Monday, November 12, 2012

Chapter 32: It Begins

 Rhys threw a stone and watched it skip several feet across the Lake.


  "Rhys!  If you keep disturbing the fish, I'm not going to be able to catch any of them for us to eat!"

  Rhys rolled his eyes.  "Face it Reilly, you're a lousy fisherman."

  "Maybe so, but if I don't catch anything this time, we'll be reduced to eating marshmallows again."

  Rhys shrugged.  "I'm cool with that.  I love marshmallows."

  Reiily reeled his line in.  "Then why am I trying to catch a fish, if you are perfectly fine with existing off of marshmallows?"

  "Beats me.  I'll race you to the firepit though!"

  "Unfair race!" Reilly called out at the blur that was Rhys.  He jogged after his cousin.  Rhys was already sitting down, marshmallow in hand.  "Ugh, we need to find something else to eat besides marshmallows."

  Rhys popped a perfectly toasted marshmallow into his mouth and quickly grabbed a few more to roast.   "Why?"

    "Rhys, we can't live off of just marshmallows, we'll wither away.  I could find some berries and other edibles in the forest though."  Reilly said thoughtfully.  "I could actually put my scout training to use."  He ate one of his marshmallows and made a face.  "I think if I have to eat marshmallows for lunch, I might just puke."

  "I don't know why you're spazzing about marshmallows."  Rhys said.  "They happen to be part of the most important food group."

  "Really?" Reilly said doubtfully.  "And what food group would that be?"


  "Vegetable?  How do you figure a marshmallow is a vegetable?"

  "Easy.  It's made out of sugar right?"  Reilly nodded his head yes.  Rhys continued, "Well, sugar is made from beets, and beets are a vegetable.  Therefore, a marshmallow falls into the vegetable food group."

  Reilly threw his marshmallows at Rhys.  "You've got marshmallows for brains!"  Rhys just grinned back.  "We need to hike back into town, and attempt to find my Mom's work address again."

  Rhys sighed.  "Yeah, who knew we were at the wrong address the other day?  That lady sure freaked out at us though." Rhys smiled at the memory.  "Man she was hot!"

  Reilly frowned, as he thought back to the day they met Morrigan.  Morrigan the Harridan was what they had nicknamed her.  "She was cold as ice, Dude!  And old!  Old enough to be your mother!"

    "I don't care how old she was.  She was still hot!"

  Reilly shook his head.  "You are unbelievable.  I still can't believe you hit on her!"

  Rhys shrugged.  "What can I say, I love older chicks.  I could read her you know, she liked me too.  But then the evil overlord showed up."

  "You mean her husband."  Rhys said dryly.

  "Exactly!"  Rhys sighed.  "He really put a damper on the mood.  I'm sure I could have gotten a lot of information out of her using my pillow talk strategy."

  Reilly groaned.  "Seriously?  You are unreal, and, unhinged!"

  Rhys laughed.  "Thank you Coz, I love you too.  So what adventure shall we embark on today?"

  "We're looking for my Mom, remember?  Not another female for you to sleep with.  Honestly, I don't see why they go after you."

  "It's my charm, and my good looks."

  Reilly rolled his eyes.  "Sure.  On that note, I'm out of here!"  He headed off towards downtown Bridgeport.  Rhys put the fire out, and then ran after him.

  "I could get you a girl too, you know.  Lots of them dig you, you just don't give them the time of day."


  Rhys grinned at Reilly.  "I'm just saying..."

  Kit looked at the address on the house, and then back at the address written on the piece of paper in his hand.   He glanced over his right shoulder, and did indeed see his old childhood home, it was in bad shape, but still recognizable.  He had the correct house, but the house that his Uncle and Father had lived in was abandoned.  It looked like no one had lived in it for years.  So where did his Uncle disappear to?

 He would need to make a trip to see Officer Montelli, Kit decided.  Maybe he would know where his Uncle had moved to. The Police Station wasn't very far from the house he stood in front of, so Kit decided to walk, instead of taking his motorcycle.

  He walked up the front steps that led to the Police Station.  Kit looked curiously around him.  As a child, he had never been down here, but he knew that his mother was well acquainted with it.

  Kit took a deep breath, and then stepped inside.

  Reilly followed Rhys up to the tall greystone building.  "Are you sure this is the correct address?"

  "Absolutely."  Rhys blithely said. "Though we are not supposed to tell your Mom how we found her, apparently she has a bit of a mean temper.  Are you sure you want to meet her?"

  Reilly nodded.  "Yeah.  I want my answers, and I'm not leaving until I have them."

     "Alrighty then, let's do this."

   "Do you have the code?"

  "Yep."  Rhys tapped his head.  "It's safely in here."

  "I sure hope we can trust that blond of yours."

  "She was putty in my hands.  We've got a date later on tonight."

  Reilly stared at Rhys.  "Are you kidding me?  A date?"

  "I am irresistible."  Rhys said modestly.

  Reilly snorted.  "How about you enter that code in, so we can get upstairs, Mr. Irresistible!"

  "No problem."  Rhys walked up to the call box, and punched some numbers in.

