Saturday, August 31, 2013

Chapter 66: Hacked Off

  Caution: More bad language and bad behavior.  Read at your own risk!

  Colin kicked the hacky sack with his left toe and scowled.  Grounded!  He couldn't believe he was grounded, and his mother hadn't even stepped in to save him.  Worthless b*itch.

  He grabbed the hacky sack, and then started to kick it directly above him, making sure it hit the ceiling, repeatedly and as hard as he could kick it.  His mother was studying in her room, which happened to be the room right above.  He hoped he annoyed the piss out of her.

  Wham.  Wham.  Wham.  Colin still couldn't believe that his Dad and Grandfather had freaked out at him like that.  Wham.  Wham.  Wham.  And over such a stupid thing too.  Wham.  Wham.  Wham.  So he put a tack on the teacher's chair.  Big deal.  Wham.  Wham.  Wham.  And maybe he had flooded the school a time or two, but no one had any hard proof that it was him.  Wham.  Wham.  Wham. Aiden O'Connel was just a wussbag.  Wham.  Wham.  Wham.  What's a little bloody nose anyway?  He deserved it for being so f*cking stupid.  Wham.  Wham.  Wham.

  Sugar in the principal's gas tank was just sheer brilliance.  Wham.  Wham.  Wham.  It wasn't like the family couldn't afford to replace that piece of sh*t car that the principal drove around in.  Wham.  Wham.  Wham.  Really, Colin had done the guy a favor.  Wham.  Wham.  Wham.  And what was his reward?  Grounded to the house.  Wham.  Wham.  Wham.

  The sound of his mother's voice distracted him, and he dropped the hacky sack.  "Colin, what are you doing?" Cherie asked tiredly.


   "Sh*t!" he yelled.  "You made me drop the f*cking hacky sack!"

  "Colin, cursing is not allowed in this house."  Cherie said sternly. 

  "Well, f*cking excuse me for f*cking living." Colin retorted.

  Cherie sighed heavily.  She had no idea what had gone wrong with her youngest son.  "Don't you have somewhere else to be?" 

  "Not without your f*cking permission to f*cking leave this f*cking..."

  Cherie interrupted his f bomb tirade.  "Go on, then.  I need to study and I can't concentrate with you in the house."
  "F*cking about time."  Colin muttered.  He threw the hacky sack, and headed out.  Now the question was, what to do?  He briefly thought about going to the beach and checking out the chicks in bikinis, one of his favorite pass times, but then he remembered that Janine had been texting him, asking him to come over.  She was babysitting the Dolan brats.

  As he made his way to the Dolan's house, he passed one of their toddlers, it was crawling around outside.  He looked around and didn't see Janine any where.  F*cking stupid babysitter, he thought to himself.  Letting a baby crawl around outside by itself.  Colin shrugged.  It wasn't his f*cking kid, so he didn't give a f*ck.


  Colin didn't bother to knock on the door, it was already open anyway, he just walked in.  Janine met him, looking harried.  "Have you seen a little girl about..."

  "Outside." Colin motioned with his thumb.

  Janine ran outside, and grabbed Karrie.  "Karrie, you naughty little girl." she scolded.  She brought Karrie back inside and set her on the floor.  "Sorry about that."  Janine said sheepishly.  Colin shrugged.  "I'm kind of nervous."  she confessed.  "I've never, you know..."

  "F*cked someone?" Colin finished for her.

  She blushed.  "Well yeah, but, then, well..."

  "F*ck this."  Colin muttered.  "I hate talking, show me to the bedroom."

  Janine grabbed his hand and led him into the Dolan's master bedroom.  Her heart was beating so fast in her chest, she thought she might be having a heart attack.  She couldn't believe that Colin was here, with her.  Colin, the boy every girl in school wanted, and he had chosen to be with her.  She didn't believe he was as bad as they all said.  How could he be?  He had chosen to be with her, a nobody, when he could pick any girl he wanted.

  She wasn't sure what to do once they got into the room, but Colin took over.  He grabbed her, and kissed her hard on the mouth.  Janine sighed.  He sure knew how to kiss.  He pushed her onto the bed, and she fell willingly.

