Monday, December 9, 2013

Chapter 73: Little Pleasures

  Warning: This chapter has lots of bad language, lots of bad behavior, and some adult content.  Read at your own risk!

  Ivory impatiently stood by her chair until Colin noticed, and with a sigh, pulled it out for her. She sat down gingerly, Colin, grumbling slightly, flopped down next to her.  Antheny, the head Chef, personally came over and handed them their menus.  "Mr. Colin, sir, I wasn't expecting you at our establishment tonight."  The Chef had a high strung voice to match his personality.  Colin found him f*cking annoying, and always had.

  "F*ck, you and me both Frenchie."

  Antheny's smile froze on his face.  "Well, then, it is my lucky night, is it not?" he asked nervously, his gaze bounced back and forth between Ivory and Colin.

  "F*ck, Frenchie, you're f*cking annoying the h*ll out of me, with your head f*cking bobbing around like a f*cking retard.  F*ck.  Go the f*ck away, and I'll f*cking let you know when we're f*cking ready."

  With a pained smile, and a slight bow, Antheny hurried away.  "You know him."  Ivory observed, as she looked through the menu. 

  Colin grunted.  "I have no f*cking idea why the f*ck you'd want to eat here.  Frenchie is a f*cking idiot, and not all that f*cking good at cooking either. This place is a f*cking waste of money if you ask me.  F*cking say that to Brae though, and he f*cking freaks out at me."

  "Brae?  Who's he?"  Ivory played the ignorance card, she was well aware of who Brae was, but Colin didn't know that she knew.

  "My brother."

  "Older or younger?" she questioned, she needed to get him talking about his family, and maybe he would let something slip that she could use.

  "Older, what the f*ck is this?  Twenty questions?"  He asked irritably.  He hated talking about his f*cking family, it was a guaranteed way to sour his mood even more, really f*cking fast.

  She glanced at him, above the menu she held, then went back to looking at it.  "It's called getting to know each other, that's what people do on dates."


  "F*ck.  Another reason why I don't f*cking date."

  "So, do you just have the one brother then?"

  "F*ck." He sighed.  His lips twisted.  "I have an older sister too.  What about you?"  He turned the question on her, d*mn if he was going to be the only f*cking person answering stupid a*s f*cking questions.

  Ivory kept it brief.  "I'm an orphan, no siblings.  I was raised by a woman who didn't want to be called mother, she has referred to herself as more like my sister when asked, even though she pretty much raised me."  The thought of Raven as a sister, let alone a mother, was grimly amusing, but she didn't let Colin in on her dark thoughts.

  "Lucky girl."

  Ivory chuckled, but it wasn't a nice laugh.  "Are your parents still alive?"

  Colin pretended great interest in his menu.

  Ivory prodded him.  "Parents?  Alive?"  Her tone was a little snarky, though she did try to reign it in.  She had known going in that he wasn't going to be the easiest target to get information from, even so she had not expected him to be so closed mouthed over the simplest of questions.

  "Despite the f*cking rumors going on around town, I wasn't f*cking born under a rock.  My f*cking parents are alive and well too." He answered, his tone short.

  "Ah."  Ivory was quiet, analyzing what he didn't say as much as what he did say, and the way he had said it.  There was something there, a family feud perhaps?  Maybe she could use that to her advantage, now if only she could find out what it was between him and his family.  "So you're not close to your parents."  It was more of a statement than a question, but she waited for his reaction anyway.

  Colin didn't even glance up from his menu, or respond.


  She glared at him, the a*s, he was being deliberately provoking by not answering her.  "It is polite to answer when a question is asked."  She said irritably.

  Colin looked up at her then, the very picture of innocence, except for the wicked gleam in his eye.  "Who the f*ck said I was polite?"  She clenched her teeth, and really could have quite cheerfully stabbed the as*hole right then and there.  "Besides that," he shrugged, ignoring the warning daggers sparking from her eyes, "I wasn't aware that was a f*cking question."

  "Are you always this difficult?"  She snapped.

  "I do my f*cking best." He said, with false modesty.  Colin grinned to himself, careful to keep all traces of his amusement off his face.  F*ck yeah, there was the f*cking viperess that he had first met, the one that f*cking looked like she could f*cking skin him alive, not that prissy polite thing she had been f*cking pretending to be.  The Viperess f*cking turned him on. 

  He was so in tune with her, he knew the exact moment when she she sensed the change in his thoughts.  Her anger turned to something else, something dark, and fiery.  Her silvery gaze scorched his skin wherever it touched. His body f*cking burned for her so badly that he just wanted to f*cking throw her on the table and f*ck her until she screamed out his f*cking name.  F*ck.  He glanced briefly at her as she deliberately and slowly put the menu on the table, and placed her hands on her lap.  He found it f*cking humorous that she wasn't f*cking looking at him now, but her twitching fingers betrayed her inner struggles.  She wanted to f*ck him too.  He couldn't wait to tap all that f*cking raw passion in her.  She just might f*cking kill him, but f*ck.  What a f*cking way to go.

    He signaled to Frenchie, then looked at Ivory.  "I'm f*cking ready to order, how about you?" he asked pleasantly, no hint of their passionate exchange in his voice.

  She narrowed her eyes at him.  "You're a f*cking as*hole."

  "So I've been told."  This time he did grin at her.

  She frowned at him, then returned to her previous subject, the smoldering look in her eyes caused him to shift uncomfortably in his seat.  He calculated in his head how quickly he they could f*cking eat and get back to her f*cking place.  Ten f*cking minutes?  Sh*t.  Who f*cking needed to eat anyway? Now to just f*cking convince her of that, he eyed her, then the table.  Who the f*ck needed a bed?  "You know, having a family is not such a bad thing." She said offhandedly.

  Just like that, she doused f*cking glacier water all over him. "I've been f*cking told that too." he responded sourly.

  "What about your kids?"

  "What the f*ck about them?"  He didn't want to f*cking talk about his f*cking family, or his f*cking kids, he wanted to f*cking talk about f*cking her on the table.  F*ck that, he didn't want to f*cking talk at all, action was more his thing.

  "You said you have three of them right?" He nodded. She picked up her menu again, she needed to keep her hands busy, or they would be reaching for him, the arrogant a*s.  "Is their mother still involved with them?  It is unusual to see a father raising the kids."  Ivory was determined to get some information out of him, and wipe away that smug expression off his face.  The as*hole, he made her feel all hot and out of sorts, itchy in her skin.  The wicked promise in his eyes wasn't helping her stay focused on her main target either.  She wanted...

  "You're ready Mr. Colin?"  Antheny interrupted her thoughts.  He pulled out a pen, and waited with anxious expectation.


  Colin ordered steak and potatoes, mostly because he knew it irritated the h*ll out of the French chef.  Ivory ordered Escargots de Bourgogne in perfect, flawless French. "You speak French?" Colin asked, surprised.

  "A little.  How about you, do you speak French?"

  Colin shook his head no.  "Not really.  I can f*cking understand most of it though, my mother is f*cking French.  However, I do speak some f*cking Chinese."

