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Chapter 74: Romeo and Angel

 Warning: This chapter has lots of bad language and lots of bad behavior.  Read at your own risk!

  "If you jump up out of this bed and leave me, now that you've made love to me, Romeo, I promise that I'll hunt you down and cut your d*ck off."  Her voice was soft, but her intent was clear.

  Colin quickly switched gears and rolled towards her instead of off the bed.  He propped his head up with his hand, and inwardly fought with himself, he wanted to leave almost as badly as he wanted to stay.  He f*cking wanted to stay more, and that f*cking scared the sh*t out of him, enough that he wanted to f*cking leave more.  F*ck.  He was f*cked up.  He just needed to f*cking leave, to f*cking show himself and her, that nothing had f*cking changed, even though he f*cking knew something had changed.  F*ck.  Panic was doing a tribal dance in his chest, but, d*mn, he was f*cking attached to his d*ck too.  "What me?  It never even crossed my mind." He lied.

  "Good."  She answered, serenely.

  He looked at her, bemused.  "Now what?"

  "Now we talk." She said simply.  "You can tell me about your mother."

  He rolled his eyes and shook his head.  "F*ck, not that subject again, don't you ever f*cking get tired of it?"

  "No, because you don't talk about her.  Maybe if you talked about her, I'd have enough of that subject."  She suggested, sweetly.

  "Hmmphf." He muttered.  "How about you start this f*cking bare all, and tell me about your f*cking mother first."

  "I already have."

  "F*cking liar.  Come on now, I'll show you mine if you f*cking show me yours first."  He pulled at the lingerie she was wearing, trying to bare her breasts.  She slapped his hand away, he grinned at her.

  "Fine."  Ivory steeled herself, she could do this.  "I lived in an orphanage, the first eight years of my life.  I was told by Miss Hannigan, nobody would ever want me because I caused too much trouble.  I was just curious."  She defended her younger self.  "I put fireworks in the toilets, I wanted to know if the water doused the fuse or not, it didn't.  I stuffed a cardboard boat in the sink, I wanted to know if it would make it to the Ocean, it didn't.  The plumber handed me the soggy mess that was left of it."

  She sighed.  "And I loved the water.  I could spend hours in the tub, or in the river, or better yet, the salty ocean.  I would lose track of time, and forget all about doing chores.  I was happy," she said softly, "swimming in the ocean, it was like I belonged to it.  The warmth of the sun on my back, the coolness of the water, the smell of kelp and salt, it was pure heaven."  Ivory chewed on her lip, she was talking too much, but the words kept pouring out of her.  "When She came, I thought I would finally have a family too."


  Colin watched the play of emotions on her face as she talked; he f*cking found her...enchanting.   She f*cking glowed even; her lips were still cherry red from his kisses, and the faintest blush still touched her cheeks. He was like a f*cking moth drawn to her flame, doomed to f*cking burn to a crisp for that one f*cking moment of pure f*cking ecstasy. 

  And the way she f*cking looked at him sometimes, it f*cking scared him sh*tless, and it wasn't her icy f*cking glares either, f*ck no.  The ice didn't f*cking phase him in the least. Any more, he almost f*cking preferred it, because he f*cking knew how to deal with it.  It was the shimmering softness and warmth in her eyes, f*cking directed solely at him, like he could f*cking be the source of someone's f*cking happiness.  Him.  F*ck up of his family.

  He'd only catch a f*cking glimmer of it though, before she f*cking hid her face from him.  F*ck.  Just that f*cking glimpse of what if, made him want f*cking crazy, impossible sh*t.  Sh*t he had never f*cking wanted before.  Sh*t that made him feel f*cking poetic like, just by thinking about her eyes, or her lips, or her hair.  He frowned.  F*ck.  Soon he would be f*cking spouting sh*tty a*s poetry too.

  He closed his eyes briefly.  The worst f*cking part, he was sure his own eyes f*cking betrayed him, and revealed way f*cking more than he wanted.  The yearning...for more.  For her.  F*ck.  He was so f*cked, how the h*ll had he gotten here?   He had been f*cking happy with his life, well, maybe not f*cking happy, but it had been f*cking familiar.  Nothing felt f*cking familiar about this. Nothing.  F*ck, this was exactly why he didn't f*cking get involved, or f*cking date, or sh*t like that.  He wasn't f*cking cut out for this emotion sh*t.