  It could have been hours later, Janine didn't really know.  She had lost track of all time, lost in the wonder of Colin's touch.  She could totally understand why girl's chased after him.

    Colin lit a cigarette up.  He took a few drags off of it, then swung his legs over the bed.  "Well, it's been fun, and it's been real, but it ain't been real fun."  He quipped.  "I gotta go."

  Janine's face fell.  "Oh, but I had hoped that you could stick around for a little bit."


   Colin raised an eyebrow.  "Really?  Why the f*ck would you think something so stupid?"

  "Well, " she stuttered.  "I thought..."

  "Sorry doll," Colin said, not the least bit apologetic, "I like to f*ck and run, I'm not the stick around type.  If you ever want another f*ck though, call me."

  Janine was speechless, which suited Colin just fine.  He didn't like dealing with f*cking drama scenes anyway.  He was all about the fun, if it wasn't fun, then f*ck it.

  On his way out the door, he heard his name called.  It was another one of the Dolan brats, just getting home.  "Whatcha doing here?"  Alicia Dolan wanted to know.

  "Looking for girls to eat."  Colin answered facetiously.

  Alicia made a face.  "I don't believe you."

    "Really?  Well, lucky for you I don't eat little girls, only big ones.  You better watch out when you get older though."

  Alicia had no idea what he was talking about.  She looked at him curiously.  "Are you Janine's boyfriend?"

  "F*ck no."

  Alicia's chin dropped.  "You said a no no word!" she gasped, her eyes wide.


   "F*ck yeah."  Colin smiled at her.  "I do a lot more than curse, little girl, so when you're older, you'd better stay clear of me."

  Alicia scoffed.  "Ha!  I could handle you."  She said bravely, and she thrust her chest out.

  Colin laughed.  "I doubt it little girl."


 Colin laughed all the way home.  The squirt was amusing, he'd give her that.


  Fast forward time...

  "You hoo! Colin!  Do you remember me?"


    Colin was leaning back against his house, smoking a cigarette.  Rom and Jake started laughing.  "You hoo Colin!" they sang songed while they fluttered their eyelashes at him.

  "F*ck off." Colin told his friends, but there wasn't any heat in his words.  "Who the hell invited the chick?"

  "I invited myself." she answered.

  "Really?"  Colin threw his cigarette down, pushed off away from the house, and walked towards her.  Alicia refused to be intimidated, and stood her ground.

  "Really.  Do you remember me?" she asked him again.


  Colin visibly looked her up and down. "Should I?"

  "Yeah, remember, I said I could handle you."

  Colin grinned wickedly.  "Is that so?  Is that why you're here then?  To handle me?"  His friends snickered in the background.

  Alicia hesitated.  She had been dreaming about this moment for months.  The day she would put an arrogant boy in his place.  She looked at his amused expression.  Somehow, whenever she pictured this moment, she hadn't quite pictured things happening this way.  She had expected that he would remember her at the very least.  "Yes, that's so.  You said..."

  Colin quickly grew bored with the conversation.

  "Go home little girl." he said tiredly.  "I don't have time for this tonight."

  "That's right, you've got another f*ck date with Tomeka.  Man, you've got all the luck.  A different chick practically every night of the week."  Rom complained.

  "I can't help it that both you and Jake are p*ssy whipped, and committed to the first girl you f*cked."

  "Colin."  Alicia interrupted, before either Jake or Rom could say another word.  "We were talking here." She motioned to herself, and then to him.

  "Go the f*ck home."  Colin told her, as he turned to walk away.

  "That's not a nice thing to say." she called out after him.

  Colin laughed harshly.  "Stupid f*cking little girl, I am being nice.  Now get the hell home and stay the f*ck away from me."  Colin's phone rang and he answered it.  "Hello Tomi."


  Alder sighed.  Why had he let his manager talk him into an autograph signing session?  Autograph sessions seemed to bring out the scary kind of fans, like the purple skinned lady who kept circling him while doing some sort move?  Alder shook his head.

