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Chapter 51: University Daze Too

Claudio knew he probably shouldn't, but it was an irresistible urge, a blank canvas that begged to be painted.

  To keep himself occupied while waiting for Lia, he spent his time either practicing with a hacky sack...

 ...or dumpster diving, looking for buried treasure.  Which Lia would promptly declare as "disgusting" and make him return whatever treasure he found.  He could have fixed the torn mattress, but Lia wouldn't have it.

  Or, less fun, he would clean up after the roommates.

   Alder got to know the female population better, starting with Ashley.

  "My family comes from money, you know, so I'm totally rich."

   Alder didn't care how much money she had, he only cared that she was female and pretty.  He asked her out to lunch at the local burger joint.


    Their lunch date went well, partially because Ashley couldn't talk about her money when her mouth was full of hamburger.  Afterwards, they arranged a second date, and then Alder had to take off.  He had another date to get to, this time with  his roommate, Asala.

  She was totally into him, and greeted him warmly.

  "Hey!  What do you think I am?  Easy?" Alder said, disgruntled. 


  Lia went outside with Claudio to watch the twinkling stars. 

  She couldn't bear to watch Alder with all of his different dates.  She couldn't figure out what they saw in her pesky brother anyway.  They must see something she did not, because he had women calling him, texting him, showing up on his doorstep, all hours of the night.

  She had asked him why he didn't settle with just one of them, instead of having a constant parade of women in his life.  He had seemed genuinely confused by her question.  "Settle down, me?"  He had said that in a tone that suggested he would rather die first.  "I'm not interested in settling down with anyone.  Besides, why settle for just one girl, when I could have many?"

  Lia did not understand him at all.  She had only ever wanted Claudio, and no one else.  She knew Claudio felt the same way about her, so Alder's perspective was an anathema to her.


  Alder knew what he was about, and Lia's opinion didn't bother him in the least.   He liked having fun, and playing around, he kept things light and casual with the women he dated.  He told them upfront he wasn't interested in more. 

  When he was on stage, guitar in hand, there was no better feeling in the world.  Music is what had captured his heart and soul, and he couldn't imagine loving anyone or anything as much as he loved music. If some took that at as a challenge, it wasn't his fault.

Alder sniffed.  Did he smell smoke again?  The last four times he smelled smoke it was because Lia was feeling domestic and had decided to cook.  Lia was a terrible cook and burnt everything she touched.  The last time, both he and Claudio had told her she was not allowed in the kitchen.  He set his guitar down and went to investigate. 

  "Lia!" he hollered after he entered the kitchen.  It was engulfed in flames.  Moments later, Claudio was beside him.


    "Didn't we tell her to stay out of the kitchen?"  Alder complained to Claudio after they had put the fire out.

  Claudio shrugged.  "You know your sister."

  Alder grumbled.  That he did.

  Alder was all sweaty and stinky from the fire, so he went upstairs to take a shower and wash the grime off.  While showering he suddenly felt a draft, and then a woman's hands on his backside, and he turned around to see Asala behind him, naked.  He liked that look on her.  So, maybe he was easy, he thought to himself, but he was happy with the way he was.

  Alder toweled off and put his clothes back on.  "Asala, before you get dressed, let me sketch you."  He did have homework to turn in, and she was a beautiful subject to study.

  Asala posed patiently, until Alder was finished.  He held up his sketch for her to look at it.  "You have beautiful eyes." he told her, because really, that was totally what he had been focusing on.

  Asala proclaimed him a genius, and kissed him, this time Alder did not push her away.  When they finally pulled apart, Alder frowned, and then cursed.  "What's wrong?"  Asala asked him.

  "Wrong?!  I wasn't expecting company in the shower, so I didn't come prepared.  Please tell me you're on the pill."

  "I'm on the pill." she parroted back to him.

  "Liar."  Alder cursed again.

  "Would that be so bad?" she asked hesitantly.  "If I were pregnant?"

  "Yes!" he exploded.  "If I'm not ready to be in a serious relationship, then I am definitely not ready to be a father!  You know all this Asala!"

  Her face fell momentarily, before she forced a bright smile on her face.  "Well, chances are I'm not pregnant, it was only the one time.  And next time we'll be more careful."

  Alder sighed.  "Let me know when you know, okay?  I'll send you support money, or something."  Asala agreed.

