so many chapters, I have finally broken down and written up a summary for each of the generations so far.  Like all my pages, this is a WIP, lol

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 Here is a link to the Generational Goals page, which tells what their rolls were, and shows pictures of what they look like.   This is also where you can find the links to download the sims themselves.  If you don't see one there that you want, just leave a note, I do share most of my sims when asked.  =)

  Kahekili Generational Goals

  I also have a family tree started, here.  I update it periodically.



Generation One: Kona Kahekili (founder)

  Chapters 1-11: Kona wanted a better life for his family, so he moved them to Sunlit Tides.  He was a protege of Tragic Clown, and Kona decided to honor his mentor by cheering people up.  If he could make a few bucks to help feed his growing family, all the better.  His wife Kanani takes a job at the local hospital.  With so little funds it is a struggle to take care of their triplet daughters: Keiki, Leilani, and Poulani.  When Kanani gets pregnant again, things really start to unravel.

Generation Two: Keiki Kahekili


  Chapters 12-22:  Kei was always headstrong and stubborn, but she did her best to help her Mother out, good kids always got rewarded right?  When a family tragedy strikes, Kei doesn't take it well, and gone is the good girl.  The new Kei sneaks out at night, throws eggs at people's houses, and leaves a path of mayhem behind her.  Her father is bewildered over the change in his daughter, and he is unsure on how to help her.  The arrival of two teen brothers next door, forever changes her destiny, and that of all Kakekilis after her.

Generation Three: Kit Kahekili


  Chapters 23-38:  His mother moved the family to Moonlight Falls for a fresh start, and for their safety, when Kit was really young.  Kit grows up into a popular and well liked teen, and when he makes Captain of the Football team, he catches the eye of pretty cheerleader Mina Wolff.  When he finds out just what secrets his family has been harboring, it sets him on a life journey that ultimately teaches him what it means to be a family, and how to protect the ones he loves most.

Chapter 23: Welcome to the Family

Generation Four: Reilly Kahekili

 Chapters 38-49:  Reilly was born with extraordinary powers.  He and his best friend Rhys (who happens to be his cousin) start experimenting to see just what exactly he can do.  Call down a meteor?  Cool!  When they call down more than that, it turns into something unexpected, and even surprising.

Chapter 38: Growing Up

Generation Five: Alder Kahekili


  Chapters 50-56: Alder has a lot of siblings, but none of them get to him more than his sister Lia.  Her bossy ways drives him crazy, he just wants to be left alone with his electric guitar.  Going to University changes things when he discovers his appeal to the opposite sex.  Despite his mother's intense pressure, he's in no hurry to settle down, he just wants to have fun.

Chapter 50: University Daze

Generation Six: Ryder Kahekili

  Chapters 57-65:  His Dad's child like behavior and refusal to act like a grown up, combined with his mother's neurotic behavior, Ryder has always felt like he had to be the responsible one.  He is constantly helping his father out whether it means keeping his mother calm or greeting his Dad's unexpected little blessings at the front door.  As much as he loves his Dad, Ryder is determined not to follow his Dad's treacherous path to love, instead Ryder marries his first love.  He expected they would have children, and live happily ever after; but life has a funny way of throwing him a few curve balls.

Chapter 57: Mistletoe Kisses

Generation 7: Colin Kakekili (current)

 Chapters 66-current  (I haven't figured out what to write about him yet, lol  Will fill this in later.)

 Chapter 66: Hacked Off

Notes and Spoilers:  I don't want to give too much of the story away, for those that ever want to read the full thing, lol  However, there is one pretty important chapter, Chapter 20: Myths and Legends, that I recommend to read.  I go into the Family's history here, and I keep referring back to it off and on the whole rest of my Legacy story.

  So I hope that gave the gist of what each generation was about, but I did leave a whole bunch unsaid. =)

  Thanks for reading!  Any questions or comments, please post below.


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