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Chapter 80: Growing Pains

Warning: Language and butt shot(s)


  "I did it!"

  Her sister's words caused Skye to pause in the middle of her stretching and ask cautiously, "What exactly did you do?"

  "I simply borrowed Jack's computer while he was occupied elsewhere.  I knew he had a search program that would find out more information for us, he was just being obtuse and unhelpful."

  Skye groaned.  "Luna, you didn't!  You know how Jack is about his computer!"

  Luna shrugged.  "He'll get over it.  Do you want to hear what I found out, or not?"

  "Of course I want to know, is that even a question?"

  Luna smiled at her sister.  "Her name is Ivory.  Ivory Mist."

  "Oooh."  Skye whispered.  "Her name is so pretty.  Ivory Mist.  What else did you find out?"

  "Not much more.  Only that she was executed, some sort of lethal poison, the day after we were born.  They didn't bury her though, some woman, our mother's sister according to the record I was reading, claimed her body.  Do you know what this means?"

  "She really is dead."  Skye said sadly.  "I was sort of hoping there was some sort of a mix up, you know?  Daddy lost his memory, why couldn't something like that have happened to her?"

  "You're missing the point Skye!"  Luna said, exasperated.  "It means our mother has family, which means we have family that we don't even know yet!"

  "Oh.  I didn't even think of that.  We could have cousins!"  Skylar grinned at her sister.

 "Now you're getting it!"



  Skylar frowned.  "How do we find them though?"

  "I'm not sure yet."  Luna said.  "I'm still working on it.  Plugging in our birthdays got me that info, if only we knew what town she came from."

  "If only Daddy remembered something."

  "We'd better not tell him just yet Skye.  He might stop us, and I couldn't bear the unknowing!"

  "He'll find out sooner or later Luna, he always does."

  "Well, let's just make it later.  Sister pact?"

  Skye hesitated, she hated lying to her father, it never went well when she did.  However, she knew how important this search was to Luna.  "Okay, Luna.  Sister pact, but I don't like it!"


  "Hi, I'm Ginny.  Mr. Coons said you could help me out with astrophysics class?"

  "Oh, hello Ginny.  I'm Jack.  Wow, you're really pretty."

  "You sound surprised?"

  "Well, yeah.  You belong to that freak family, but you don't look like a freak."

  "What did you say?!"  Ginny grabbed her coat, and put it back on.  "You are unbelievable, do you know that?  Goodbye jerk."


  "What did I say?"  Jack asked, confused.

  "Are you serious?  You called me a freak!"

  "I did not," Jack said, affronted.   "I clearly said you didn't look like a freak at all, unlike what other people say."

  "Other people like that jerk Devin and his buddies, you mean.  Well, I don't need to stand here and listen to insults about me, or my family.  I'm out of here, I'll find someone else to tutor me!"

  "What?  I give you a compliment, and suddenly, I'm the bad guy?"

  Jack winced as Ginny slammed the door on her way out.  "You need to brush up on your technique, brother dear."  Luna said behind him.

  Jack growled.  "I didn't say anything!  I was giving her a compliment, I thought she was pretty!"

  Luna laughed.  "Jack, you're an idiot."

  "Go away Luna."


  "Hey Luna!"  Skye hollered as she ran into the room, "have you seen my..."  She came to a quick screeching halt when she noticed her sister was not alone.  "Oh my..."  Her eyes widened in shock, then she blushed furiously as she averted her gaze.  "You didn't," she stuttered, then cleared her throat and tried again, "you didn't tell me you had company!"

  "What?" Luna mumbled absently.

  "You have company!"  Skye hissed.


   "Oh, you mean Hawk?  He's not company, he's my art project."

  "Art project?"  Skye looked up, only to notice the guy in question was smiling at her.  She blushed again and looked down at her feet.  "He's naked!"

  "Of course he's naked."

  Skye fanned her hot cheeks.  She was going to die of embarrassment.  "What do you mean of course?!"  Skye tried to keep her voice down, Luna didn't even bother.

  "Well, Mr. Landgraab said I was supposed to carve something in ice that was truly magnificent in my eyes.  I find the male body truly magnificent."  Luna's eyes gleamed.  "I wanted Devin to pose for me, but he said the first time I see his naked body is when we go all the way, and not before."  She frowned slightly.  "I'm not quite ready for that.  So, I asked my second choice.  Sorry Hawk, no offense."  Luna smiled apologetically at him.

  Skye had always heard of the expression, 'whiskey soaked voice', but she had never heard a voice before that made her think of that expression, until Hawk responded, "None taken."