  "She didn't want a family."  Ivory continued, cutting into Colin's thoughts.  He could hear the sadness in her voice, and cursed himself for even noticing.  "I found that out really quickly.  Raven just wanted a slave, someone to do her bidding, and then some."  Ivory shut her mouth, she was perilously close to revealing too much.

  Almost involuntarily, Colin reached out, and fingered a lock of her hair that draped over her breasts.  He brushed her hair back, and traced the slight scar that followed along her hairline with his fingertip, ever so gently.  The scar was faded, and barely visible, but he f*cking noticed everything about her, even if he didn't f*cking want to, including her scars.  "Was she the one that f*cking did this to you?  And this?  And this?  And this?"  He lightly traced each one of her scars.  She trembled, then hesitantly nodded her head yes.  "Sh*t Ivory."  He wanted to gather her closer to him, but he resisted, barely.

   "You're lucky, you know, with the family you have.  Tell me about them Romeo, and what it's like to be part of a real family." 

  He sighed heavily.  "Sh*t.  You really want to know?"  She nodded.  He sighed again, resigned.  "F*ck, I mostly remember being lonely.  My parents were too f*cking busy to spend much time at home, well, sh*t, except for Sunday mornings.  Grandpa usually cooked, he's f*cking awesome in the kitchen, though, you couldn't tell just by f*cking looking at him.  He doesn't f*cking look like someone that likes to f*cking cook."

  "Is he still alive, this Grandpa of yours?"

  "Oh yeah, he hasn't f*cking been quite the same since Grandma f*cking died though."  A memory came to him and Colin smiled, "Grandma used to f*cking let me eat cupcakes for breakfast if I wanted, f*cking p*ssed my mother off when she f*cking found out too."

   "I take it that pleased you." Ivory said drily.

  "F*ck yeah, any way I could f*cking think of to get Mom's attention, I f*cking did it."

  Ivory regarded him curiously.  "You like being the center of attention?"  Not her, she hated being the center of attention, that meant she wasn't doing her job right.  Her job was to blend in.

  "I f*cking thrive on being the center of attention.  If I'm not, than I'm f*cking doing something wrong."  Colin shrugged.  "Never f*cking worked with Mom.  She f*cking loved that hospital more than me.  I f*cking hate hospitals.  She f*cking claims she was trying to f*cking fulfill a f*cking promise to her f*cking mother.  But what the f*ck?  Her mother was f*cking dead, and wouldn't f*cking care anymore.  I f*cking cared, not that Mom f*cking cared."  He grumbled.  "It didn't f*cking matter what the f*ck I did, she would just f*cking pay off who the f*ck ever she had to, then go back to her f*cking hospital."

  "So what was different about Sundays?"

  Colin was quiet for a moment.  "Mom would actually take the f*cking morning off, and most times she would f*cking cook breakfast for us all, strawberry crepes, or another one of her mother's f*cking special recipes.  Mom says her mother owned a f*cking restaurant in France when she was f*cking alive.  F*cking popular too, from what Mom f*cking says.  Mom used to f*cking work there, with her mother until her mother f*cking died.  They were the f*cking best of friends, or so Mom used to f*cking tell me.  The she would f*cking look at me, like we were supposed to be f*cking best friends.  F*ck.  That's f*cking because her mother f*cking spent time with her, that's the f*ck why.  Mom f*cking hates it when I tell her that, but f*ck.  It's the f*cking truth."

   "Anyway,"  Colin's voice softened,"Mom would be cooking, Dad would be f*cking playing  Sous chef for her, they would be f*cking speaking these French words and sh*t, words I really f*cking wished I hadn't know the f*cking meaning to then."  He rolled his eyes.  "F*ck.  Little ears and all that sh*t, you know?  Grandpa would be f*cking chasing Grandma around, and I do f*cking mean that literally.  All that f*cking kissing and sh*t, it was f*cking traumatic for a boy."

  "I'm sure, you poor baby."

  Colin grinned at her.  "I was."  He said with an impish smirk.  "The poor baby of the family.  I'll let you make it up to me though."  He reached out his hand, but Ivory slapped it away.

  "Is sex all you think about?" she asked him playfully.

  He pretended to think before answering, "F*ck yeah."  He started trying to tug her top down, but she pushed his hands away again.

  "Nice try at distracting me Romeo, but you still haven't said a word about your siblings.  I think it would be lovely to have siblings."

