Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chapter 50: University Daze

    Reilly couldn't help but wonder where all the time went.  His kids were all teens now, each one getting ready to pursue their own path in life.  It seemed the days flew by, faster and faster, a kaleidoscope of bustling activity.

  Alder could always be found, unless he was hiding from Lia, with his guitar in hand.  In such a large household, he always had a ready made audience.


  Puck practiced some of the healing arts of Camulodunum on his brother Ash.


  Claudio pursued his interest in art, while Lia slaved over her scripts for her new film plots. 

   Rhys made up with his wife Bianca, and his daughter Amanda.  The three of them decided, as a family,  to start looking for their own house to move into, and they would leave the Monty residence to Antonio.

    As always the inevitable came, and before Reilly and Elly were ready for it, their house full of teens began to change.

  It all started with an argument between Claudio and Lia, which in itself was surprising, as most times Claudio went along with whatever Lia wanted.  Some things though, he would refuse to budge on, like her wanting to dig deeper into his brother's business dealings.  He flatly refused, and eventually Lia gave up on the idea.  She had a new idea though, and Claudio wasn't on board with this one either.

  "I don't get it Claudio!  Why won't you come to University with me?"

   Claudio shrugged.  "I have no interest in it Lia.  Monty's don't go to college, Monty's join the family business.  While I have no desire to join the family business, I really don't want to go to University either.  I have a few options I could pursue here after I graduate, so that is what I am going to do."

  "Monty, Monty, Monty."  Lia said in disgust.  "You are too hung up on your last name!  Besides, " she said over his protests, "I was looking forward to sharing all those firsts with you.  First class, first dorm room, first expose of the Crime Syndicate in the University town."

  Claudio stared at her blankly.  "What did you just say?"


  "You know, first lecture, first time going and buying our college books at a real college store, studying together, it would have been fantabulous."

  "No, not that part!  The other part, about a Crime Syndicate?"

  "Oh, well, obviously every town has its secrets.  If I can expose the ones that go on in University, think how famous I would be!  I would be, like a hero!  Champion of the people!"  Lia warmed up to her topic.  "I could definitely get into that.  Oh!  You know what, it is better that you don't follow me there.  You are always making me leave just when things get interesting.  This way I'll be by myself, and I can do as I please."

  Claudio sighed heavily.  "Fine, you convinced me, I'll go."

  "I have no idea what you are talking about Claudio."

  "Ha!"  Claudio snorted.  "Tell that to someone who doesn't know you, they may even believe it.  Now, stop arguing with me," he said, just as she was gearing up to refute his words, "you got what you wanted after all."  Lia pouted, but couldn't say any more as Claudio was about to have his birthday.

  Lia enthusiastically helped him celebrate by blowing a party horn, very loudly and with all her fairy might.

   Claudio cringed, and covered his ears.  "Thank you Lia." he said loudly, trying to make sure his voice was heard over the noise of the party horn.  Lia stopped, looked up, and froze.

  The grown up Claudio was quite handsome, and she felt a little shy of him, at least at first.  Then her innate boldness kicked in, and she looked him up and down.  "Daaang Claudio, I gotta say, you sure grew up hot!"

   Claudio simply smiled back at her.


    A few short days later, came the next set of birthdays, Puck,

  and Drake.

  Who, true to their word, decided to leave with their Grandfather Kit to the Land of Camulodunum, which was still in a state of uproar over the murders of the High King Ethan, and his Queen, Keiki.

  Elly was distraught over her two oldest boys going off to a war torn land, and nothing would make her happy for weeks.  Until the next few birthdays came and went, and Ash, Juniper, Cherry, and Ceddie expressed a desire to see their Mother's homeland.



  Cedrela (Ceddie):

  That pleased her very much, so much so, that Elly decided to take them herself to the land where she grew up.  She could introduce some of her children to the faeries she had grown up around.  Though, no matter how hard she tried, and she tried very hard!; she could not convince Lia or Alder into going with her and the others.

  Alder wanted to go to college.  "For the college girls of course!"

   And Lia was adamant about attending University.  "I am going to be a famous Film Producer Mother!  I do not have time to go wandering about talking to fairies about flowers and herbs."  And though Elly tried to tell her daughter that the Land she had grown up in was nothing like Lia imagined it to be, she could not overcome her daughter's stubbornness.  Lia was going to go to University with Claudio, and that was it.


  After all the forms had been properly filled out, they were on their way.

  Lia felt slightly guilty at the thought of her father being left at the house all alone.  He smiled as he hugged her.  "Be careful Lia, and don't worry about me.  I'm going to help Rhys and Bianca find their dream house, so that he will finally stop moping about.  I'll miss your mother and you kids, but your mother will be back soon, and I expect that some of you kids will return as well.  In the meantime, I am going to enjoy my peace and quiet, for I have not had it in years." He chuckled, and waved good bye as the moving van pulled up along side the house.  "Have a good time, study hard, and I'll see you soon!"