  He hadn't even picked up his guitar since Spring had died, he just hadn't been in the mood, much to his manager's dismay.  Which was why Alder was signing autographs today, to get his manager off his back.


  "Oh my gosh!" a high squeaky voice yelled to his right.  Alder winced.  Her voice was downright shrill.  "I can't believe it's Alder Kahekili, standing right in front of me!"  The woman fanned herself.


    Alder sighed, and turned towards the shrieking voice.  He put on his charming voice.  "Why hello there."  He forced a smile.

  "Do you sign boobs?"  she wanted to know, as she started to lower her shirt.

  "Not this time." Alder hurriedly said.  "Just paper, sorry."  The woman frowned briefly before thrusting a piece of paper at him.  Alder took the paper and started writing his signature.  "You are the sexiest guy I have ever seen!" she gushed.  "And your voice, it just makes me melt.  I want to have your babies!" she squealed.

  Alder inwardly groaned.  He only had six more hours of this.  The next few hours went by in a blur of marriage proposals, offers to have his children, and pages worth of phone numbers.  The whole day was not a total loss however, Alder got to see several old friends and acquaintances.



  Angel Nightblossom Flanagan.

  Angel's husband, Quinn Flanagan.

  and Talfryn.


   He also made a killing in store sales, and Alder went home with  six grand in his pocket.


  "Why the f*ck are you calling me Morri?"  Colin paced the room, agitated.  What was up with the crazy b*tch calling him at all hours of the day or night. She had started getting all clingy and sh*t, so Colin had put an end to their affair.  They were done.  Finished.  He wasn't interested in something permanent, especially with a woman that would f*ck her own husband's brother.

     "Elliot misses you, I wish you'd come by more often to see your son."

  "I don't have a f*cking son Morri, I have a f*cking nephew, remember?"

  "He's your son Colin, you know he is.  He loves it when you come by and play with him, but it's been several weeks and..." she paused, "He misses you.  I miss you." she added softly.

  "Brae is the one raising him, not me, that makes Brae his father." Colin said angrily.  "I wish you'd get that through your stupid f*cking head, before you f*ck everything up for Elliot.  Stop calling me!"

  Morri started to cry.  "Elliot cries non stop Colin, and Brae is never here, he is always at some meeting or another.  I think he's suspicious that Elliot is not his, and..." Morri sobbed, "I'm just lonely and you wouldn't have to worry about getting me pregnant or anything, Colin.  I'm already knocked up, this time with Brae's kid for real."

  "Congratu-f*ckulations."  Colin muttered.  "What do you want, some type of medal?"

   "Come over Colin, that's what I want."  Morri pleaded.  "One last f*ck for old times sake?  I just need someone to hold me tonight."

  Colin heard the plink, plink of small pebbles being thrown at the window.  He walked over and opened the curtains, and noticed Tomi outside, he smiled at her, and held up his index finger.  He mouthed the words, just a minute.  "I gotta let you go Morri.  I have company."

  "Come on Colin!"  Morri moaned.  "Have a heart."

  "It's not my heart you're after b*tch, and my f*ck date just showed up, you'll have to get your own."

  "You're an a*shole Colin, and I wish I didn't love you!" she screamed into the phone.

  "That makes f*cking two of us Morri.  Good bye."  Colin hung up on her, and grimaced.  Stupid f*cking girl, she had sh*t for brains.  Damned if he'd let her f*ck up Elliot's life.  His brother may be an a*shole, but he was a decent father to Elliot.

  Still disgruntled, Colin threw some clothes on and went outside to meet up with Tomi.  She was sitting in the snow, watching the stars, until she heard his approach.  She gracefully stood up, and dusted the snow off her butt.  "You are a f*cking sight for sore eyes."  Colin whispered in her ear.


   "Bad night?"

  "You don't know the half of it."  He grabbed her hand and htey started walking towards the house.  Suddenly Tomi stopped, and turned to face him.

  "Are you alone at the house?"

  Colin pulled her into his arms.  "Of course.  It's my f*cking birthday, do you think my family would remember that?"

