Sunday, May 26, 2013

Chapter 59: Traditions

  It was Ryder and Cherie's wedding day, and Ryder not only had to keep an eye on his dad, but also on his mother too, since she had been going through some sort of a midlife crisis thing.  She was apt to be hysterically crying one moment, and trying to knock your head off the next moment, and at this very moment she was raging against his sister Reagan.  So Ryder made a beeline for his mother to remind her to be nice, and that poking, yelling, calling names, and slapping people, was simply not cool.


  Ryder was happy to see that his brother Mike was able to make it to his wedding.  Ryder had to grin to himself, his predictions to his half siblings had come to pass, for they all knew their Grandma Elly very well now, and they all feared her zealous fervor over marriage and family.  Ryder was thankful that he would officially be off his Grandmother's hit list once he was married to Cherie, but Grandma Elly already had her next target in sight.  Mike.  He almost felt bad for his brother.  Almost.

  After he had a few words with his mother, and got her promise to be nice, Ryder went outside to talk to his brother Niall.  "Niall, I've already talked to Mom and asked her to be nice, I need you to keep an eye on Dad, and please keep him away from the juice!  You know Dad and juice is just a really bad combination.  I want this wedding to be perfect for Cherie."

   "I've got it Ryder.  Relax, it's your wedding day too."

  "I know, I know, but with Dad being Dad, and Mom being, not so nice, I'm just..."

  "Relax Ryder."  Niall smiled.  "It'll be fine.  Now go chill out, maybe you should have some juice, it might help you calm down some."


 True to his word, Niall escorted the parents to their seats, and told them as respectfully as he could, "Okay Mom, Dad, I need you two to stay right here, okay?  We're just waiting on the rest of our crazy family to show up, and I really need you two to behave yourselves.  This day is about your son, Ryder. And Cherie.  Not you.  Okay?"

 Alder grunted.  He wasn't too happy about it, but he complied for Ryder's sake. Spring however, merely nodded her head, and then contemplated the many ways a person could die, or be killed.

 Alyssa hated to be late for anything, so she made sure that she and Paeris were there early, that and she didn't want to miss a thing.

  Elly beamed.  She was just so thrilled that her grandson, Ryder, was getting married today.  One more grandchild she could cross off her list.  Now to work her magic on Mike, who was just being stubborn, like his father had been for so many years.  She would win, she always did.  Mike would soon find that out for himself.

  Reilly, on the other hand was just glad to see that his grandson was happy, he thought Cherie was a good match for Ryder.  Brains and Beauty.

  Reagan made sure she was on the opposite side of the room from Spring, she wasn't taking any chances.


   Mike felt his Grandmother's laser eyes boring into his skull, but he did his best to ignore her. 


  Once everyone had finally arrived the ceremony started.  Since Cherie's father couldn't make it,  Monty stood in his stead and walked the bride down the aisle.



  Ryder and Cherie Kahekili (and baby) :



  Cherie no longer worked as a maid, she didn't have the energy for it.  She kept up with her classes though, and put her part time job at the Hospital on hold until after the baby was born.


   She was in the middle of an important test, when the first labor pains hit.  She did her best to quickly finish the test, and then asked to be excused early.  The Professor took one look at her, and quickly agreed.  Cherie had to stop every so often, whenever a really intense pain hit, so her progress home was slow.


  She was determined though that her baby would be born at home.  Her grandmother had been born at home, her mother had been born at home, and she had been born at home.  Cherie wanted to make sure that tradition was kept, so, no matter what, she was going to make it home before her child made it out.

  She barely made it into the yard when she nearly doubled over from the most intense pain she had ever felt.  She had run out of time, her baby was coming now!


   She gave birth to her daughter, Noelle, in the middle of the front yard, but at least her daughter had been born at home, on a magical night.


   Ryder immediately fell in love with his daughter.  She was the prettiest baby he had ever seen.


   Ryder wasn't the only Kahekili male enraptured by Noelle.  She had her grandpa's heart too.  He was a little more playful with her though, tossing her in the air, and Noelle would giggle and wave her arms around.


  Alder thought the sun rose and set on Noelle, and he carried her around with him everywhere he went.



Cherie went right back to her studies after having Noelle.  She studied hard, and she also worked on her Thesis.  Having a child greatly complicated her life, but she was not going to give up on her dream to be a doctor.



  Ryder had been worried that he hadn't earned a high enough grade to graduate and get his degree.   He hadn't been getting much sleep since Noelle had been born.  The lack of sleep had made it a lot harder for him to concentrate on his studies and get his homework completed in a timely manner.  He was almost afraid to look at his report card, he carefully opened it...


