Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chapter 64: Love is a Four Letter Word

  Alder stayed overnight at his dad's place, he had fallen asleep sometime between Rhys and his father's reminiscing about their teen years and their musings about growing old, or in Rhys case, watching others grow older.


  In the morning Alder persuaded his dad, and even his son Niall, to attend a protest at Dragon Hall with him.

  "Love sucks!  Love sucks!"  Alder chanted loudly, waving his sign around.  "Down with marriage!  Love sucks!"

    Alder glanced over at his dad, who was half heartedly waving his sign.  "Come on Dad!  More enthusiasm!"

  "I'm not sure I agree with this protest Alder."  Reilly wiggled a sign he held a little and made a face.

    "I've been very happy with your mother."  Reilly said, he let the sign fall down to his side.  "In fact, " he looked around him, "if she saw me at this protest, I'd be in big trouble."

  "See!"  Alder grumbled.  "My point exactly.  You can't even attend a protest with your son without worrying about getting in trouble.  Love sucks!"  Alder hollered the last two words.

  Reilly shook his head at his son.  "Marriage is compromise, son.  And it's not so much that I'll be in trouble with your mother per se, it's that marriage is a cause she really believes strongly about, and I don't want to hurt her, or disappoint her."  Reilly set the sign down, and sat on the edge of the retaining wall.

  "That's easy for you to say Dad."  Alder said.  "You had an easy marriage."

  Reilly chuckled, and then laughed.  "An easy marriage?"  He laughed again.  "To your mother?"  He shook his head again.  Reilly stood up, walked over to Alder and laid a hand on Alder's shoulder.  "Come on son, let's go get a drink and have ourselves a little chat about love and marriage."

  Alder groaned.  "Not that lecture again Dad." 


  "What's the first thing you'll do when you become Mayor?"  Morrigan asked as she Brae looked up at the night sky.


  "Get rid of crime."  Brae answered promptly.

  Morrigan looked at him.  "Really?  What about Sophie?"

  Brae shrugged.  "What about her?"

  "Isn't she a criminal?  Weren't you guys... " Morrigan paused for a moment, "...friends?"

  "Politics is politics Morri, you know that.  Sophie made her choice, and it was on the wrong side of the law.  I'm going to bring peace and order back to this backwards town."


  Morrigan turned to look at Brae with a smile on her face.  "Really, that is all Sophie is to you now?"

  "Sophie is the past Morri, we are the future." Brae said.  Morrigan scooted closer to him and whispered in his ear, his eyes widened.


   He looked at her.  "Right now?"

  "No one is home, right?  It's not like your going to ditch me like you did Sophie, or there would be hell to pay."  She smiled when she said it, but Brae understood the meaning behind her words.

  "Of course not.  As soon as we graduate we'll get married at Dragon Hall.  Are you sure you don't want to wait until then?"

  Instead of answering with words, Morrigan pulled him onto his feet, and kissed him.

    Wordlessly Brae led Morrigan into the house, and into his bedroom.


  "Mom, Dad needs you."

  Spring turned to look at her oldest son.  "Really?  Why?"

  Ryder sighed heavily.  "We just got word that..." Ryder's voice broke, and he took a moment to compose himself before trying again.  "We just got word that Grandpa died, and Dad is taking it pretty hard.  He's been playing the same sad song on the piano for hours."


   Spring was silent, processing what Ryder had told her.  Finally she nodded.  "Okay, I'll talk to him."  She went upstairs, and changed out of her old nightgown, and checked the reflection in her mirror.  She wasn't dead yet, maybe it was time she started acting like it.  She quietly walked down the hall, and entered the room, where she found Alder playing the piano like Ryder had said.


   Spring hesitated a moment, unsure of how to proceed.  They had been at odds for so long, could she really offer him any comfort?  Would he accept it?  Or would he reject her?  It seemed like she had always feared he would reject her.  She stiffened her spine, it was time she got over it, he was obviously hurting.  It really wasn't about her.  She swallowed, as her last thought echoed in her mind.  It wasn't about her.  It wasn't about her.  It.  wasn't.  about.  her.

  Silently she approached him, then she wrapped her arms around him and whispered, "I'm so sorry Alder."  She braced herself, half expecting that he would push her away, but to her surprise, he didn't.

  Alder fingered the keys, only half way paying attention to the tune he kept playing on the piano.  He couldn't believe his Dad was gone.  Memories flitted around in his mind, a slide show of his childhood.  As far back as he could remember, his Dad had been there.

