Random Pictures

  A page to throw some of my Random Pictures on, ones that for some reason or another, I didn't use for the story.  They are in no particular order, since I feel like being lazy, lol  I'm just going through pics and making myself dump some of them!  Some of them, story-wise, never happened!!

  Gen 5 Graduates.  First time of playing University and graduating.  Lia Kahekili on the left, and her husband Claudio Monty on the right.  I missed Alder's dance, because he came out of a different door than Lia or Claudio.  One reason why these were never used.  They also just didn't fit in anywhere.

    Immediately after their celebratory dance, Claudio and Lia rolled the want to celebrate in a different fashion.  Which gave poor Alder the shudders, lol




  Pictures of the new house. =)  I was lazy and did not edit them at all.

  Early outside picture of my fountain.  I have dumped most of the blue flowers and added poppies instead. =)


  Alder and Spring's room.


  Ryder's room.  His fav. color is orange.

  Living Room.

  Kitchen/Dining room.

  Top floor.  This is an old pic, the nursery and 2 more bedrooms are up here.

  Second Floor.  Ryder's bedroom, Alder's bedroom, the purple room belonged to Lia and Monty when they lived here.

  Main floor---the living/kitchen/dining rooms.  Oh yeah, and a study.

  Every house I build is an experiment (I was playing around with bedroom size and placements, fountains and decks), some I like, some I don't, lol  This one is okay.

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