  Ivory looked at him skeptically.  "Let me guess, you can say 'Let's f*ck.' in Chinese?"

  Colin chuckled.  "F*cking close.  More along the lines of,  'You move too slow.'  Or, 'You too predictable.'  Or my f*cking personal favorite, 'You need more discipline, less anger.'"  Colin smiled briefly in remembrance.

"Who was she?  The one that taught you those Chinese words?"  Ivory was genuinely curious, she heard a note of affection in his voice, she was pretty sure that was a rare thing for him.  Maybe she could use this mystery girl?  She refused to name the underlining emotion she felt at the thought that the man sitting next to her could actually harbor some feelings for this unknown girl.

  "So sure it's a f*cking female are you?"  Colin asked her.  Ivory nodded her head yes.  "Wu, that is what I called her.  She was a f*cking amazing woman." 

  "I'm shocked."  Ivory replied, half kidding, half serious.  "Did I just hear you say woman and amazing together like that?  I didn't think it was possible."

  "Hey now." Colin complained.  "There are a couple of women I have actually f*cking enjoyed being with, f*cking liked them even.  Not many," he conceded, "but a couple."  One was an island girl, and the other was Wu, his instructor. Wu was in a f*cking class of her own, she was the only person to kick his a*s on a daily, weekly, even monthly basis, she had f*cking taught him a lot over those six months or so that he had been with her.  He didn't mention any of that to Ivory though.

  "Was your children's mother one of them?"

  Colin eyed her.  "F*ck, back to that are we?"  Ivory simply stared at him.  He sighed.  "F*ck no.  F*cking b*tches, all f*cking three of them.  And no, they are not a f*cking part of my life or the kids' f*cking lives.  Good f*cking riddance too."

  "They all have different mothers?  Did you marry all of them?"  Before Colin could answer, Chef Antheny placed their food before them.  He kept darting little nervous looks at Colin, but Colin ignored him.  Ivory took a bite of her meal.  "Mmmm, delicious." she declared.  The Chef beamed at her, before taking his leave.  Colin took a bite of his steak.


  "It still tastes like horsesh*t Frenchie!"  Colin yelled out.  He took another bite, chewed and swallowed, before taking another bite.

  Ivory watched him for a few moments, before asking, "What's with you and the Chef?  What I have tastes just fine to me."

  Colin looked at her with pity in his eyes.  "F*ck, I f*cking feel bad for wherever you've f*cking eaten at, if you think that," he pointed to her food, "f*cking tastes good.  It tastes like horsesh*t, his French food is f*cking worse than horsesh*t.  It's f*cking nowhere near as f*cking good as my mother's cooking."  Colin felt like f*cking beating his head with his f*cking fork.  Had he really just f*cking complimented his f*cking mother?  Sh*t.  

  "Really?" She said thoughtfully.  "Is that why you make the Chef so nervous?"

  Colin snorted.  "F*ck no.  He f*cking tried to tell me I couldn't f*ck this girl on the f*cking counters back in the kitchen.  I can't even f*cking remember her f*cking name. Anyway, I was right in the middle of f*cking her, and he f*cking comes in yelling and sh*t.  F*cking p*ssed me off.  What the f*ck?  I was f*cking busy!  So, I might have f*cking broken a few of his ribs, and his face, his nose, all while calling him a stupid a*s f*cker.  Brae f*cking came in, and got all f*cking bent out of shape.  He owns this f*cking place, well, he f*cking bought it for Morri, his wife."

  His phone started ringing, but Colin ignored it and took another forkful of food instead.  Ivory wondered at the slight hesitation when Colin had spoken his sister in law's name.  He was finally talking though, so she wasn't about to interrupt him with questions that might make him clam back up.  Some might think his subject matter a little inappropriate for a first date, but Ivory didn't.  She needed to keep him talking.


  "So," Colin continued,"there's f*cking Frenchie, bleeding all over the f*cking kitchen floor, Brae is f*cking hollering and sh*t, the girl's still f*cking bare a*sed naked on the f*cking counter, and Morri f*cking walks in to see what the f*cking commotion was all about."  Ivory noted the slight hesitation again, when he said his sister in law's name.

  Colin was reliving that day in his mind.  Morri, f*ck.  She'd f*cking blown a f*cking gasket.  He shouldn't have f*cked Morri the night before on that same f*cking counter.  It made her all f*cking possessive and sh*t.  He didn't even know why he had f*cked her.  He hadn't f*cking touched her in f*cking years.  She had just f*cking caught him by surprise.  He had snuck in late at night, thinking no one else would f*cking be around, so he could f*cking look around at his brother's latest f*cking acquisition without his f*cking brother breathing down his neck.

  Colin didn't even notice Ivory's scrutiny, he was too caught up in the memory of that night. Of Morri, who had been there at the f*cking restaurant all by her f*cking self. Of how she had f*cking dropped to her knees and unzipped his pants.  He had f*cking let her too, then he had f*cked her on the counter afterwards, with her screaming his name out.  Sobbing how she had f*cking loved him and sh*t.  She had never f*cking gotten over him, blah, blah, blah.  F*ck, she had been a f*cking mess.  The f*cking had left him feeling empty inside though, hollow.  He just didn't get the same f*cking thrill at nailing Brae's wife behind his back like he f*cking used to.

  With Morri's jealous screaming and sh*t, Brae's f*cking suspicious looks, and the as*hole laying on the floor, it had not been one of his finer moments.  He did what he always did when under pressure, he went on the f*cking attack.  "Well, to make a long f*cking story short, I was banned from this restaurant."

  The Chef reappeared, and took their plates, then he placed a couple more plates filled with food in front of them.  Ivory glanced at the chef, before turning her attention back to Colin.  "Compliments of the Chef, yes?"  The Chef beamed at her again, before disappearing.  Colin poked at the food on the plate in front of him with his fork, then took a bite.  Ivory didn't even look at the seafood in front of her.


  "Still tastes like sh*t Frenchie!"

  Ivory was staring at him.  "Are you seriously banned from this place?  Why didn't you tell me this before?  Why didn't the Chef throw you out?"

  Colin grinned.  "F*ck.  That as*wipe?  He wouldn't f*cking dare.  Nah, he probably f*cking called Brae as soon as we arrived, thinking that Brae would f*cking show up and make me f*cking leave; not that Brae could f*cking make me leave if I didn't f*cking want to leave."  Ivory sat up a little straighter, was her target actually on his way here?  That was good news indeed, and she need not get further entangled with the man sitting beside her.  His next words dashed her hopes though.  "F*cking retard.  He should have f*cking remembered that Brae isn't in town this f*cking week.  Brae probably told him to just f*cking humor me."

  "Will this cause some trouble between you two?"

 Colin laughed bitterly, then shrugged his shoulders.  "No more than usual.  Will he f*cking go all apesh*t on me when he f*cking gets back?  Probably.  My Dad will probably f*cking get on my case too, but f*ck.  I don't really give a d*mn.  I've been f*cking good tonight, on my best f*cking behavior and everything."  He winked at her, and his smile was wicked.  "I'm very good in fact, and I hope you're good about f*cking keeping your promises Angel."

