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Chapter 35: Healing Hands

  Kei turned around, and screamed.  "Ethan!"  She launched herself at him, and kissed him, taking him by surprise.

  "You don't know how happy I am to see you!" she exclaimed.  "Because if you are here, which you can't be here, because you are dead, so that means this is all some horrible nightmare that I am going to wake up from any time now. And I'll roll over, and Chaine will be his normal self, and we will do our normal fighting, after I tell him how glad I am that he is okay, of course...." Kei babbled.

  It took Ethan a moment to recover, and actually follow what she was saying.  "Kei," he said, "this isn't a dream."

  "But of course it is a dream Ethan."  Kei said reasonably.  "If it were not, well, I'd hate to be you right now, because I would be seriously upset that you were alive all along, and yet chose to let me believe you had died.  Not only died, but died by being murdered!  That would mean I spent years of my life, years that are forever gone!, trying to find a Murderer THAT. DID. NOT.  EXIST!"  Kei's voice began to rise as fast as her hysteria.

    "Kei, calm down for a..."

  "Calm down!"  Kei yelled.  "I am the very picture of calmness!"  She followed her statement up with some action.

   "How could you!" she wailed.  "What of all that Bonding nonsense!  I couldn't feel you, so why?  You felt dead!  And then Chaine, oh Chaine!" she moaned miserably.

  Nira stared in horrified fascination as her mother morphed quickly from one emotion to another.

  "What a mess!  What a disaster!"  Kei ranted on.

  Ethan chuckled, and Kei glared at him.  "I am sorry for many things, " he said smiling, "but I have missed you terribly Kei!  It is so good to be with you again."

  "That was by your..."  Kei started, but Kit interrupted her.

  "Okay, explanations and..." he waved his hand at his parents, "whatever that is, can wait.  Reilly and Rhys are in trouble, we don't have time for this."

  "Those two are always in trouble."  Kei said.  "Nothing new there."

  "This is different Mom."  Kit said impatiently.  "This is life and death.  While Dad was explaining things so well, " he gave a pointed look at his father, "I was looking through Reilly's laptop to see where they might have gone."

  Tristan came up behind Kit.  "Camping somewhere weren't they?" he asked.

  "No, they lied about that.  There wasn't a camping trip scheduled.  They had another purpose in mind.  That would be bad enough, but I have to reason to believe that the Nephilium are going to be searching for Reilly."

  "Rhys lied!"  Nira said in shock.  "Not my Rhys?"

  "Nephilium?" Kei questioned, the word was both unfamiliar and weird to her.

  Kit rolled his eyes.  "Both of them lied, and the Nephilium are the ones that were sent out to kill, or do worse, to our family, but I think I know where the boys are."

  "When I get my hands on that boy of mine..." Tristan growled.  "Where do you think they are?"


  "Bridgeport!" they all said at once.

  Kit hesitated, "It is where Mina is."

  Kei nodded her head in understanding.  "Searching for his Mom, is he?"

  "I believe so.  Here's the plan,"  Kit looked at each one as he said their name. "Dad, Tris, and I are going to Bridgeport to find the boys.  I wish Chaine wasn't hurt, we could have used him.  But no matter.."

  "You're not making me stay with the girls are you?"  Rylan asked.

  Kit apologized.  "Ry, I know you want to come with, and I am sure we could use your help, but I need someone levelheaded to stay here and keep everyone else from doing something stupid."

  Rylan groaned.  "You so owe me for this Kit.  Getting stuck with a bunch of hys..." he paused, "Women that I am related to, is not my idea of fun."

  "I'm coming too!" both Nira and Kei chimed in.

  Kit turned to his mother and Nira.  "No, I need you two to stay here and to take care of Chaine and Ayden, not to mention all the cousins that are scared out of their minds right now.  I need you to cooperate."  Kit gave his mother a hard look.  "This is not something to play with Mom, these guys mean business.  If you interfere, you could get us all killed."

  "Kit..." Kei started to say, then changed her mind.  "You obviously know more than I do, so I will trust in your judgment.  Not his!" she pointed at Ethan.  "When you get back, Kit, do you promise to tell me what is going on?"

  Kit kissed his mother's cheek.  "I promise."