  ...and he had to look at it twice.

  Had he read that right??

  He had!  He'd not only passed his tests with flying colors, but he'd also made the Dean's List!  Unbelievable!  He shouted, temporarily forgetting that he was in the men's restroom at University.

  Ryder graduated that Saturday with honors and received his degree in Communications.  His blog was doing really well, and it would only get better now with all the knowledge he had gained from University.



 Alder bragged about his granddaughter to anyone who would listen, most times that was Katarina.


 Now that Ryder no longer had classes to go to, he was available to spend more time with his daughter, once he was able to wrest her away from his Dad anyway.


  Noelle was a happy, easy to please, contented baby, and that didn't change when she grew into a toddler.



   "Once our daughter gets a little older, " Ryder whispered into Cherie's ear one night, "I say we leave her with my folks and take a little mini vacation.  Just you and me."

  "That sounds heavenly." Cherie agreed.


   "Until then," Ryder whispered suggestively, "We can pretend we are on vacation, and have a little fun.  Let's use one of the bedrooms that no one uses, we can pretend it's our hotel room."

  "Lead the way."  Cherie murmured back.



  In a fit of pique one afternoon, Spring destroyed Alder's beloved guitar.  He was still ticked at her, and he refused to talk to her.  Alder took out his frustrations with his wife, onto the piano, that had, until then, sat unused upstairs.  Spring had apologized multiple times, but Alder ignored her.  Enough was enough already.  Destroy his guitar?!  That was, that was...sacrilegious! 

  Spring still hung around him though.  She listened to him thump on the piano keys, and she hoped he would relent soon and speak to her again.

   Noelle loved listening to her grandpa's music.  She crawled over to him, and tugged on his pant's leg.  "Up!  Up!"  Alder stopped playing and pulled her up onto his lap.  Noelle reached out with her chubby fingers and plunked on the keys too.  She giggled, delighted.  She reached out again, plunk! Plunk! Plunk! She giggled some more.  Alder laughed, and he plunked the keys right along with her.

  Noelle also loved it when her Daddy would dress her into warm clothes and take her outside to play in the snow with him, until she started to shiver.  The best part was when they got back inside, and she got lots of cuddles to help her warm up.  She loved her Daddy.



  Ryder was a little disappointed that he and Cherie would have to postpone their vacation a little longer, while he was thrilled with the reason why.  Cherie had told him that their mini celebration had left them with a little souvenir, she was expecting again.


 Cherie continued to work really hard on her Thesis.  This second child would slow down her goal of becoming a doctor, but it would not stop her.


   Ryder loved to spend time with his wife, but she was always so busy.  So he came up with a solution.  He moved his treadmill upstairs so that he could work out while she was doing her Thesis research, yet they were still spending their time together.

  Life settled into a hectic, if not comfortable routine. Time flew by quickly, and before any of them were ready for it, Noelle had another birthday.


  Notes:  Buckley's dress looks cute on her I think. =)  Thanks for uploading a cute little girl's dress Buckley!

  Reilly is old. *sad face*  I saved him from his awful old man wardrobe/hair though! =)  Elly is still a young adult, she is going to be around to terrorize generations upon generations of Kahekilis, lol 

  Ryder has completed one Social Networking challenge--he has found 25 sims using the Sim Finder App.  He is still working on the transmorgifying relationships one.  The third challenge has to do with selling 5 blogs, which he cannot do, since he can only make money by dumpster diving.  But his LTW is to have a 5 star blog and reach level 10 social networking skill.  The skill part is completed, he is just working on the blog part.  It is a slow tedious process!  Especially since I ran into a glitch that whenever he gets reset, his next post causes him to lose followers, even if they thought it was amazing.  I find it annoying!  lol  He almost has 2 stars, so he has a ways to go yet! 

  The wedding was a pain in the petusky.  I have sworn never to do one of those again (until I forget I swore this anyway, lol)!  It was all glitchy, the wedding was at Noon, but it wasn't until 6 or 7 pm I finally got them married.  I ended up deleting the arch, doing the private ceremony interaction, and adding the arch back to make it look like it was there the whole time.  I also had sims, for whatever reason, changing out of their formal wear, and into everyday or outside wear.  *grumbles*

  Also, ignore the fact that Niall is on the wrong side of the arch (he should be standing next to his brother, but I wasn't paying attention! Drat!).  I thought about not using that pic of Monty and Cherie because of it, but I liked it so much, I went ahead and used it.  It is such a Monty thing to do, step in where needed, because her Dad was unable to make the wedding. <3

  Alder literally took Noelle everywhere.