  Alder had a lot on his mind, but that didn't stop him from going out on a date with Ashley later that night.  It was also a subtle reminder to Asala, that he did not do forevers.  Ashley might talk a lot, but she was no more interested in a long term relationship than he was.  He had also discovered a great way to shut her up.

   While Alder was out with Ashley, Claudio and Lia decided to watch a movie.  It was a sappy romantic chick flick, but it made Lia happy.  She was a closet romantic, not that she would admit it, but Claudio knew her pretty well.

    The dark intimate theater was perfect for cuddling, and Claudio took full advantage of it.

  He noticed that Lia's mind was not on the movie, but it also wasn't on him either.  After the movie was over, and the lights came back on, he asked her what was wrong.

  "My brother."

  "Which one?"  He thought he knew which one, but she did have several brothers, and he just never knew for certain with Lia.

  "Alder."  she answered him.  "He's dating all these girls!  He should put a revolving door in his room!"

  "Lia, leave it alone, it's his life.  He's perfectly happy spending four nights a week performing, and spending the rest of his time having fun.  Sometimes he even thinks about showing up for class and doing the homework."

    Lia frowned.  "What are you saying?  That's it not fun being committed to one person?"

  Claudio sighed, exasperated.  "You know I'm not saying that all.  I'm saying Alder is not you, and he is not looking to start a family."

  "And I am."  She huffed.

  Claudio smiled.  "Of course you are.  You have plans within plans, and beyond making your epic film, all you want is a family."  Claudio kissed her nose.  "I have my own plans."

  Lia looked at him in surprise.  "Really? What are those plans."

  "Nuh uh, you aren't getting me to say it.  It's a secret."

  Lia snuggled back up against Claudio, Alder long forgotten.  "Hmm, you even have secret plans?"

   "That's right." he nodded.

  "Plans you can't tell me, your best friend?"

  "Well, they wouldn't be secret now would they, if I told you?"

  She smacked him playfully on the shoulder.  "Oh you!"

  The next day was Saturday, and they all decided to hang out at the bowling alley, they spent all day there and Claudio discovered that Lia was a very competitive bowler.

    She threw her whole being into it.

    She was happy with her results.  Victory dance!

  Alder meanwhile, found someone he'd like to get to know better.

  "Hey, I'm Alder."

  The blond smiled flirtatiously at him.  "I know who you are.  You're the guy that leads Excaliber, the band that plays at Gryphon's Reach.  I think you're amazing!"

  Alder smiled back at her.  "Thank you..." he looked at her.

  She giggled.  "Oops sorry!  My name is Glenda."

  "Nice to meet you Glenda.  I'd love to get to know you better."

  She giggled again.  "I would love that!  Would you like to come over to my place?"

  Alder grinned.  "I would love that!" he echoed her earlier words.  He followed Glenda out, and called over his shoulder.  "Don't wait up for me Sis!"

  Lia sighed, and rolled her eyes.  He was impossible.

  Early the next morning, Claudio woke up Lia up.  "Did Alder come back?" she asked sleepily.

  "No, he never came home last night.  Get dressed Lia, I have a surprise for you."

  She opened her eyes.  "The secret plan surprise?"

  "Get dressed and meet me outside, you'll find out."  Lia threw the covers off of her, dressed quickly and was out the door within five minutes.

  She climbed into the car.  "Where did you get this car?" she whispered.

  "I borrowed it."

  Lia frowned, "Borrowed how?"

  "From a friend, Ms. Nosy.  Don't worry, I didn't steal it, it's on loan for the day."

  "I never said you stole it."

    Claudio laughed.  "You didn't need to.  It was written all over your face.  Now chill out and relax, I swear we are not going to do anything illegal, okay?"

  Lia smiled at him.  "Okay."

  Lia sat back and enjoyed the scenery as Claudio drove along narrow mountain roads.  She had no idea where they were going, he was being all mysterious about it.  When he finally pulled over and parked, all she saw was a parking lot filled with snow.  "We're stopping here?"

  Claudio got out of the car, walked around, opened her door for her and helped her out.  "It's a little walk from here.  Come on."  He held out his hand, and she took it.  She breathed in the cold winter air, and happily walked alongside  of Claudio.

  "Here we are." he announced.

  Lia stopped in her tracks and stared.  "Claudio, is that real?"

  "Oh yeah.  And it works too.  Come on, hop inside and we'll try it out."  Lia climbed into the basket, and Claudio followed her.

  He closed the basket door, and locked it.  "When did you learn how to fly hot air balloons?"  Lia asked, as they lifted off into the sky.

