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Chapter 83: Winter Fairytale



Warning: Language, and I touch on abusive relationships, there is one scene that was tough to write, so it may be tough to read (second to last scene).

 Hawk hugged her tightly to him.  "Skye, I'm glad you made it."

  Skye burrowed into his warmth.  "I got off work earlier than I thought I would."

 "You sounded strange on the phone, is everything okay Hawk?"

  Hawk smiled.  "Now that you're here, it couldn't be better.  It's a beautiful day, and I found this lovely spot by the Lake's edge that I wanted to share with you."

  "I'm not joining the Polar Bear club."  Skye warned.  "I think my Dad is crazy, swimming in sub zero temperatures.  Him and his what doesn't kill you makes you stronger philosophy."  She rolled her eyes.  Her Dad had some strange ideas.

   Hawk laughed.  "No, I'm not that crazy, the water is too cold.  Come on, let me show you something."  He held out his hand, Skye, still a little dubious, took it.

  Instead of leading her to the spot he had been talking about, he surprised her by spinning her around and bending her backwards in one fluid move, which caused her to squeak.  "Hawk!"

  "I love you." He whispered, his mouth hovered only inches away from hers.  "I love you so much."

  Skye melted.  "I love you too, you crazy man!"

  "I want to marry you Skye, and have a house full of children."  He kissed her softly on the lips.  "Please say you'll marry me, you'd make me the happiest of men."

  Skye's eyes shone.  "Oh Hawk!  Yes! Yes!  I would love to be your wife!"

  He kissed her again, and then gently spun her back upwards.  He smiled at her.  "Ah, Kitten, you have made me the happiest guy there ever was."

  Skye smiled back playfully.  "Well, I don't know about ever."  Skye was so happy she thought she might burst from it.  They had dated for so long Skye had begun to think he would never propose. Devin had proposed to her sister a long time ago.  Of course, he had yet to make good on that promise, and it seemed like they were always breaking up every other week. 

  "I do."  He reached into his pocket, and slowly drew out a ring, it sparkled brightly in the light.  He held it out to her.  "For you Kitten, the woman I love the most in this Universe."

  "Oh Hawk, it's beautiful!"  Skye wiped a few tears away.  She held out her hand, and Hawk slid the ring onto her finger.


   She wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him ardently.  Hawk groaned, and pulled her in closer, returning her passion.  He let his hands slip down, and Skye squirmed, trying to get closer to his heat.  Hawk broke the kiss off abruptly, his breathing heavy, and he laid his forehead against hers.  He apologized.  "You make me forget myself." 

  Skye's cheeks were flushed despite the cold, and her body trembled.  She was sure she would have fallen if Hawk had let go of her.  "I started it." she confessed sheepishly.

  Hawk kissed her nose.  "I can't wait until we can finish it, but I made a promise to you, not until our wedding night."  He begged her, "Please let it be soon.  Like this week?"  He asked hopefully.

  "This week?  Now I know you are a crazy man!" Skye chuckled.  "To think I could put a wedding together in less than a week.  I need months Hawk!  There's the venue that needs to be rented, a dress to be found,  a wedding cake, flowers and.."

  Hawk whispered in her ear, interrupting her train of thought.  "Let's elope Skye."


   Shocked, Skye stared into his eyes, was he serious?  Elope, when all her life she had dreamed of having a big wedding, of having her Dad walk her down the aisle?  He was definitely crazy! "Hawk, I've always wanted..."

  "Skye, your father hates me, if we tried to have a proper wedding, you know he'll stop it, somehow."

  Skye bit her lip.  It was true that her father had not warmed up to Hawk yet, he just might put a stop to any wedding plans, or at the very least, cause a lot of headaches.  But no wedding?  No walking down the aisle?  No flowers, or wedding dress or ?  She pulled out of the shelter of his arms, and shivered in the cold air.  "I don't know Hawk."  She said hesitantly.

  "What's more important Kitten, a big wedding, or us married, spending our lives together, raising children and growing old together?"


  "I love you Kitten, and I don't want to lose you."

  Skye's eyes widened.  "Hawk!"  She breathed.  "Do you see it?"

  He was confused.  "See what?"

  She grabbed his hand.  "Come on, let's get a closer look!"  She half pulled, half tugged him further into the wooded area.  "Oh, Hawk, isn't he gorgeous?"


