Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chapter 25: No Guarantees

  Mina fumed to herself the whole way over to Don Fury's house.  When she arrived and jumped out of her car, she put her happy face on.  There was a man standing outside the house, talking on the phone, he was wearing a Green Llama jacket.  When he saw her, he ended his call abruptly and walked over to her.  "Mina!  Welcome!"

  "Hello Don!  Thanks for meeting with me to sign these contracts.  We've got some things to go over as well.   Is there some place we could go to talk privately?"

    "Sure.  At the moment, my roommates are home, it's kind of noisy in the house.  How about we talk in the shop?"

  Mina shrugged.  "Okay."  She followed him into his shop, which was just a fancy word for garage.  Once inside she turned to face him.  "How do you feel about traveling?" she asked abruptly.  "For things like promotions, photo ops, visit a sick kid in the hospital, things that will increase your celebrity, which in turn will make you more money."

  "Sounds great!"  Don enthused.  "I love to travel."

  "Me too." Mina said wistfully.  "I am sorry to tell you, that it appears I won't actually be moving to Bridgeport.  So most of our communications will have to be by phone.  I will have to look around here in this..." she paused, " charming little backwater and try to find an appropriate place for an office."

  "Really?  I am sad to hear that Mina.  Did the house you were buying fall through?"

  "No.  My husband fell through!" she said angrily.   "We were supposed to move out of this town, but he has decided that he can't leave his family."

  "His family?" Don questioned.  "Aren't you his family?"

  "Exactly!"  Mina smiled at Don.  "Unfortunately he doesn't see it that way.  He puts his mother and siblings wishes over mine!  His wife!  Unbelievable.  Well, you don't want to hear all of that."  She smiled charmingly at him.

  "Well, he doesn't deserve you, that's for sure!  If you still have the house, I don't see why you couldn't just commute back and forth.  Spend every other weekend at home."

  "Of course he doesn't deserve me." Mina said, then she paused, "Every other weekend?  Why not every weekend?"

  "Contacts Mina!  I remember all of your goals that you had, that is what attracted me to your business in the first place.  I thought to myself, Don, this girl is going places!  I need her to help me manage my career, so that I'll go places to.  I play great football, but I am terrible at making real life decisions, like money and all."

  Mina sighed.  "Don, you almost make it sound like it could be done.  But it's no good.  I needed Kit by my side, to introduce me to the Celebrities he would meet while playing for the Bridgeport Panthers.  He chose the Green Llamas." She cringed.  "There isn't anyone noteworthy on that lame team."

  "The solution is simple, Mina."

  "Really?  Do tell."  Mina wondered exactly when Don had moved in closer to her.  She also wondered why she hadn't noticed how broad his shoulders were, or how incredibly good looking he was.

  "I'll be your date, platonic of course, if that is what you wish, "he winked at her, "and I'll introduce you around.  It'll be fun."


  "You do remember that I am married, right?"  Mina leaned a little closer to him.

  "To a guy that doesn't appreciate you!"  Don told her.  "I would definitely appreciate you."  He let his eyes wander leisurely down her body.

   "You wouldn't have any problem with sleeping with a married woman?" Mina asked him.

  "You wouldn't have any problem sleeping with me even though you are married?" he countered.


  "My roommates should be gone by now, they had a concert to go to tonight.  Should we take this inside?"

  Mina sighed.  "Not tonight." she said regretfully.  She placed her hand on him, and lightly caressed his chest.  "I would love to stay, but unfortunately, I have a few other client meetings set up tonight..."  Don trapped her hand, and brought her fingers to his lips and kissed them.  Mina smiled at him, then pulled her hand away.  " and I am always business before pleasure." She warned him.

  Don chuckled.  "I look forward to our next business meeting, Mina, because I love mixing business with pleasure..."

  "Until next time, then."

  "Until next time."

  Mina smiled to herself as she drove to her next meeting.  Revenge sex sounded like a perfect way to get back at Kit, for crushing her dreams.  When she got home later that night, she ignored Kit entirely, and went straight to bed.

  Kit sighed.  He would wait to talk to her until the morning.  Maybe she would be in a more reasonable frame of mind.  He could only hope.  The best he could come up with, is maybe they could rent an apartment or something in Bridgeport, and spend part of their time there.  He knew it wasn't exactly what she wanted, but he hoped it may help her wait a few years before they moved there permanently.  Hopefully he would have the issue of his father and all of that finished with by then.  Hopefully his mother would be back to her old self.  Hopefully Tristan would be back, and hopefully Rylan would be settled.  He had a lot of hopes, Kit realized, and no guarantees.

  The next morning Rylan found himself rudely awakened by his clothes hitting him in the face.  "Get dressed." Natasha hissed at him.  "People are waking up, they could come in here at any time."

  Rylan groaned as he tried to sit up.  His head spun, and his stomach threatened to rebel all over his clothes.  He held his stomach in check, barely, while he quietly dressed.  He was having a hard time processing what had happened last night.

  "I cannot believe I slept with a kid!"  Natasha groaned.  "I should be shot!"

 "I'm not a kid." Rylan said irritably.  "I graduate in a few days."

  Natasha snorted in disgust.  "I am never touching another alcoholic drink in my life, ever!" She swore.  "It turns me into some kind of..."

   "I am not a kid."  Rylan repeated.

  "I don't even think we used protection!" Natasha wailed, not even paying attention to Rylan.

  Rylan turned green.  "Protection?" he whispered, then he covered his mouth and ran for the nearest toilet.  Where he heaved his guts, lungs, and spleen out.

