Monday, January 14, 2013

Chapter 44: Hectic Days and Sleepless Nights

  Rhys missed out on the blur of feeding, diapering, bathing, and cuddling babies, around the clock.

  He missed a few birthdays as well.  Puck's...

  and Drake...who was not impressed with the plant graveyard.


  He missed Ashe's birthday.


  But he was there for Manda's birthday.  He spent every moment he could with her.

  Manda was happiest when her Daddy was with her.


  Before too long, it was Juniper's birthday.


  But his birthday was quickly overshadowed by the quads having their birthdays.


  Rela. (Cedrela)


  and Lia. (Camellia)


  Operation: Baby Training began in earnest. *cue montage music*




  Challenge Notes:  Okay---I could have called this chapter Toddler Spam, lol.  They were all just so cute!  Very little words and lots of pics, the exact opposite of what I usually post! :)  I just let the pics speak for themselves!

  They managed to potty train, teach to walk/talk all of them.  Some even have extra skills because they read the toddler books that were left on the floor.  I bought the Lullaby set from the store--but quickly discovered I had to ban the baby monitor.  All the toddlers used them constantly to ask someone to rock with them in the rocking chair.  Did I mention constantly?  lol

  Cue commercial, lol.  The library that Reilly took Alder to was one I built.  It is on a 20 x 20 lot w/4 levels, and has lots of different skilling objects in it.  I like small community (and residential for that matter) lots, because it is easier to squeeze them into overcrowded or smaller worlds.  If anyone is interested in it, I uploaded it here: Evergreen Public Library   (You have to be registered at the Sims Asylum to see it---registration helps keep trolls, spammers and other bad things out. :)  It is a terrific site, and I can't recommend it enough.  Lots of different modders can be found there as well, TFM, Blue, Shimrod, Chicken.)  I recolored the outside to fit into Monte Vista better---but in my uploaded version the outside is more of a red brick.

  Gator came to visit his nephew, Reilly.  He hung out for several hours, showing off his teeth to anyone that would look.  :P  He crashed in the rocking chair, and not even Rela's crying woke him up.  I thought it was neat that he came to visit.  Sadly, Mina has not.

  My age up pics are not the best---my apologies.  I was having crashing issues w/ in game camera while they were doing their age up thing.  If I used the tab to get a close up, my game would crash.  Took me forever to get the ones I have---and then I discovered that I didn't get one of Alder.  Oops!  I think I made up for it though in spam. :D

  Rhys daughter Corrine as a teen.

  Maya (daughter of Rylan Kahekili and Natasha), Reilly's cousin, had married Brannon MacDuff (from Moonlight Falls), and they have two boys.  One is a toddler, the other a baby.  This is the toddler Ben:

  I couldn't help but sneak peek at how Ben grows up---he was just so cute!  Young Adult Ben:


  1. I loved the toddler montage! They're all soo cute!

  2. I agree- They're all absolutely darling! So many babies though, lol. Kit's facial expression in that one photo made me giggle. Again! <3

    1. Thanks Buckley! I doubt Riley and Elly would survive all those kids w/o Kit's help. Kit only had one kid, so eight can be a bit overwhelming! lol :P

  3. lol @ toddler training montage, that was a great way of putting it :)

    Ben IS rather cute as a young adult!

    Will have to check out the Asylum. I'm pretty sure I use/have used/have seen Chicken & Shimrod's work around.


    1. Thank you Margaret!

      Ben's genetics actually include Twallan's self sim--it's where he gets the orange eyes. lol Natasha, Maya's mother, is from my Mallory family, part of my Sim Soap Opera story(Soap Opera called All My Sims---involving self sims). :D

      There are lots of terrific creators at the Asylum! I hope you do check it out! :)

  4. Awesome toddler montage! They really are all ridiculously cute, and it's very impressive you managed to get them all trained up!!

    1. Thanks Elly!

      That's all they did for days and days---train toddlers! I'm actually finding it harder now that they are older and are spreading out!