  Hawk saw a perfectly ordinary white horse that was prancing around in the snow, he didn't know why she was so excited over a silly horse, but he mumbled some affirmative words that seemed to shut her up.  He was so close to getting to her to agree to marrying him right away, and then that stupid horse showed up.

  Skye was enchanted by the Unicorn in front of her.  She always thought they only lived in fairytales, and yet, here he was, in front of her.  He neighed, and she felt driven to get closer to him.  Hawk protested, but she ignored him, her eyes were solely on the magnificent creature in front of her.

 Luna always accused her of living in a fairytale, but if he was real, then maybe, just maybe, fairytales themselves could be real.  She could marry her Prince Charming, Hawk, and live happily ever after.  She approached him softly, and carefully.  He held still, and watched her.


   "You are so beautiful."  Skye said, as she tentatively stroked his muzzle.  He whinnied softly, and then gently nuzzled her back.

  Hawk stood back and just observed, the horse seemed skittish whenever he tried to move closer, and he didn't want Skye getting hurt.  He needed a child from her first.  "Careful Skye." he said, "that's a wild horse, it might hurt you."

  Skye turned slightly towards Hawk.  "He won't hurt me."  She turned back to the Unicorn.  "Will you?  No, you are special, and a sign for me, to let me know everything will be okay.  I know what to do now, thank you."

   The Unicorn tossed it's head, causing Skye to back up a little.  Then he nickered, and gently nuzzled up against Skye once again, before catching the wind and disappearing among the trees.  Skye watched him go, she was so focused on the Unicorn that Hawk startled her when he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. 

  His voice was low, almost a whisper.  "Sorry." 

  "He was beautiful, wasn't he?"

  "Not as beautiful as you are."

  Skye leaned back against Hawk.  "Let's do it, let's elope."  Hawk smiled, victory at last.  His mother would be pleased.


"Dev, I just don't understand why you have to leave tonight.  Couldn't you leave in the morning?   I have to talk to you, it's important."

  Devin rolled his eyes.  "Then talk, I'm right here."


  "Dev, I need your full attention!"

  "Baby, I'm not in the mood to listen to you nag about a wedding date again.  We're in the middle of football season, I have a plane to catch so I can meet up with the guys.  I'll call you."


  He grabbed the back of her head and kissed her hard on the mouth, shutting her up.  "I have a big game tomorrow, it could make or break my career.  I need to be focused on that right now.  I'll call you, okay?"  He kissed her again, and slapped her butt.  "Be good Baby."  He jumped into the waiting taxi, and was gone.

  Luna frowned as she walked over to her Dad's house, she didn't want to be alone, and he still lived next door.  She was so preoccupied with her thoughts,  she ran headlong into Tanner, and would have fallen on her butt, except he caught her.  "Whoa, careful Luna!"  Once she was steady on her feet, he quickly released her.  "Hey, are you okay?"

  "Of course I'm okay, don't I look okay?"

 "I mean, I'm two months pregnant, but I can't seem to find a good opportunity to let my fiance know that he's going to be a father.  He plays for the Desert Badgers you know, the top team in the league, and he has an all important game tomorrow.  I mean, I couldn't possibly interfere with that right?  I mean, he might mess up, and then it would be my fault because..."

  Tanner let her vent, and just nodded his head at the appropriate times.  He couldn't have found words for her anyway, he needed a few minutes to digest what she said, she was having a baby, with that jerk!  He had listened to her heartbroken cries and let her soak through many of his shirts with her tears over the years, and all over that jerk.  Just when he thought Luna had finally come to her senses about the jerk, she would reconcile with him.  The jerk didn't deserve her.

"Tanner, are you even listening to me?"

 "Huh, what?"  He flushed.  "Of course I was, I just got stuck on the part about you having a baby."  With that jerk, he silently added.

 Luna looked down at her shoes, avoiding eye contact.  "D*mn."  She swore softly.  "I didn't mean to let that part slip, I wanted him to be the first to know.  I'm just so frustrated with him right now."

  "Nobody knows?"

  She nodded.  "Well, except you, now you know."

  "Congrats Luna, you're going to make a terrific mom."

  She looked up at him then, and in her eyes he could see the little girl she once was.  "Do you think so Tanner?  I never had a mom, so I don't know..."