 She was going to die.  No, she couldn't die just yet, she had to kill her sister first!  Stupid, stupid, stupid!  From now on Skye swore she would always knock on Luna's studio door before going in.  Her eyes kept looking at him of their own volition.  She had never seen...that... before!  She blushed again when she caught his knowing smirk.  Yep, she was going to die.  They were all going to die if their Dad came in, unless... "Luna, does Daddy know he's here?"

  "Don't be silly.  Daddy would have a cow."  Luna rolled her eyes.  "I'm almost done, and Hawk will be long gone before Daddy, or any of the adults get home."


  "Shhhh, do you hear that?"

  "It sounds like Jack, and he doesn't sound happy.  What did you do now?"

  "Nothing!"  Luna said defensively.  "I simply borrowed his exacto-knife, because I couldn't find mine.  I got most of the clay off of it!  I'd better go talk to him, if he sees Hawk here, he just might tell Daddy because he's mad at me.  Skye, keep Hawk company for a minute would you?"

  "Wait!  Luna!  I don't even know him, and he's well..."

 "Hawk, meet my sister Skye.  Skye, this is Hawk.  I'll be back in a moment!"

  "Pleased to meet you Skye."  Hawk's voice rumbled.


  Skye went beet red.  He was so big and...naked!  It didn't seem to disturb him in the least, but she was highly distracted by his nudity.  And...and that.  She fanned her cheeks again.  She knew she was coming across as terribly gauche, but she couldn't help it.  Skye always felt tongue tied around good looking guys anyway, but add naked to it, and she was lucky she hadn't fainted.  Not yet anyway.  "Hello."  She bit her lip, and tried to find a safe place to look.  No, not down, that thing was in her peripheral, and that just wouldn't do.

  She tried straight ahead, but was confronted with the view of his chest.  He had a marvelous chest she thought dreamily, then she shook herself out of it.  She was being an idiot.  Luna was correct though, he was magnificent to look at.  She looked up into his warm green eyes, and sighed.  He had beautiful eyes, and those lips of his!  What would it be like to kiss him?  Dimly she realized he had asked her something.  Whoops!  "Er, sorry, what did you say?"

  He smiled at her. She sighed again.   He had such a lovely smile.  "I was asking what it is like to be a triplet."

  "Oh.  Well, sometimes it can be a pain, especially since some people seem to think we are the same, and we aren't.  The same, that is."  Shut up Skye!  she told herself.  Time to act like she had a brain!  "'re pretty new to this town aren't you, how did you meet my sister?"

  "Yeah, just moved here about a week ago." He confirmed.  "I had heard that there's lots of opportunities here in my field of interest, so I decided to check it out.  I've decided I really like it here."

  "Field of interest?"

   "Alchemy.  It's a dying art, but recently there has been some renewed interest in it, and more and more shops are opening up and selling supplies, and teaching the art form.  I've done my research, and this town has the best shop, and the shopkeeper is looking for an apprentice.  I graduate in a few months, so the timing seemed perfect.  So here I am."

  "Really?  There's an alchemy shop in our little town?"

  "It's outside of town, on Hollow Rd."

  "I'll have to check that out sometime. did you meet my sister?  She's not exactly into alchemy."

  Hawk laughed.  "No, she isn't.  I ran into her accidentally in the hall at school."  He shrugged.  "The rest, as they say, is history."

  "Well, I hope I'm not stepping in where I'm not wanted,"  Skye said nervously, "but Luna is in love with Devin Winter, our school's quarterback and captain of the football team. And she has been ever since he moved to town.  So if you have designs on her..."  Skye considered it very likely that Hawk did.  All the guys wanted to be with her sister, and who could blame them?  Luna was gorgeous, not at all a plain jane, like Skye was.  Or awkward either.  Luna was never awkward, she always knew what to say, and where to look.  "I'm afraid to say that you'll probably be disappointed."

  "I'm not interested in Luna."  Hawk corrected himself.  "Well, not romantically anyway, just as a friend.  I'm new in town and I don't know many people.  She seemed to be in a bind, and I've done some modeling before, so it was no big deal."  Skye just bet that he had done some modeling before.  The guy was seriously good looking!  And still naked!  And still not embarrassed or ashamed about it either!  Hawk glanced at the clock on the wall.  "Hmm, I'd better throw my clothes on.  I seem to recall Luna saying that your Dad gets home around six, and it's a quarter to."

  Skylar was almost sad to see him in clothes, but she was able to breath easier, now that he wasn't so...naked.  "I'd better get my homework done too, it was nice talking to you...Hawk."

