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Chapter 58: I Love You More

  Katarina had not lived very long in the Kahekili household, but she already knew who to fear.


  It was a pity, because she really liked Alder.  He made her laugh, and he always had time to help her out, or listen to her problems about finding work or another place to stay.  He assured her that she could stay as long as she liked, his son didn't seem to care one way or another, but his wife, she seemed to care a great deal.  But she would never come out and say it.

  For the most part Katarina would stay out of Spring's way.  Katarina loved to cuddle the chicks in the coop, and gather the eggs, she would even yell at the mean ole nasty rooster whenever he came out and tried to peck at her hands.

     She and Alder would tell each other jokes, he was surprised at first that she knew so many naughty ones.

    But it didn't take very long before they were competitively trying to out do the other in naughtiness.  Jokes only.

  Her other favorite pass time was to watch Alder try to get himself out of trouble with his wife.

     Spring always seemed to think he was up to something...

  "What are you talking about?"  Spring wanted to know, she eyed the Russian, and then turned her suspicious gaze on her husband.

  "Nothing." he assured her.  "Just the weather."

  "The weather?"

  "It's supposed to rain tomorrow."  Alder added helpfully.


  Spring sighed.   "Why do I not believe you?"  

  Alder shrugged, he had no idea what Spring's problem was.  He was just friends with Katarina, and since committing to Spring he had not cheated once.  Not once.  He still noticed a pretty girl, and still talked to them, because he was not dead, but he never took it further.  He decided a change of subject was needed.  "Are you going to Lia's party with me tonight?  Lia would like to meet Katarina, well, and Cherie for that matter, but Ryder has already said they have other plans."

  "No, I think I'll stay home."  She crossed her arms, and glared at him.

  Alder sighed.  "Spring, you are being ridiculous."

  "Ridiculous!  You think I'm being ridiculous?" She yelled.  "Well, I'll just take my ridiculous self away then."  Alder watched bemused as his wife stormed away.


  "Alder!  Monty!  What are you two doing?"


  "Eating cinnamon."  Alder managed to wheeze out.

  "Aaaaarg!"  Monty gasped.  "My head is gonna explode!"


  "That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of."  Lia declared.  "Why are you two eating cinnamon?"

  "Because we can."  Alder coughed.

  Alyssa groaned.  "Dad!  That is so immature!"


  "Immature!"  Monty complained with a hack.  "Why aren't you saying Alder is immature?  He started it by challenging me!"

  "We already know Alder is immature." Lia pointed out.

  "Hey!"  Alder said, slightly insulted.  He walked over to where Lia was standing, "I'll have you know, I can be very mature." His eyes widened when he finally noticed her and what she was wearing.  "Good gracious!  Lia you're..."

  "Fat." she finished for him.

  "I was going to say healthy."

    Lia rolled her eyes.  "Ha, try selling that to someone who doesn't know you.  I am well aware of your opinion of pregnant women."

  "Congratulations?"  Alder offered, neither confirming nor denying what she said.  Then he noticed that Lia was not the only one that suddenly looked a lot healthier.  "Alyssa too?"

  Alyssa patted her very round tummy.  "Yep Uncle Alder, Mom's baby and mine will be born about the same time."

  "The mind boggles."  Alder responded, then he smiled at Alyssa.  "Congrats kid."

  Katarina wasn't sure what to make of Lia.  Lia had taken one look at her and had started asking all kinds of personal questions, most of them were aimed at Alder, who seemed to just humor her and answer whatever question Lia asked.  Katarina was more private than that, and did not feel so comfortable telling a perfect stranger all about her love life, or lack of one.  Alder had whispered in her ear that is was best to give his sister something, otherwise she would think Katarina had something to hide, and then watch out.

  Katarina had offered a few answers, but not all of them.  She had the feeling that Lia looked at her as something of a puzzle that she must solve.  So Katarina decided it would be best to retreat for a while, and instead she went into a different room and played with the baby, Taeryn.  He was the cutest baby she had ever seen, with his red spiky hair, big green eyes, and blue wings.