  "You are a f*cking cruel woman Angel."  Colin groaned.  "Leaving your f*cking beautiful t*ts so f*cking close to me, and then you won't even let me f*cking touch them?  Or play with them?"  He added hopefully.

  Ivory shook her head no, than made a big show of stretching, careful to make sure her breasts were shown at the best possible angle.  She smiled at the answering heat in his eyes.  "Do you want me Romeo?" she purred.

  He groaned.  "F*ck.  Always."  He went to scoot closer to her, but she stopped him.

  "Then spill, what do you have against your brother?"

  Colin's breath hissed out.  "Sh*t.  You f*cking tease."

  She laughed softly.  "It's only teasing if you don't deliver, and I plan on delivering, just as soon as you tell me more." She licked her lips, and then laughed again when he glared at her.

  "F*ck."  Colin didn't want to f*cking talk anymore, especially about Brae.  F*ck.  "You drive a hard f*cking bargain woman.  All this f*cking bullsh*t talking is f*cking bad for me, I think I might f*cking break out in hives or some other sh*t."

   Instead of answering right away, Ivory traced the line of her top with her finger, drawing his attention back to her breasts.  She let her hand caress her breast before leisurely sliding it down her side towards her hips.


  Colin shifted uncomfortably.  When her hand reached below her hips, between her legs, he groaned.  She flashed him a smile.  "Your brother?  Or do I finish on my own?"

  "F*ck.  That idea has merit, but I f*cking have a better f*cking place for your hand."  She looked at him pointedly.  "F*ck.  Fine."  He gave in, but not happily.  "Sh*t.  Brae was the f*cking wonder boy of the family, okay?  F*ck.  He did everything f*cking perfectly.  He got f*cking straight As, he was head of the f*cking football team, crowned f*cking King of the Prom and sh*t. He f*cking helped me out with homework, f*cking taught me to throw a f*cking football around and h*ll, even his sh*t didn't f*cking stink, you know?  He was the f*cking perfect older brother and I was a perfect f*cking little sh*t to him.  Still am for that f*cking matter."


  "Why?  Why the f*ck was I a perfect little sh*t towards him?"  Colin shrugged, and pretended a nonchalance that he didn't f*cking feel.  "Because he was f*cking perfect, and I f*cking wasn't.  Everything he f*cking touches turns to f*cking gold, he's even the f*cking mayor of this little sh*thole we live in.  And he's so f*cking condescending about it, the f*cking a*shole.  I f*cking resent his a*s, so I f*cking show it."

  "But not to your sister?  You've told me before that she was a model child too.  Beloved Princess of all, I think you called her."

  "Nicole?"  Colin asked surprised.  "F*ck no, Nicole was practically f*cking gone by the time I was f*cking old enough to get in her f*cking way.  I had way more fun f*cking messing with Hades, her stupid a*s boyfriend.  No, it was always f*cking Brae.  Mom was f*cking constantly crying and sh*t, asking why the f*ck couldn't I be more like f*cking Brae.  Well, f*ck.  Because I'm not f*cking Brae, that's the f*ck why."  His body was tightening up, but he forced himself to relax.  He looked at her.  "Does that answer your f*cking question?"


  "You're a lucky b*stard, to have a family like you do, not that you see it, because you f*cking take your family for granted."

  Colin frowned at her.  "What the f*ck?"

  "You do.  When I was little I always wanted a family, maybe a brother or a sister too, I even thought about having kids..."

  "F*ck, not with me!"  Colin said, mostly out of habit.  He blanched. The fact that it was habit and not because he didn't f*cking want kids with her f*cking horrified him. 

  She hit him, hard.  "A*shole, I wasn't talking about you, I was talking about me, and when I was a kid, and a young teen, back when I still dreamed of what my future could be.  If you ever knocked me up a*shole, I'd have to f*cking cut off your balls.  And then, I'd leave the kid with you out of f*cking spite, there is no way I'm toting a kid around with me."

  Colin stared at her, bemused.  What the h*ll just happened?  How the f*ck had they ended up on this subject anyway? 

  Ivory closed her eyes.  She had been pregnant once, when she was fifteen and hadn't known any better.  Raven's botched abortion attempt had nearly killed her.  Ivory had been delirious and half dead by the time Raven had finally brought her in to a healer.   The healer had told Ivory there was so much scarring, she was unlikely to ever have children. Her final dream died that day.

