Friday, September 14, 2012

Chapter 10: Proms and Things

  Kona embraces his inner exhibitionist, and upgrades the shower while in the nude.  (yep, I still play with the censor on, lol).


  And then it is off, to earn more money.  He's getting pretty good at this magic thing, and now pulls lots of different things out of his magician's hat.  He can also make many different kins of objects magically appear.


  After listening to the awful sounding stereo all day, Kona can't take another moment of it, and he upgrades the stereo.  Free of charge.


 Kei still spends most of her time over at Ethan's.  Ethan has a one track mind---raging hormones and all that. (*rolls eyes*)

  Some sims seem to find creepy attractive, as Ari is always getting company.  They always head straight for the bedroom--- Ari doesn't care if they are married or not.  (This girl is married.)

The twins age up.


and Lani:

(I took age ups pics of Lani--but you can't really see her, since she aged up outside in the dark.  I hate it when they do that!  Lani looks a lot like her mother so far.  No more toddlers now, until Kei has kids!)

Poulani is a good sister, and reads Kale to sleep.

 Kona impresses a 5 star celebrity.  The celebrity is not all that impressive however, as he asks Kona (!?) for money.  Kona gives him a dollar.

Kei has a lot on her mind, and after the tenth sigh, Keilani bravely sits by her on the bus to ask her what's wrong.  Kei doesn't answer, but she doesn't push her away either.

Ethan convinces Kei to go to the Prom.  "Come on, Kei, you'll have fun with me, I promise."  Keilani and Poulani attend as well, they both go without dates.


 Ethan was voted most popular guy.  While Ethan enjoyed the attention, he spent most of his time dancing with Kei, getting her punch, and making sure Kei was having fun.  Kei wouldn't admit it, but she was having fun.  Ethan asked her to go steady and she agreed, but she blames the punch.  The punch made her say yes, and the punch made her do the Chicken Dance with Ethan on the dance floor.

   Poulani, poor girl, had a terrible time.  She asked the most popular guy (Ethan, lol) to dance, and he rejected her.  Then she tried to dance by herself, but she kept falling on her face.  Her courage to keep trying impresses Agustin though, so it wasn't a complete wash.  She has a new friend that she finds very cute.

  Keilani had a blast.  She won Prom Queen, won the dance duel, and found love with a sim named Cyrus.  Her prom picture was Epic!

 While the girls were at Prom, Kona had a birthday.  He feels pretty good about where he is in life.  The only worry he has is over Kei, his stubbornly rebellious daughter.  Now that Kei will be graduating in a few days, he has lots of things to think about.  What to do with Kei?  He doesn't want her to move out, then he would never be able to keep an eye on her and make sure she was okay.

He decides to sleep on it, maybe something will come to him in his dreams.

 Later that night, while they were all sleeping---

 The house is being watched however, and the police come and take the robber away while everyone in the house slumbers away, unaware of the adverted crime.

 More upgrading---

Poulani gets a visitor, it is Agustin from the Prom.

  Cyrus pays a visit as well.

 The day is complete with the arrival of Ethan.  Kona doesn't know where the time went.  It seemed like just yesterday, he and Kanani were teaching their girls how to walk and talk. And now he has 3 boys visiting his little girls.  Little girls that are almost grown up.

  Kona keeps a close watch on Ethan and Kei, but he should have kept an eye on Poulani as well.  With his eyes following Ethan and Kei's every move, he fails to notice Poulani and Agustin sneaking upstairs to his bedroom.  (That went from friends to more rather quickly!)


  I'm getting sad, as the inevitable day gets closer and closer.  Very soon now Poulani and Keilani will have to move out.  I'll miss them!  :(

Next: Chapter 11: Future Adventures


  1. Yeah that's the hard part about this legacy, is getting attached to all your Sims when you have to move some of them out.

    I love Kei. I'm rooting for her to end up with the werewolf. :D They're my favorite supernatural so far.

  2. That's definitely the hardest part, letting your spares go. I try to make time to visit them or invite them to the house, to keep the family connected, but it can be tough with so little time in the day.

    I am looking forward to Kei's generation, though. She should be fun. =D

  3. At least SP will give me little notices on how they are doing. It is still tough though, because any other type of game, and I would play rotate the different households. Or at the very least, not boot them out so quickly!

    Kei is fun, and complex! :)

    Thanks for reading! :D

  4. Poulani always seemed like the 'angel' of your three, so I was surprised she snuck upstairs to be a bad girl for a bit, haha... riding on the coattails of her elder sister's troublemaking to cover up her own mischief.

    Do keep the kids around to see how they do off on their own, its always fun to get little SP updates and the occasional visit if possible.

  5. I was very surprised as well! I was busy taking pictures when I heard the woohoo sound, and I couldn't figure out who was doing what at first!

    I love Twallan's SP---it gives my inactives a nice, full, and sometimes, even a happy life! lol

  6. I'm enjoying your story so far! I can't believe I've put off reading it so long. Benefit though is getting to read it all at once!

    Though I get why Kanani had to die for Kei's story to evolve, it's still so sad. I'm concerned about this business with werewolves and chosen mates. Sounds dangerous!