Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chapter 43 : Be Careful What You Wish For

  As soon as Rhys heard that Bianca had the baby, he wasted no time in getting over to the Monty Residence.


  He ignored Patrizio's glares, and ran upstairs.  He found Bianca sleeping.  Rhys left her to her sleep, and climbed the next flight of stairs that went on up to the nursery.

  His daughter, Amanda, blinked at him with sleepy eyes.  "Hey Baby Girl." he whispered.  "This is your Daddy."  He pulled her warm little body closer to him and sighed.  He was in love. 


  "Hello Jena?  This is Kit, hey, I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to cancel again."  Kit smiled.  "I have a lot of fun with you, that's not it at all."  Kit thought back to their first date, when he had met her outside her workplace.

 They had discovered they had a lot in common.  A love of history, and old things in general.  She liked playing Chess, and walking the beach at night.  She also smoked, but he tried not to hold that against her.  He had also enjoyed flirting with her, none of it serious to his mind.

   Kit thought she was a cute, bubbly kid, filled with energy and enthusiasm for her town and life in general.  He had enjoyed her historical monologues, and had teased her when she felt embarrassed after a particularly lengthy chat about the City Hall building.  She had apologized for boring him, and he had assured her he didn't find her boring at all.  She did make him feel old at times though, here he was, a grandpa, and she had barely spread her wings.

  "My daughter in law is pregnant again."  Kit chuckled.  "Yes, Elly is quite determined to have a girl."  Kit smiled as he listened to Jena talk.  "Hmm, yeah, this is her fifth pregnancy, all of them boys so far.  What was that?"  Jena repeated her question.  "Well, there's Puck, Drake, Juniper, and little Ash.  Imps, the lot of them."   He loved being a grandfather, and spent every moment he could with his grandsons.

  He had even taught Puck how to walk.

  "This pregnancy has been really hard on her.  She's been really sick, and she spends most of her time sleeping.

  The baby is due any day, and with my son working such long hours, I just don't want to leave her alone, besides the fact that three toddlers underfoot, and a baby, is too much for her right now."  three toddlers and a baby, was a bit much for any one person, but Kit smiled fondly as he thought of his grandsons.

  Drake was more sober, and very serious.  He hardly ever cried, but he would sit and study everyone around him.

  Juniper was his opposite.  He would follow Kit around, crying until he was picked up and cuddled.

   Ash was still a baby.  His son spent as much time with his kids as he could.

 But more often than not, it was Kit that was chasing after the toddlers all day long.  He didn't mind in the least.  "So, I'll catch you another time then?  Sounds good.  Take care.  Bye."  Kit hung up the phone.  He felt a familiar tug on his pants, and looked down to find Juniper, his arms up.

  "Up Grampa, up!" he demanded.

  Kit obliged him.

  Reilly spent hours chasing down leads, and interviewing the residents of Monte Vista.  He was sure if he asked enough people enough questions, eventually he would get the answers he sought.  It was a slow, grueling, and frustrating process.

  "I'm sorry Signore, I cannot help you."

  Reilly was beginning to hate that answer.


  Elly didn't mind the awful sickness too much.  She knew the end result would be another baby in her arms.  But when she felt the familiar pain across her abdomen, she couldn't help but feel a bit relieved.  Soon she would hold another precious baby in her arms, and she would be done with the puking.   She thought to herself, well, until she was pregnant again.

  How appropriate that the day she gave birth to her daughter would be Love Day.  Elly was entranced, she finally had a girl!  She named her Cherry, after her favorite blossom.


  Elly waddled into the nursery, and carefully placed her daughter in the crib.  The pains had not gone away like they had before.  Reilly burst into the door, and headed for her.  "Elly, Dad just called and said you were in..." he stopped midstream, "We have a girl?"

  Elly nodded her head happily.  "Cherry.  Reilly, my stomach still hurts."

  Reilly frowned, "What do you mean your stomach still hurts?"

  Elly let out another groan, and delivered another girl.  "Oh Reilly!" she breathed.  "We are twice blessed, twin girls!  I did not think it was possible.  Well, I know I ate some of the mandrakes, just to maybe help us have a girl, but I never imagined we would have two girls!"

    "Twins?  What do you mean you ate some mandrakes?  Elly doesn't that usually..."

  "Oooh!  I don't think I'm done Reilly!"  She set the baby down, and then gave birth to a boy.


  "Triplets?"  Reilly knew his grandmother had been a triplet, but he had never expected to have triplets of his own.  "What are we going to name them?"

  "Alder for the boy."  Elly panted.

  Reilly considered the name.  "I like the name Alder." he decided.  "And maybe Camellia for our other little girl."

  "Oh yes, that is a pretty name."  Elly panted again.

  Reilly looked closer at her.  "Elly, are you alright?"

  "Ohhh!" she whimpered.  "I think, I think I have one more!"

  "One more..."  Reilly was in shock as Elly gave birth to another girl.  "Quads?" he said faintly.  He felt dizzy.  Had she just given birth to FOUR babies?