  "Oh, I keep my promises Romeo, never fear."

  The ride to her house was quiet.  He drove, but he kept one hand on her, stroking the fever back into her body.  She reciprocated, using her hand to stroke the hard length of him through his pants.  Once at her house, he walked her up to her door.  She unlocked it, but instead of opening the door, she turned around, opened her mouth to say something, but before she utter a sound he had her pressed up against her door.

    "Invite me in."  He whispered, his arm snaked around behind her, cupping her a*s and bringing her in closer to his hardness.

  She didn't answer, but pulled his head down and kissed him.  She felt the jolt of their lips meeting down deep in her belly.  He deepened the kiss, pressing further into her body, their tongues mating.  She moaned, and grabbed at him, trying to pull him closer still.  She was drowning in flames.

  "F*ck." She heard him mutter, her only warning before she found herself suddenly lifted up, her back against the rough wood behind her.  She instinctively moved her body, trying to get closer still to him, seeking his heat.  "Let me in." he said hoarsely.


  She slowly nodded her head, a little hesitantly.   "A promise is a promise." she whispered huskily.  Colin lowered her body, inch by torturous inch, prolonging their contact as long as he possibly could. When her feet were back on the ground, she reached behind her for the doorknob, opened her door, and then promptly shut the door in his face.  He heard the unmistakeable click of the lock.

  Colin stared stupidly at the closed door for a few moments.  "What the f*ck?"  He pounded on the door.  "Ivory!" he yelled.  "F*ck.  Ivory open the f*cking door, I know you want to f*ck me just as bad as I want to f*ck you."

   Her voice was muffled, "Good night Colin.  Pick me up tomorrow night, I want to go dancing at that new club."

  Colin laid his forehead against the door.  "F*ck Angel, dancing? What about your promises?"

  He heard her husky chuckle through the door.  "I rewarded you with a goodnight kiss, and if you remember, I made two promises.  I promised I'm worth the wait, as I more than demonstrated just now, and I also promised you that I don't f*ck on the first date."

  Colin groaned.  "You are a f*cking cruel woman, Angel, I'm f*cking hurting here.  I think another f*cking kiss from you would make it all f*cking better.  Just f*cking open the door Angel, one tiny little f*cking kiss..."

  Ivory leaned against her door, fanning her face. "Go home Colin."  She meant it to be authoritative and firm, instead it came out weak and trembly.  The anger had faded from his voice, instead a soft seduction laced his words, as he told her in explicit detail exactly what he wanted to do to her.  "Open the door Angel.  Open the door..." 

  She moaned softly, he did not even have to touch her, his very words were stroking the fire inside of her hotter and hotter.  She burned from within.  Ivory touched her mouth, remembering the feel of his lips on hers, then she closed her eyes, fighting her weakness, but slowly losing the battle.

  Her hands moved of their own accord over her breasts, and down lower, past her belly, reaching for the part of her that ached the most.  She imagined it was his touch on her body, his fingers stroking her; her body thrummed with tension, she was so close, when she suddenly realized he had stopped talking.  Her hands fell away, and she listened intently for any sound that might be him.

  It was dead quiet, he had finally left.  "Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t." she cursed.  She was supposed to be seducing him, not the other way around.  "Sh*t."  Ivory kicked her heels off, and pulled her dress up and over her, leaving it in a pile on the floor.  She stripped off her bra and panties, leaving a trail of clothing behind her as she stomped towards the shower.  Ivory stepped under the frigid spray, the icy needles pounded her heated flesh.

  She now understood what possessed women to throw themselves at him, and why they couldn't seem to let go when he was done with them, when he was ready to move on to the next woman.  He had a charisma unlike none other that she had ever been around, and she had been around a lot of men.  She had f*cked a lot of them to, not one of her past experiences had taught her on how to deal with Colin.

  Raven had started her at thirteen, showing Ivory how to please herself while Raven looked on.   If Ivory ever misbehaved, in any fashion, Raven would bring in the wrinkled men who had loved Ivory's young flesh with a brutality that had made her bleed. Even that was preferable, to her, anything was preferable to the Chamber of Horrors.  The thoughts of her childhood did what the water could not, the desire left her, and she shuddered beneath the cold water.

  She couldn't let him get to her, she must be more on her guard.  She didn't understand why he was different, why when she was around him, she forgot all of what she was.  Why the thought of having sex with him, seemed almost...untainted.  She had never felt untainted, her hands were stained with the blood of dozens of men and women, faceless except in her nightmares... 

  Colin loudly cursed the icicles bombarding his body. "F*ck. F*ck. F*ck." he seethed.

 "This waiting thing f*cking sucks!"  He pounded his fists on the shower stall.  He needed colder water.  "Heartless b*tch." he muttered, as he dunked his head under the chilly spray.  "F*ck."  Why the hell was he torturing himself like this?  He had a black book full of names, one phone call was all it would take.  One f*cking phone call.  Instead, inexplicably, he found himself taking a cold shower instead.  "F*ck."

  What the h*ll was his f*cking problem?  Letting a f*cking female mess with his f*cking head.  Both of them, he thought sourly.  It had never really f*cking mattered before, who he f*cked, why the f*ck now?  Why the f*ck her?  He hit the wall a few more times, p*ssed at her, p*ssed at himself.  P*ssed off at everything.

  You too angry, too predictable!  You need more discipline!  Wu's gentle words came back to haunt him, rebuking his anger and his lack of discipline.  He hung his head, ignoring the cold water that ran over him in rivulets.  F*ck.  He had been acting too f*cking predictable, he would have to f*cking change that.  He would f*cking master his f*cking body, and if the b*tch thought she could f*cking scare him off, she had another f*cking think coming.  F*ck.  He was f*cking Colin Kahekili, afraid of nothing and no one; he f*cking kicked a*s.

 He smiled to himself as he shut off the water and stepped out of the shower.  Afraid?  Him?  F*ck no.  He wasn't a f*cking whipped p*ssy, f*cking scared of his own f*cking shadow.  F*ck.  He could f*cking take whatever the f*cking b*tch threw at him, and then some.  F*ck.  "Bring it on b*tch."


  "You brought me here because you're still f*cking pissed about that club."  Colin said flatly.

   "What utter nonsense, I got over that several weeks ago." 


  Colin turned and glanced at her briefly, before turning back to stare at...nothing.  "Yeah, right." he said skeptically.  "You f*cking enjoy trying to come up with new ways to f*cking torture me.  Complete and utter f*cking boredom must be your new f*cking tactic."  They had been dating now for five weeks, four days, six hours, and twenty four minutes.  Not that he was f*cking keeping track or anything. 

 "Well, you did cheat."  she informed him loftily.  "Buying that dance club and kicking everyone out so that we were the only two in there, was definitely cheating."