  "Well happy birthday."  Tomi rubbed her body up against his.  "We don't need them to celebrate anyway.  I have something to celebrate too."  She kissed him along his jawline.  Colin grunted.  She smacked him on the shoulder.  "Ask me what the f*ck I'm celebrating." She demanded.

  "What the f*ck are you celebrating?"  He parroted.  "I know it's not your f*cking birthday."  She kissed him hard on the lips.

  "I'm f*cking pregnant."

  Colin pulled away from her.  "What the hell?  I thought you were on the pill?"

  She shrugged.  "I was, but remember when I had the flu, and I couldn't eat or drink anything without puking it up?  Well, there ya go.  Don't give me that look.  I don't expect nothing from you.  My parents know I'm pregnant, but I haven't said who the father is.  They're threatening to send me to my Aunt's.  She lives in bumf*ck, middle of nowhere."

  "That sucks."

  "I might get rid of it." she said suddenly.  "I don't want a f*cking kid, and you don't want one."

  "Hell no."  Colin agreed.  He reached into his pocket, and pulled out some money.  "Here.  Take this.  It should be enough to get rid of the problem."

  Tomi pocketed the money.  "Thanks."  She kissed him again.  "I'll miss ya Colin.  Take care."

  "You too."  He watched her walk away.  What a f*cking disappointing birthday.  Not only did he not get a piece of a*s for his birthday, he got a kick in the head too.  Another kid.  At least Tomi was going to take care of it.  That thought should be more comforting to him than it was, he couldn't figure out why the hell it wasn't.

  And irony of ironies.  He was alone.  Again.  Happy f*cking birthday to him.

  He was smoking his fifth cigarette when he finally heard the front door slam shut.  About f*cking time too.


   He waited and waited, until finally his Dad came into the room.  "Colin?" 

  Colin rolled his eyes. He turned to his father.  "F*ck no, it's Brae."

  Ryder sighed. "I don't know why you have to be so difficult all the time."

  Colin smirked.  "It's a gift."

  "Where the hell has everyone been?  Did anyone even remember it was actually my birthday today?" Colin asked bitterly.

  "We were having a family meeting."

  "Without me?" Colin glared at his father.  "What a way to make me feel like part of the f*cking family!" he sneered.


  "Hey."  Ryder pointed his finger at his son.  "You are no longer a child, but an adult, we had to discuss what to do with you."

  "Even f*cking better.  What?  Am I a f*cking retard that I can't figure out how to run my own f*cking life?"


  Ryder sighed again.  "No.  What you are is a spoiled selfish brat, and you don't care about anyone or anything."

  Colin rolled his eyes again, bored.  "What the f*ck?  Is this some sort of newsflash?"

  "And," Ryder continued, ignoring his son's comment, "you have somehow managed to royally anger all the people in charge of this town."  Colin shrugged, what the f*ck did he care about the stupid f*cking pricks of the town?

  "Colin, are you even listening to me?"  Ryder was trying to be patient, but Colin always knew which buttons to push to get him going.

  "What?"  Colin dug a finger around in his ear.  "Were you talking to me?  I'm a f*cking retard and so I didn't know you were talking to me.  Sorry."

  Ryder threw his hands up in disgust.

  "You are impossible.  Well, let me tell you what's going to happen.  Brae has managed to talk them down..."

  "Good for f*cking wonder boy." Colin muttered.

  "Wonder boy as you call him, is your brother, and he cares about you, just like the rest of us.  Oh for pete's sake, would you stop rolling your eyes and listen for a minute?  The City Council was ready to ban you permanently from this town."

  "F*ck them."  was Colin's reply.

  "Colin, what do you suppose you would do then?  Our home is here.  You would be by yourself..."

  "Oh, that would be different to my life how?"  Colin pretended to think.  "Oh, no it wouldn't be any different!"


  "Your mother and I made some mistakes, Colin, yes, but you're going to have get past them, and make something of your life.  You can't hold onto the past forever."

