Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chapter 33: Secrets Revealed

  "Reilly and his cousin are going to be staying here for a couple of nights."

  "I didn't even know you had a kid, Mina, let alone a teenager.  Are you turning all maternal on me?"

  She snorted.  "Unlikely.  I am not mother material.  He just wants to spend a few days here, and ask some questions."  She shrugged.  "I don't see the harm in it.  He gets his questions answered, and he goes on with his life, and I go on with mine."

  "As long as it's only a few days."

  "Victoria!"  Rhys said with a smile.  "What are you doing here?  It's not quite time for our date yet."

  "I'm Matt's Image Consultant."

  "Who is Matt?"

  "My boyfriend."  Mina said behind Reilly.

  Victoria dropped her eyes.  "My apologies, Mz Wolff, it appears I have come at an inopportune time.  I'll return later."

  "No need Victoria.  You can wait in the house until Matt is ready to see you.  Maybe you can keep Rhys entertained while I talk with my son."

  Victoria's eyes widened briefly.  "Yes Ma'am."

  "I like that plan."  Rhys said enthusiastically.

  Reilly shook his head.  "You would."

  Reilly followed his mother into the living room.  Matt was already seated on the couch.  His Mom sat  next to Matt, Reilly sat across from them.  For several minutes, the room was silent.

  "So," Reilly said awkwardly, "you, uh, said something about your family and know..."

  Mina winced.  "That is what you want to know more about?  Here is what I was told, and it's a bunch of..." she paused, "baloney, but it is their excuse for why they do what they do.  If anything, it should convince you how crazy my side of the family is, and that you should continue to avoid them."

  Matt's phone began to ring.  He pulled the phone out of his pocket, and looked at the number.  He stood up.  "Excuse me, please.  I have to take this."  He answered his phone and walked out of the room, leaving Reilly alone with his mother.

  "I'm listening."

    Mina sighed.  "I don't know of any way to say it, other than plain and simple.  They claim we are descended from a powerful wizard named Medraut, who himself was a product of incest between his mother Morgause, and her brother King Arthur.  It is to keep the blood lines pure.  So there is always one person chosen from each generation to be the bearer of the Pureblood.  I was the chosen one."  She said bitterly.  "I was to be married to my Uncle, after I graduated.  I wanted nothing to do with that, it's twisted and disgusting.  So, I put my own plans into place."

  Reilly was both fascinated and horrified.  "King Arthur?  Really?"

  "Yes, ridiculous, isn't it?   Morgause, the story goes,  was some kind of Enchantress, taught by Merlin himself.  She dabbled in the dark things though, and became more powerful than he, so that in the end, he was trapped by her in a block of ice.  She seduced her brother, which resulted in Medraut, who became even more evil than she was.  He seduced a few maids, a peasant or two, and had a few children, but most of them had nothing.  No magic, no Power.  They were considered useless by the family.  His last child, a daughter, had some magic, but not as much as he did.  Medraut is held up as the example of why we must intermarry, lest we lose all of our Power."  She whispered the last word.

  Reilly leaned forward.  Here, this was what he was most wanting to know.  Where did this power of his come from?  "Power, you say?  Do you have any of this Power?"

  Mina hesitated.  "Yes, I have some Power, but I am untrained, and determined to stay that way.  The most I do, is mind blocking, my mind will never be controlled by another.  The Power is real enough, the story is just a fairytale, told to keep the perversion carried forward to each new generation."

  Chaine walked briskly into the Van Gould's home, and headed straight for Ayden Van Gould.  He ignored all questions that were thrown at him, and the fact that Tristan Van Gould was at the party barely registered.  "A word with you, please.  It is urgent." Ayden nodded, and led Chaine into a quieter room, Tristan followed.  "Tristan should not..."

  "If what you mean to tell me has to do with Camulodunum matters, then I request he be present to hear what you have to say.  He is my heir, and has some knowledge of our shared history."

  Chaine nodded.  "So be it.  I do not have much time, I have seen the Nephilium  sniffing around my home."

  Ayden hissed.  "That is ill news indeed."

  "The Nephilium here?  What of the Protections that were bestowed over this town, however did they see through it?"  Tristan asked.


  "I don't know.  I will stall them as long as I can though, and give you more time to gather our families, and hide them.  I wish we had the time to send them away, but there will be Emissaries posted on all the roads leading into and out of this town.  Our best hope, is to keep them hidden, for as long as possible."

  "I will protect our families with my life."

  "Where is Rhys?"  Tristan wanted to know.  "Isn't he in danger?  And Reilly?"