  When Taeryn started to get overly tired and fussy, his father rescued Katarina by picking Taeryn up and putting him to bed.  With nothing else to do, she walked back over to where Alder was at.  He was arguing about something with his sister.  Katarina got the feeling that they liked arguing with each other.  She tapped him lightly on the arm, trying to subtly let him know she was ready to leave.  He ignored her, instead he was glaring at his sister, who appeared to be smirking back at him.  Katarina surmised that Lia was winning.

    After several minutes of awkward silence, Katarina couldn't take it, and she said the first thing that came into her head.  "Taeryn is so adorable.  Just holding him and playing with him, makes me really want a baby." she said wistfully.  Suddenly she felt the eyes of everyone in the room rest on her.  She froze, what did she say?

  "See!"  Lia pronounced triumphantly.  "I rest my case."

  "She's not talking about having my kid, Lia."  Alder said irritably.  "Spring is just filling your head with nonsense!"

  "Spring asked me to look into things tonight, and just by Katarina's cagey answers, I can tell that Katarina is really into you.  You..."

  "Oh for goodness sake."  Alder groaned.  "We're friends, that's all.  Spring is blowing everything all out of proportion, I swear, she's been unreasonable ever since her birthday!"  Alder said crossly.  "She rants over the smallest things, then cries and begs my forgiveness, then she hauls off and slaps me for no good reason, and that's within ten minutes.  I can't keep up with her moods."


  "Hey Ryder."  Cherie said nervously.  "Since we're all alone and everything..."

  Ryder moved closer to her, a twinkle in his eye.  "Yeah?"


   "I have some news.  I took a pregnancy test today, and hey, congratulations, you're going to be Dad."  She swallowed, looked at him expectantly, and waited to see how he would react.

  Ryder's grin froze on his face.  Did he just hear what he thought he heard?


  Cherie started talking, and she couldn't seem to stop.  "I've been feeling sick for a while but I thought it was just the flu you know?  It's been going around the Hospital, and I know I've been tired, but well, I'm up all these hours.  And I had really hoped to be married before I had kids, and I just know that if my mother was still alive she would be so disappointed in me.  She told me wait until you're married Cherie, but I didn't listen and now..."

  Ryder was only partially listening to Cherie's overflow of words.  Most of his brain power was still stuck on the I'm going to be a Dad part.  He was going to be a Dad.  "I'm going to be a Dad."  he whispered in wonderment.  He smiled at Cherie.  "I'm going to be a Dad." he told her.


  "Um, yeah, that is what I was saying...ooomph."  Her words were cut off as Ryder suddenly hauled her into his arms and kissed her passionately.

  When they came up for air, he smiled tenderly at her.  "I love you."

  She threaded her fingers through his hair and smiled back.  "Je t'aime plus, I love you more."


  He grinned at her.  "I beg to differ, I love you more."  Before she could argue, he dropped down to one knee.  "I adore you, Cherie, and you would make me the happiest and proudest of men if you would agree to marry me, and make us into a family.  You, me, and this baby.  Marry me Cherie."

  "Ryder are you sure?  I know I was babbling about..."

  "I've never been more sure of anything."

  "Yes, I'll marry you!" she squealed happily, and she held out her hand for him to place the ring on.


   Ryder stood up, and held his arms out, she eagerly walked into them, wrapping her arms around him.   "Can we get married in a church?" she asked softly.

  "Wherever you want." he answered her.  "You can have a bachelorette party..."

  Cherie shook her head no.  "I'd rather not.  I haven't really had time to make many friends besides you Ryder, and I've not been feeling well besides.  I would rather skip the party."

  "If that's what you want."  Ryder hesitated, then said, "There's no way I'm going to get out of a Bachelor party though." He apologized.  "My Dad will be all over it, the best I can hope for is that Niall can help tone it down, there's not much Dad likes more than a party."