  "It was a f*cking good investment of my f*cking money, that's all."  He grinned as she playfully smacked him.  He leaned his head on his hand again and sighed heavily.  The woman was driving him f*cking nuts.  They f*cking did everything together, like a regular old f*cking married couple.  Groceries.  Clubbing.  Parking.  He grinned at that memory.  Skydiving.  Biking.  Walking the beach.  Sometimes they would just sit and f*cking watch stupid a*s comedies on television, or worse, f*cking chick flicks.  He was sure she just watched them to f*cking torment him.  He f*cking took her shopping too.  F*ck, he bought her whatever the f*ck she wanted, money meant nothing to him.  His f*cking family had so much f*cking money, he could never f*cking spend it all, even if he f*cking tried.

  They even f*cking sparred with each other, once she had f*cking realized he wasn't a p*ssy, that he knew martial arts.  He had soon figured out how she got her f*cking tight a*s and f*cking toned body, and it wasn't from no f*cking exercise tapes either.  The woman was a f*cking menace, with her left hook kicks, and f*cking jabs to the throat.  And the f*cking way she caressed a f*cking knife, made him f*cking wish he was the f*cking knife...  He sighed again.

   She was f*cking quick too, he'd give her that, he just f*cking happened to be a tad bit faster than her.  F*cking p*ssed her off too.   She'd f*cking try anything to f*cking distract him. The f*cking cheat, bending and twisting her f*cking body in front of him like that, with that f*cking knowing look on her f*cking face, making her f*cking t*ts strain against her f*cking shirt...the memory of it made him shift uncomfortably, again.  F*ck.

  He would f*cking pin her down then, the f*cking she cat, she would f*cking buck and hiss at him, claws f*cking extended, and sh*t.  It would f*cking turn him on, her f*cking squirming under him, the f*cking heat in her eyes, her silky skin and soft breasts, the simmering air, the smell of her in his nostrils.  Suddenly the fight would f*cking leave her, and she would f*cking lie under him so still, panting, her f*cking eyes wild like a silverhawk, and he would f*cking get lost in them, those quicksilver eyes of hers.

  F*ck.  It was a pansy a*s f*cking thing to do, but he couldn't ever f*cking help himself.  Suddenly they were f*cking sparring in a different way, f*cking kissing, and touching, and f*cking stroking each other, until they were both in a f*cking frenzy, ready to f*cking claw at each other.  Then inexplicably, he would f*cking pull away before he actually f*cked her, leaving them both f*cking unsatisfied. Him.  He shook his head, bemused.  What the f*ck was the world f*cking coming to?  He was f*cking impressed with himself though, f*cking mastering his body like that, but he was also getting f*cking tired of taking f*cking ice showers.

   "F*ck, Angel, why the f*ck are we here?"  He just wanted to f*ck her so badly, and he couldn't f*cking figure out why the f*ck he hadn't done so yet.  What the h*ll was wrong with him?

  "We're people watching."

  He rolled his eyes.  F*ck.  "That would f*cking make some sense Angel, if there were any f*cking people about to watch.  F*ck."  He shook his head.

  She pushed him down onto the grass, and straddled him.


  "Are you f*cking bored Romeo?" she teased him, as she rubbed her body against his.  "Your body is telling me something different."  They hadn't had sex yet, to her shame it was Colin that always pulled back, leaving her unfulfilled and frustrated, all for some unfathomable reason known only to him.  She had hoped for a glimpse of his brother here, he was known to come this way quite often, and with Colin here, she could have angled for a introduction.  She was glad that Brae never showed, though she should be upset.  She was running out of time, but every moment she spent with Colin, made her crave him more, and even worse, she found she actually liked...him.  She knew she should push forward with her agenda, she had a job to do after all, but she wanted to put it off indefinitely.

  It had all started out as a game, a lark, with clear rules and objectives, but somewhere along the way they had started to blur for her.  The game was starting to feel less like a game, and more real, and raw.   She was not meant for happiness, for purity, for love, she knew this, Raven had seared that into her heart so long ago.  Just once though, just this once, she wished for more.  She wished for more with this man, and it p*ssed her off, even as it saddened her that it was not meant to be.   It p*ssed her off that she was no more immune to his charms than any other woman.  It saddened her because sometimes she thought she saw a glimpse of something more in his eyes.

  Ivory refused to put a word to that glimpse.  If she did not name it, then it would not be.  Naming it would give it power, make it real, and it needed to stay in the shadows, the shadows of fantasy, and wished for childish dreams.  She placed her hand over his chest, she could feel the beating of his heart beneath her palm, she could feel his steady gaze on her face, but she did not look at him.  Instead she watched her hand glide over his smooth, warm skin.  Lust yes, lust was good to feel, it made sex more enjoyable,  No, she didn't want at all, it would only make things worse.  More painful.

  She hated the intense longing in her, her weakness, it left her feeling vulnerable, and naked.  She met his eyes, and in them she saw the answering call of her heart's desire.  He saw too much, she cared too much, it was all just too much.  His hand stroked her outer thigh, reaching her hip and waist, and tugging her closer to him.

  Could she do what must be done?  If she had to, could she rip his heart out of him, without ripping hers out in the process?  Why him?  Why now?  If Raven ever thought Ivory wavered in the slightest little  That horror was too much to contemplate.  She was trapped, with no way out that she could see, hopelessness fell upon her like a heavy cloak.

  Colin stirred beneath her, as if he sensed her heartbreaking thoughts, and he pulled her down until she laid on top of him, and he wrapped his arms around her.  She closed her eyes, and let his warmth encircle her, breathing in his maleness and strength.  For just a little while, she would let her weakness show.  He didn't say a word, but the tightening of his arms spoke volumes to her.  He cared too, and it made it all the worse, that knowing.

  They laid there like that for what felt like hours, before wordlessly getting up and heading for his car.  The ride to her home was silent, she let her head rest against his shoulder as he drove.  Once to her house, she unlocked the door, and headed for the kitchen, intent on finding something to make them for dinner.  Colin followed closely behind her.

  Before she could reach the fridge, he grabbed her from behind, and spun her around to face him.  He bent his head, and kissed her softly at first, she wrapped her arms around his neck, and pressed herself into him.  With a groan, he deepened the kiss, and pushed her up against the kitchen table.  She pulled his shirt off, and reached for his pants, unbuttoning them, and pulling down his briefs.  His pants and briefs fell to the floor in a heap, he barely noticed that he now stood naked in front of her, he was too busy yanking her dress up, above her hips, and ripping her panties off.


    A tidal wave of intense pleasure crested over them, Colin hoarsely called out her name as she screamed his.  She clawed at his back as he emptied all of himself inside her.  Their passion spent, he gathered her close to him, and rested his chin on top of her head.  She trembled in his arms, still feeling the after affects of their lovemaking, the glow of...something warm, maybe even contentment.  She knew then, things had changed irrevocably between them, and would never be the same.  She would never be the same.  He reached inside her like no one ever could, and made her feel again.  Fear tightened her throat, fear of what the future held for them.