  Kei watched them leave, with a mixture of emotions.  "I can't believe he's still alive!"  Nira said to her mother.  "What does that mean for you and Dad?  Are you even legally married?  Am I a..."

  "It is pointless to speculate."  Kei told her daughter abruptly.  "We'll have to hear what Kit has to say when he returns."  Kei sighed heavily.  She had the same questions as her daughter, but no answers.

  Once they arrived in Bridgeport, Kit stopped and picked up a map.  "Don't you know where your ex wife lives?" Tristan asked him.

  "I have her address." Kit mumbled absently, his eyes scanning the map, "But I have never been here.  I prefer to not get lost."  They all heard the explosion, and looked up to see a huge ball of fire hit the other side of the Bay. 


  "That way."  Ethan pointed towards the raging fire.  "My grandson is amazing, such power." Ethan said in wonder.  "It was one thing to read about it, prepare for it, but quite another to see it in person!"

  "You think Reilly did that?"  Kit asked his father skeptically.

  "I know he did."  Ethan said confidently.  "But that little display, will attract more than just us.  We'd better hurry."  Kit nodded.

  "Whoa Dude!"  Rhys exclaimed.  "That was pure awesome!  Your control is a lot better too!"


  "I am getting better."  Reilly said, pleased.  "I was even able to keep the heat and the shock wave of the explosion from reaching us."  He stared at his hands.  "I can't believe that I come from a line of wizards!"

  "I can!"  Rhys said enthusiastically.  "Look at what you can do!"  They heard the wail of sirens in the distance.  "Uh oh, it's time to get out of here!"

  "I'm right behind you!"  They hiked back up to Mina's house, when they were almost there, both boys stopped and stared at the house.

  "I don't know what's wrong," Rhys whispered, "but something is not right."

  Reilly whispered back, "Yeah, I feel it too."


  Semir stared down at his fingernails.  "We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way.  The choice is yours." 


  Mina spit at him.  "I say you can kiss my ass, and get the hell out of my house."

  Semir chuckled coldly.  "Such spirit!"  He grabbed her by the throat.  "It seems a pity to mark such a beautiful face."


   Semir brought her closer to his body and let his other hand wander down her cheek.  Mina turned her head slightly and bit him.  He cursed, and raised his hand to strike her, when a voice interrupted him.  "Having troubles with this one?"  Raven mocked.  "I think you have grown too soft Semir."


  "Nothing I can't handle." he said angrily.

  "We do not have time for this." Kadar barked out.

  Semir released Mina and dropped to his knees.  "A thousand pardons General.  I did not know you would be here as well."

  Kadar surveyed the room.  "The King is quite interested in this boy, I am here to make sure we get him."

  "Where is the boy?" he asked Mina.  Mina stared defiantly back at him.  "We know he is here, we can feel his magic all around this place.  Cooperate, and we may let you live."

  "I repeat, kiss my ass!"  Mina yelled.  Semir grabbed the back of her head.

  "It is not wise to be on our bad side."  Semir growled at her.  Mina didn't say a word, just stared at them angrily.

  Raven came closer to Mina.  "This one has some Old Camulodean magic as well."  Raven gripped Mina's chin.  "She will be a lot of fun to break."

  Mina smirked at her.  "Go ahead and try."  Raven slapped Mina, causing Mina's lip to start bleeding.

  "You will speak to me with respect."  Raven hissed.  "Or I will make you regret you were ever born."

  Mina laughed in her face.  "You are too late for that!  My family beat you to it many years ago."

  Raven leaned in closer and smiled wickedly.  "I will do a much better job, I assure you."

  "Raven, stop playing around." Kadar ordered Raven.   "We need to know the boy's whereabouts, you may play later.  Now is the time to work." 

  "As you wish."  Raven sought out Mina's mind.  Mina struggled to keep her out of her thoughts, and determined that if she lived through this, she was going to train herself to use what little magic she had.  She hated being helpless. 

  Mina deliberately kept her thoughts off of Reilly, and locked all her emotions about him far back into her mind.  There was no way Mina was going to passively give them her son.  The pain in her head was excruciating, and she didn't know how long she could hold out, as the pain grew and grew, but she was not going down without a fight.