  Cherie chuckled.  "Your father is so funny, and he's been nothing but kind to me, I wouldn't dream of ruining his fun."

  "Just remember you said that."  Ryder said wryly.

  An hour later, after celebrating all of their good news, Ryder texted his brother.

  *Bro---jst askd C to mry me.  C said yes*  Ryder waited for a response, and he didn't have long to wait.

  **No kdng?  Grats bro. Parents must be thrilled**

  *P don't know yet.  Need you on Dad duty*

  **Dad duty? >.< **

  *Yes plz.  Wedding in 2 wks, so need 2 do bach party soon*

  **What's the rush?**

  *I'm gonna B a Dad*


  *Yep.  C wants to marry rght away b4 she showing 2 much*

  **Grats again!!  Brady will B happy 2 finally have a cos 2 play w**

  *Thxs bro.  U got Dad duty rght?*

  **Yeah I got Dad.  Will get Paeris 2 help 2.**

  *Sounds good.*

  Ryder slipped his phone back into his pocket.  His head was still swimming.  He was going to be a Dad, and he was getting married!!!



  Niall and Paeris decided to hold Ryder's bachelor party at Mick's Bar, it was the most popular bar in town.  Ryder attended his classes, went home long enough to change clothes, and then he headed for Mick's to meet up with everyone.


  "Dude!  Nice outfit!."  Ryder grinned.

  Paeris looked down at his clothes sheepishly.  "So I was half asleep when I got dressed today.  Having kids will do that to you!"


    Ryder glanced over to see what his father was up to, and it appeared that Niall was giving their father the talk---again.


  "Okay Dad, listen, are you listening?  Cause you don't look like your listening?"

  "Of course I'm listening, I always listen to what my kids say.  You're not going to go over those boring rules again are you?"  Alder asked Niall suspiciously.

  "Dad, I just want to make sure we are all on the same page.  No adding diuretics to drinks, no adding a dash of chili spice either, in fact, no adding of anything to our drinks, or food!  No chattering teeth, no tummy twisters, skivies, hot heads, and for the love of toads, no toads and gold tricks either.  Puking up toads is not funny Dad, I see that twinkle, not funny Dad."


  "I have no idea of what you speak of."  Alder said, with a slight smile.

  "Dad."  Niall warned. 

  "Fine.  Kill joy." Alder muttered.  Then he brightened up, and before Niall could utter another word...


  He sprayed Niall all over with Fuzzy Nectar.  "Woohoo!" he shouted gleefully.  "Nectar, not on the list."

  Monty started laughing, Niall gave him the look as Nectar dripped off him.  Monty laughed harder, until...


    "Oh no!  Alder don't you dare..."


  Alder always dares...


  Ryder just shook his head and smiled.  His Dad would never change.


  Paeris got into the spirit of things, and changed his outfit.  He didn't like those clothes anyway.


  Besides that, by stripping to his underwear, he gave himself less dirty laundry.


  "I tried Bro."  Niall said.

  Ryder grinned at his brother, who grinned back.  "Hey, he's stayed away from the potions, and nobody has puked up a dozen toads, I say Operation: Dad was a success!"


    "Okay!  Okay!  Everyone gather around!  I've got this toast thing covered!"  Alder said loudly.


  "Ahem" He cleared his throat.  "As you slide down the banisters of life, may the splinters never point the wrong way.  May you never stink as bad as a yeti, may..."  Alder was interrupted by a chorus of groans.


    "A yeti Dad?  Really?"  Niall asked.

  Ryder interrupted his brother.  "Dad, tell me you didn't hire a dancing girl."  Ryder said as he saw a girl dressed in a skimpy military uniform show up and give him the eye.


  "Of course I didn't"  Alder said, affronted.  "I hired two." He grinned.  Moments later Ryder saw the second girl come running up, she was dressed in the same outfit as the first girl.  "Come on girls, let's take this party inside."  Alder hooted.