  For the first time in his life, Colin was f*cking afraid.  Afraid of what this one woman made him f*cking feel.  He f*cking never lost control.  F*cking never.  Yet he f*cking lost control with her, f*cking felt like he was going to f*cking have a heart attack.  F*ck.  He had buried his body deep inside her softness, and...f*ck.  He could feel himself stirring, he f*cking barely survived the first time with her, and here his body was f*cking ready for round two?  D*mn.  He felt Ivory smile against his chest as she felt his interest gaining enthusiasm.

  He kissed the top of her hair.  F*ck.  He was even feeling f*cking sentimental and sh*t.  What the h*ll kind of spell had she f*cking put on him?  He f*cking wanted to protect her sexy a*s, from whatever the f*ck haunted her.  Sh*t.  She snuggled in closer to him, and to his horror, he found not only did he f*cking like it, but his f*cking arms hugged her tighter to him.  F*cking traitorous body.  She pressed soft kisses on his chest, and he groaned, before hauling her a*s up and giving her a f*cking proper kiss.  "Fuck." he said, when the tender kiss ended.  "Usually I f*cking have more finesse than that."

  "You didn't hear me complaining, quite the opposite in fact."  Ivory murmured.   They were destined for grief and heartbreak, but she couldn't find it in herself to care right now.  She would just take things day by day, enjoying whatever time they had together.  Maybe, just for a little while, she could just be Angel, and he could just be Romeo, just two ordinary people, enjoying each other.  All too soon, Raven would be back, and their time would be over, she would have to be Ivory again, and he would have to be Colin Kahekili again.  Her target's brother.  She trailed kisses along his jawline, pushing thoughts of Raven and the future out of her mind.  "If you feel so badly about it though, I'll let you make it up to me."

  She felt his rumbling laugh.  "As you wish Angel."  He scooped her up into his arms, and kissed her lightly on the nose, before striding into her bedroom.

  He gently laid her down on the bed, and stared at her in wonder.  She was just so f*cking perfect. He was so f*cked.


Notes: Tada!  How the mighty have fallen, and fallen hard, lol  I almost feel bad for him, knowing what I have planned, haha!  Okay, I do feel bad for him, because of what I have planned.  Funny thing about plots, I had this all figured out when Colin was a child, and it seemed easy enough to write...then, lol  In practice, while I'm trying to write it, I think to myself, why oh why did I ever complicate things so much?!

  I do love a complicated plot though, one of the biggest reasons why I love the show Once Upon A Time, they even have a family tree worthy of sims!!!  lol :P

  More backstory on my version of Ivory---sorry Ivory! :(  Raven is an awful person, and Ivory has good reasons for fearing her, and doing whatever Raven tells her to do.  Neither Colin nor Ivory were prepared for that little emotion, haha.  That little emotion just might cause some big problems...

  Fun fact---the diners in my first scene, some of them were actually Raven's cohorts from Reilly's generation.  I just repurposed them. =)  Nothing nefarious with that either, I just needed it to look like there were actually other people sitting there and eating, lol

  Also...I hate the phones.  Stupid things, always ringing when I'm in the middle of shooting a scene---

  A big thank you and *hugs* to the people who read through this chapter before I posted it, you were a big help, and I really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. =)

  Thank you for reading!! =D

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Chapter 72: Ivory

Warning: This chapter has lots of bad language and lots of bad behavior.  Read at your own risk!

  Ivory held her breath until she was safely outside the bar, then she let it all out with a whoosh.  She was thankful that her wobbly legs had held her upright, she had been sure they would collapse on her, in front of him even, making a mockery of the very point she had tried to make with the a*s.  He thought he could crook his finger and she would come running, Ivory ran for no man.

  She had not expected things to go quite so far however; she had only wanted to put the arrogant a*s in his place, instead she had been caught up in the moment with him.  Another twenty seconds, and she would have been ripping his clothes off.  She frowned.  She prided herself on her absolute control over her body and emotions, it was disconcerting that a perfect stranger was able to penetrate her defenses so quickly, and so easily.  Just thinking of him made her feel hot all over again. 

  She slammed the door on those thoughts.  Enough with this nonsense.  She needed to put him firmly out of her mind, and regain control of herself.  She was about to meet with Raven, and she couldn't afford any distractions.  Any hint of weakness or inattention on her part could mean her life.  Once Ivory was assured that she was firmly back in control of herself, she rounded the corner of the tavern, to find Raven, pacing impatiently.

  "You're late." she said coldly.


  Ivory glared right back, but held her peace, she knew from experience it was not wise to anger Raven.

  Raven brushed off some imaginary dirt from her cloak.  "Nothing to say?"

  "I was unavoidably detained, I dealt with it, and now I'm here."  Ivory said, emotionless.

  "Is that a fact?"  Ivory stood her ground, and gave nothing away.  Raven smiled coldly at her.  "Well, then, I trust there won't be a repeat?"  Little crackles of blue fire bolted from Raven's fingertips, and Ivory inadvertently shuddered.  "Good, I'm glad we understand each other.  Now, what progress have you made Pet?"


    "The target is not an easy man to get to."

  Raven held her hand out, choking Ivory slightly.  "Tell me Pet something I do not know, and you had better have made more progress towards our goal than that."  She released Ivory abruptly, and dropped her hand back down.

  Ivory held her temper in, it would do her no good to lash out at Raven, she had already tried unsuccessfully many times before.  All it ever did was land her in the chamber of horrors, and she swore she would never go back there ever again.  She would do what she needed to do to survive.  She kept her voice even, though it strained her temper even more.  "He's the Mayor of Dragon Valley, not some poor nameless soul in a back alley driveway.  There is constant surveillance and security on him, and on his family.  I have been watching his movements for a couple of weeks now, and he is always conscientious, he never forgets security protocol."

   Ivory hesitated, the next part she needed to approach delicately, or she would find herself dead in seconds, or worse.  "Only magic could break through that shield they have around them, for the target is unlikely to accidentally leave he and his family unprotected.  I cannot get close enough to him to do my job."  She left out the part about how Raven could so easily get in and out, for she had the magic to do so.  Raven never reacted well to criticism, spoken or unspoken.


  "Magic."  Raven snarled.  "The very thing I cannot use directly against them because they are still protected."  Ivory filed that little bit of information for future reference.  She wondered who had been strong enough to make Raven powerless to use her magic against them.  "I refuse to accept failure.  My sources tell me that Braern Kakekili has my Book, and you will get it from him.  If you fail, you will die, and it will not be a quick or a pleasant death.  I will make you suffer as you have never suffered before."  Raven pointed her finger at Ivory.


  Ivory shoved back her rising panic, now was not the time to lose her head.  Her last imprisonment in the chamber was still etched firmly on her mind and soul, she could not bear to go there again.  "Mistress, I humbly remind you that I am not of Camulodunum blood, I have no magic of my own, nothing to force myself within our target's walls.  Nothing to bend him to my will, to force the location of this Book from his lips."  Ivory held her hands out briefly.  "All I have are these two hands, my quick thinking, and my skill with weapons.  None of my talents will serve me well, if I cannot get anywhere near him, or one that he loves, in order to draw him in and trap him."

