Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chapter 24: Best Laid Plans

  Layla refused to move in with Bryce, until they were married.  So they were married quietly in her childhood home.


  Layla was so excited, her dreams were beginning to come true.  She already knew she wanted a house full of children, and absolutely no drama.  She was so tired of her family's dramas.

  She couldn't even say goodbye to her mother without her mother talking to her about her conspiracy theories.  About her Dad's murderer, and how they were getting away with it, and how she was unable to do anything about it.  Layla put her mother on ignore though, smiled and nodded in all the right places, hugged her and made her escape with her new husband as quickly as she could.

    Mina barely looked at the mousy sister of Kit's that was just leaving as Mina was just arriving.  Mina had eyes only for Kit.  They were both grown up now, it was time to put her plan into action.  She hated Moonlight Falls, and wanted out of here in the worst way.  Kit was her ticket to get out of this dump.

  Mina walked into the house without knocking, after all, if she got her way, she would soon be family.   "Kit Darling!"  How convenient that she didn't have to search very far to find him, he was standing in the foyer.

  Kit was just about to walk upstairs, when he heard Mina's voice behind him.  He turned around, and his eyes widened.  Mina had grown up, and she was gorgeous.  He gave her a wolf whistle as he walked towards her.  "New look Mina?  I like it."

  Mina smiled up at him.  "I'm glad you do!" she purred.  Then she abruptly switched gears. "How did your talks with the Bridgeport Panthers go?  Did you get signed on?"

  Kit chuckled at her eagerness.  "We're talking.  I'm also talking with the Moonlight Llamas though.  I haven't decided which way to go."

  "Bridgeport, definitely."  Mina decided for him.

  Kit shook his head.  "I haven't decided yet, Mina.  There is a lot to consider."

  "I know you'll make the right choice in the end."  She wound her arms around him.  "Now, as for you and me..."


  "What about you and me?"  Kit teased her.

  "Kit!  You beast!"

    He chuckled.  "Is this what you are after?"  He pulled away from her, and reached into his pocket and pulled out a diamond engagement ring.  He reached for her hand and slipped it on.

  "Oh, Kit, it's beautiful!" she breathed.  "However did you know which ring I wanted?"

  "I think it was the hundredth and one time you pointed it out to me that I figured out what you wanted."

  Mina snuggled in close to him and threaded her hands into his hair.  She so loved his hair.  "Well, I'm glad you finally listened to me."

  "Oh, I always listen to you Mina.  You are hard to ignore."  He left out the part about how he wouldn't necessarily do what she wanted him to do.

  "Excellent."  She kissed him, and pressed herself closer to him.  A few minutes later, both of them were breathing hard, and Mina had to adjust her clothing some.   "Kit, I think we should get married now."

  Kit was surprised.  "Now?  What about that huge wedding you wanted?  What about.."

  Mina placed her finger over his mouth.  "I know I said all that, but I, I have changed my mind.  I'm allowed to change my mind!" She said.  "I don't want to wait anymore to be your wife.  I have dreamed of being your wife since I first saw you.  And honestly, " she confessed, "I don't want to go to my parents home and sleep alone.  I would rather stay here with you, but only if we are married first.  You'll get no milk for free here mister." Mina teased him.

  Kit shrugged.  "Whatever makes you happy Mina. I'm easy."  he grinned at her.

  "Let's get married!" she said decisively.


  "We are going to have such a wonderful life together in Bridgeport." Mina sighed.

  "Mina, I told you..."

  "Let's not fight Kit.  I have other things I would rather be doing."  She led the way to his, no, their bedroom.  She knew where it was even if she had never actually been in the room. The few times she had stayed over night, she had only peeked into it.  But always his mother was right behind her, wanting to know what she was looking for.  Kit's mother had eyes like an hawk, Mina shuddered, and then put the thought of Kit's family firmly out of her mind.  It was time to reel Kit in, so they could leave this crummy town behind, family and everything.  She didn't want any encumbrances on her new life.

  Mina smiled flirtatiously at Kit, while she pictured what her new house would look like.  The Panthers were the best Professional Football Team in the world, and the paycheck was heavenly.  She could have clothes, cars, maybe even a pool boy.


  Much to Mina's consternation though,  Kit made her forget all about pool boys and clothes, and that was not according to plan.  She was the one in charge, she would make sure to assert her rightful place, sometime later...

  Less than a week later, when she tried to tell him how it would be, they had their first fight.

