Monday, September 24, 2012

Chapter 18: Life's a Party!

    "I'm starving!" Kit complained as he attacked his sushi.  "Raw fish!  Yummy!"  Kit has the same table manners as his parents.


   Chaine loves being a father, and either carries Rylan or Nira with him wherever he goes.

  "Come on Layla!  Just one game!"

  "Nuh uh, I'm done playing hopscotch with you!  You always win!"

  Kale hates school with a passion.  He hates homework even more.  He cannot wait to graduate!  Just a few more days and he is free!


  He tried to talk his Dad into letting him drop out of school early.  The conversation went something like this:

  Kale:  Dad, I hate school and I want to quit and join the Gypsy's that just came into town.

  Kona:  Kale, no.

  Kale:  But Dad...

  Kona:  Do I need to get Kei to talk some sense into you?

  At which point Kale dropped it.  His oldest sister quite terrified him.

  Kona went to meet these Gypsy's that Kale wanted to join so badly.  He was skeptical at first, but the wizened old woman converted him pretty quickly.  She had grabbed his hand, and traced the lines on it.  "Oooh!" she cackled in glee.  "I see you have had a hard life, raising your children on your own.  One of them, a daughter, she is near and dear to your heart...." as the woman went on, she sucked Kona in completely.  He couldn't believe how much she knew about him.  He gladly parted with 150 dollars to keep hearing more and more.

  When he came out, he ran into Kei.  "Kei, that woman is..."

  "A scam artist Dad.  She's a scam artist.  She applied for protection from my Boss, to keep the Police off her tail.  How much did you lose?"  Kei asked him.

  "Lose?  Well, I gave her 150 total, but Kei she knew all about us and ..."

  Kei sighed.  "Dad, Kale was talking to her yesterday.  He told her all about us.  I overheard your little conversation with Kale, and I had a few words for him.  He won't make that mistake again."

  Kona stared at her.  "I was fleeced!"

  "You were fleeced."

  Kona frowned.  "Kale wants to be a Gypsy, did you talk him out of it?"

  "Actually no, I didn't.  I have my reasons for wanting a friendly ear in the Gypsy camp.  Why don't you go home Dad, I'm going inside to get your money back."

  Kona was embarrassed that he fell for the Gypsy's tricks, and he went home feeling like a chump.  Here he thought he had actually had information about what the future held, instead he found out that he was gullible.


  Chaine found a secret hidden compartment in the Inventor's table.  Inside, he found a set of plans.  Ethan's plans.  He studied them intently.  "Unbelievable!" he muttered to himself.  "Maybe, it could be done.  Ethan my friend, what were you up to that you were trying to build such a device?"  Chaine picked up the phone and called his work.  "Mr. Hendricks?  I'm calling to let you know that I quit.  I have decided to become an Inventor."

  He held the phone away from his ear as his former boss squawked and carried on about what an idiot Chaine was being.  Chaine ended the call as quickly as he could.  He had not the same skill as Ethan, or even the Genius brain of his friend, but Chaine swore he would do his best to get his friend's last invention made.  Or at least discover enough about it that Ethan's boy would be able to finish it.  Kit had his father's intelligence.


  That night, the Kahekili's had one large family birthday party.  The youngest twins had kicked it off earlier in the day.



  and Nira:


  Then later on, it was Layla:

  and Kit (I couldn't resist the hair, lol):

  Followed by the older twins who become young adults and left childhood behind.


  and Kale:

  Kale and Lani were leaving in the morning, they had rented an apartment together.  Lani was going to pursue a career at the Police Station, while Kale was going to learn how to become a Gypsy.

  After a lot of time off because of maternity leave, the carpool arrived for Kei.  It was time to get back to work.


  The next morning found Lani giving her Dad a good bye hug.  "Stay safe Lani"  Kona told her.  Sometimes it hurt to look at his youngest daughter, because she so closely resembled her mother.

  "I will Daddy, don't worry about me.  Kale will have my back."

  "I'm more worried about Kale, keep an eye on him."  Kona muttered.

  Lani rolled her eyes.  "Yes, Daddy."


   Kona hugged his only son goodbye.  "Kale," Kona started to say.

  Kale interrupted him.  "I know what I'm doing Dad.  Let it go."

  In the end, it was the only thing Kona could do.  Let him go.

 "Well Kanani, what do you think of how our children have turned out?  I have not done such a bad job I think.  I could have done better with you at my side.  Kei, she probably wouldn't have given me nearly the amount of grey hair she has, if you had been around.  Kale.  A gypsy."  Kona snorted.  "Let's home that is just a phase!  Our little Poulani is married now, to a nice young man, Pip Goodfellow.  Even Keilani is engaged, to a fellow named Ayden Van Gould.  They are very rich, and he will provide a good life for her and her two boys.  Kei, she lost Ethan, but is taking another chance on love.  She is braver than I.  I avoided love like a plague."

  Kona's voice trailed off, as he thought about the one female that he had not been avoiding.  "I miss you Kanani, I still miss you.  I am sort of seeing this one girl, Crissy.  What would you have said about her, I wonder."  Kona chuckled.  "No, I know what you would have said about her. "  Kona sighed heavily again.  "Crissy does not seem to want anything permanent, and I am not so sure I am up to such a casual relationship.  And yet I can't seem to break it off with her either.  I am a doomed man."


 I failed at taking good birthday pictures this time around.  I thought I had taken them, but couldn't find them later.  So I used CAS pics on some of them.  I had one of Layla, but it really didn't turn out very well.  Crossed eyes and the whole bit.  :\

   I have decided that Kit is going to be my 3rd gen heir.

  He looks a lot like his father, but he definitely has his grandfather's mouth!

  I rolled single with double help, so I get to keep 2 of his siblings.  Yay!  I have decided I want to keep Rylan, so now I just need to figure out which girl will stay.  Nira or Layla.

  The third generation is going to be a lot of fun---  :D 


Next: Chapter 19: Rah! Rah! Rah!


  1. Nira scared the !@#$ out of me.

    Anyway. Man. Poor Kona.

    1. Funny---I've heard similar comments! She's quite mischievous looking---she may even be Trouble with a capital T---

      I think Kona is starting to realize he is getting older, his kids have grown up and moved out, and he has grandkids now. Maybe he doesn't want to be alone anymore---

  2. The kids all grew up lovely.
    I love your choice of heir! The braid looks great on him.

  3. Thanks! :)

    Kit is one of my favorites! His story line would be more interesting as well, and it would allow me to finish up on what I started with Ethan, before he died on me. lol I tried a bunch of different hairstyles on Kit---and that was the one I liked the best. :)

  4. Lani is my favorite of your aging ups - she's SO pretty! Nira definitely looks devilish haha! Kit's going to be a great hair, I mean heir! (Farrell's hair!) =P

    1. lol Yes, he has pretty hair! I always try several different styles, and then pick the one I liked the best. For Kit, it was this hair. (I love Farrell!) :D

      Thanks! Lani looks a lot like her mother. Nira---she has her own look, that's for sure! I have a feeling she is going to be trouble--but I suppose it was inevitable that at least one of Kei's kids would be a troublemaker. :)

  5. Oh boy! I'm excited for Kit's generation. He's purrrrdy.

  6. Thanks! He looks a lot like his Dad, Ethan! :)

  7. Awww, I love Kit's features <3. And that braid suits him nice :-D.

  8. Wow, both Lani and Kale came out gorgeous! Lani especially though!