  "Fight it yes, "  Raven whispered.  "I love pain, don't you?  Don't worry my Pretty, maybe I won't kill you.  Maybe I shall make a pet of you, won't that be lovely?"

  Reilly and Rhys burst into the room.  "Let her go."  Reilly commanded.


  Raven dropped her hold on Mina, and Mina slumped onto the floor.  Raven stood up, and smiled at Reilly.  "Aren't you just precious!" she said in delight. 

  Kadar stepped forward.  "Excellent, the boy is here."

  "Step away from her," Reilly warned them, "I don't want to hurt anyone, but I will if I have to."

  Raven made a slight hand signal, that neither Reilly or Rhys caught.  "It seems Ethan will have some explaining to do." she murmured.

  "I am your Prince, Raven."  Ethan said quietly, as he stepped into the room.  "I owe you no explanations."


  Raven glared at him.  "That boy should have been ours.  If you would have taken me as your Mate, and given me your child, he would be!  Raised properly, he would have been quite terrifying and powerful.  Now, it will take me years to train this boy properly, and to rid himself of useless emotions and sentiment."

  "Those are not Camulodean ideals."  Ethan told her.  "Those are the ravings of a mad man."

  "That mad man is your father, and my King."  Raven's eyes flashed.  "You are a great disappointment Ethan, but you are no longer needed.  We have our heir, and I will make him into a worthy Mate, unlike you."  She smiled, but her smile turned into a frown when she saw two others come up behind Rhys and Reilly; they were not the ones she was expecting.


  "Sorry it took a little longer."  Kit said.  "I had to get around the Protection spell to disable the Portal that kept letting more of those Nephilium pests in.  Between the two of us, we took care of the pest problem, so now all we have left are in this room."

  "Dad!  You're here!"  Reilly said in relief, as he went to turn around to look at him.

  "Keep your eyes on that woman, Reilly."  Kit told his son.  Reilly turned his attention back to Raven.

  Rhys nervously waved to his dad.  "Hi Dad." he said sheepishly.  He wouldn't admit it, but he felt a lot better knowing that his Dad and Reilly's Dad were both there.

  "You are defeated Raven, you and my father both.  I have an army, amassed on Camulodean's front gate, they are loyal to Camulodean, and tired of having a mad man lead them.  Give up gracefully, that we may show you mercy."  Ethan said.

  Raven sneered.  "Give up?  Never!  Not so long as I have breath in my body."  She chanted a few words, and then disappeared, Kadar and Semir with her.

  Ethan ran to catch her, but ended up with empty hands.  He cursed.  "They escaped."

  Kit hugged Reilly tightly.  "Are you alright?" 

  Reilly hugged his Dad back.  "I'm okay, but Mom isn't."  They both went over to where Mina lay on the carpet, still and silent.  "I tried to help her."  Reilly knelt before his Mom.  "She wasn't so bad, you know Dad?  Messed up, definitely.  She has some weird ideas, but she does love me, and she tried to protect me.  First from her family, and then, and then..."  Reilly shook his head, willing himself not to cry.  Kit knelt beside Reilly, and put his hand on his back. 

  Reilly reached out and touched his Mom.  "Don't die on me Mom, not now."   Reilly watched in wonder as his hands began to glow.  The glow spread through out his Mother's body, and totally encompassed her.  He could feel power, almost like an unbearable heat, coursing through his body and emptying into his mother's body.   Then the heat and glow went away, and his mother sat up and blinked at him.

  "Reilly?" she said uncertainly.  "What happened?  Are you okay?  Kit?  How did you get here?"  She stood up rapidly, "What's going on."  Her body swayed, and Kit reached out to steady her.

  "Easy Mina."  Kit said soothingly.  "Everything is fine, just relax."  Mina sighed and allowed herself to relax against Kit.  She even allowed herself to enjoy being in Kit's arms, for those few fleeting moments.


  "I healed her."  Reilly said in amazement.  "But I don't know how I did it!"

  Ethan came up to Reilly.  "You have the Healer's hands, the most powerful Old Camulodean magic of all.  You can curse people, and they will shrivel and die.  Or bless them, and give them great health.  You can break curses, and you can even bring back people who are at death's door.  It was all foretold.  It is your choice on how it is used."