  "So, Pete,"  Colin said as he slid onto a bar stool, "what the f*ck do you know of her?"

  "She's trouble."  Pete answered without any hesitation.


  Colin chuckled.  "Of course she's f*cking trouble, that's what makes her so f*cking attractive to me.  Now tell me what the f*ck you know about her, starting with why the f*ck you let her into the bar before it was open."

  Pete hesitated, then seemed to come to a decision and started talking.  "She caught me as I was coming in, and she held a knife to my throat and told me that if I didn't unlock the door and let her in, she would f*cking slit my throat.  She was quite persuasive in her manner, so I believed her one hundred percent.  We hadn't been inside very long before you came, so I don't really know that much about her, nor do I care to.  I would call the police, but I'm afraid she'll make good on her threat and kill me! I have never met someone like her before, or been so scared in all my life."

  Colin sighed.  "I know.  She was quite glorious."

  The mixologist gave him a funny look.  "If you have a death wish maybe.  I can't believe that you...hit on her like that...and she responded like that!  I thought for sure she was going to cut your heart out, probably even castrate you, instead you two nearly had sex on that chair!"  Pete pointed to the chair in question.

  Colin shrugged.  "She liked me."  Pete looked at him like he was nuts.  Colin grinned at him.  "She f*cking liked me a lot, I can tell these things.  Now, back to..." Colin's phone started to ring.  He looked at the number calling, and growled before he answered it.  "What the f*ck?"

 "There must be another way."  Raven quietly raged.  "I will not be defeated when I am so close to achieving my goal!"


   Ivory cowered back, and hated herself for it.  Raven was unpredictable in the best of moods, let alone in the worst.

  Suddenly Raven quieted down, and looked thoughtful for a moment.  "That man in there, who was he?"

  "I don't know what you mean Mistress?"

  "Don't lie to me again, Pet." She said in a silky soft voice.  "You will regret it, I promise you.  Now, the man in that bar, who is he?  Did you think I didn't see you acting the wh*re with him?"

  "It was only my body."  Ivory said tonelessly.  "It is a useful weapon, as you are well aware of, I was merely toying with him."

  "If you were only toying with him as you say, then why did you not slit his throat when you were done f*cking" Raven paused on the last word briefly,"playing with him?  Hmm?" Ivory remained silent.  "Well, no matter, as I think about it, I know who he reminds me of, and why.  He is one of them, he is a Kahekili, maybe even the youngest son."

  "I did not ask his name."

  Raven's reptilian eyes lit up gleefully.  "How unlike you Pet.  I believe he is your ticket to his brother.  Verify that I am right about his identity, but I know I am.  Verify it and then use him to get to the brother."

  "I just told him to f*ck off, he is unlikely to want to see me again."

  Raven chuckled.  "Then you will just have to charm him, now won't you Pet?"

  Colin hung up the call and cursed.  "F*ck.  I gotta go, something just f*cking came up and it is going to f*ck with my day.  When she comes the f*ck back here Pete, looking for me, tell her my f*cking name.  She'll find me."  Colin was pretty positive about that.  He didn't know the how or the when, but he was sure they had unfinished business between them, and it was only a matter of time before she looked him up.


 "It's your funeral boss, but I hope like h*ll I never see that woman again!"

  "He is not the average man."  Ivory said quietly.

  "Are you saying you cannot do your job?" Raven asked icily.

  "If you want me to carve the answer out of his flesh, then I can certainly do so.  If you insist that no harm as of yet come to them, then I will require time.  He will not dazzle easily."

  "No Pet, no real harm must befall them, until that Book is in my hands.  Very well, I will give you two weeks."

  "Begging your pardon Mistress," Ivory forced the humiliating words out of her mouth, someday she hoped to be free, and she wouldn't have to beg Raven's pardon ever again,"but two weeks will not be long enough.  I need several months, I have a feeling about this one, he will not be so easy to charm."  Ivory regretted her choice of words as soon as she spoke them, but it was too late to take them back.

  "You like him." Raven said with a wicked laugh.  "You like him a lot!  How utterly marvelous, no wonder you did not kill him yet, you weren't done playing.  Well, my little Pet, you may play with the man for a few months, but no longer.  I need that Book.  Use him, have fun with him Precious, and when you are done, cut his heart out and feed it to the sharks.  You know," Raven said conversationally, "there is nothing quite like carving up the body of the one that you like, or if you love him, that is even better!   It is quite...arousing."

  Raven licked her lips.  "Delicious, I loved a Camulodunum once, did you know that Pet?  Yes, it's true, but he did not value me, and in the end I enjoyed taking his life, and that of his wh*re too.  You'll soon see my Pet, that they cannot be trusted."  Raven stroked Ivory's cheek, and Ivory forced herself to endure it.  "F*ck him, then bury him, but do not lose sight of your mission while you enjoy your little pleasures."  Raven's fingers painfully dug into the side of Ivory's face. "Are we clear?"

  "Yes, Mistress." With a wave and a few words, Raven disappeared from sight, leaving Ivory alone.  She frowned darkly.

     She wanted nothing to do with that as*hole, he held some sort of power over her that she didn't understand.  It was a dangerous power, one that could very well be her undoing, her inner alarm was screaming at her.  How to seduce the man, and get him to spill his secrets, while staying coolly detached, that was the question.  It had never been a question before.  She used whatever weapon she needed to get the job done, whether it was her Garrote wire, her blade, or her body.  It really did not matter much to her which one she used, for they all had their own particular pleasure.

  Fury rose in her suddenly, the doubts that jacka*s caused her to have, it was beyond pathetic, it was weak, and intolerable.  She had survived a childhood being raised by the Mistress of H*ll herself, molded and formed inch by excruciating inch, into Raven's right hand assassin.  If she once had a heart, it had long since burnt out of her by the blue fire that licked through her nerve endings in a molten pit of fiery pain.  She had begged for death then, when Raven had used the blue fire on her, but she had never received that kindness or mercy from Raven, only more anguish.

  Her will back in alignment with her purpose, she strode back into the bar, and noted with great satisfaction the look of fear in the barkeeps eyes when he saw her.  She glanced around the room, but did not see the man she was looking for.  "Where is he?" she demanded.  The mixologist stammered and stuttered, until she pulled her blade out and he suddenly shut up as he turned the color of milk toast.  "I won't ask again." Her tone was deadly.

  "His name is Colin."  The mixologist said quickly.  "That's what he told me to tell you.  His name, Colin Kahekili, so that when you went back to look for him..."  Pete jumped out of his skin when Ivory pounded the counter.

  "That f*cking a*shole!" she seethed.  So sure of himself that she would go look for HIM.  It p*ssed her off even more that he was right, she had to go look for him.  It had been a direct order from Raven.

Colin glared at the door.

  When he got his hands on the little sh*t, he was going to f*cking kill him.

  Jacob was sitting on the floor of the jail cell, lost in misery.  It should have gone off without a hitch, if that stupid security guard hadn't just looked in his direction as he was stuffing the socks inside his jacket, he would have been home free.  By now he could have been sitting in the comfort of his own house, playing Attack of the Wererabbits, instead of sitting on the cold hard concrete.