  The elevator doors opened.  "See?  What did I tell you?"  Reilly rolled his eyes, and followed Rhys into the elevator.  "What floor was she on?"



  Rhys pushed the button for level 5, and the elevator doors slowly closed.  "Are you nervous yet?"

  "Not really."  Reilly answered.  The doors opened.  "Maybe a little."  Reilly whispered.  "I'm only expecting answers, nothing more.  Let me do the talking Rhys."  Rhys nodded.

  They walked into the reception room, the receptionist barely looked up from her computer.  "Do you have an appointment?"

  Reilly leaned on the desk.  "No, I don't."

    Brigit Hemlock sighed.  "Ms. Wolff does not see anyone without an appointment."  She glanced up from her computer, and then did a double take.  "I can tell you right now, you are too young.  She doesn't manage teenagers.  I can make you an appointment if you'd like, but I'll warn you, she'll see it as a waste of her time.  You don't want to upset her if you'd like her to manage your career at a later date."  Brigit looked back at her computer screen.  "Her next available date is eight months from now, will that work for you?"

  "Eight months from now?  No, that won't work at all.  I need to see her today."

  "I'm sorry, Ms. Wolff is all booked up until then.  Do you want an appointment or not?" she asked impatiently.

  "Not.  Rhys..."

  "I'm on it!"  They both quickly headed for the only door, and burst through it.

  "Wait!  Stop!" Brigit yelled, as she rose from her chair and ran after them.

  Reilly stopped abruptly in his tracks, and stared at the woman in the chair who calmly stared back at him. 

  He had found her.

  Kit stared at Officer Montelli.  He was the son of the police officer that had brought his mother home countless times when she had been a teen.  "What do you mean he is dead?"

  "I'm sorry, Kit?  That's your name, correct?  Your Uncle has been dead for many years now.  He died during the, uh, Conflict."

  "What Conflict?"

  "You seem like a nice guy, Kit.  And my father used to speak very highly of your grandfather, Kona.  So for their sakes, I'm going to give you a little friendly warning.  Things have greatly changed since your family lived here.  About two weeks after your family disappeared, we were flooded with these, creatures."  Montelli shuddered.  "We all fought to the best of our ability, but, we lost.  Over half of us died in the Conflict, and the ones that didn't die, well,"  Montelli said bitterly, " we are doomed to being their slaves.  And a food source for those monsters.  If you were wise, you'd leave now, while you still could.  I have no idea how you got this far without getting caught by one of those things."

  "And my Uncle?  Did he fight with you?"

  Montelli laughed grimly.  "No, he brought them.  I am only glad that we managed to kill him before we were overtaken.  Leave Kit, leave and never come back.  Get as far away from here as you can.  I do believe they have plans to overtake more than just our little town, we are their base of operations so to speak.  The farther you get away, the longer you can stay free."

  Kit felt deflated.  After all this time, to be told his Uncle had died?  He couldn't leave just yet though.  He had one more thing to check out.  The Portal.  His father had left him the coordinates for it, and he had some codes he wanted to try out, to see if they led where he thought they did.  "Thank you Officer.  I appreciate the heads up.  I'll just leave then."

  "One more warning for you.  The humans won't give you away, but if any of those monsters see you, then you are done for.  They can take the shape of any person, and there is only one way to know that it is a Nephilium and not a person.  It's almost like they use a hologram, and there is a faint glitch, that if you look for it, you can see.  My father, " Montelli swallowed, "My father was a good man.  They killed him brutally, and then used a hologram, for lack of a better word, to impersonate him.  We had no idea, until it was too late."

  "My condolences on your father's death.  Both my mother and grandfather spoke highly of him as well."

  Montelli nodded.  "Get out of here, and quickly."

  Kit walked outside, cautiously, the warnings of Montelli still ringing in his ears.  He looked around, but didn't see a living thing.  He had to get to the Portal, the quicker the better.  He hesitated to use his motorcycle though, it was noisy, and would attract attention.  He spied a bicycle laying on the ground against the chain link fence.  It looked like it had been there for quite a while.  It would have to work, it would be quicker than walking.

  "I'm sorry Ms. Wolff!" Brigit said anxiously.  "They slipped by me, and I tried to stop them.."

  "That is all, Brigit."  Mina said coldly.  "Go back to your desk, and we'll discuss your failure later."

  Brigit's shoulders slumped.  "Yes, Ms. Wolff."

  "You shouldn't get after her, for something I did."  Reilly said.

  Mina stared at Reilly.  Her lips twisted.  "There is no denying who you are.  Didn't your father tell you it would be a waste of time to find me?" she said frostily.  She stared down at her nails.

  Reilly regarded his mother curiously.  "He may have mentioned it."

  "Then why are you here?  You're wasting my time.  I cannot abide people who waste my time."

  "I have some questions, that only you can answer.  I tried to ask your mother, but she refused to tell me anything."

  Mina laughed bitterly.  "Good."

  Rhys huffed impatiently beside Reilly.  Reilly glanced at him, and shook his head.  He hesitated, then said, "She seemed afraid of you."

  "I should hope so."

  "Why?"  Reilly asked simply.