    "I took a few classes, while you were taking that sculpting class.  I'm not very good with it yet, " he apologized, "basically I can only make it go up and down.  Someday I'll take you on a real balloon ride."

  Lia's eyes shone.  "Oh Claudio, this is wonderful!  I can see all of University town!  It's magnificent!  This is the best surprise ever!"

    Claudio smiled at her.  "You like it then?"

  "I love it!"

  Claudio sat down and watched Lia as she pointed and oohed and aahed over all the sights.  When she had seen her fill, she sat down beside Claudio.

  "You are the greatest."

    Claudio laughed.  "I don't know about that."  He looked at her, his face serious.  "You know I adore you, and would do anything for you.  I don't know what you see in me, uh, let me finish!" he told her when she was about to interrupt him, "but whatever it is, I'm glad for it.  I want to spend the rest of my life with you, if you'll have me.  Lia, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

  There was no hesitation on Lia's part.  She squealed.  "Oh yes!  I thought you'd never ask!"  Then she kissed him, and as they kissed she remembered the day she had met him.  The tough teen with the rough words, but he had never hurt her, no matter how much she had provoked him when she was child.  Instead, he had played tag with her, thrown snowballs at her, made snow angels with her, and bought her cotton candy at the Fair.

  She remembered them as teenagers, eating marshmallows around a fire, long walks through the woods, and his willingness to be whatever character she needed for one of her films.  The memories flashed through her mind, one after another.  They had a shared past, a connection from childhood.  And in that one long perfect kiss, she tasted the promise of their years to come.

  "I love you."

  He grinned at her, a twinkle in his eye.  "I know you do.  I am so loveable after all."

  Lia laughed.  "And modest too!"

  "Of course!"  He joked.  Then he turned serious again.  "I was thinking, after we graduate and get back home, we could marry then."

  "I like that idea." she said softly.  "We could invite my whole family."

  Claudio nodded his agreement.  Then he asked, "What do you think of your brother's idea?"

  "Moving to a bigger city?"


  Lia thought about it for a moment, before saying slowly, "Well, he does have a point.  There are more opportunities for us in a bigger city, than in Monte Vista.  I suppose we should move there, at least temporarily , until we are more settled in our careers." She sighed.  "But I am going to miss my family."

  Claudio knew how fond Lia was of plans.   "So, we have a plan then?  We graduate, go home to Monte Vista, get married, and move to a bigger city."

  Lia smiled at Claudio.  "Yeah, we have a plan."

  He stood up, and held out his hand, she took it, and he helped her up.  He grabbed the bottle of nectar that had been chilling, and two glasses.  He filled one up, and handed it to Lia, then filled the other one for himself.  "To Us."

  "To Us."



  Notes: So Alder had a few risky woohoos while at University.  Naughty him, lol  I have no idea if any of them resulted in babies or not, since they have not been back.  He could have quite a surprise!  Me too for that matter!  Either way, they will not be a part of the active household, and thus should not count against his number of children roll.  He is living the rock n roll life, and I am having a lot of fun with it!  =)

  I couldn't believe it when Asala grabbed him like that and kissed him, they were at acquaintance relationship level.  It was even funnier when he didn't go for it, but then not two minutes later they were in the shower together.  Sims!

  Oh yeah---Alder really did have a lot of female sims calling, texting him, and showing up at the doorstep.  He was very popular, lol :P

  I tried out the new Movie theater stuff from the EA store.  First it took Claudio 10 sim minutes to sit down because he had to go all the way around the venue to go back inside, then sit next Lia.  She had to watch the Romantic movie 3 times before he ever made into the room!  I was also irritated that they could not kiss on the couch.  They could cuddle, but whenever I tried the kiss interaction, they broke apart and then stood up.  Annoying!

  Then, being the hopeless romantic that I am, I came up with this great idea.  What if I put that dumb balloon to use, and have Claudio propose to her in the balloon!  It's a cute animation, and might work well for the story.  I was thinking---sunrise, with all the pretty colors!  Well, I got snow, but okay, its kind of pretty I could work with that.  Once I had them up in the air, it wouldn't let me use the Propose interaction.  Then I realized something.  Doh!  Marriages and things are not allowed in University!  So I had to make up my own pics, and kind of go with the flow of it, lol

  Last but not least, some pics, because I am fond of them, even if I couldn't use them in my story.



  Thanks for reading! =)



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