  "I know so."  He said firmly.  "You're loving, and patient, and kind, and.."

 Luna laughed.  "You make me sound like a saint."

 Tanner teased her, "Oh, I know you better than that."

  Luna sighed, somewhat sadly.  "Yeah, I'm definitely not a saint, unlike my sister Skye.  She's never had sex yet, can you believe that?  She doesn't even know what she's missing, I love having sex, there's nothing like it in this world."

  Tanner choked.  "Um, no, wow, well..."  He stuttered awkwardly.  Sex was the one topic he tried to stay away from when talking with Luna.  He already had enough thoughts in that direction about her, he didn't need any help.  Besides, if she ever found out he was still a virgin, she would never let him live it down.  Desperate times called for desperate measures, he needed a subject change, and fast.  "So, uh, how are you going to tell your Dad the happy news?"


  "I can't believe I just got married by JP.  My Dad is going to freak out."

  "He'll have to come around now Skye, we're married, until death to us part, and that could be a long time."

  Skye sighed.  "I suppose.  It's just, he's so stubborn!"

  "Everything will work out just fine, you'll see."  Hawk assured her.

  Skye smiled up at him, and for just a moment, he was enthralled by her, by the sparkle in her eyes, the pinkness of her cheeks, his wife really was beautiful.  Just as quickly he mentally shrugged it off, he couldn't afford to forget his true purpose for this marriage.  A child.  Not just any child either, but a child that was prophesied about long before he had ever been born.  That was all that mattered.

  He put his arm around her.  "Come on Kitten, I'll take you home, so you can grab some of your stuff and take it back to my place.  We'll face the ferocious lion together."  Hawk had no intention of living anywhere but at the Kahekili house, if he played his cards right, he would be moving in with her, not the other way around.  Skye had to believe otherwise though.

 "I'm just so nervous, I want him to be happy for me."

 "He loves you Skye, and once he gets used to the idea of us being married, he'll come around.  Especially once we have our first child."

  Skye sighed happily.  "I can't wait to have my own children.  Teaching other people's children has been a joy for me, but to be able to snuggle my own child, that would be a dream come true."

  "Come on Kitten, let's get your stuff, and tell your father our good news."

  "Okay.  Before we talk to him though, I need to change out of my workclothes."

  "I'll be more than happy to help you out."  Hawk told her, waggling his eyebrows playfully.

  "I'll just bet you would."  She giggled.


   Luna was pregnant.  Un-freaking-believable.  Colin scowled.  It wasn't the grandkid he minded, in fact, he rather enjoyed spoiling the ones he already had.  No, it was her choice in the father that put him in a foul mood.  Sh*t, they were stuck with the a*shole forever now.  He should have buried the dumba*s in the backyard a long time ago.


  Why couldn't she have picked Tanner?  He actually liked Tanner.

  He sighed heavily.  The things he did for the sake of his daughter and grandchild.  Like restrain himself from committing murder.  He heard Skye call out for him.  "I'm in the living room."  He called back.  He still had hopes for Skye, she was still dating bird boy, but no engagements as of yet.

  Skye bounded into the room.  "There you are Daddy.  I have something to tell you."

  Colin groaned.  "Please don't tell me you're pregnant."

  "Daddy, of course not."

  "Good."  He grunted.  His eyes narrowed though when he saw bird boy come into the room, and sit down in the chair beside him.  He glared at him, but bird boy only smirked back.  Colin gritted his teeth, and reminded himself that he didn't want to be estranged from his daughter.  So no smashing bird boy in the f*cking face, though he really wanted to.  His fingers itched, Colin turned away, trying to get a grip on himself.


  "Well, you see Mr. Kahekili, I want you to know that I really love your daughter and..."

  Colin quickly turned back to bird boy.  "No."

  Hawk stared at Colin, confused.  "No what?"

  "No you can't marry my daughter."  Colin said pleasantly.  He even managed to keep his face mostly expressionless.

  Skye groaned.  "Daddy!  I'm not twelve years old anymore!  And I don't need your permission to marry or not marry."

  "Permission, maybe not, but if you f*cking want my blessing, forget it.  Bird brain can not be f*cking trusted."