  Once inside, the girls turned on the spotlights and the music and they began to dance.  Alder enthusiastically cheered them on.


  Ryder had to laugh; his Dad and his bright ideas.  He wondered how long it had taken his father to find identical twin dancers.



  Notes:  Another chapter down!  Yay!  Took me a few days longer because I got sidetracked by Elf Fantasy Digital Art---so many cool pictures!  I spent hours!  Hours looking at google images of elves and things, lol

  So---Gen 7 is already on the way.  Earlier than I wanted, what are the chances that one risky woohoo (3% success rate) would result in a baby?  Well---chances were really good, since that was all it took and Cherie was pregnant.

  Cherie was their maid for a couple of weeks(for Hidden Heritage roll), but since Ryder rolled couple, I moved her in earlier so I could start working on her Medical degree, which is how she ended up going to college.  I was trying out the homeworld University---which was horridly glitched.  Since Ryder has nothing else really to do besides play in the dumpster and play on his phone---I keep sending him to class, hopeful that it will get better.

  Katarina is a roommate---I don't control her at all.  She goes around with a perpetual stink cloud.  The girl NEVER showers!  She and Alder are great friends (and that is all!).  Spring is just going through a midlife crisis and she has all these mean wants and desires, lol  Spring is also living dangerously, she has taken to ranting about death!

  Alder had too much fun at the party.  He was spraying everyone with nectar, dancing, throwing wood and test tube bottles into the bonfire, and when he gave the toast---he started talking about yetis!?  The funny things sims talk about.

  All the girls around Alder got the little pink hearts, lots of Alder thought bubbles, and lots of flirts, he still has it, lol :P

 Taeryn is adorable.  He has siblings now, and they are adorable too.  Also, the grandparents (lol) Talfryn and Evie are expecting baby #5 I think it is---so SP has been good to them! =)


  1. Poor Katerina, she doesn't know what she's landed in with this family! I hope Spring's going to be ok and won't either screw up her marriage with Alder by not trusting him or get herself taken by Death for ranting too much...

    Ryder and Cherie were so cute, especially Ryder's reaction to learning she was pregnant

    1. Katarina is figuring things out pretty quickly though, lol I hope Spring stays okay too, that ranting is bound to get her into trouble!

      Ha ha, yeah Ryder went around for the next couple of days after Cherie announced her pregnancy doing that happy idle. Big grin and clapping. I thought he was too cute! =)

  2. Katarina is funny, and probably smart to be in fear of Spring. Her passtime of watching Alder try to get out of trouble is hilarious! Alder really is a fun character, I can see why you like to write him =) Him and Spring are great together, even if she has to put up with a lot of immaturity, as Alyssa aptly put it. Well I guess she actually said that of Claudio, and Claudio blamed it on Alder, lol. Alder's advice to Katarina about Lia was spot-on too! Don't act like you have something to hide, girl, Lia will sniff it out!

    It's so nice to see Lia pregnant...the thought of more Monty spawn make me happy <3

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    1. Alder will never totally grow up, it just isn't in his character, lol At least he leaves the kid toys alone, unlike his mother Elly. >.<

      Yes, it was always lovely to have more Monty spawn running around. He is such a neat sim! <3

      Alder does love his little pranks, lol :P

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    1. If there's trouble around, you can be sure Alder is in the middle of it, lol His family is used to him, Spring did great with him until she hit her mid life crisis. Now everyone avoids her, because she is just mean! I hope once it is over---she loses the meanness, lol

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      I love Alder too, not that is is obvious or anything, lol
      Katarina is fun to watch, but I sure wish she would take a shower every once in a while!
      That is what happens when most of my sims end up with the Family Oriented trait. For the most part the traits are randomized, and they get that one a lot. Which means they always start on their families before I am ready!! Oh well, Gen 7 baby is cute. But that's for next chapter...

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