Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Prologue: Meet the Kahekilis

  Kona Kahekili was born on the Islands and lived there until he was thirteen.  His parents died in a tragic accident, leaving him an orphan.  He had a grandmother on his mother's side that took him in.  He lived on the mainland with his grandmother until she died.  He met his wife Kanani on the mainland, and they spent their first four years of married life on the mainland.  It wasn't until they had their girls that Kona decided he wanted to move back to the Islands.

  Kanani Kahekili led a charmed life.  She was pretty and popular, the homecoming queen at her Prom, and rich.  Her parents spoiled her, buying her whatever she wanted when she wanted.  Then she met Kona, and her father did not like the poor boy who lived on the other side of town.  Specifically he did not want Kanani dating him.  But she was in love, and ignored her father.  The day she married him, her father cut her off financially and cut her out of his will.  She found it difficult living without money, but her devotion to Kona saw her through.  And now she has her precious girls, and she would do anything for them.  Even move to an Island in the middle of nowhere.

   Keiki Kahekili is the oldest of the triplets.  She already knows her own mind, and can be very stubborn.

   Poulani Kahekili is the middle child.  She is the precocious one.

  And last, but not least, is little Keilani.  She is outgoing and cuddly, and loves to be the center of attention.


  To see the rules of the Random Legacy Challenge that I am playing, click on this link: The Random Legacy Challenge




  1. This will be the more *story like* version. To see the other version(just for fun version), see my section on TFM's Sims Asylum.

    Link: http://simsasylum.com/tfm/index.php?/topic/3295-kahekili-legacy/

    You must be registered to see it. :)

  2. Great prologue! I love the forbidden romance angle! =)

    The triplets are so freakin' cute it should be illegal. I like their Hawaiian names too. They're very unique. Also, wow. You're much more ambitious than I am. It must have been so hard starting out with no money, no career, and three toddlers to raise. But then again I can be quite the slacker. Haha.

    P.S. I would follow, but I couldn't figure out how. There was no option on the sidebar (that I could see). Sorry!

  3. Follow? Hmmm---might need to look into that. I was happy I figured out how to add info to the side, lol

    Thanks! I decided to try Hawaiian names, since they lived on an island. Then I curse myself every time I have to remember how the names are spelled. :P

  4. Kona and Kanani are both gorgeous and it looks like they passed on their good genes to the girls. Fantastic start!