  "Daddy, I wish you wouldn't call him that.  He's done nothing to deserve the way you treat him!"

  Hawk interrupted,  "It's okay Skye, I married you, not your father."

   "What the f*ck did he say?"

  Skye winced.  "Now Daddy..."

  "We love each other very much Mr. Kahekili, and we want to start a family.  We were tired of waiting,"  Hawk implied the on you but didn't say the words, "so today we were married at the courthouse.  We're only here long enough to let you know we got married, and for Skye to pack up her belongings."

  Colin's hands clenched and unclenched in his lap, and he counted silently in his head, trying to reign in his temper.  He calmly considered his options.  One, strangle f*cking bird boy with his bare hands.  This idea had a lot of merit, Colin would love to get his f*cking hands on him.  Two, beat f*cking bird boy with a bat.  Beat him f*cking senseless.  Definitely a good option.  Three, he could buy a rope, he even knew where the perfect tree was.  Four... 

  He kept counting up all the different ways to f*cking kill bird boy, he hit number fifty, and he was still thinking of better and better ideas.

  Skye twisted her hands anxiously.  "Daddy?  Say something please?"


   Colin was silent.
   "Daddy, I just want you to be happy for me."  Skye said sadly.  "That's all."

  Colin looked at his daughter, sighed heavily, and then made one of the hardest f*cking decisions of his life.  "I have one condition."

  "What's that?"  Skye asked.

  Colin couldn't f*cking believe what he was about to say,  but his daughter came first.  He didn't trust f*cking bird boy, and no amount of time spent with him ever made him think differently.  He was hiding something, Colin f*cking knew it.  Unfortunately, he had yet to  prove it, bird boy was slick, he'd give him that.  It was just a f*cking matter of time before bird brain slipped up, and his daughter would need her daddy then.

   Hopefully Skye would see the wisdom of his offer, unlike Luna, who had rejected it and moved in with the a*s next door instead.  "I think you guys should live here.  The house is plenty big enough, and then I can keep an eye on f*cking bird brain."

 "Daddy, are you serious?"


  "Daddy, I don't think..."

  Hawk spoke up.  "Skye, I think it's a good idea."  He had been mostly quiet, waiting for the right moment, and he was pleased that her father had come up with the idea himself.  It worked much better that way.  Once he had his son from Skye, he would make her father pay for every slight he had ever endured from him.

  Skye stared at her husband, stunned.  "Say what?  But Hawk..."

  "He's your father Skye, and he loves you too.  If staying here makes him feel better about our marriage, then I am all for it.  He may even get to know me better, and find that he likes me."  Hawk grinned.

  Colin snorted.  "F*ck no."

  Skye sighed, exasperated.  "Daddy, your language, really!  It's atrocious tonight."

  Colin grunted.  "Are you staying?"

  Skye glanced at her husband, he gave her an encouraging smile.  "I guess so."  She said doubtfully.  She wasn't sure how it would work out, her father and her husband living in the same house.  They both seemed to want the same thing though, so, at least they had common ground there.

  "Great, I'm glad that's all settled.  Both of us love Skye, so I'm sure we can all learn to get along, right Mr. Kahekili? Can I call you Dad?"

  Colin glared at him.  "F*ck no."  Skye rolled her eyes, she had a feeling she might have made a mistake in agreeing to stay living with her father, but only time would tell for sure.


  "You're what?!"

 "Pregnant, Dev, I'm pregnant."  Luna had finally been able to pin Devin down long enough to let him know about his impending fatherhood.  "I know we weren't planning on starting a family quite this soon, but..."

  "Sh*t Luna, you were supposed to keep that from happening!  What the h*ll?"  He shouted angrily.

  "I'm sorry Dev, remember when I was so sick, I kept throwing up?  Well, I wasn't able to keep anything down, let along a pill, so..."

  "You're so f*cking careless!  D*mn, you only think about yourself.  What about me?  You know this is the worst possible timing!"

  Luna lowered her head, and stared at the ground.  "I'm sorry Dev."  She repeated, softly.  "I didn't mean for it to happen."


 "That's always your f*cking problem Luna, you never f*cking think!"  He grabbed her arm, and shook her hard.  "You're so f*cking stupid sometimes."

 "Dev, please!  You're hurting me!"

  "Why the f*ck do you have to be such a stupid b*tch?  It's your fault for making me so f*cking angry."