  "Oh, thanks for the f*cking words of wisdom Dad.  You're right, you f*cking acknowledged that you and Mom are such f*cking piss poor parents, so now everything is all f*cking better.  What the hell was I thinking?"

  Ryder pursed his lips and shook his head.  "There is no talking to you when you are in this mood."


 "The plans have been finalized." Ryder continued.  "You are going to college, and learn some sort of skill that will allow you to do something positive with your life.  Brae said the Councillors just needed some time away from you, to forget all the shenanigans that you have pulled, and I agree with his assessment.  It's a win win for all."

  "F*ck that.  I ain't going to no f*cking college.  I f*cking hated school."

  "Then you'll be kicked out of this town, and you won't have your family to help you out.  None of our money, or our influence."

  "I don't f*cking need your money."

  "No?"  Ryder arched an eyebrow.  "Really?  Then how do you expect to eat?  Or buy yourself those awful stinking cigarettes that you are always smoking?"

  Colin shrugged.  "I'll move in with some chick, somewhere."

  Ryder chuckled.  "And how long will that last Colin?  Before she starts wanting more?  Can you handle that?"

  Colin frowned.


  Sh*t.  His dad was making sense.  He was so f*cked.  Ryder sensed his son was wavering, so he pushed home his point.  "And, to make things easier on you, I'm going to pay for your two friends, Rom and Jake, to go to college with you too.  So you'll be helping them out.  I know you don't care about a lot of people, but you care about your friends, right?  You know their families are too poor to send them to college, and God knows they are not smart enough to qualify for a scholarship based on their grades.  Without this opportunity they are going to be stuck in a dead end job, and their lives are going to be terrible.  Is that what you want to happen to them?"

  Colin crossed his arms.  "So, you're going to pay for all three of us?  For four years?"  Ryder nodded his head yes.  "And I can take whatever the hell classes I want?"  Ryder nodded his head yes, again.  "F*ck."  Colin grumbled.

  "Is it a deal?"  Ryder held his hand out to his son. 

  After a few moments, Colin reached out and shook his Dad's hand.  "Deal.  I am so f*cked."


  Notes:  So----Colin is a walking disaster zone, lol  He is ticked off at pretty much everyone (his parents in particular, his brother most definitely, lol) and he is not afraid to show it!  He has officially taken over as heir, now that he is a young adult.  Yay for generation 7!!

  Curious enough, just like his Grandpa Alder, Colin is a girl magnet.  They flock to him, and he is so mean, totally unlike Alder in that respect.  Yet they (the girls) continue to hang around, and keep trying to flirt with Colin.  He likes to do the chasing though, not the other way around (typical of an insane sim, they rebuff romantic overtures from other sims, silly sim!). 

  Morri does call him all the time, and SP gave the notice that she and Brae were expecting a baby.  Elliot is a cutie, and somehow he ended up with red hair.  Not sure where the red came from, lol  He is not counted towards my amount of children, because he has never been a part of the active household.

  Aaaand---Ryder is still slaving away on that blog.  I'll count myself lucky if he ever moves off of 2 stars.  I'm sure it is a mod conflict somewhere that is making it to where he loses followers even as it says they all thought his post was great. O.o 

  Technically he finished his challenge, as he was only supposed to do the ones that didn't make him any money.  The 3rd skill challenge for blogging says that he is supposed to sell the rights to 5 blogs, which of course he can't do---because that would be against the rules.  So I was just trying to get him to one 5 star blog---but my game hates me.  :(   So even if he never makes it there---I'm calling it as completed anyway, because he did meet the required challenge.

  I keep forgetting that Alder is eligible to do the autograph signing, since he is Mr Rock Star, lol  That one sim was all baby crazy!  That is all she thought about the whole time Alder was signing her paper!  Crazy sim, Alder already has plenty of babies, he's not getting any more.