  "Ahhh," Elly sighed.  "The pains are finally gone, I think I am done now.  And another girl, this one I think we should name Cedrela.  What do you think of that name Reilly?  Oh, isn't this lovely!" she exclaimed.  "I can't wait to have more!"

  Kit had quietly gone about giving the babies their bottles, and snuggling them, plus handing out bottles to the toddlers that were crawling around under everyone's feet.  He overheard Elly as he passed by.  "You want more?" he asked incredulously.

  "Oh yes!" she said, quite happily.  "I would like many babies!"

  "Uh, Elly,"  Reilly said, "I think we need to wait a while before we have more kids."

  "A voice of reason speaks at last!"  Rhys said loudly from the other side of the room, as he bottle fed Cherry.

  "Wait?  Why wait Reilly?  I feel good, I know I could carry more babies!"

  Reilly lightly kissed his wife.  "While you may be a fairy, Love, I am only human.  And four toddlers and four babies, eight kids!  That is all I can handle, and then some!"

  Elly frowned.  "Are you sure Reilly?"



  Challenge Notes:  So--I haz babies, lol.  If you guys read my spoiler on the MTS thread, this comes as no surprise.  And like I said there, I was surprised by the quads.  I was thinking she may have twins, that would put me over by one kid, but that's not too bad.  I was willing to risk it for a girl.  She kept having boys, even though I only let her eat watermelons!  Annoying---if it wasn't a challenge game, I would have used MC and made the second one a girl!  Now---my game is chaotic and definitely challenging!  Atm, I have 5 toddlers, and I can't wait until Ash becomes a kid!

  As soon as Elly had them--she rolled the want for a baby.  I laughed, and actually talked to a non-existant pixellated person, I said---No way!  You two are done!  

  Reilly is half way through his career, and Rhys faithfully gets a new tattoo every week, though I don't show it very much in the story itself.

  Elly has a little garden, but rarely has much time to do anything with it.  lol  She has too many kids demanding her time!



  1. 8 kids...o.m.g.! I'm curious to see how you will handle that with relation to the challenge rules on kids?

    In mine, I'm not *trying* for extra kids, and I'm not gonna turn off Risky (it's set really low, though, like 7% I think), but I don't think I'll get rid of the extras unless I can find a good, dramatic means of doing so.

    Lilith has quads too, but she rolled for 5, so we may be ok.

    Good luck with all dem chilruns! :D


    1. lol---it is a house full at the moment. As far as I understand the rules, any of them could be heir, I rolled 5 kids, the last one ended up quads. If she had quads on her second pregnancy--she would have been done, but it ended up being on her last pregnancy. She is done now---and can't have any more kids.

      I have Risky at 3%, TFB success at 40%--yet they managed to have all these kids. lol :D I changed Elly's SP settings--she can no longer get pregnant. :)

      Quads are fun! Good Luck yourself!

      Thanks! :)

  2. So. Many. Babies. O_O

    I think I would cry if that ever happened to me. Seriously. I have four toddlers right now, and I'm already tearing my hair out. But eight?! The thought makes me want to curl up in the corner and hide. Lol, I don't like playing big families, although they're super fun to read about. =)

    I just DIED when I read that Elly rolled a wish for more babies after giving birth to the quads. That's hilarious and awesome, and I love her for it. Also awesome- Kit's face when he's holding his new granddaughter. Lol, he's too funny!

    To answer your question from a few chapters ago, I would *love* Kit (I really want to see him have a happy marriage in my game... plus his kids are GORGEOUS!), but I will gladly take any of them. There's no rush, of course, just whenever you feel like sharing is fine. =)

    Great update! Can't wait to see them all grow up.

  3. For a little while I had 6 toddlers at once, that was fun! No one got any sleep--they took naps in shifts. lol

    Yeah---Elly is a funny girl. Seriously---you have 8 kids and you want more? In fact she even rolled the Want 10 kids thing---but she's doomed to disappointment there. Poor Elly---it's against the rules for her to have more.

    Kit has been a HUGE help. Kit is the one that does most of the child rearing, lol. Reilly is off doing PI work. Elly is always off playing with her kids' toys. *shakes head* She has the childish trait---she'll be a fun Mom for them when they get older. :)

    I'd be happy to share them---it'll be a little while though. Kit deserves a happy marriage for sure!

    Thank you! :D

  4. I have quads turned off, there's no way I'm dealing with that! Good luck to you!

    1. Thanks! I have the chance for them turned down super low---I'm not sure what happened there!

  5. Oh my word! Eight children! Elly's reaction is priceless though :)

  6. ... O.O All the babies... Elly just had ALL the babies... and sh's not happy yet? *faints*

    Oh well, she will have to learn to be happy with just 8 kids. :P

    1. If this wasn't a challenge--I'd let her try for more, but being that it is, 8 is Enough. lol :P (I loved that tv show when I was kid!)

  7. Wow. Thems a lot of babies! Hopefully they'll keep Elly busy for awhile. I hope she doesn't get too upset when she learns she won't be having any more.