  "I'm sorry.  I'm sorry!"  Luna whimpered.  "I don't mean to be."  Devin released her arm, and Luna rubbed it.  It hurt, and she might have slight bruising in the morning that she'd have to keep covered up.  It was her fault for pushing him, she knew better, she really did.  She would just have to try harder, do better, be better.

  "Well, you have to get rid of it, that's all there is to it."

   Luna teared up.  "Dev, no!  Please, I want to keep this baby!  I don't mind waiting on marriage, really I don't.  Just, please, let me keep this baby."

  Devin thought for a moment.

 "I don't know."  He said slowly.  "The timing is all wrong, I have to focus on my career Baby, it's important for our future.  I don't have time to f*cking play Dad."

  "Please Dev?"

  "Where the h*ll will it stay?  Not here."  He said, horrified.  "This house is too f*cking valuable to get f*cked up having baby sh*t and puke all over the carpets."

  "The baby and I can stay with my Dad, until we get married.  He won't mind, really."  Luna had moved in with Devin right after graduation, despite her father's protests. 

  "Well, f*ck Luna, sounds like you've got it all worked out.  Now all you have to do is f*cking persuade me."  He yanked her closer, and Luna bit back a cry.  He kissed her, his mouth rough, and his fingers dug painfully into her back.  "That's right Baby, play the f*cking whore for me."


  He pulled the top of her dress down, exposing her breasts.  "F*ck, you're so beautiful."  He squeezed one breast, causing Luna to moan.  "F*ck yeah, you love that don't you, my little wh*re."

  "Oh yes, Devin, oh please!"

  With one hand on her breast, he used the other to pull her panties down.  "You're so f*cking wet."  He used his fingers to fondle her roughly, and Luna moaned again, bucking against him.  He yanked his shorts off, and pushed Luna onto the bed, kneeling on the bed in front of her.  "Come on wh*re, do your job."

 Twenty minutes later, she lay on the bed, with Devin's arms wrapped around her.  He kissed her gently.  "I'm sorry Baby."  These were the moments she lived for, and treasured.  It was when she saw the Devin she had fallen in love with, the soft, kind, caring man.  He was always tense after coming back from a game, she shouldn't have been so stupid and laid the baby news on him like that.  He didn't want to be angry, it was just her stupidity that brought it out of him.  She had just been so excited about their baby though.

  Almost as if he sensed her thoughts, he laid his hand on her stomach.  "So, we're having a kid, huh?"
  She nodded her head.  He brushed her hair back.  "I like the name Trevor.  It's my Dad's name."  He playfully slapped her butt.  "Come on Baby, let's raid the fridge, I'm starving."  Luna smiled contentedly as she followed him to the kitchen, all was well again.


  Attempt number seven hundred ninety nine, not that he was counting or anything.  Jack sure hoped it worked this time, but he had his doubts.

 Ethan had told him it would be difficult, and he sure wasn't kidding.  


Notes: And Gen 8 is now in charge!  Skye is the heiress, but I rolled Full House, so Luna and Jack are staying, plus the addition of Hawk to the household, and there's my four.  Luna never actually moved out, that was just for story purposes.

  Luna is in a full blown abusive relationship, but she doesn't see it that way.  She loves Devin, and thinks (which of course, being a typical abuser, he reinforces this belief) that whenever he goes off, it's her fault for setting him off.  Luna is also really careful to hide any signs of what is happening, and not show any bruises, so her friends and family don't know what's going on.

  Why does she stay?  That's always a hard one to answer, particularly if you've never been involved in an abusive relationship.  (Thankfully I have not, but I know people who have.)  The abuser doesn't start off abusive, they are usually quite charming, and they slowly whittle away your self confidence and self worth, until you start to believe the lies they tell you.  It's sort of like the frog and the pot story.  Throw a frog in a pot of boiling water, and he will immediately jump out.  Throw him in a pot and slowly heat it up, and he will stay in there and boil to death.  (Besides the fact is that it can be very difficult, and downright dangerous at times, to leave an abusive relationship.)