  Just for fun, both Alder and Ryder had to "capture this moment".  They were both in the bathroom, I'm not sure what moment they were capturing, lol


  Next chapter---is University ready for Colin?! lol

  Thanks for reading! =)



  1. Send him to the school I went to and he'll fit right in with about half of the males on that campus. Honestly. Southern inbred wealth that was too stupid and lazy to do anything other than that. So they'd get signed up to go to Mississippi University for Women (Admitting men since 1982- but guess how many men actually came?) and we were forced to put up with their whiney butts until they'd voluntarily shape up and go to State instead. Oh well. Though I have to admit Colin puts a lot more effort into the chip on his shoulder than any of those guys ever did. Phew! He's a real pill to live with isn't he? and now I can't wait to see how he fares at school and if his outlook will change any. Though I kind of doubt it.

    1. That must have been quite the school you went to! lol Colin is not the easiest person to live with that is for sure, he is very upfront with how he feels about things. Love him or hate him, he tells it like he sees it! And, no, he is not too likely change, not for a very long time, if ever. He is a bit hard headed and stubborn, lol

      Thanks for reading and commenting Sunny! =)

  2. Collin grew up HOT! I mean gosh! Tattoos and a lip ring? Total bad boy right there.

    I feel really bad for Janine. She was not expecting him to just go like that.

    I have a feeling we will be seeing Alicia again. Her face scares me but maybe she will be able to smack some sense into our boy.

    I also sense many herb references in Collin's college life. And girls. I can't wait to see what happens next!

    1. Thanks Jen! I'm rather happy with the way Colin aged up. =)

      No, Janine was not expecting that. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of *Janines* in Colin's life.

      I won't say one way or the other, whether or not Alicia will be back. You'll have to read and see, lol I think it will take a lot to get Colin to see sense though!

      Oh yeah, lots of girls in college!

      Thanks for reading and for your lovely comments Jen!

  3. I can imagine Colin spending the entire time at college partying and doing no studying whatsoever, I wonder if he will ever shape up and realise the mess he's making of his life

    1. That is pretty much Colin's college plan, yep, lol Someday maybe he'll wake up, and realize a few things. =)

      Thanks for reading Ali, and for commenting! =)

  4. I was kind of hoping that Alicia would smack Colin down a little when she grew up, lol.
    Looking forward to Colin's adventures in Uni. =D

    1. Nah, the darn girl went all googly eyes at him, lol Quite a disappointment, really.

      Thanks Cali! Thanks for commenting too! =)

  5. Colin! I love you! LOL what an awesome list of achievements he has xD

    Oh Janine. Sweetie. You just don't know what you've gotten yourself into. Romance is not that boy's middle name. Hehe, and now Alicia thinks she can handle him too. Yes, maybe stay clear of him, Alicia. Might we be seeing her again in the future?

    As I'm still reading, I'm trying to imagine Colin *ever* being tamed. SMH. Nope. Can't see it. Interesting that he won't let Morri mess up his son's life, by him being involved in it.

    Ryder said he can't talk to him when he's in that mood...does Colin *ever* have a different mood? "Deal. I am so F'd" ha. Look on the bright side, Colin...lots of chicks at Uni.

    Yay for a new generation! Can't wait to see all the trouble he gets into and hearts he breaks and babies he makes! He is a rather good-lookin' sim.

    1. lol, doesn't he though!

      A lot of girls think they can handle him, only to find out, that they cannot, lol

      Yay, I'm glad you caught that about his son. Colin does actually care about people, but it so buried underneath all his anger and hurt and attitude, it's his armor. =) He does think that his son is better off where he is.

      Sometimes Colin has a different mood. Slightly ticked off vs fully ticked off, lol Slightly ticked off, there is a slight chance of reasoning with him! :P

      Thanks Misty! I always enjoy your reading your comments! University won't know what hit them when Colin comes to town! lol Thanks for reading! =)

  6. Oh boy, Colin and his friends are going to turn Uni inside out and I CAN'T WAIT!! Colin is bad boy through and through, even babies can't change him LOL. Congrats to making it generation 7! Yayyy.

    1. Yes, Colin is definitely a bad boy, lol He is quite proud of that too! :D

      Thanks Nicky! I'm pretty excited to have made it to Gen7, it is the furthest I have ever made it on any challenge!

      Thanks for reading and commenting! =)