Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chapter 6: Moon Shadows

  The bills still need to be paid so Kona still drags himself out of the house to earn some more money.  Even though single, good looking women give him the eye, he doesn't pay any attention.  His heart still belongs to his wife.


  He is getting better at his magic tricks though.  With his better tricks, come better tips.   Sometimes he even has enough money left over at the end of the month to splurge and buy a want.  Like a dishwasher!  (Note--EA dressed that guy---not me!)


    Kei, meanwhile, wants to spend every waking moment with Ethan.  She skips school to be with him.  She hangs out at Ethan's house. They arrange to meet in several different spots to keep the Police Officer friend of her father's from finding her.  It's like a game to her now.


    Ethan always seems just as eager to spend time with her.  Which is why Kei is so surprised one afternoon, when he tells her he can't meet her until the next day.

  "Why?" she wanted to know.

  "It's just safer for you Kei.  Stay home tonight."

   If there's one thing Kei hates the most, it is being told what to do.  Even if it is her beloved Ethan telling her to do so.

  So she ignores him, and heads out on her own.  Usually it is her and Ethan setting smoke bombs off, or tp-ing a neighbor's yard, but he was being a stick in the mud, so she would have to do it on her own.  While she discovers she has way more fun setting pranks with Ethan by her side, she is determined to show him he cannot tell her what to do.  She listens to no one.


  Kei has never bothered with trying to hide her pranks and tricks.  She openly leaves a bag of burning dog doo on the front porch, right in front of the homeowner.  Then she calmly walks away.


  She never really gets into trouble, her father sees to that.  So why does she care if someone sees her and calls the police?  The worst she would get is another rag rag rag lecture.  Kei rolls her eyes.  Pathetic.

  When night falls, she unexpectedly runs into Ethan.  While it is a full moon, she can't quite make out his features because he is hiding in the shadows.


  "Kei, I thought I told you to stay home."

  Kei snorted.  "Like you're my father or something?  I don't listen to him, why should I listen to you?  What's wrong with your voice anyway"


    "Kei, you should have stayed home.  It is too dangerous for you to be out here.  I am not quite myself tonight."

  "You're being silly.  Who else would you be, if not you?"  Kei laughed.  "And I love danger."  She moved closer into the shadows, seeking Ethan.  She suddenly found herself pulled roughly into his arms.

  "I tried to warn you." he said, as he kissed her roughly.

  Kei's eyes widened, but then she threw herself into the passionate kiss.  Her heart raced and her adrenaline was pumping.  He felt different, stronger, more muscular.  He also seemed to be hairier than she remembered.  But these thoughts skittered around in her brain like butterflies.  She was too caught up in the sensations and she delighted in the rough kisses that grew even more passionate.


    They sank to their knees, still locked in a passionate embrace.  Kei could feel the want and desire coursing through her, and she cursed the fact that they were not at his house.  Then Ethan bit her neck.  "Ouch!" she complained.  He soothed it with another kiss.

  "Now you're mine forever." he told her.

  Before Kei could protest further, Ethan hauled her up to her feet, and tucked her behind him.  "Don't worry Kei, I protect what is mine."

  Then Kei saw someone's shadow appear behind Ethan.  It was Ethan's brother, Ari.    "Ethan" he hissed.  "What do you think you are doing?"


   The brothers circled each other, but Ethan was careful to keep Kei and Ari apart.  "What I do is my own business."

  "Wrong little brother."  Ari cackled.  "What you do is always the business of the Pack."  Ari stared coldly at his brother.  "Did you mark her?" he demanded.

  Ethan lifted his chin.  "It was my choice."

  "You fool."  Ari said harshly.  "We are to be about the Pack's business, not playing around with, "  Ari's cold eyes did a slow perusal of Kei's body.  "Females."  he spit out.  "No matter how attractive they may be."

  Ethan stood his ground.  "She is mine.  I have marked her and the bonding has already started."

  "And if I disagree, as your Elder."

  "I am ready."  Ethan calmly said.

  Kei let out a shriek as Ari launched himself at Ethan.  She couldn't see much, but she could hear a lot.  She heard snarls and growls, really they sounded like two animals fighting!  She didn't know what was going on, or what they were talking about, but she was quite relieved to find that Ethan won the fight.

  "You have won your female, brother, I hope you do not regret it."


   "Ethan"  Kei demanded after Ari slinked off, "What just happened?"

  "Nothing for you to worry about Kei."

  Kei glared at him.  "You know I hate it when..."  Ethan silenced her with a kiss.

  "Now, come with me Kei.  We'll stick to the shadows tonight.  You did say you like the Moon shadows?"

  Kei grumbled.  "Maybe"  Ethan tugged on her hand and pulled her along.

  "Let's go have some fun before the Sun ruins it."

  "I want to know..." she started to say.

  "Later Kei, I promise.  Now come on.  Let's not let Ari ruin our night.

  Kei followed Ethan to a lady's house.  The lady was singing and practicing her guitar on the front porch.  "You sound awful!" Kei shouted as she pelted the lady and her house with the eggs that Ethan handed her.  "Shut up!"  Ethan and Kei ran away laughing, sticking to the shadows as Ethan wanted.

  Ethan's phone rang, and he answered it.  "Yes Theron, we have started it."  Then there was silence as Ethan listened to whatever that Theron guy was saying.  Kei tried to listen to it, but she couldn't quite hear what he was saying.  "It was nothing.  Just a scuffle."  Another pause.  " As always, I obey."  Ethan hung up.

  "What was that about?  It sounded important, all that obey stuff."

  Ethan smiled at her.  "It was nothing important at all.  Just my boss calling about some work he needs me to do tomorrow. "



  I hope the night pictures aren't too dark! 

  Kei is moving right along.  Kona is close to completing his goals, darn handiness skill.  I'm not sure I'd pick that one again!  :)

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  1. I wonder how Kei will react when she learns she's been marked by a werewolf!

  2. It's hard for me to try to keep the chapters down in size---I have a tendency to make chapters too long---otherwise all of that would have been in one chapter. lol. The Monster Chapter. :P

  3. This is definitely taking a dangerous twist... not only going towards a life of crime, but also as a werewolf? Quite a volatile cocktail you're mixing. :)

    Poor Kona, all those kids to raise and one very very dangerous daughter over them all.

  4. Yeah---Kei has a way of finding trouble, or trouble finds her!