  Well, he could sit on the bed, but the questionable stains on it made him think the floor was a better choice.  Jacob groaned.  Then they had to call his parents, except he didn't have parents plural, he had parent, singular.  Usually his Dad was out of town, and it was his Grandmother that came and bailed him out.  How unlucky for him that his Dad was home this time.  He wasn't sure how his Dad was going to react, but he hoped he got here soon.  Jacob didn't want to stay in the stink hole any longer than he had to.  He just wanted to go home.

  "What the f*ck were you thinking?" His father's voice startled Jacob out of his self pity.

   Jacob swallowed hard as he got to his feet and walked up to his father.  Well, he had always wanted his father's undivided attention, now that he had it, he wasn't so sure he wanted it.  "I needed socks, so I took some." Jacob meant his last words to come out defiantly, but instead his voice cracked as he stared nervously at his father, waiting for his reaction.  He didn't have long to wait.

  Colin snorted. "Dumba*s.  We could buy the whole f*cking store, and you steal stupid a*s socks?"

   His Dad's sarcastic wit was really starting to tick Jacob off.  "It's not any worse than what you've done, and it's not like I tried to steal a car or something, they were just socks."

  Colin folded his arms and smirked at his spawn, who was trying desperately not to look scared, but Colin could see through him in a New York minute.  "Is that so dumb*s?"

  "I wish you wouldn't call me that." Jacob said sullenly.

  "Well, f*ck, you act like a dumba*s, then I have to call you a f*cking dumba*s.  You think people f*cking wake up one day, and say, hey what the f*ck?  Why don't we go f*cking steal a car?  F*cking baby steps Jake, baby steps.  F*ck, why the h*ll didn't you use your f*cking brain?"

  "You mean like you always do?"  Jacob threw the words at him.

  Colin grinned.  "Oh, ho!  You trying to follow in my f*cking footsteps or something?  I thought you f*cking hated my a*s?  Wasn't it you that said you'd rather f*cking die than f*cking turn into me?"  Colin chuckled.

  "I'm nothing like you!"

  Colin nodded.  "Ain't that the f*cking truth?  I was never f*cking stupid enough to f*cking steal stuff, especially socks.  What the f*ck?  Socks?  At least f*cking condoms I could f*cking understand."  Colin shook his head.  "Must have f*cking come from your mother's side, stupid a*s b*tch, wh*re." He muttered to himself.

  "I'm not stupid!"

  "Ha!  Who the f*ck is the one behind the f*cking bars?  You've been f*cking caught before, the Officer tells me, many times before, so you're not a f*cking first time offender.  What the f*ck does that mean?  You're f*cking stupid, only a total f*cking moron would go around stealing stupid sh*t.  Are you a f*cking retard?"  Colin yelled at his son.

  Jacob angrily dashed his tears away.  "No!  I'm not!"

  "Prove it, then dumba*s, and pull your sh*t together.  F*ck, do I have to wipe your a*s for you forever?  F*ck."  Colin shifted, and started to walk away.

  "Dad!? Where are you going?"

  Colin turned back to Jacob. "Home."

  "What about me?"

  Colin shrugged.  "You're staying here for a few days."

  Jacob freaked out.

   "Dad!" Jacob panicked.  "You can't leave me here!  The bed is filthy, the walls are grimy, the sink, I can't even imagine what germs are breeding on that thing!  There's rats in the walls Dad!  I can hear them!  And the roaches?  Did you see that roach?  It's the size of small cat!!  I can't stay here...Dad!  Dad!"  Jacob yelled out at the back of his father.

  Colin stopped by the door, and turned to face Jacob.  "Well, f*ck, that should f*cking give you something to f*cking think about, now shouldn't it?"

  "You're not going to seriously leave me here are you?  Grandma never leaves me here!"

  "F*ck, she should have let your a*s sit in here the first time you were f*cking picked up for stealing sh*t, then maybe you would have f*cking smartened up by now.  A few days won't f*cking kill you, and might even be f*cking good for you."  Colin paused, as if thinking about what to say next, before finally saying, "It's what she should have f*cking done with me."  He stared at his son.  "Use this f*cking time wisely, and prove that you're f*cking smarter than your old man."  With that, Colin left, and shut the door firmly behind him.


  Jada giggled.  "I can swing higher than you can!"

  "Can not!"  Nickolas pumped his legs harder, trying to keep up with his sister.

  She was silent, he'd give her that, but he seemed to have developed a sixth sense when it came to her, his body was already awake and very aware of her, and she hadn't said a word, or made a noise...yet.  "I wouldn't have taken you for the type that likes little girls."  Colin couldn't help the grin that slid over his face at the sound of her husky voice, though he knew if she saw him smiling it would p*ss her off.  He had known she would find him.   It almost made the trip to the f*cking park worth it.


  "I'm not." he assured her, without looking back at her.  She was so skittish, he could sense her indecision, like she was one step from turning around and running away.  He didn't want to risk her taking off, so it was best to play things cool.  Like she didn't affect him at all, and that he could care less if she stayed or left.  Good thing he was a f*cking fantastic actor.  "That female spawn of mine is too much like her f*cking mother, and she drives a hard f*cking bargain."  Colin wouldn't admit to it out loud, but he was f*cking proud of her.  D*mn, the way she had f*cking blackmailed him into taking both her and Nick to the park, it had bordered on f*cking genius.  Even as it had f*cking p*ssed him off.

  Ivory asked, surprised, "The girl is yours?  I wouldn't have taken you as the doting daddy type either."

  Colin shrugged.  "I'm not, I was f*cking shanghaied by a f*cking pint sized mafia boss, she's going to f*cking rule the world some day.  I hope she f*cking enjoys this day, cause I won't f*cking fall for her f*cking blackmail twice."

  Ivory seemed amused.  "You were outwitted by a little girl?"

  "She's not your average f*cking little girl."  Colin answered, darkly.  He pointed to the boy on the swing next to her.  "That's my f*cking spawn too.  He's not as f*cking bright as his f*cking sister, too much of his dumba*s b*tch of a mother in him.  All that softy sh*t that makes me want to f*cking puke."

  "Two kids then."  Ivory filed that information away.  There was no telling when it would prove useful.  For as much time as he seemed to stay away from his home, she had thought the kids belonged to his father.  She frowned at herself.  Sloppy work, she should know better than to assume anything.

  "Three, if you're counting.  So, have you come to f*ck and make up?"

  She stiffened.  "Why the h*ll would you think that?"

  "You found me, so obviously you want me for something, must be because you need a good f*ck."  Ivory walked around the bench to face him,  he could see her simmering beneath the surface.  Colin managed to hold his grin back this time, he had her hook, line, and sinker, it was time to reel her in.  "Come on Angel, you know you want it." he taunted her.

  Ivory straddled him. "You want to f*ck?"  She leaned closer to him until her lips were just centimeters away from his. 


   "Right here in front of your kids?"

