Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chapter 45: Marry Me

  Bianca pulled Rhys back behind some bushes.  "Rhys, are you crazy?  It's the middle of the day, people could see us!"


  "I don't care."  Rhys muttered.  "I'm tired of sneaking around."  Irony of ironies, Rhys thought to himself.  Bianca wouldn't see him, unless it was in secret, because she was afraid of disappointing her father even more.  Or angering him.  Rhys had tried to talk to her about it, but she remained stubborn in her convictions.  He had contemplated telling her about the deal he had made with her father, but decided against it.  She wasn't ready yet to hear about her father, and Rhys would likely come out as the bad guy.  That's how it always seemed to work out for him.  "Marry me." he nuzzled her neck.  

  Bianca sighed.  "I'd love to marry you Rhys, but, Daddy is against it."

  "Has he said anything...."

  Bianca shook her head no.  "I just know him, and he doesn't approve of us.  Just give him some more time." she pleaded.

  "Marry me Bianca.  Marry me, and we'll settle everything else later.  You know you want to."

  Bianca smiled.  "More than anything."

  "Then let's do it.  I won't push us living together or anything!"  He grinned at her, then added, "Well, at first."  His grin faded, then he said seriously, "We'll give your father more time if that is what you want."

  Bianca hesitated.  "Well," she paused.  Reilly reached up to tuck a stray hair out of her face.  "Okay, let's do it." she decided.

  "Now you're talking!" He kissed her, then pulled two rings out of his pocket.

  "Rhys Van Gould, were you that sure of my answer?"  She let go of him, and put her hands on her hips.

  "Never, Love, just hopeful." he answered her with a smile.  He grabbed her left hand.  "I, Rhys Van Gould, do solemnly swear..."


  Bianca held his hand, and repeated the vows to him.  " love, honor, cherish..."


  "Let's take this inside." he suggested.  "The sun is killing me."  Rhys led her into the house, and then into his room, and gave her another tour of it, including the large wardrobe sitting in there.

  Bianca laughed.  "That is huge!"  She walked inside to investigate, and Rhys followed her in.

 A little while later, they emerged, laughing, their faces flushed.

 Bianca started giggling.


  "Rhys, we put the wrong clothes back on!"

  Rhys looked down at his clothes, and then back at her.  "Well, what do you know!"

  Bianca broke into a fit of giggles, Rhys grinned at her....

...before joining her.

  The daylight was rapidly leaving, and night was beginning to fall.  "Rhys, I'd better go home now, and check on our daughter."

  Rhys walked her to the door, but pulled her in close before she could leave.

  "I wish you'd stay.  You and Manda."

  "No pressure, remember?" She reminded him with a smile.  "Soon, Rhys, soon."

  Rhys sighed.  "Time is so short, Bianca, and I fear we are wasting far too much of it."

  "Could you extend it?"

  Rhys looked at her, puzzled.  "Extend what?"

  "My youth." she said simply.  "My life.  I don't want to wither away, an old hag, while you stay young and..."

  "Virile?"  Rhys said thoughtfully, a teasing glint in his eyes.  "Handsome?  Sexy?"

  Bianca laughed.  "Yes!  That is what I mean!"

  "Please Rhys."

  "Do you know what you are asking Love?" he asked softly.  He gently caressed her cheek.

  "Yes, I know."  Bianca said happily.  "I have thought of nothing else for weeks."


  "You'll outlive the ones you love.  And once done, it cannot be undone." he warned her.

  "I know Rhys."

  Rhys gently pulled her closer to him.  "As you wish." he said.  She tilted her head, to give him better access.  He carefully and gently, placed his lips upon her neck.  "It may hurt a little bit,  Love, for that I am sorry." he murmured.  Bianca gasped as his teeth sunk into her neck.

  She felt woozy afterwards, and would have fallen, except Rhys held her up.  She gave him a goofy smile.  "That was it?"

  "That was it." he confirmed.  "Are you okay?"

  "More than okay." she whispered.  She felt strange inside, jittery.  Energized.

  "It'll take a few days, before the transformation is complete.  Get plenty of rest, alright?"

  Bianca softly kissed him.  "Alright.  I'll see you tomorrow."

  "See you tomorrow."



  Challenge Notes:  Bianca is so pretty, especially for an EA sim.  She comes with Monte Vista.  Rhys autonomously turned her, I tried to cancel it, but apparently it is not a cancel-able action once taken. lol   I was going to use MC to take the occult off of her, but it wasn't showing up yet.  So I canceled the bitten moodlet, which immediately changed her into a vampire, with the intent that maybe it would show her as a vampire so I could remove the vampire status.  But then---she just looked so pretty as one---I couldn't do it.  Then I decided to keep her that way---she and Rhys can (hopefully) be together a really, really, really long time.

  Speaking of Rhys---this chapter was not supposed to be about him, but more about Reilly.  The "wedding" sort of took over though, and I just decided to make the next chapter more of what this chapter was going to be.  Did that make sense?  lol

  MV Spam---it's just so pretty.  I swear to myself--no more scenery pics, but's just so pretty, resistance is futile.  :)   (One of my favorite lines ever!)





  1. Bianca is really pretty!
    I'm glad Rhys found the one, and now that she's a vampire, once they are free to get together, they'll have a long time.

    1. Thanks Cali!

      I hope SP plays nice with them, once Rhys is out of my control! :)

  2. That was sweet and Bianca is very lovely, I love the dress she's wearing at the end. I hope the two of them get to be happy together :)

    1. Thank you Ali! The dress is one of my favorites, it is really pretty!

  3. Bianca's father is going to have a fit once he sees what has happened to her... O.o

    1. That he is. Patrizio is definitely not going to be happy. But on the plus side, Bianca and Rhys will outlive him! :) lol

  4. She does look really pretty as a vampire! But I have a feeling her daddy is going to flip.

    ~Margaret Pendragon

    1. Thanks Margaret! After seeing her, I just couldn't make her human again. This way hopefully she and Rhys will live a (really, really, really) long life together! :D

  5. I love your spam! You're making me want to play in Monte Vista SO bad! =)

    Bianca is *gorgeous*! Like, wow! I agree, however, about her dad. Yikes, I'm not looking forward to seeing his reaction!

    Loved this chapter. =)

    1. Thank you Buckley! I love MV--it is just so pretty! I like the way it is set up too! It is my favorite Store world. :)

      I couldn't believe that EA made the Monty family! All of them are pretty decent looking. Bianca especially.

  6. Oh dear. I wonder what's going to happen when Daddy Monty finds out his little princess is now a vampire. Yikes. I don't want to be Rhys right now!