  "Kit, I have to go over to Don Fury's house to have him sign a contract.  I am so excited that he has decided to join my fledging little business!  Now I will have the two most amazing talents under my managerial control.  You are better than he is, but he is a close second.  He already signed onto the Panthers, what's taking you so long?  I can't wait to travel, see all those other places!  Kit, it is going to be amazing!"

  Kit sighed heavily.  "Mina, I have made up my mind..."

  Mina squealed and kissed him.  "Really?"  Her eyes shone at him.  "Oh I am so happy Kit!  The first place I want to see is France!"

  Kit pealed her arms off of him, and set her gently away from him.  "Mina, listen.  I've decided to go with the Moonlight Llamas, while they are not the number one rated team, they are number five, and the pay is respectable."

  "What!?" she screeched.  "Number five!?  You are a number one player and you're going to settle for a number five team!  And stay here in this backwards hick town!  Kit, that is unacceptable!  I cannot even imagine why you'd want to stay here..."

  "Mina, I've thought this through, from all angles.  And I simply cannot leave my family right now.  Nira is going to need help with raising Rhys, especially with Tristan off to war."

  "That is what her parents are for Kit!"

  "That's another thing, my mother has been acting very odd lately.  She has been fighting with everyone, even Chaine, I am worried about her."

  "That's because you're mother is an evil witch!"  Mina retorted, her temper getting the best of her.  Her eyes flashed.   "I cannot believe you would choose your family, over me, your wife!"

  Kit's eyes flared up, but he held onto his temper.  "Don't talk that way about my mother Mina.  I simply cannot abandon them right now.  There are other," he paused, "things to consider as well.  Things I can't talk about right now.  Maybe in a few years, we could move to Bridgeport, but not right now."

  "How dare you!"  Mina raged.

  "I don't know why you are getting so upset.  It's just a few years, and then I will move wherever you want!"

  "When I am old and feeble, and, all the cute pool boys are gone!"

  "Pool boys?"  Kit said, confused.  "Mina, you're talking nonsense.  Three years from now, you will hardly be old and feeble."

  She glared at him.  "I have an appointment to keep.  This, discussion, will have to wait."  She stormed out of the house, slamming the front door behind her.

  In all the commotion, neither one noticed that little Rhys had a birthday.


  Rylan came up to Kit.  "Woowee!  That was some fight!"

  "Thanks Ry." Kit said irritably.

  "I'm not kid duty today right?  You are?"

  "Yeah, why?

  "Cool, I'm going to a party.  There's going to be college girls there!"

  "College girls?  Why would college girls be at a highschool party?"

  "Because Jimmy, my best friend?  He graduated before me, he's in college.  He's throwing a party and he invited me!  I am so stoked!  College chicks!"

  "When will you be home?"

  "Who are you, my father?"

  Kit sighed.  "No, Ry, I'm your brother, and I worry about you..."

  "You worry too much."  Rylan told him.  "It's a sleep over.  I'll be back in the morning!"  With that, Rylan disappeared.

  "Ry!"  Kit called after him, and went to follow him, but Rhys started to cry.  Kit cursed under his breath, switched directions, and headed for the nursery.  He picked Rhys up, and went to find his brother, but Rylan was long gone.  "That figures."

  Rylan was quickly introduced to all of Jimmy's friends from college.  Natasha though, she stood out the most.  She seemed so sad, and she was drinking rather heavily.  "You're going to wake up with a hangover and regret all those drinks you're slamming down."  Rylan told her, as he sat beside her.  She laughed sadly.  "I will only regret it if it doesn't help me forget what a lying cheating dog that Don is, and how he broke my heart."  She took another drink.

  "Bad break up?" Rylan guessed.

  "Give the man a prize.  Hey--bartender, why don't you get my friend here one of these drinks?" She pointed to the drink she held in her hand.

  Rylan refrained from telling her he was a minor for another few days, and shouldn't be drinking anything that contained liquor.  He did not want to seem uncool, or worse yet, for her to realize he hadn't graduated from highschool yet.  The bartender did as he was asked, and didn't bother to ask Rylan his age either.  Rylan took a cautious sip.  It burned his throat, and he coughed.  He forced himself to finish it, he did not want to look foolish in front of such a pretty girl.  A pretty college girl!  Natasha waved the bartender over, and Rylan's drink was refilled.  He drank some more, and by the third drink, it was actually starting to taste pretty good.

  "Lovely isn't it?" Natasha asked him.  Rylan nodded, and took another drink.  "It's called, Woohoo on the Beach." she giggled.  Rylan choked.  Natasha patted him on the back.  "Are you okay?"