  It was his Dad that had taught him how to read, he had spent hours with Alder at the library, books propped open on his lap as Reilly spun amazing tales of fun, adventure and daring feats.  Alder had wanted to live that way, lots of adventure and fun.



   Alder sighed sadly.  It was just a week ago that he had sat down with his father, and listened once more to him expound on love and marriage and devotion.  What it meant to cherish someone, hold them close, and let them know they were everything to you.  Alder had poured out his heart to his Dad, and he had listened carefully to his Dad's advice to him.  His final advice it turned out.  Never let love go without a fight.  Alder had been contemplating those words for days.  He had not fought very hard to keep Spring, but had preferred to nurse his hurt instead.  Where had that got him?

  "I feel human today." he muttered. Suddenly he spun around, and pulled Spring in close to him.  "We are being ridiculous you know."  He told her.  "I love you, and you love me, and I have no idea how we got to this place, but I'd like to start over."

  "I thought you wouldn't love me if I was old and wrinkly, and not shapely.  Look at you, you haven't aged a day, and..."

  "When did I ever give you that impression?"  Alder wanted to know.

  "Well, that is what my Dad said when he left us, my mother and I.  She was too old for him, and not pretty enough, and so he went and married a younger, prettier woman.  That really hurt, and so I thought if I left you first..."

  "...I wouldn't leave you."  Alder finished for her.


   She nodded her head.  "Spring, I don't know whether to kiss you or kill you."  He sighed grumpily.  "All this time wasted, I wish you had just talked to me.  I'm not your father, and admittedly I didn't treat you very well at first, but when I married you, I was committed.  For all time.  I don't see any wrinkles, or grey hair, or any of that.  I only see you, the woman I fell in love with.  The woman I love still."

  "Well, if it's all the same to you, " she replied timidly, "I'd rather you kiss me, and make all those nightmare years go away."

  Alder smiled at her.  "Your wish is my command."


   "Marry me again?" Alder murmured between kisses.

  "I'd love to." she sighed happily.  She pulled slightly away, her cheeks were flushed and her eyes sparkled.  "The boys will be happy to hear that we are together again."

  Alder grunted.  "The boys?  I'm happy that we are together again.  No more fighting over stupid stuff."  He wagged his finger at her.  "And promise me that if you are feeling insecure or unloved, that you'll let me know.  I can cure both of those feelings." he bragged.  He grinned at her.

  She swatted at him.  "Listen to you!  Bragging about your..." she blushed, and didn't complete her thought.

  "It's not bragging if it's true."  He informed her.  He pulled her to her feet.  "Come on, let's go do something fun, something we haven't done in years."


  "This isn't what I thought you had in mind."  Spring commented, as she waved her arms and legs in the snow.

  "Where is your mind woman?"  Alder teased her.  "I know, you just want me for my body."

  Spring threw some snow at him.  "You wish."

  "You want to play that way?!"  Alder laughed.  "Well, game on!"  He stood up, and Spring scrambled up just in time to get lobbed by a snowball.   Spring squealed as snow fell down her shirt.  She shook the snow off and giggled.

  Alder danced around.  "You can't touch this!" he taunted with a grin.

   "Oh yeah?"  Spring stuck her tongue out at him.  "Watch me!"  She quickly made a snowball and threw it at Alder.


  Alder ducked, when he should have dodged, and the snowball hit him squarely in the chest.  The surprise of it, knocked him over, and he fell into the snow. 


  Spring laughed as Alder dusted the snow off his arms and chest.  "I'll get you for that my pretty..."  Alder mock growled as he stood up, and he chased after her until they both fell into a heap in the snow, gasping and laughing.  He pulled her close to him, and kissed the top of the head.  "Your lips are turning blue, we'd better get you inside and warm you up."

  "Hmm." Spring agreed.  Alder got up, and helped Spring to her feet.  They walked into the house, hand in hand.  When they reached the hallway, Alder stopped her.  She turned and faced him, a question in her eyes.


  "The perfect way to end this day," Alder began, as he pulled out a ring, Spring felt the tears rise when she noticed it was her old wedding ring, the one she had thrown at him in anger.

  "You kept it." she whispered.

  "It belongs to you."  Alder told her.  "The perfect way to end this day, is with you as my wife.  Will you marry me Spring, and spend the rest of your days with me?"

  "I love you." She said, as she held out her hand, and Alder slipped the ring back on her finger where it belonged.


  Brae had the same idea as his grandparents, but his motivations were a little different.  He didn't really love Morrigan, nor did she love him, but love was not needed.  Theirs was to be a political alliance.  They would be graduating in less than a week, and Brae decided to surprise her by formally asking her to marry him.