  It was just as well, she could never escape Raven, she only kidded herself otherwise; and she would never want any child of hers to go through the h*ll that was Raven.  If by some miracle she ever got pregnant with Colin's child, she would leave her child with him, not out of spite as she told him, but out of love for her child.  So her child could have what Ivory never had, and never could have.  A family.  Safety.  Love.

  Ivory could see through Colin's mask, he didn't fool her in the least.  Despite all his protests, she knew he loved his kids, and watched out for them, he even bragged about them to her, quite frequently.  The oldest was pulling straight As, and volunteered after school to help other kids out with their homework.  His daughter had recently negotiated a contract with her uncle Brae to sell her home baked goods at his restaurant.  Brae had claimed his niece gouged him, Colin had told her, pride in his voice.  The youngest boy helped out at a vet's office, helping the Vet take care of the sick animals.  The perfect place for him to take all that huggy sh*t, as Colin called it, and put it to good use.

  It was pointless to speculate, she couldn't have kids, but it p*ssed her off to no end to see how blind he was.  At least she was able to finally get him to talk about his brother, that was no small feat there.  He had given her plenty to think about too.  As much as she wished it otherwise, their time together was coming to an end.  Soon Raven would be calling, and Ivory had better have a plan ready.  She opened her eyes to find him staring off in the distance, deep in thought.

    Needing to forget how little time was left to them, she scooted in closer to him, and pressed soft kisses on his chest.  She immediately had his attention, and she gloried in it.  "I always keep my promises."  She smiled at him, a gleam in her eyes.  "Now that we've argued, it's time for the fun part, making up."

  Colin's eyes lit up.  "Now you're talking Angel."  This time she didn't stop him when he reached for her top, nor did she care that he ripped it off of her while muttering that he would buy her a hundred new ones.  She grabbed fistfuls of his hair, and pulled him down to her breasts, moaning when he obliged her with his mouth and his tongue.


  Colin snagged Ivory's arm as she passed by him, pulling her onto his lap.  "I have to get dressed and go, I can't be late for this meeting." She told him, exasperated.  "So, there will be no more distractions from you Romeo." she said sternly.

  Colin grinned at her innocently.  "But I'm so f*cking good at distracting."  He nuzzled her neck before pulling her in for a kiss.


  Ivory pulled away.  "Nuh uh, Romeo." She smiled at him.  "You've already distracted me twice, there will not be a third time.  I'm running late, and I can't be late."  Ivory tried to hide her anxiety, but Colin picked up on it anyway.

  He frowned.  "What's so f*cking important about this f*cking meeting?"

  She kissed him softly, trying to keep him from asking her too many questions.  Questions she would not be able to answer.

  "A meeting with a very important client."  She went to pull away, but he tightened his arms around her.

  "What's with the f*cking secrecy Angel?"

  She shook her head.  "My client wishes to remain anonymous."

  "I don't f*cking like the f*cking sound of it, and I sure as f*ck don't like the f*cking idea of you f*cking meeting this f*cking mysterious client of yours, by your f*cking self.  I should f*cking go with you."  The worry was a f*cking gnawing in his gut, pissing him off that he even f*cking cared.  F*cking pissed him off too, that she was so f*cking cavalier about her f*cking life.  He f*cking lo...liked her d*mnit, and he didn't want to f*cking see her get f*cking hurt.

  Ivory patted his cheek.  "How sweet of you to worry about me, but it's completely unnecessary."

  "I've been in this business a long time, I can take care of myself."

  "The business of killing people." He stated flatly.  He f*cking hated her f*cking job, but so far she had f*cking refused to even f*cking consider a different f*cking career, no matter how many f*cking arguments they'd had it over once he had f*cking figured out what the f*ck her job was. 

  She rolled her eyes.  "I don't have time for this discussion again Romeo."  She said impatiently.  "I have to go."  Each moment that passed by made her more and more anxious, she simply couldn't be late for her meeting with Raven.  She wished it was as simple as he made it sound, just stop being an assassin, and be something else.  She didn't have the luxury of choice though, no matter how much she agreed with what he said.

  "It's f*cking dangerous."

  Ivory laughed flippantly.   "Pot meet Kettle."  Colin growled, Ivory laughed again, before kissing him, and shutting him up.  How she lo...liked this man, and it was going to kill her to let him go.

  She pulled away, and he reluctantly let her.  "I have to go now, and you have to spend time with your kids."

  "What the f*ck are you talking about?"  He yelled after her retreating back.  He muttered under his breath.  "F*cking crazy talk."  He grabbed his shirt and threw it on, searching for his boots.  He had just slipped them on when she returned from the bedroom, fully dressed.