  "At the moment, they are out of our reach, but that means they are out of their reach as well.  I will do what I can."

  "And what will you do to protect my son?"  Tristan demanded.  His father laid his hand on his shoulder.

  "Tris." he said gently.

  "It is okay, Ayden.  He has every right to be concerned and upset.  But those emotions will not keep your son safe.  A clear head, that will prevail.  If you march out there now to search for him in the Wilderness, you may find him.  But you will also lead the Nephilium to him as well, and that, I think, we both agree, would be disastrous.  We must survive this day, and make our plans for the Morrow."

  "Go in Peace, and may your path be Victorious."

  Chaine smiled at Ayden.  "A thousand blessings upon your home, Ayden Van Gould, for what your family has given up, to follow us here."

  "We have given up nothing.  We are Warriors, not savage creatures to be led by our noses to do the bidding of a corrupt King.  I would choose Freedom all over again."

  Tristan nodded his agreement.  "It is what I have fought for all these years."

  "My thanks.  I must speak with Kei a few moments, and try to gain her cooperation.  If you must, knock her out, for her own safety, and the safety of others."  Chaine left Ayden and Tristan in a heated argument, and headed for his wife.  "Keiki, I need to talk to you."  He pulled her into the living room and away from the Party noise.

  "What is it Chaine?  Why didn't you grab the present..."

  "Keiki, you will not like what I have to say."

  Kei's eyes narrowed.  "That sounds familiar."

  "Our family is in grave danger, and I wish I could tell you all of what is going on, but I don't have the time.  Every moment I linger here, puts all of you at greater risk.  I need you to stay..."

  Kei was already shaking her head.  "No, not this time.  I'm going with you."

  Chaine put both of his hands on her shoulders, and looked into her eyes.  "Kei, I need you to stay."  Kei was shaking her head no furiously.  "I know you don't want to, but if you come with me, not only will you be hurt, but all of our family as well."

  "I don't see how, I can take care of myself."

  Chaine smiled at her.  "Indeed. But you are no match for these creatures.  They can rip into your mind, and tear it to shreds, they will learn everything about you, and your family, and leave you just a husk, a shell of yourself.  No, Kei,"  Chaine said sadly, "You must stay here, under Ayden's protection."

  "What can he do that I can't" She cried.

  "You may be surprised." he said softly.  "Please, Kei, stay here, and listen to Ayden."

  "I hate being left behind!"

  "I know you do."

  "If you die, I'll never forgive you!"  She stopped, and looked up at Chaine.    "Chaine, come back to us." she whispered.

  "I will."

  Kit felt a slight disorientation, his head was a bit fuzzy at first, then everything cleared up.  He saw the doors begin to open, had his experiment failed?  He had only been in the machine for mere moments.  In the purple mist, he began to sense there were others in there with him.  He scrambled out of the machine as fast as he could, and stared in horror at the creature that was sluggishly struggling to follow him.

  Quickly he began to type in another code, his fingers stumbled across the keypad.  He made himself focus, and tried again.

  This time successfully.  He breathed a huge sigh of relief when the solid steel doors closed, trapping the creature inside.  He had sent it elsewhere, hopefully it that would give him enough time to look around for a few minutes, and then go back.

  He turned around, and noticed he was not alone.

  "Into the Cellar, quickly now."  Ayden ordered.  "Tris, you too."

  "No, I'm staying here, to help you."

  Ayden shook his head.  "No, if I fall, you are the last defense.  You and Rylan must do what you can to keep the little ones quiet, and help keep everyone calm."  He looked pointedly at Keiki, who looked anything but calm.

  Tristan nodded.  "Understood."  He gave his Dad a quick hug.  "May your Path be Victorious."

  Ayden smiled at his son.  "Go in Peace."

  Tristan and Rylan ushered everyone down the secret stairwell, despite the protests from all involved.  "Why must we go down here?"  Keilani wanted to know.  "Ayden.."  Ayden had already left, to stand guard at the door.

  "We must hurry."  Tris told his step mother.  "We have to keep the little one quiet."

  They all crowded into the damp and dark cellar.  "I don't like this place."  Maya complained.  "It's creepy!"

  "This is where Ayden likes to sleep.  He loves the dark and damp."  Keilani said.  "I don't understand what is going on."

  "I don't either."  Rylan said.  "But something big is happening up there.  I wish I could help up there, I feel like a coward hiding in this dungeon."

  Tristan took his post by the door, his gaze watchful.  "I can't explain it all to you, in fact, even I don't understand all of it, but Dad says we are going to have company.  And that they have the Power to strip your very self from your mind, and leave you an empty shell.  Since none of us want that to happen, we need to be quieter than mice."