  Morrigan surprised no one, when she gracefully accepted.

  Noelle surprised everyone, when she announced to her Dad, that she was going to Paris, with Hades.


  "I love him Daddy, and he loves me.  He fully supports my ambition to design fashions in Paris.  We'll buy a boat, and leave the day after graduation.  I'm so excited!"

  Ryder was not very excited.  How had Hades managed to romance his daughter under his very nose?  After his daughter skipped away, her head in the clouds, Ryder headed for his target practice range.  He had a few words to say to his ex roommate, and a little practice beforehand wouldn't hurt.

  He caught Hades walking up to his daughter in the corner of his eye.  Which target should he aim for?


  Noelle was completely oblivious to her father's feelings, she only had eyes for Hades.


  Miles away, Colin stopped in his tracks.  He felt a strange sensation envelope his whole body.  "Precious, it is our birthday!"  Colin smiled.  "Our birthday Precious.  No longer will we be a child, easily ignored, oh no, not us."  Colin let the familiar sparkles do their work, and in a matter of moments, his childish body was gone.



   Before Ryder was ready, it was Noelle's birthday.


   She was a carbon copy of her mother, and just as driven, only she wanted to stitch up dresses, not people.

  She and Hades had agreed to wait to get married until they arrived in Paris.  Noelle couldn't think of anything more romantic than get to married in Paris in the Spring.  Hades just wanted her to be happy.


 Ryder surprised his daughter with a gift, a cute little one bedroom houseboat that would transport her to Paris in style.


 Alder and Ryder both impressed upon Hades the importance of treating Noelle well, and what would happen to him if he ever broke her heart.


 Assured that Hades knew what was expected of him, there was nothing left but for Alder and Ryder to say goodbye.

   "Don't be a stranger."

  "Yes Gramps, don't worry.  I won't forget about you."

  "You'll call?"

  "Yes Gramps."

  "And write?"

  Noelle smiled at her Grandpa.  "Yes, I will.  I promise."  She let go of Alder and hugged her father.  "Love you Daddy."


  "I love you too.  Be careful now, and if you have any troubles..."

  "I'll be sure to call you."

  Ryder went through his survival list, with Alder interrupting to add his two cents worth, until Noelle, laughing, finally urged them to leave.  "Gramps, Daddy, we've got to go.  I'll be fine.  Don't worry."

  Ryder and Alder disembarked, and stood on the pier and watched as Noelle sailed away from them, and into her future.



  Notes:  Colin is a pretty good genetic mix of his parents.  I was quite pleased with his looks.  He also has some interesting traits: Insane, Mean-Spirited (not evil, I knew it was one or the other, lol), Irresistible, and Inappropriate.  He gained Irresistible when he turned into a teen. =)  So people are drawn to him, ha ha!  Which he loves, btw! :D

  I've been having some career issues, which has been quite annoying.  Suddenly for no reason, my sims are unemployed.  I use MC to put them back where I last remember them being, but I sure wish whatever is kicking them out of their careers would stop.  It is making things more difficult!

  That's the first houseboat I made, nothing fancy at all, lol  Just the basics, so I could send Noelle off on an adventure, though in reality---she is still sitting off the coast of DV.  She and Hades have had 2 kids already, but they still haven't married, I guess she is holding out for Paris, lol

  It's a pretty blue moon, I had to include that pic just for it.  Thanks Misty for the moon mods!  I've had it for a while, but this is the first time I snapped a pic with the moon really showing.

  Spring did calm down, and then, suddenly they both wanted to marry each other again.  I am an incurable romantic, so I helped them out. =)  I had fun playing around with poses too, lol 

  Colin will be dominating the story really soon---probably starting next chapter.

  Lastly, the passing of Reilly made me sad.  I didn't play my Legacy family for a little bit, because I could have sworn I had just lost Kit, and then to lose Reilly... :(  So sad. 


  1. Aw. What a cute and sad chapter. And goodbye Noelle!

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    1. Thanks Giga! There will be plenty of Colin next chapter, that's for sure, lol

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    1. It was too perfect, Alder protesting, but then I realized that Reilly would only be protesting to show his support for Alder, because Reilly's marriage has been a good one.

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    1. Yeah, it would have to be something major to push those two back together, lol I was so sad to see Reilly go, but at least, he helped his son out, one last time.

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      I had to get Alder and Spring back together, I am an incurable romantic, and I love happy endings.

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