  "Hey, you too Skye."  He said warmly.   "I hope I meet up with you in school, like I said, I don't know many people yet, and it's always nice to see a familiar face."

  "I doubt that will be a problem for you very long.  You'll have lots of girls all over you before you know it, you'll see."  Skye patted him on the shoulder, well, at least, that was what she had intended.  A nice friendly pat, but when she touched him, she felt electricity curl inside her, like a ten thousand watt snake had just bit her.  She stared at her hand on his shoulder, and felt her heart pounding in her ears.

 She lifted her eyes to his, and found him watching her, his eyes, hot, intense; he made no effort to move, but stayed still beneath her hand. She could feel the heat of him under his clothes, and all those coiled muscles of his...and she knew what he looked like, under those clothes.  A blush stole up her cheeks.  She snatched her hand away.  "I'm sorry.  I didn't mean..."

  He gently pulled her hand back, and kissed her fingers lightly.  "I really hope I see you again Skye."  He released her hand, and left quietly.  Skye stared after him.  What in the world had just happened?  What had come over her?  And how could a guy like him...with someone like just didn't compute, as her brother would say.  She pushed all the unfamiliar and unsettling sensations away and concentrated on her homework.  This, she could understand.  Guys?  That was out of her league.


  "Oh, hi Mr. Kahekili."

  "Devin,"  Ryder eyed the boy and his granddaughter suspiciously.  "What are you two doing out here?"  He looked closer at Luna.  "Are you all right?"

  "Nothing Grandpa, just talking."  Luna wasn't about to tell her grandfather that Devin had finally come clean with her, only because she had caught him red-handed.  She had been hearing rumors for weeks that he had cheated on her, with Chelsea Bartlow of all people.  The ugly cow.  She had seen them kissing in the park, with her own eyes, the cheating snake.  That was Tuesday night, and she had been ignoring his calls ever since.  Tonight, instead of calling her, he had shown up at her house.

  "I was just asking Luna if she'd go to the Prom with me."

  Luna glared at him.  The snake, he even had the audacity to stand there and act like nothing was wrong.  And smile about it.  She needed a bat.

  "Really?"  Ryder asked skeptically.

  "Yes Sir.   Prom is just a few weeks away, and I want to go with my best girl."  He cast Luna a winsome smile.  His best girl?  She needed a really big, heavy,  metal bat.  His best girl?  The dirty low down snake.  She was supposed to be his only girl!  He wasn't supposed to be sleeping around with fat cows named Chelsea Bartlow!

  She pasted a fake smile on her face for her Grandfather's benefit.  "I'm not so sure that I can go with you to Prom." 

  "Why is that?"

  Luna scowled at Devin.  How low could he go, acting like he was the one that was hurt?  He was the cheating no good lying dirt sucking low bellied snake!  What she wouldn't give for a bat!  "There's an Art show that night."  She lied.

  "Oh well, if that's all."  Devin rolled his eyes.  He thought her pursuit of art was stupid.  Well she thought kicking a ball around and beating up on someone just for having the ball was stupid.  So there.  Jerk.

  She'd had enough of his nonsense.  "I have homework to finish." She told him coolly.  "So, I'll see you later."  She turned on her heel and went into the house, fuming the whole way.

  Ryder watched the exchange in silence, he knew something was off, but wasn't exactly sure what it was. Luna wasn't being forthcoming about it either.  He supposed she would have to work it out on her own, whatever it was.  She knew he was here if she needed anything.  Help.  Advice.  Even just to talk while he listened.  He sighed.  Teenagers. 


 "Look Skye, it's your loverboy!"

  "Shut up Luna!"  Skye whispered back.

  "All you do is talk about him, think about him, dream about should go talk to him!"

  Skye was already shaking her head no.  "No way.  I'll die of embarrassment.  Come on, let's get out of here, before he sees us!"  Skylar had no intentions of repeating her foolishness.  He was just being nice that day, she didn't want to add any extra meaning to anything that he might have  said. Or any action that she might have done.  Or any reaction that he might have had.  She definitely didn't want him to think she was mooning over him like some stupid school girl, even if she was. 

  "What?  And let a perfectly good opportunity go?  Are you nuts?  He's still single Skye, you gotta nab him before some other girl nabs him.  I'll get his attention for you..."

  Skye saw the grin cross her sister's face.  "Luna, don't you dare!"

   "What?  I know you're really into him Skye, and you guys would make an adorable couple.  He asks about you all the time when I see him.  You can do this, just talk to the guy."

  "No, no, no!  I can't!"  Skye was wildly shaking her head no.  "I'll make an idiot of myself again!  Skye, he was naked!  I couldn't look away!"