  A sober silence fell over the room.

  Chaine sniffed the air cautiously.  He couldn't smell any of them, so he cautiously crept closer to the house.  He never saw the weapon that struck him from behind.

  Kit stared at the man's back.  Was he a friend or a foe?


  The door burst open, but Ayden Van Gould was prepared for it.  He lightly moved out of the way, and quickly rendered the first creature that came into his house unconscious, with just a few moves.  He may be older now, but he was not helpless.

  One of the Nephilium just stood in Ayden's doorway, his face impassive.  "I thought you were dead."

  Ayden grunted as he took a hit in his midsection from another one of the creatures.  He retaliated, but soon another one was on him.  He managed to shake both free, and knocked another one unconscious.  "Reports of my death, Khreagan, may have been exaggerated."

  The one called Khreagan slightly lifted his eyebrow in response.  "How amusing.  The Reporter of such misinformation, will be suitably punished, I promise you.  Hold him."  Khreagon ordered, as six other Nephilium attempted to hold onto Ayden.  "I wonder what brought you here, to this When."

  "It was far away from you and the bloody King, that is what."

  Khreagan struck Ayden's face with his fist, drawing blood.  "He is your King, Traitor.  The Warriors were to fight for us, not against."

  "So sorry to disappoint."  Ayden spit at him.

  "Shhhh, let us listen and let us see if you are alone in this big old house.  Were you not married Traitor?"

  "Until your Kind killed her, I was.  And our boy with her.  Give me a chance, Khreagan, and I will tear your throat out in payment for their deaths!"  Ayden promised.  He was rewarded for his words by several hits, punches, and kicks.  Ayden threw two more off, before he was beaten back down.  

  Khreagan walked around Ayden slowly, listening to the sounds of the house.  "I wonder, I certainly do, why would you not exact your revenge on us earlier?  Why hole up here, in this little nothing of a When."

  Ayden grinned at Khreagan, blood poured from his nose, making his grin bloody.  "Who says this isn't a trap?"  Khreagan whirled around to face Ayden, just as Ayden chomped down on a pill that he had held in his mouth.  He spewed a bluish gas cloud from out of his mouth.  He took great joy in the panic of the Nephilium that surrounded him, and their shouts of "It's poisonous Nealiea dust!"

  "Curse you!" Khreagan yelled as he succumbed to the bluish gas.

   "Stupid arrogant Nephilium."  Ayden muttered, as he slumped onto the floor.

  "I've been expecting you Kit.  Come on, we don't have much time, that little trick with the code won't keep them away for long.  I'll just grab my pack and we'll be on our way."

  "How...wh.."  Kit stuttered.  His mind refused to believe what his eyes were seeing.

   A slightly older version of his father was standing in front of him.  "It cannot be."  Kit said finally.  "You are dead and buried.  Are you another type of hologram?"

  "No," Ethan said.  "It is me, and I will explain the best I can, but first we must get out of here.  In less than thirty seconds, we will be inundated with more Nephilium than I care to handle right now."


  Woot!  I got through another chapter!  I'll have another chapter up soon, as I am madly taking pictures, trying to get this storyline wrapped up so that I can actually play.  I used a few poses, but I also used a lot of regular gameplay interactions.   Darn sims are not always cooperative.

  Case in point, Tristan.  Here they are---having a big, serious discussion, but he doesn't have a serious bone in his body.

 He kept cracking up, or studying his nails, or wandering off, or his phone would ring or...AAARG!  The shot I ended up using took me forever to get, and it was as close as it was going to get.


  1. Ha! I love the picture of Tristan goofing off. Epic chapter. So much drama. I hope everything turns out okay. :(

    1. Yeah---Tristan was not making that shot easy! And yes there is a lot of drama going on---I can't wait to have it done with! lol

  2. Ethan!? OH GOD! What is this going to mean for Kei and Chaine? I'M SO CONCERNED!

    1. Lots of complications and hard decisions---and things always get worse, before they get better. :)

  3. Ethan didn't die?! Oh my, and Mina is connected to the whole thing as well...

    1. Nah---I was too attached to him. lol But I had this darn half siblings hanging over my head! So I reworked my original plan a little bit, but I have all of this pretty much planned since Chapter 4, I think it was, when Ethan died. A long time to wait! :)

      Yep---Mina is connected---in a pretty substantial way.

  4. Ethan.... dun dun DUN! *cue drama music*

    Loved it.

  5. Wow, Ethan! That complicates things.
    I know what you mean about Sims not cooperating. That's why I resort to poses in scripted scenes like that, lol.