  People involved in abusive relationships are usually quite good at covering up that fact, and many times close friends and family don't even realize what is going on.  Which is true in Luna's case, Colin doesn't know about the abuse, cause if he did, all h*ll would break loose, lol  He knows something is off, just not what.  That inner alarm of his is on red alert!  He's also distracted with Skye and Hawk, because he knows something is off there as well.  Hawk is very clever though, and so far has managed to keep his secrets.  Also Colin has his job, and his other kids (plus grandkids) that keeps him busy as well.

  One last note on all that---back in highschool, my best friend's parents seriously talked that way.  I remember how appalled I was that her dad called her mom his personal little wh*re, and she giggled and acted like it was a good thing, and then they proceeded to be a little more demonstrative than I ever wanted to see.  O.o

  Aaand apparently I can't make up my mind on whether to spell Dev's name as Devin or Devon.  I've written it both ways now, in previous chapters, lol  So, I guess either works! Doh!  Also, for you with the eagle eyes and elephant memory (I tend to be oblivious to things like this unless they are pointed out, lol XD), Hawk's eyebrows kept changing to those, and it is quite annoying!  I would take him into CAS to fix them, start taking pics, only to realize way too late that the game had changed them back.  I'm too lazy to redo all those pics though, over some eyebrows, so, if you notice that his eyebrows look different in some pics (even in future chapters)  you'll know the reason why!  Haha!

  As far as rolls go, Skye is in the education career.  Good thing she doesn't need money, because they don't make very much, haha!  Hawk is in the alchemist career, Luna is a sculptor, and Jack originally rolled science for his career.  I had just bought ITF though, so I changed his to making plumbots because I wanted to play around with that.  Plumbots are more trouble than they are worth, lol

  The Unicorn totally photobombed my Skyehawk engagement pics.  I ended up taking so many pics with it, it's not even funny.  But it was so pretty, and unexpected, I had to write it in.  After all, Princess Skye believes in fairytales, and besides that Unicorns always appeared to the pure of heart and to the virgin maidens, to everyone else they would appear as a regular ole horse, lol

  Questions?  Comments?  I love reading comments, even if it takes me a while to respond back.  I'm always trying to find a way to answer without giving too much away, and sometimes that takes me a while, lol

  Thanks for reading! =)


  1. One slight alteration to your abusive relationships note. Many times the victims are fully aware their relationship is abusive, but don't want to reach out because of pride or some stupid belief that they deserved this because they're letting it happen rather than getting help. I was in that second group. It took outside help to get me out of it and get a restraining order. That said, I think you're portraying Luna's story very well.

    That last teeny tiny little section letting us know what Jack's been up to actually made me snort. xD I keep forgetting about him. Poor Jack. <3

    1. *hugs* I'm sorry you had to go through that---and you have a very good point, that many times the victims are aware the relationship is abusive, but don't get out because of the reasons you stated above. Thanks!

      Yeah, poor Jack! Unfortunately, he is a slave to the inventing table and the bot building thing, lol Quite boring to take pics of, but very important for the story later on. =)

      Thanks for reading Cece, and for your comments! =)

  2. Aaaaw... that's so sweet of Colin, letting Hawk and Skye move in with him. He's got such a warm heart in there *cough*. Is Hawk so intent on moving in with them because of the book, or is it all because he can't wait to give Colin in once his true self is revealed? Was the unicorn a coincidence? It seems a bit to perfectly timed.

    Hawks "can I call you dad" comment was hilarious. I'm pretty certain he does those things because they seem so sweet to Skye, and makes Colin so mad :D

    I really feel for Luna, and I'm happy she's not going to live together with Devondevin. If she's lucky the baby will make her see things differently. I'm actually also glad you didn't make the abuse the typical: pull after hair, hitting in the face type. A lot of people doesn't seem to realise that it doesn't take as much as a bruised face, to call a relationship abusive.

    And a little note on Jack in the end there :D He's got so little screentime, and yet the little you see is more than enough.

    I'm truly sorry for you having to hear your friends parents acting that way. It's just... no....

    1. Hawk wants to get his hands on that book, which he is fairly certain that it is somewhere in that house. If he lives there, he'll have more opportunities to search for it. The Unicorn was my game's randomness, but it was so pretty, I had to use it!

      Haha, you've hit the nail on the head on that one. Hawk does enjoy needling Colin while making points with Skye. It's a 2 for 1 deal, lol

      Luna is having a rough time of it right now. =( Abuse can be found in many different ways, physical is just one way, and emotional is another. Devin does do a bit of both though.

