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Chapter 12: Wedding Bells

    When Kona came to, he sat in his thinking chair, and tried his best to absorb the news.


  "How am I going to handle this Kanani?"  He didn't expect an answer, and he got what he expected.  He sighed heavily, and then got up to find Ethan and Kei.  Ethan came into the room before he got very far.

  "I am sorry you had to find that way."  Ethan said quietly.

  Kona stared hard at Ethan.  "How did it happen?"

  Ethan cleared his throat, nervously.  "Ah, well, yeah, about that..." He cleared his throat again.  "I swear I didn't mean to!" Ethan vowed.  "Just, when I met Kei, she was, well, she had broken into my house and set up pranks all over the place."

  Kona groaned.  "Kei!"

  "She was so bold, and full of life and, well, we had an instant connection.  I already knew I could easily bond with her---and I don't just mean physically!"  Ethan hastened to add.  "We are kindred spirits, Kei and I.  Then the full moon was upon us, and I told Kei to stay home for her safety.  She didn't listen, and, I don't have as good as control over myself in werewolf form during a full moon.  My, body, for lack of a better word, recognized her as my mate, and, well, "Ethan stammered, "I, uh, ended up marking her.  Making her my bond mate, which, turned her into a werewolf."  Ethan didn't add the part about how it could have killed her.

  "So, this is Kei's fault for not staying home?"

  "No, no!"  Ethan said.  "This is my fault for not telling her why I wanted her to stay home.  Kei's knee jerk reaction is to do the complete opposite of what she is told to do.  I should have told her, but I was afraid I would lose her."  Ethan said simply.

  Kona was quiet for several minutes, processing all of what Ethan had said.  "Well," he said finally, "I really don't know how to feel about all of this.  It is, such a huge shock!  But I love my daughter, whatever form she may be in.  Our deal still stands, and the rest we will just play by ear."

  Ethan heaved a sigh of relief.  "Thank you Sir!"

  Kona wished his conversation with his daughter had gone as well as the one with Ethan.  But Kei refused to talk, until finally, Kona just gave up.


    All too soon, it was the triplets birthdays.





  and Keilani:


    All three girls are excited to age up.  Poulani and Keilani are eager to move in with their best friends and have a bachelorette pad.  Kei is eager about marrying Ethan the next day, before her sisters leave, but she plays it cool.

  The next day dawned, and Ethan and Kei are ready to get married.  They are just waiting on Ethan's brother to show up.  "I don't like him."  Kei said, she doesn't say any more, because it is her wedding day and she doesn't want it spoiled.

  "Sometimes I don't either."  Ethan confessed.  "But he is my brother, and in Pack tradition...."

  "Family rules."  Kei finished for him.  She rolled her eyes.

  Ethan grinned at her.  "Do I say that too much?"


  "Well, how about a little less talk then..."


  Kona had gone for a walk earlier that morning.  He found a this little tree, that appeared to have what looked like jelly beans on them.  Jelly beans of many different colors, and they looked so tempting, he had to try one.  He picked out a nice blue jelly bean and slowly chewed it.  It was just as delicious as he thought it would be.  He picked a few more, and put them in his pocket for later.

  Then he walked home.  He nodded at who he assumed was Ethan's brother, Ari, who was standing by the wedding arch.

    Ari hadn't seen him at first, so Kona missed Ari's reaction when he did finally look at Kona.  But Kona was noticing that he was getting the strangest of looks.  He walked into the house, intent on finding Kei.


  He found her in the kitchen with Ethan.  "Kei, it looks like Ethan's brother is here now.  Are you ready?"

  Kei stared at her father.  "Daddy, you're, you're blue!"

  "I'm not sad about this wedding honey, I'm happy for you.  All I want is for you to be happy."

  Kei was shaking her head and laughing.  "No Daddy!  I meant your skin is blue!  What a family picture we'll make!  A smurf and two werewolves!"  Ethan chuckled beside her.

  Kona glanced down at his arms.  "Oh my."  he said faintly.

  A blue Kona walked his giggling daughter down the aisle.  He didn't mind her laughing at him, he was pleased to hear her sounding happy again.  Almost like the Keikei he once knew.

  The wedding went off without a hitch---


   Ethan had already moved his stuff in earlier that morning.  Kei wanted to cut the cake, she was starving, but Ethan had other things on his mind.

    Kona was relieved that the blue skin seemed to be a temporary thing.  But he was trying to figure out who the extra people were that showed up for his daughter's wedding.  He didn't recognize any of them.  One lady even followed him into the house and presented him with a bouquet of flowers, and her phone number.  He was flattered, and he appreciated the gesture.  But he wasn't going to call her, she wasn't Kanani, and that was the only person he wanted.

  Then it was all too soon when Keilani and Poulani came up to say goodbye.  Kona hugged each one tightly, and told them he loved them and was very proud of the way they had grown up.  He also told them not to be a stranger, to call and stop by every once in awhile, so he wouldn't worry about them so much.

  With the visitors all gone, Ethan and Kei headed for the bedroom for their wedding night.



  How bittersweet!  I was so sad to see Keilani and Poulani go.  While I didn't give them too much story time, because Kei was always up to something, I spent a lot of time with them.  *sniffs*

 Kona was at the live venue earning tips, since the wedding wasn't until the late afternoon.  When it got close to the time of the wedding, I clicked on the arrow by his portrait to send him home.  I couldn't believe it when he walked in the door blue!  Blue!  I forgot I had put a jelly bean tree in that park.  lol  He found it!  

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  1. I'm glad Kona was so understanding! That should make things easier since they will all be living together.

    1. He's trying anyway. He doesn't want to alienate her further. :)

  2. Blue Kona is pretty funny - and getting presented flowers from a strange woman haha!

    Just catching up on your story. I love how all the girls looked as they aged up and yes its sad to move the extras out! :(

  3. I had him performing for tips at the Park, and I just clicked the little arrow thing by their portrait to have him come home---I couldn't believe it when he walked into the house---blue! lol

    It was rough--saying goodbye, that's for sure. :( Thanks for reading!

  4. Poulani's age up expression is the best. And Kei grew up utterly gorgeous!

    Haha, I totally want to play around with the jelly bean bush a bit more now, I forgot Sims could change colour.