  Luna shrugged.  "I can't blame you there sis, he's one good looking guy.  I would go for him, except I'm already in love with someone else."  Luna frowned, snake that he was.  She pushed her sadness aside, and put her focus back on Skye.  Skye was so quiet and reserved, many guys didn't give her chance, and it irritated Luna to no end.

  "Are you two talking about boys again?"  Jack's loud voice could be heard for miles.


  "Shut up Jack!"  Both girls said together.

  Jack sighed irritably.  "What did I say now?" 

  "Oh no, HE's looking this way!  Jack I swear I'm going to kill you!"

  "Help me Luna!"  Skye squeaked.  "He's walking over here!"

  "Of course he's walking over here, he likes us, you in particular.  Now, stop spazzing, and take a deep breath.  You can do this Skye!"

  "No, no I can't.  I'm going to faint.  I swear, I'm going to faint!  After I kill Jack, I'm going to faint."

  "Hey!"  Jack complained.  "I didn't do anything.  What's your problem anyway?  Who is that dude coming over here?"

  "Focus Skye.  Look at me!  Ignore Jack, and look at me."  Skye complied.

  "You can do this.  He's just a guy."

  "A really good looking guy."  Skye said wistfully.  "I'm not like you Luna, I'm not witty or pretty or..."

  "Pshh.  That's a load of hogwash.  Give him a chance."

  "Where are you going Luna?  Luna?!"

  "I see Devin outside, I'm going to talk to him.  You'll do just fine."  Luna dragged a protesting Jack to the front of the store before she went outside. 

  And then, there he was.  Skye felt faint.  "Hi." she said dumbly.

  He smiled warmly at her.  "Hello Skye."

  "Um, hi."  Skye winced.  She sounded so stupid!

  "Your sister is right, you know."

  "Right?"  Skye was puzzled.  What in the world was he talking about?

  He tugged on the neckline of his shirt a little.  "What she just said, just now.  I couldn't help but overhear!" He said apologetically.  "The shelves are empty over there."  He gestured to the shelves he had been standing by.  Skye moaned, sure enough the shelves were empty.  If she hadn't been freaking out so badly, she might have noticed that sooner.   "I was trying to figure out a subtle way to come over and talk to you, thankfully your brother helped out with that."

  "Jack helped?"  Skylar was having a hard time grasping the words that Hawk was speaking.  "You mean, you overheard Luna and I?  Talking about you?"  At Hawk's nervous nod, Skylar groaned.  "Oh, just kill me now!"

  "And what?  Deprive me of your company?  How could you be so cruel?"  Hawk joked.  "Seriously Skye, I do really like you.  And, your sister, yeah, she's nice looking and all, but you, you're just...beautiful.  And I would love to get to know you better."

  Skye flushed crimson.  She nervously chewed on her lip.  "You don't have to flatter me, you know.  I'm well aware that compared to Luna, I'm just..." her voice trailed away.


  "It's not flattery if it's true, and it's true Skye."  Hawk said softly.  "How about we just talk, and get to know each other a little bit."

  "Okay.  I'd like that."  Skye smiled shyly.  She couldn't believe that he actually thought she was pretty!  No, not just pretty, but beautiful!  Her?  Beautiful?  And he had seen Luna too!  She searched his face though, and he looked open and honest.  Oh lucky stars!  He did like her!  Like like her!


  "What are you doing here Dev?"  Luna's words were cold.

  "Aw, come on Baby, don't be that way."

  "Be what way?  You're the cheating, lying, dirt eating..."

  Devin grinned at her charmingly.  "Dirt eating?  I think not, Baby.  Listen, you got to let me explain!"

  Luna crossed her arms.  "Explain what?  I think my eyes explained everything very nicely, thank you very much."

  He sighed.  "Aw, Baby, I'm sorry I hurt you, you know I love you more than anything, and I wouldn't hurt you for the world!"

  "You have a lousy way of showing that."

  He scuffed his shoe on the pavement.  "Yeah, I'm really sorry about that.  Baby, you got to understand though, I have these physical needs, weren't ready to take care of my needs yet, and hey, I was cool with that.  Wasn't I?  Chelsea was just for physical release, there is no love involved at all.  I swear Baby, I love you, and only you.  But, I had to do something or I'd explode."

  "Are you lying to me Devin Winters?  Cause if you are..."

  "No Baby, I swear!  I'm telling you the truth!  I didn't want to sleep with her, but I didn't have a choice!  If only you'd...but no, I won't put any pressure on you.  I love you Baby, and when we graduate, we're gonna have that big wedding that you dream of, and have that family that you wanted.  Just forgive me, please!  Please Baby."