  Colin grinned up at her.  "I'll f*ck you wherever or however you want Angel.  They're busy, and not f*cking paying me any attention anyway."

  "You know," she whispered, as she ran her hands over his shoulders, and down his chest, "I'm picky about who I f*ck."  She brought her hand up to trace his jawline, bringing her lips back to just barely touching his.  Ivory wiggled on his lap, and she felt him clench her a*s in response.  She had pegged him as a hands on guy, and knew her body would be her best weapon of choice for this assignment.  Unfortunately, it seemed her weapon was double edged, she was actually getting turned on, and more than tempted to just f*ck him here.

  But then what?  She would be just another notch to him, and he would walk before she got the information she needed.   Failure was not option, she had to keep him engaged.


  "Do tell." he murmured, as he begin to trail kisses down her neck, he placed his hands under her dress, and fingered her panties.  She moaned, and her body jerked involuntarily.  "F*ck, you're so hot." he muttered thickly.

  She nipped at the corners of his mouth, teasing him, and herself, as she rocked her hips back and forth. "I don't f*ck strangers for one."   She whispered.

  He slipped his fingers inside her panties.  "Colin, pleased to f*ck you."

  "Ivory," she panted, her body was on fire, begging for release, but she had more important matters than the needs of her body.  She had nearly forgotten her reason for being with him, in the haze of sexual need, and the remembrance of it now, brought her no pleasure.   She had never been this close to the edge before with a target.  Usually it was her getting them into a frenzy, while she coldly f*cked them, and if ordered to do so by Raven, slit their throats, or carve their flesh as they screamed for mercy.  Raven loved to watch Ivory f*ck others, and she loved the pools of blood afterwards even more.

  She pushed on Colin until he was laying on his back, her on top, the position of power and control.  Colin merely cast a wicked grin at her, as he reached up to grab her breasts, but before he could, she leaned down and kissed him, hard. She was melting in a pool of sensation, and heat.  The exquisite pressure was building up inside her, but she summoned her strength, and pulled back, staring into his gorgeous eyes.  What was it about this man in particular, that tempted her so?

  He wound his fingers through her hair, and tugged on her, trying to pull her closer to him again.  If she kissed him again, she would be lost, and her mission a failure.  She could not fail.


     She licked her lips.  "I only f*ck those I date." she lied.

    Colin looked at her skeptically.  "Really?"

  "I don't f*ck on the first date either, just so you know."  She made herself pull away from him, and stood up.

Colin sat up, confused.  "What the f*ck does that mean?" 

  "It means Romeo, that you're taking me out to dinner tonight, at 7 pm.  Here's my address."  She wrote down an address and handed it to him.  He took it automatically, then stared at it.  "Don't be late."  She started to walk away.

  "What the f*ck?" Colin yelled out after her.  "Why the f*ck should I f*cking bother with you, when I could f*ck any number of women without f*cking going on a f*cking date?  I don't f*cking do relationships!"  Colin was p*ssed.  How dare the b*tch?

  Ivory turned and gave him a smoldering look.  "I'm well worth it.  Are you, lover boy?  Hmm, well that remains to be seen."

  For the second time in his life, Colin found himself watching a woman walk away from him, the same f*cking woman.  F*ck.  He didn't need her sh*t.  He had f*cking women calling him at all hours of the f*cking night and day, just waiting to be f*cked.  There was no f*cking way he was going to date some b*tch.  He just didn't do relationships, everyone f*cking knew that.  "Come on you little sh*ts!" he yelled to his kids.  "I'm f*cking ready to go."


What the f*k was he doing?  He was letting the wrong head lead him around.

  He glared, turned his back to leave, then turned back around.  F*ck.  Why the f*ck couldn't he stop thinking about the f*cking b*tch?  Why the f*ck was he acting like some pansy a*s?  His body was f*cking aching, he hadn't f*cked any one, or jerked off since he met the b*tch.  He was surly, frustrated, and f*cking horny as h*ll.  Sh*t.  He wanted to f*cking walk away, almost as bad as he wanted to f*ck her.

  Instead he felt compelled to rip her front door open, without f*cking knocking, and storm into her house.  Dating.  Him.  F*ck, the world was coming to a f*cking end.  Her feet were propped up on a coffee table, and she was lounging on the couch.  She glanced cooly at the time, and then said flatly.  "You're late."

  Colin glared at her.  "I don't f*cking care.


  Ivory gracefully rose to her feet.  "Temper, temper."  She walked towards him, a slight smile on her lips.  "Come along then Romeo, and I'll teach you how to be with a real woman, and not those little girls you've dealt with in the past.  And if you're good," She sidled up to him, "I'll give you a taste of what a f*cking real woman is like."


Notes:  I just wanted to say thank you again to Jenn, for loaning me her Ivory sim for my story.  Ivory Mist is available to be downloaded here, but you must be registered to see it.  If you are interested in the real Ivory, check out Jenn's thread, where she posts stuff not only about Ivory, but about all of her lovely rainbow sims. =)

  Aaaand---Raven is back!  Way long time ago, I put her on ice so to speak, in case I ever wanted to bring her back.  Raven is back and is pulling Ivory's strings.  And I hope you all got the gist that Raven is a nasty, twisted person, lol  She was referring to Ethan btw, in case that wasn't obvious.  The one she *loved*.  She was chosen to be his Mate, but well, he met Kei, lol, and the rest, as they say, was history.

  I am going to attempt to put some closure to some of my plotlines, since I am getting closer to being finished with this challenge.  What's awful though, is my memory, and I have to keep looking up my own stuff, lol :P  So we'll see how that all goes!

  It's not the first time that Jacob was caught stealing, but it is the first time he actually had consequences for it.  Jacob is his father's son, and he can't resist a challenge, so he'll prove to his father that he is better than him, and this should pretty much keep him on the straight and narrow now.

  Colin and Ivory. *sigh*  They are a challenge to write, but I think of them this way: As two wounded animals, snarling and snapping at each other as they circle around, both drawn in and repelled by each other at the same time.

  Gen goal is social bunny, so Colin has been dutifully making his rounds, like taking his kids to the park for a group outing.  Strangely, they all had a great time, lol  Jada is quite the scheming little munchkin, she has learned what makes her Dad tick.  Nick is really quiet, and likes lots of hugs.  He pretty much follows Jada's lead.  

  I don't have to worry about his fighter goal, Colin takes care of that himself.  I turn my back for 2 seconds, and he's off fighting some guy, they probably disrespected him, lol  He can't stand to be disrespected.

  A few outtakes, just for fun!

  Ivory wonders, why me??

If looks could kill...

  Vampires live...FOREVER!!!  Case in point---here is Tristan Van Gould, alive and well, and still young looking!!  Egads, he buried his wife (Nira Kahekili) eons ago, most of their kids were vamps as well, so they are still running around too.  Genetically, Tristan is Cece's sim. =) 


  Thanks for reading!  Next chapter will show Colin as boyfriend material, lol And Ivory as girlfriend material, ha! =D  Will the world end?!