  The trip to University was uneventful, and it wasn't too long before they arrived at Malan Hall, their new home for the next few terms.

  Alder was quite happy when he found out who his other roommates were.  Asala Karam, Alison Kramer, Carlee Beauty, Millie Grubb, and Daniel Vaughn.  Four of the five were women, and that suited him just fine.  After selecting their rooms and beds, the next order of business was to attend the mandatory Meet and Greet. 

 Claudio didn't care too much for the crowds of students, and instead found a room where he could stand and practice public speaking.  He was dreading that class, and he hoped he could ease himself into the idea of speaking in front of a large group of people.

    Baby step by baby step.  He would start with just speaking at the podium.

  Alder was already scoring a lot of telephone numbers. 

    And Lia,


  Lia had already selected her first set of guinea pigs, and then talked them through her plan.  She made sure they took notes, she wanted her next film to be Epic!

  When she was finished, she asked if any of them had any questions.  Alder's hand shot up.  Lia sighed, exasperated.  "No Alder, you cannot alter my dialog!  You must say it word for word!"

  "Lia!  I have more important things to do then star in another one of your films!"  Alder protested.

  "I hope you stay a part of this project Alder."  Alison Kramer said.  "I was looking forward to us practicing our lines together.  I've never done this before, so I would need to practice a lot."

  "Nevermind Lia, "  Alder grinned, "I would be delighted to help you in your next film."  He sidled closer to Alison, who smiled gratefully at him.

  The next day on the way to class, Lia and Claudio kept getting stopped by guys.  Guys who would flirt and then ask for Lia's phone number.

    Every time it happened, Claudio would grit his teeth and try to act like it didn't bother him.  He didn't have any hold over Lia, she was a free spirit.  And other than the day they first met and she announced she was going to marry him someday, she had never shown any romantic interest towards him.  They were just friends.  Good friends.  Best friends even.  But that was all they were.  And he should be glad, he reminded himself, Monty's were a poor choice for a mate.  Just look where it got his mother, and Antonio's new wife, even Bianca had led Rhys on a merry chase for years until just recently.  The sound of Lia's laughter at something the guy said put Claudio on edge, and he felt his mood turn sour.

  Once Lia said good bye to yet another admirer, she fell in step beside Claudio, and chitter chatted to him.  He responded with grunts, until she finally gave up.  "Someone's a grump!" she commented, as she flounced into the classroom and took her seat.  Claudio followed her, and sat in the seat beside her.  He was irritated enough with the whole situation, that he started to do little things that he knew would irk her.

  "Claudio, stop it." she hissed at him.  "I don't know what your problem is, but you're acting like a jerk!  You're disrupting the whole classroom and embarrassing me!"

  Claudio made a big show out of yawning.  "I don't know what you're talking about." he said, "I'm bored with this conversation, and bored with this class."  Then he proceeded to act like he had fallen asleep, he even made loud snoring noises.

  Lia did her best to ignore him, and her brother, who actually had fallen asleep and wasn't faking it.  Claudio kept his snoring louder than her brother's though.  The students giggled behind her, and the Professor finally had enough and tapped on her podium.  Lia was ready to kill the both of them.

   Claudio acted like the tapping had woken him up. He raised his hand and blurted out, "Smoking kills, and if you're killed, then you've lost a very important part of your life."

     The students laughed some more, one even did the pretend snore.  Lia stared down at her notes.  She was going to kill him.

  "Mr. Claudio Monty?" the Professor said coldly.

  "Yes Ma'am." Claudio answered the professor.

  "You will see me after class."

  "Yes Ma'am."

  That's when Alder woke up with a horrified gasp.  He just realized he had scheduled two dates for the same time tonight! 

  Lia really wished she had her Grandfather Kit's way with mixing certain chemicals and ingredients together.  Maybe she could have turned both Claudio and Alder into toads, because that was the way they were acting.  After class Lia refused to look at either one.  Claudio endured the Professor's dressing down with mute silence.  He didn't know what had gotten into him earlier, so he could hardly tell the Professor what he, himself, didn't know.  He was just so aggravated.

  The next few days passed with frosty silence between Lia and Claudio, and Lia and Alder.  Alder wasn't bothered in the least by his sister's disapproval with him.  He was hot with the ladies on campus, his new band, Excalibur, was going well, things couldn't be better for Alder.  He even enjoyed the times when the Class met on the front lawn to sketch what was in front of them.  Alder didn't know how to sketch, but he could spend the time in the warm sunshine and write out his new songs on the sketch pad.  He hoped he didn't have to turn any sketches in, because if he did, he was going to be so busted.

    After class, Lia decided to go do some exploring on her own.  She briefly thought about inviting Claudio, but after the way he had been acting the past few days, she decided against it.  She had no idea what had gotten into him, but she really missed him.

  She saw a sign outside the door of a business that boasted they had the best tea in town, she decided to check them out first.  As soon as she walked in, she was greeted by a beefy man with big muscles and a big chin.  He grabbed her hand, and introduced himself.  "Hello Beautiful, I'm Mugsy.  Do you have a jersey?  Because I need your name and number."