  "If I, if we, you know...then you wouldn't ever be with anyone but me?"

  "That's right Baby.  Scout's honor.  It's you that I love."

  Luna was undecided.  On one hand, he had cheated on her.  On the other hand, he was sorry about it, and he said he wouldn't cheat anymore if she would...if she would sleep with him.  She loved him, and she really didn't know why she had wanted to wait, but if it would help keep Devin on the straight and narrow, well then.  She still wanted it to be special though.  "I'll forgive you Dev..."

  He breathed a sigh of a relief.  "Thank you, thank you!  You're the greatest Baby,  and I love you so much."

  "...on one condition Dev."


  "That you promise never to cheat on me again."


  Luna hesitated.  "Also, Dev, I'd like our first time to be special.  How about after Prom?  It's only a couple of weeks away, you can last that long can't you?"

  "For you Baby, I can do anything.  I could even rent a room, do it up really nice for you."  He said casually.  He reached out and fingered her hair.  "I love you Luna, only you.  I want to be with you the rest of my life."

  Luna hugged him tightly.  "Oh me too Dev, I want to be with you the rest of my life.  This past week and half has been simply awful!  I love you so much, I don't know what I'd do without you!"

  "Probably hook up with that Tanner kid."

  Luna pulled back and looked at Devin.  "Tanner is just my friend, nothing else.  It's you that I love!"

  "You can't blame a guy for being jealous, I'm dating the hottest girl in school, and she always has another guy hanging around her."

  Luna laughed in delight.  "I'm glad you're jealous."  she whispered.  "But we really are just friends.  We've been best friends since grade school."

  "Then I'm jealous of all the extra time that he's known you too.  I'm jealous of all the time he spends at your house."  He pulled her in closer to him, and slowly started to rub her back.


  "You could come over more often you know."

  Devin kissed her softly along her neck.  "You are so intoxicating." he breathed.  "As tempting as your offer is, we both know that your Dad hates me."

  "Daddy hates everyone."

  "He doesn't hate Tanner."

  Luna smiled.  "Of course not, because we are only friends, just like I said.  Daddy hates anyone that would dare date his daughters.  But, you'll be pleased to know that very soon he won't be so focused on you."

  "Really?  Why is that?"

  Luna chuckled.  "Cause Skye has a boyfriend, or she will very soon.  Daddy will be all focused on the new guy, and..."

  "...not on me."  Devin finished.  "Brilliant."  He tipped her head up, and stared into her eyes.  "You're so f*cking hot, give me some sugar Baby, and I'll show you how you can help ease my pain just a little bit.  Prom can't come soon enough."

  Luna sighed happily as Devin kissed her.  All was right in her world again.  He loved her, he really loved her.


Notes:  So, who believes him? lol So--- back a few (?!) years ago (I swear it was only yesterday, haha!) when I was in highschool, I had a friend who dated a guy just like Devin---and he seriously had the same lines and my friend swallowed them, because she "loved" him. He treated her terribly, I never could understand why she was with him.  I still don't, lol  I only know there are girls out there who will put up with a lot of sh..stuff---all because they "love" him.  Luna should have stuck with the bat idea!

  I love Jack---he's just so much fun to pick on, lol :P 

  And why did I not notice that those shelves were empty when I was taking pics for that scene?  *shakes head*  Fail on my part.  Had to do a little rewriting there, haha  Hawk knows for sure that Skylar likes him, lol  How embarrassing!  Poor girl, how mortifying for her, first meeting him while he was naked, and now this.  It's almost as embarrassing as being carried to the nurse's office by a couple of football guys...

 Luna has no idea, the hornet's nest she is stirring by looking for Ivory's "sister", she should have listened to Jack (who in this case was right!), and left well enough alone. 

  Colin has some nice targets for his fighter roll now, lol  He wishes to fight with them, play a trick on them, be mean to them, even see their ghost...yeah.  He doesn't like the idea of his daughters dating. :P  With Devin, who could blame him though?


  I've got lots planned for next chapter---including the appearance of an old enemy, and some surprises(I hope!).  Thanks for reading! =)


  1. There's probably no point telling the sisters to stop looking for their "relatives". But they shouldn't!
    Smooth Jack, just smooth, though Ginny technically did get a compliment ;) He just insulted the rest of her family! Jacks great, the loudmouth brother who never understands what he's doing wrong.

    Lunas art- projects, wow. Our model didn't look like that when we painted :( And in what world is Skye plaine looking? Does the kids at her school need glasses or something? (Is it bad that I'm already wondering how Hawks and Skyes babies will look like?)

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