  Reilly regarded Ethan curiously.  "Who are you?"
  "I'm your Dad's father, and your Grandfather."

  "I thought you were dead."

  "That is a long story for another day."  Ethan replied. 

  "Dad, that healing thing that Reilly can do, would it heal Chaine?"

  "Chaine is hurt?"  Reilly asked.

  "If anyone could, he could.  Healing is never one hundred percent certain, however."  Ethan cautioned.

  "What happened to Chaine?"  Reilly wanted to know.

  "I'll tell you on the way home."  Kit promised.  He looked at Mina, "Mina," he paused.

  "I'm staying here." she said matter of factly.  "My life is here, I'll be fine." she smiled reassuringly at Reilly, whose expression showed his concern for her.  Reilly hugged her, and she hugged him back.

   "I'll email you."  Reilly said.

  "I may even answer."  Mina threatened jokingly.  "Take care Kit." she said softly to her ex husband as he turned to leave.

  "You too." he responded.

  And then they were gone, and Mina was left alone in her house, Matthew would not be returning from his trip for several more days.  Things were exactly how she wanted them, and she did her best to ignore the small voice of discontent that told her it wasn't really what she wanted. 

  Kei was relieved to see her loved ones back, and unharmed.  Nira started crying and hugging Rhys, until he begged her to let him breath.  Reilly had given his Grandmother a hug, before walking over to the couch, to where Chaine was still laying, unmoving. 

  Reilly stared down at his Grandpa, and prayed that he would be able to help him.  He had no real control over the actual healing part, and it sapped his strength.  He still hadn't recovered completely from healing his Mom, he only hoped that he had enough left to heal Chaine.

  He placed his hands on Chaine's body, and he could feel the Power rising up inside of him, and the burning glow, that left his hands and warmed his Grandpa's skin.  Soon Chaine was enveloped in the glow, and Reilly ignored the gasps of surprise from his family that hadn't seen him heal his Mom.

  Kit saw his son's body begin to tremble, and almost collapse.  Kit came up behind Reilly and helped hold him up.  "Reilly, stop, you're going to hurt yourself.  Chaine wouldn't want that."

  "I'm okay Dad."  Reilly whispered.  Chaine twitched, and then sat up straight.  Reilly collapsed against his father.  "I'm just tired." he slurred.  Kit picked his son up, like he was a small child again, and carried him into another room and placed him on the bed.

  "Rest Reilly."  Kit told his son.

  Chaine looked around the room in confusion, where was he?  Who were all these people?  He found one face that was familiar though, and his gaze latched on to him.  "Ethan!" he said in relief.  "I was beginning to worry!" he laughed awkwardly.  "I am not sure what is going on, or who these people are, and my head feels strange."  Chaine regarded his friend intently.  "You look old---der."

  Ethan frowned as he walked closer to Chaine.  "You don't recognize anyone else?"

  Chaine looked around the room again, not letting his gaze linger too long on any of the shocked faces that were staring at him.  He felt like a bug under a microscope.  "No, should I?"


  Notes:  Yay!  Another chapter done with!  Woot!  I'm celebrating!  Now I can start actually playing the game again---and actually get back to the Challenge part.  lol  I left the door open to the King and others, in case I ever get nostalgic and want to write about them again.  So they may make the occasional appearance.  For the moment, they are licking their wounds and regrouping.  :)

   If you are all wondering, Chaine's memory loss is permanent as well.  He has some obstacles to overcome.  As to Ethan and Kei---that is up to Kei.  At the moment, she is not too happy with him. :P

   I couldn't keep Kei and Chaine together, because they are actually a terrible match, lol.  I have fought those two forever, trying to keep them together for story purposes.  I have no idea what it is, but Kei loves to pick on him, and he loves to argue with her, and they both want to divorce each other.  Sheesh!

  And yes, I didn't realize until looking at these pics that I had actually dressed Kit and Ethan in the same clothes, just different colors.  lol  Oops!  Kit will be getting a new wardrobe! :)

  One last note--I was having trouble with Kadar, who is a Genie.  The game wants him to have blue skin, and I am forever fixing it.  It is supposed to be a greyish-green color, not the green color that is showing.  But no matter what I did, my game stubbornly refused to show his skin as the proper color.  So Kadar is having a bad skin day.  lol




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