  Rylan nodded his head.  At least, he thought he nodded his head.  Things were a bit woozy.  He groaned to himself, he was such a light weight!  "Maybe we should go for a little walk, and clear our heads."  Natasha giggled again.  She stood up, and swayed.  Rylan stood up too, but he wasn't much steadier.  They made their way through the dancing crowd, into a quiet room.

  Natasha hiccuped.  "Do you think I'm pretty---hey what's your name?"

  "My name is Rylan.  And I think you're beautiful."  He blushed, and Natasha giggled at him again.

  "You're so sweet!" she sighed.  "Why can't I meet a sweet guy for once?  No, I have to date losers like Don..."

  "I thought you were trying to forget him."

  Natasha giggled.  "That's right!  Well, the best way to help me to forget him, is if you kissed me."

  "Kissed you?" Rylan stammered.

  "Yep.  Unlesh you don't find me tractive."

  "No, I.." Rylan shut his mouth.  Here was his chance to kiss a college girl, why was he being a wuss and hesitating?  He leaned forward, and kissed her lightly and quickly on the lips.

  "No, a proper kiss, er, Rylan.  Hmm, you're kinda short ain't ya?  Thaths okay,  I'll just take off my heels, and we'll be closer in height."  She hiccuped, and giggled again as she took her heels off.  But that wasn't all she was removing.  "Kiss me Rylan, I just want to forget."

  Rylan's eyes widened as all of her clothes dropped onto the floor, and she stood in front of him without a stitch of clothing on.  He could hear the sounds of the party going on in the other room.  "Uh, Natasha, there's a party, and someone could..." He couldn't help staring at her though, he had never seen a naked girl before!

  Natasha smiled at him.  "Shy are we?  Don't worry about them, they won't come in here."  She giggled.  "Let me help you out..."  She reached for his shirt, and started to pull it off.

  "Uh, Natasha, I'm not so sure this is a good idea..."

  She kissed him and then whispered in his ear.  "This is an ex, exel, great idea of mine.  Kiss me back Rylan." She pulled his shirt off and reached for his pants.


  Rhys turned out so adorable!  I have never really played with vampires before, but I do wish his skin wasn't that greenish tint.  It is not tinted that way in CAS, or on any of his portrait/relationship pictures, but in game, he is greenish.  Poor kid.

  Rylan and Nira are not very far away from graduating.  Rylan will be a thief, and Nira will write bad romance novels.  lol 


  Next: Chapter 25: No Guarantees


  1. Oh Rylan... why do I get the feeling he's going to regret going to that party? And wow Mina, why the hell are you thinking about pool boys when you've got a husband who looks like THAT? O_o

    You were so right. Rhys is just adorable! I don't see a greenish glow, but by this point I might be used vampires' glow.

    1. Because Mina is superficial, lol, and all about the lifestyle she thinks she deserves. She decided Kit was the one to get it for her, and she is not so happy that he is not doing what she wants!

      The green would have been more noticeable, I think, if I had posted his CAS picture as well. :)

  2. Mina makes me very displeased. I feel very protective of Kit, and this makes me want to punch her in the face. Oh...they're just pixels, you say? Well forming attachments to pixels is perfectly normal. Right??!

    And Rhys is such a cute toddler!!

    1. *is attached to pixels* Of course it is normal! :P


  3. Mina is a nasty selfish piece of work! Poor Kit *hugs him*

    Why do I have the feeling that the party is not going to end well for Rylan?

    Finally, Rhys is adorable

  4. That she is!

    As for Rylan, that'll be next chapter. :)


  5. Mina is incredibly shallow, I feel bad for Kit. But at least he is able to put his foot down when it matters.

  6. Mina is very shallow and self-centered. Everything is supposed to be about her, where Kit is the opposite. :)

  7. I knew I didn't like her! Mina, what a selfish bitch! And calling Layla mousy... She's crazy!

    Kit, though... Gosh, I love him. He is beautiful! Like... wow! Layla too... Ethan sure makes pretty babies! Sorry, I'm superficial like that, lol. =P

    I'm excited to see where you take this all. =)

  8. Thanks! Ethan does have beautiful children! I wish he could have had more!

    (I'm superficial like that as well! lol)

  9. Yes, Ethan's children really turned out fabulous. I don't blame Layla for wanting to escape the drama though.

    Mina is really annoying and I don't see how Kit fell for her so hard, but perhaps its not evident yet how that will play out!

  10. Layla doesn't like drama, she rolled the wish to move out. lol It was fate---

    Mina is annoying, I agree, but Kit doesn't see it. :)