  One of Kit's hopes died quickly when he attempted to talk to Mina first thing in the morning.  She was not in a reasonable mood.  She only stared coldly at him, mute.  "Well, this is a discussion Mina.  It works better if you participate."  Kit told her irritably.  He was trying, but she was being so...difficult.

  Mina laughed bitterly.  "An apartment?  Are you kidding me?  I want a house Kit.  In Bridgeport. "

  "I know you do Mina."  Kit said patiently, "I don't have a problem with that.  I'll gladly move wherever you want.  I just want to wait for a couple of years, my family still needs me..."

  "I'm the only family of yours that matters Kit."  Mina said frostily.

  Kit clenched his teeth.  "You are hardly being fair Mina!  Family, ALL of my family, even YOUR family, means a lot to me.  Family is the most important thing in the world.  It would be, it would be against my very nature to just leave town!  You have no idea what I'm going through, the pressure..."

  Mina said nastily, "My family?  They are a bunch of stupid leaches that I can't wait to get rid of, and your family, your family, is...I don't have time for this.  I have a doctor's appointment in twenty minutes.  No, don't bother, I don't want you there.   I have this horrible feeling I am expecting your brat, which is going to totally ruin my figure, as if you hadn't ruined enough for me!"  She stalked out of the room and headed for her car. 

  Kit put his head in his hands.  What happened to the girl he thought he had married, Kit wondered.  This Mina, was nothing like that one.  This Mina he would have avoided at all costs.  This Mina was also really starting to tick him off.  Kit put a lid on his temper though, it would serve no purpose to join her in the mud.  If what she said was true, he really would be tied to her for life.  He wanted to kick himself, if only they had kept the plans for a big wedding.  Maybe Mina would have shown her true colors in time for him to catch on.

  Kit groaned.  He was such an idiot.

  "Uh, Natasha, if, your, well, you know, then, I'll, you know..."  Rylan sputtered over his words.  He wished he had stayed home last night, he felt bad for how he had snapped at Kit.

  Natasha stared at him.  "Go home Rylan, I'll let you know."

  Mina rang the doorbell, and waited impatiently for him to answer.  She was not in the best of moods, the doctor had confirmed that she was pregnant.  She was absolutely furious with Kit, on top of everything else she had to endure, she had one more thing to add.  A brat.

  Don answered the door, his charming smile in place.  "Mina.  What a lovely surprise.  I wasn't expecting you until tonight." She swept past him.  "I see that something has ruffled your feathers."

  "I could bloody well kill him!" she seethed.

  "The husband, I assume."

  "Kit!  He made me pregnant!  I don't want children, or any hindrances of any kind.  This will set me back years!  Years!  How can I get away to Bridgeport and get my business running if I have a snot nosed brat hanging onto me?  My life is ruined!" she said tearfully.

  "It's not all that bad."  Don tried to console her.

  "It's horrendous!  I am sorry to be dumping this on you, we haven't even slept together yet.  You probably wouldn't want to sleep with a fat pregnant lady!"

  "Well, from where I'm standing, you still look hot.  The pregnancy, temporary.  The kid, temporary.  Dump the kid with the father, then come with me to Bridgeport."


  "What a wonderful idea Don!  I wish you had moved here earlier, I would have married you instead of Kit."

  Don laughed lightly.  "I don't know about that Mina.  I'd make a terrible husband.  But as for a lover..." he grabbed her and pulled her in for a long kiss.  "Are you staying the night?"

  "I'd love to."


  So Mina is not so nice, lol.  SP gives me notices like this:

  I've received several notices kind of like the one above since she was a teen.  I knew then, Mina was not going to be good for Kit.  Silly Kit though, he kept rolling the want to kiss her/marry her, etc.  Mina though, wants to learn the sign of and kiss everyone she meets.  Heartless sim!

  Don is actually a remake of Don Lothario, by doren, and he can be found here: Don Lothario  She did a great job!

  As to the challenge---I had to rework my original plan when Nira ended up pregnant.  I have woohooer risky set ridiculously low, but somehow she managed to get pregnant right away.  I wanted all 3 potential heirs to be about the same age, so I had to accelerate a few things, lol

  I'm on a short chapter roll---there's more drama to come---

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  1. Well, Don is a looker. o.o

    I felt kind of bad for Rylan.

    1. Yes, doren did a great job on the remake. My pics simply don't do him any justice!

      Ah yes Rylan, he got a little more than he was expecting, lol.

  2. xD Every time you mention how Nira got pregnant so quickly I can't hep but lol. It'll be fun to see the boys' kids though.

    1. Yeah--I had to disable pregnancy on her through SP--make sure they don't have any more kidlets. :)

  3. Mina irks me. Like, I think I may hate her. She's just so... Terrible and mean and wrong for Kit.

    I really hope she does dump him though so he can find a nice, sweet girl to be with. He deserves better than her.

  4. Mina is very abrasive, and very easy to dislike! Kit does deserve better than her. Whether that happens or not---remains to be seen---

  5. Blech. Mina makes me feel violently ill. I hope she can't lose the baby weight and ends up fat and alone. Huff.

  6. lol That would be one of her worst nightmares! :) Add poor to that, and she would be very unhappy indeed!

  7. Mina is such a nasty spoiled self-centred brat! Poor Kit, being stuck with her.

  8. Kit does have his hands full dealing with her. :)

  9. Kit can't possibly want to stay with her after this ...outcome, whatever that will be. I'm feeling better now that her true colors are really coming out. Kit may have made a mistake getting with her so rapidly, but he's not stupid. :)

  10. Yeah, Kit isn't stupid, but he was blind to her for a while. :)