Friday, September 14, 2012

Chapter 9: Transformations

   Kei stayed the night with Ethan, like she usually did.  But after school she decided to get some alone time, and try to think things through.

   Before Ethan, and after her Mom had died, Kei had spent hours exploring the caves.


  She found her favorite spot, and sat down with her journal.


   Kei's ears are tingling, while back at the house, Kona yells.  "Kei!"

  Kei shut her journal, and stood up and stretched.  It was getting dark out, she thought briefly about going to see Ethan, but decided she was just too tired.  When she got home, she ignored her father, who was glowering at her, she thought the yellow hair looked good on him though!, and went straight to bed.  She fell into a dreamless sleep.


   It was about midnight, when Kei stirred, and sat up in bed.  She felt---strange.


 Her body was on fire, and the itching, the itching was going to drive her mad!  She jumped out of her bed, the fire heat was enveloping her body.  She held a scream in---

And then the transformation was complete.  Kei felt like herself, only better.  More powerful!  Ethan was right!  Ethan, she sniffed the air, she could smell his scent nearby.  She could even feel the bond that he had spoken of earlier, the sense of him, it enveloped her.


  Kei noticed her sister, Poulani, hiding in the corner.  She grinned at her, her eyes sparkling with mischief.  Poulani freaked out, and peed her pants.

Keilani had woken up as well, and cowered by the bed.  "Turns out I was right, sisters!  There are monsters!"

  "K--k--k--ei, is that you?"

  "Of course it is dummy.  And if you say a word to Dad about this, I'll eat you while you sleep!  Do you understand?"  Both Keilani and Poulani vigorously shook their heads yes.  "Excellent."  Kei's ears pricked at the sound of howls.  Kei ran outside into the early morning air.  She answered her mate's call with a howl of her own.  But as the sun rose, she felt her body sag a bit, and then she transformed back into her human form.

  Kei found that if she was under stress of any sort, her body would automatically transform.  She could feel the change coming, and would run into a bathroom and baricade herself in.  Then she would sit in there until she could calm herself down enough to change back.

  When her father was preoccupied, she would sneak out the back door, right under his nose, and go over to Ethan's.  At Ethan's, she didn't need to hide who she was.

 And what she was, wasn't pretty, like her new way of eating!  (but it is funny!)

  Ethan exhibits the same table manners, so Kei feels right at home.

    Kei isn't sure what her father's reaction might be on that inevitable day that he finds out what she is.  Put she's pretty sure it is going to be a bad reaction.


  So, Kona is doing really well as far as challenges go.  He just has one more challenge to do with the handiness skill, and that is the electronics one. He has maxed the skill out.  He is a level 9 Magician---things are looking up for Kona!  He has more time to devote to challenges now.  lol

  Kei is working her way into the criminal career. I'm happy that I got through the difficult story part (well one of, the other 2 parts come later!)!

  Thanks for reading!  :)

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  1. I felt sad that no one had commented so I'm going to make it more cheery by saying that I love the way they eat. So funny! I'm trying to catch up with your story. It's very fun :)

  2. This is a pretty sad chapter comment-wise, as previously noted, so I'll add my comment to the list! I'm working my way through the Kahekili legacy, eager to see how you handle the supernaturals.