  "You came all the way to Bridgeport to ask me that?  And where is your father?"

  "He doesn't know I'm here."  Reilly said honestly.  "And you're not answering my question either."

  Mina stared coldly at her son, who stared right back at her.  "I don't have to answer you.  With a simple call I could have Security here, and have you arrested."

  "You could."  Reilly agreed.  "But you won't."

  Mina smiled coldly.  "Really?  And why won't I?"

  Reilly smiled warmly back at her.  "I can see through your mask, Mom.  It is a gift I have, to see beyond what people project.  I can see you, and while I don't understand everything yet, I know you had a very good reason for threatening your mother and even for moving here, to Bridgeport."  He gestured to the skyline view of Bridgeport outside her office windows.

  Mina stared at Reilly, at a loss for words.  "You expect me to believe..."

  "That got to her Reilly."  Rhys whispered.  "She let her mind blocks down for a moment, you threw her off for sure.  Now that I know she doesn't intend to harm us, I can relax."

  Mina sputtered.  "Not intend to..."  She sighed, and looked up at her ceiling.  "What did I do to deserve this?"  Reilly just watched her thoughtfully.  "Stop that, it's creepy." she snapped.

  "I'm still waiting."  he said patiently.

  She was silent for several moments, then she sighed heavily.  "You scare me almost more than your father did."

  "Why did Dad scare you?"

  "It was too easy to love him."  she said sadly.  "I couldn't allow that happen.  Love destroys people."  She hesitated, "My childhood was a horror story."  She said slowly.  "My family, well, let's just say, that they are keen on incestuous relationships, and leave it at that.  I told them to stay the hell away from you, or I would make them wish they were dead."  She said the last word fiercely.  "I'm no good for you Reilly, and I knew your father would take excellent care of you, and keep you safe."

  "You think you're like them?  That you could turn into them?"

  "I have the same blood running through my veins do I not?"

  "By your logic, Mom, I am doomed."  Mina stared blankly at him.  "You ran away from me and Dad, because you thought you were so horrible, but we make our own choices.  I am not doomed, and neither are you.  Love heals people as well."  Reilly said gently.

  "You sound like your Dad."

  Reilly smiled at her.  "Thanks!  Dad is the best person I know."

  Mina chewed on her lip.  "What do you want from me?  And why aren't you angry at me?  You should be, I left you..."

  "Just some answers, and a chance to get to know you a little better.  And why be angry?"  Reilly shrugged.  "Anger gets you no where.  It's counter-productive.  I've had a wonderful childhood, though sometimes Dad can be a bit overprotective."

  "Let's talk at my house."  Mina said suddenly.

  "Great!"  Rhys and Reilly said at the same time, with slightly different meanings.

  It had taken several hours, but Kit had finally made it.  He stared at the Portal in front of him.

  He slowly walked up to it, and just stared at it for several minutes.  Then he punched a code in, and the doors hissed open.  A purple glow emanated from inside the Portal.


  He stared into the purple glow, but he couldn't see much into it, because of the brightness.  Kit knew though, that the answers he sought, would be on the other side.  With a deep breath, he plunged in, and the purple glow totally enveloped him.


  Chaine saw him first, and for that he thanked Heaven.  He peered carefully from behind some tall cattails at the figure standing in the front yard.  He knew that creature.  Chaine was never more glad than he was right now that he had talked Keiki into going to her niece's birthday party .  He had only come back to retrieve the birthday present that accidentally got left behind.


  None of his family was at home, a very rare occurrence.   They were not home, and as such, were safe.  He had to reach them, before Asur did.  And whoever was with Asur, for they never traveled alone.

    Chaine went into full Guardian mode, and on feather light feet, ran to the Van Gould's home, where his family awaited him.


  Sorry for the long chapter!  I had a bit to get through!

  It is true about Ari, I was so disappointed!  All that preparation!  I had it all mapped out in my head, and by the time Kit reached Sunlit Tides, Ari had died.  Sunlit Tides has some major issues with it---lots of sims were randomly killed off.   Like half the town.  Everyone is going around mourning!  I spent some time trying to figure out what I wanted to do about it---and decided to keep it as is.  So Ari died.  It couldn't have happened to a better sim.  lol

  So much going on!  I won't be able to actually play my Random Legacy game until I get through this storyline.  Next time I come up with all these great ideas---I think I'll have my head examined.  :P 

  I also changed the font on this blog, while I liked the other one, sometimes it could be hard to read.  I hope this font is easier.  :)

Edit---added a blooper picture.  I just thought it was too cute not to share.  This is Rhys trying to intimidate Wogan Hemlock.  Hemlock looks really intimidated, doesn't he?  With his, "Is this kid for real?" expression.  lol





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      Mina comes from a messed up family. lol And Rhys is a fun sim! I have really enjoyed both Rhys and Reilly.

      I don't like killing off sims either---

  2. Hmm, interesting... Mina's explanation of why she left is certainly one that hadn't occurred to me, but why did she not tell Kit? Or was that just part of her trying to push him away because she was afraid of how she felt about him? Reilly is very grown up with his attitude about anger.

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      Reilly is (kind of) mature. lol

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