  "I'm talking about our last discussion.  Remember?  Be the parent you always wanted?"

  Colin groaned.  "F*ck.  You were f*cking serious?"

  She ignored his question.  "I want a full report when I see you tonight."  She reached up and kissed him.  "You know how I feel about children and parenting."

  Colin sighed. "Sh*t."  From just the little she f*cking shared about her f*cking childhood, he knew it had been a f*cking hellacious one.  She had f*cking strong feelings on the f*cking subject because of it. F*ck.  "What the f*ck am I going to do with one f*cking sullen teenager and two f*cking miscreants?"

  "You're a smart man Romeo, you'll figure it out.  See you tonight."


Notes:  Short chapter for me!  I thought about going in game to my alternate save and getting more pictures and adding more to this chapter, but that would all just be filler stuff, and in the end I just decided it would be a shorter chapter, lol  Hopefully this chapter does what I want it to do---show how close they've gotten (they refuse to think the word love, let alone say it!), they are actually sharing parts of themselves.  In the case of Colin's kids, Ivory is really pushing him to be a better parent.  He has discovered what she does for a living, but not who her target is.  He is actively trying to get her to change careers as well.  Poor Ivory, she would love to change jobs, but it isn't very feasible for her, there's the not so small matter of Raven standing in the way.

 Once I get the next chapter written, it should be easier to catch up story wise to where I am in game.  Maybe. =P

  Yes, I love the musical Annie, Carol Burnett was fabulous as Miss Hannigan. Of course, Carol Burnett is fabulous at everything she does! =)


  A nice picture I thought, but I ended up not really needing it.  (So out of the hundreds of pics I take, I only use a handful, lol)


  Thanks for reading!  Next chapter--Raven comes back...


  1. *snort* I had to laugh at his dismay as he pondered his impending doom as a poet. A poet! xD Does he even realize yet that he's in love? Oh! He almost said it to himself.

    Ah Colin. The bigger they are. Quite an odd word to hear him saying about himself, too: lonely.

    OMG I laughed so hard when he said he'd buy her new clothes after he ripped off what she had on. That's exactly what a certain someone will be doing soon in my story.

    Ah, so he knows she's an assassin. That ought to be a big red flag. Interesting that it doesn't occur to him that his is a wealthy and powerful family politically, that that might just make them her target.

    Well, I have to admit that Ivory's not my favorite character still, but I *really* like that she's pushing him to be a better parent, and with perfect reasoning. His approach to caring for his kids has been to be as uninvolved as possible, because he probably thinks he's bad for them. But she's right, he should think more about being the kind of parent he wished he'd had himself. It's also hilarious how well she's taken him in hand. Never thought I'd see the day when Colin Kahekili was tamed--by a woman!

    1. Haha, I know right? Oh the horror---he starts spouting poetry, lol :P

      He is a creature of habit, and money means very little to him. The Kahekilis have so much money, it is not even funny.

      He just doesn't think of his family that way, as being powerful, so it doesn't even cross his mind. He's also well versed in denial, lol

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      Thanks for reading Misty, and commenting. I always enjoy reading your comments! =)

  2. It's good that Ivory has managed to convince Colin to talk about his childhood and family and for him to vocalise why he's so angry with all his family. I wonder if he'll ever be able to get over it... I'm glad she's pushing him to be a better parent too, it will be good for him and the kids and he does obviously care about them.

    Her comments about her own upbringing are terrifying, even with how little she said and I'm very worried about what will happen at and after her meeting with Raven

    1. Well, only time will tell if he ever gets over it, but it is good that he's at least talking to someone about it. He does love his kids a lot, he just thought it was better for them if he stayed away. Ivory is disabusing him of that idea, haha.

      She did have a horrible childhood, and it was one reason why she is so adamant about how Colin treats his kids. And Raven...*sigh* It's not going to go well...

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    1. lol, that she does---mad skillz! Haha

      I had fun showing a slightly different side to him, the side that is hidden behind his rather large mask, lol But Ivory can see behind it, just like he can see behind hers. They are a lovely couple, much better together than they ever were apart--or with someone else for that matter. Given time---there is no telling what might have happened. =)

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    1. She needs more time, Captain, lol :P When she first started pestering him about his family, it was more because she needed to know to do her job, as time goes by, that changed into she wanted to know, so that she could better understand him.

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