      Jack. <3 He was another little surprise my game threw at me, but he is so cute and adorable, I had to add him to the story as well!

      I know! The good news---it did help cement in mind what I would not tolerate!

      Thanks for reading Urunwa, and for commenting! =)

  3. Oh goodness, poor Luna. It really is horrible to see those kind of interactions (and I can't believe your friend's parents talked that way--what a horrible relationship to emulate). I understand it's really hard for abused people to leave their abusers, but I hope Luna makes it out unscathed soon. Someone needs to send Colin an anonymous note detailing Dev's abuse.

    I hope he finds out about Hawk, too! Hawk can't be sneaky for too long.

    I'm so excited about your roll! And I am so happy Jack is still going to be around. :D

    1. Luna still has a rough road ahead of her---and someone should send Colin an anonymous note, lol He'd take care of those two guys lickity split!

      Full house is one of my favorite rolls, though I can't help but wish that I could add one more person into the household...

      Thanks for reading! And for commenting! =)

  4. I'm so glad you rolled Full House! I love all three of the triplets, so I'm really glad I'll still be able to see all of them. Hawk though...if I didn't already dislike him, I would after this chapter. His conversation with Colin was absolutely brilliant, but the way he trampled over Skye's desire to have a big and fancy wedding was a bit cruel. :( A girl is only supposed to get married once, after all!

    I really like Luna's new hairstyle. I think it suits her better than the previous one. Devin is an a*s though. I'm actually a little surprised he didn't demand she abort the child. He seems like the kind of person who would do that.

    Btw, I'm really jealous of your unicorn. My game only ever gives me black ones.

    1. I love the Full House roll, it's a great roll. Hawk is only interested in what he wants, and he will trample over anyone/anything to get what he wants.

      I like Luna's hair this way as well. I'm always downloading new hairstyles, and deleting hairstyles, lol Well, Devin went along with it mostly because he likes the sound of having a son, it's an ego thing.

      Most times I get the black unicorn too, I'm glad I got the white one this time. The black one can be hard to get pictures of because it is so dark!

      Thanks for reading and commenting! =)

  5. It worries me so much with Devin the Devil living right next door to poor Luna. There is no way she could get out unless he moved or she did that I can see. What if it's a girl? What will he do about a name then? Geez. And at first I thought she was the one with enough spirit and fire to vanquish dragons like that. Just shows how deep those people can get into the heads of those they want to control.

    Hawk. >:( Manipulative, pretty little jack apple. I wouldn't mind actually hearing all 50 ways Colin thought up to murder him. ;)

    1. Devin wouldn't be happy if Luna had a girl, would probably blame it on her as well, and punish her for it in some fashion. So let's hope she has a boy! She does have a lot of spirit---especially when it comes to her art and all---but her personal life is filled with insecurities. Which of course, Devin preys on. I also wanted to show that it is not always what we think of as *weak* women who end up in abusive relationships.

      Haha, pretty little jack apple! I just learned a new word (had to look that up, lol) Colin is very creative---he might not stop at 50! :P

      Thank you for reading Sunny, and for commenting! =)

  6. I'm not sure who I'm more afraid for out of Luna and Skye, Devin's a nasty abusive git and I do hope Luna somehow manages to see what he's doing to her, but Hawk is scary and manipulative and I dread to think what he has planned for Skye once he manages to get a child from her

    1. Both of them are in trouble that's for sure. As for which situation is worse, well, only time will tell!

      Thanks for reading Ali, and for your comments! =)

  7. Alrighty, I've sat down to read this at least a half dozen times. Maybe I can finish it this time!

    The proposal from, if we didn't know what we know about him, that would've been so romantic. Interesting that he couldn't see the horse was actually a unicorn. I wonder what the significance of that is. Too bad she interpreted it as a sign that fairy tales are real and agreed to elope :( I can only imagine how Colin might have handled the news of a wedding if he'd had a chance to stop it from happening.

    Dev is such a tool! D: Tanner reminds me of Shane in these pics <3
    Interesting that Hawk had a moment there, thinking of his wife as beautiful.

    *snort* Devin, soft, kind, caring? Not in the same sentence.

    Congrats on making it to Generation 8!