  Lia rolled her eyes as she took her hand back.  "I hate sports."

  "Oh, ouch!" he said dramatically.  "Here I was hoping you could come over to my place to read me a bedtime story and tuck me in." He waggled his eyebrows at her and winked.   Then he made a show of flexing his muscles, and kissed each one.

  Lia couldn't help herself, she giggled.  Really, the guy was too much.  She was about to say something to put him in his place when she heard, "Sorry, Bugsy?  Was it?  She's already other wise engaged."  Claudio grabbed her hand and pulled her onto a makeshift dance floor.  "Dance with me."  he whispered in her ear, as he pulled her into his arms.

  Lia pulled away and stared at him.  "Seriously?!  After the way you've been acting, you just interrupt me and drag me over..."

  "I rescued you from Mr. Slobbering Dog over there and..."

  "You rescued me?  Did I look like I needed rescuing?"  Lia glared at Claudio.  "What is your problem?"

  "Problem?  I don't have a problem!" Claudio snapped back.  "If you don't mind being manhandled by an overgrown ape, then fine, next time..."

  "Manhandled?  He only grabbed my hand, and..." a thought occurred to Lia.  "You're jealous!"  She smiled at him.  " That's the reason for the cave man act."  She crowed.  "You Claudio Monty are jealous."

  Claudio crossed his arms and glared back at her.  "I have no idea what you are talking about I was only try..."

  Lia waved her hand.  "Save your breath Claudio, you silly man!  You have nothing to be jealous of!  I already told you I was going to marry you."

  Claudio grunted.  "Words of a child."

  "Hmm, true, I'll just have to show you then..." and before Claudio knew what she was about, she kissed him.

    When the kiss ended, they just stared quietly at each other for several moments.  Then Claudio smiled.

  "I love you Lia."

  "I know." she fluttered her eyelashes.  "I am so loveable."

  Claudio chuckled.  "And modest."

  "Of course."

  Claudio sighed heavily.  "I am still a Monty though, and you deserve better than that."

  "You are way too hung up on your last name.  I love you Claudio, and it has nothing to do with what your last name is or isn't.  Now shut up and kiss me again."

  "Well, I live to serve you my Lady."  Claudio pulled her in closer to him.

  Lia smiled against his lips.  "I like the sound of that."  And then there were no more words, only kissing.  Everything faded but the two of them.

  Claudio finally came up for air when he heard the catcalls around him and Lia.  "Let's get out of here."  He held out his hand, and Lia grabbed it.  They walked out of building hand in hand.


  Notes: My first foray into the Sims University!  Generation 5 is now in charge!  I'd like to say thank you to everyone who gave me their opinion on who should be the heir, I really appreciated the help!  I had been thinking of Puck (because I really liked his name, lol), but in the end, Alder won.  Don't be too sad though, I rolled Full House, so I am keeping Lia and Claudio.  All I need now is just one more sim to make the full house complete...

  In case it wasn't obvious, lol, Alder's roll was Rock Star.  Lia--Film Director--or whatever it is called.  Claudio had rolled Artist, but I changed that somewhat so I could play one of the new careers.  I am testing out the new "Street Painter"; I figured it was pretty close to the Artist one.  Whether or not he can do that in the homeworld I am not sure---I guess I'll find out, lol.

  I leave you with this pic---In honor of Iola Brannon:  Alder, Lia, and Claudio held a protest against clowns, lol :P

  Thanks for reading! =)



  1. Awwww they kissed! Now i'm happy, i've always loved how she told him she would marry him. And he did grow up a looker. Loved claudio being jealous, loved the build up and interplay. Anyway glad you're back, hope everything went well :)

    1. Thank you! =) As soon as I saw the Heat of the Moment kiss on live chat---I thought---that's their (Claudio and Lia) kiss, lol.

  2. YAY! I like Alder. But I'm REALLY glad you're keeping Lia and Claudio around. Their love story is just too cute.

    Also...love the clown protest. Hopefully Iola appreciates it! :D

    1. I have a lot of fun with Lia and Claudio. Alder is fun too, just in a different way. He's into his music and girls, pretty much in that order, lol :P

      It gave me a list of things to protest--I saw the clowns and thought---we definitely have to protest clowns! lol

  3. Aww, Claudio and lia. <3

    An, mrrow, Alder. yeah, the sexy rocker thing still does it for me, lol. Lucky for me I married one. =P
    All your kids grew up gorgeous. And Claudio, too.

    LOL, I think maybe Iola would faint even seeing signs of clowns...but if it gets clowns banned from Sim world, I'm sure she'd appreciate their efforts. =D

    1. There is something about a sexy rocker dude, lol Though I've always thought it unfair that they had prettier hair than I did! :P

      Well, if Iola ever makes it to University---the Kahekili's are doing their part in trying to rid the town of them! :D