   I would tell him to put her down and then send him to a park or something----and he would neglect to put her down. A little while later I'd be like---where's the baby???  Click on her picture, and there Alder was---strolling along with Noelle.  I have to remind him---Noelle is Ryder's baby---not his.  But I don't think he is listening, lol

  Wedding Outtakes:

   Alder: "I have arrived!"


Cherie: "Um, can I get a do-over?"
 Ryder: "Not again!"

 Ryder and Niall: "Mom, Dad, we're watching you!"

 Alder: "Must. Behave."

  Lia: "I know what you're thinking Alder!"


Short chapter, especially for me.  Short but sweet, I say, lol 

  Thanks for reading! =)


  1. Aw, Noelle is cute and I love the way Alder wanted to carry her around everywhere! I really like the way you're writing Cherie's career (or career plans), it makes it seem so much more real than the way EA set up that particular career.

    1. Thanks Ali! =) It does take an insane amount of time to actually become a doctor, so I am trying to make it seem that way story wise.

      Alder has a better relationship with Noelle than her mother, lol Poor Cherie is a slave to the Research station and her work atm.

  2. Noelle is cute and it's funny how Lady Man Alder takes his granddaughter everywhere

    1. Thanks Misty! =) Alder loves kids, he's always been the first to autonomously take care of their needs, I just wasn't expecting him to keep taking off with her, lol

    2. That wasn't me--unless their name is Misty too =D

    3. Doh! Name fail, lol I knew that---really! :P Sorry! =)

  3. Wow, that's one helluva formal Spring has O_O where did you get it from?

    "Alder took out his frustrations with his wife, onto the piano, that had, until then, sat unused upstairs."

    ...I'm not the only one who took this to mean he fucked her on the piano, right...?

    1. It's a long coat made by DarkNighT on TSR (it's free), it can be found here:

      LOL, not exactly what I was thinking, but it could definitely be something that Alder would think. :P His guitar disappeared, no idea where it went. Spring has been stalking him with her megaphone, and her Diva side is really showing up, so all their interactions lately have ended negatively.

    2. Fantastic, thanks! I know a certain attention whore who would love to wear a recoloured version of that >_>.

      LOL yeah. What you went with makes more sense mind is a dirty dirty place. :P
      Poor Alder though with the microphone harassment! Not giggling at that at all. Honest.

  4. Aw! Alder and Noelle make a cute couple! He should totally still take her everywhere he goes. I'm betting the chicks would really dig the rockstar who dotes on his granddaughter. lol

    Horray for getting your wedding done too! Uh, if you really want to there's a pretty easy way to farm followers to get your blog stars up faster. Find a relationship that decays into old friend and then do a single interaction so that they're no longer old friend and then do the 'gotta blog about' thingy. Then do a mean interaction to pop the relation back down and apologize and bring it back up to barely friend status and you'll get another 'gotta blog about' moodlet to use to get another 60+. Then rinse and repeat. It's tedious, but it'll bring it up a lot faster.

    1. Thanks Sunny! I think they are so cute together, I know I've always adored my grandparents. Spring is a bit stuck on herself lately, but Alder more than makes up for it! There is something about a guy and a baby...I totally should have bought them a stroller~~oh well. Maybe next time! :P

      There will be lots more Alder/Noelle next chapter, because they are really close. =)

      Thanks for the tip on blogs, I may look into doing that later. Atm, I only have him posting once a day, so it is not surprising it is taking so long, lol

  5. I'm glad you kept the shot of Claudio walking Cherie down the aisle <3 So like him to do that, too. My goodness, Ryder's parents were a handful at the wedding! What was spring getting onto Reagan about?

    Alder has always been cute with his own kids, so it's no surprise he's a doting grandpa...even if he doesn't look like a grandpa, lol. Noelle is a cutie though, hard to blame him. Can't wait for baby #2!

    1. I don't know what Spring had against Reagan, but she kept trying to slap her, lol Spring is a lunatic right now. *shrugs* I really hope she calms down--

      Alder's a pretty good looking Grandpa, that is for sure! <3 FF to the teen years, and she'll have her friends hitting on him---(because every female sim that is not related to Alder flirts with him) he'll still be a YA, lol

      Thanks---I think she turned out pretty cute too. =)

  6. I love how Alder and Spring have to be told to behave by their kids, lol. And the way he's taking over his granddaughter, lol.
    Noelle is adorable. And the wedding was beautiful.

  7. Yes, the Parents have become unruly the older they age, lol Spring is just mean, while Alder is mischievous. Noelle is closer to her Grandpa than her own parents, though Ryder comes in a close second!

    Thanks Cali! =)