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Chapter 19: Rah! Rah! Rah!

  Chaine studied the plans again, and then studied the bits of metal scattered along his bench.  Something wasn't adding up.  He frowned, and stared at the plans some more.  What if he----


  The jolt of electricity stopped him in his tracks.  His body getting engulfed by flames prompted him to howl, which brought Kei and the rest of the family outside.  Layla shrieked and carried on, screaming for help.  Kit grabbed his cell phone and started to dial 911.  Kei, Kei wasn't going to lose another guy.  She grabbed a fire extinguisher and put Chaine out, before putting the bench fire out.

  The she turned to Chaine, "What are you doing?  Are you trying to give me a heart attack?"

  Chaine was prevented from answering by the arrival of the Firemen.  After they had assured themselves that the fire was indeed out; they lectured everyone on the hazards of playing with fire.

  When the Firemen finally left, Chaine held his arms out, and Kei fled into them.  "You scared me."

  "I'm fine Kei.  Just an occupational hazard, I promise I will be more careful."
  Later that night, Kei was pensively stirring the salad on her plate, but not eating it.  Kona sat next to her, with his own plate of sushi.  After a few minutes of watching her, Kona finally asked, "Kei, what's wrong?"

   "I always thought it was my fault,"  Kei said sadly,  "that Mama died."

  Kona was horrified by Kei's confession.  "Oh, Kei!  Whatever made you think that?"

  "Well, I thought if I did my best, that Mama wouldn't want to leave me.  But I wasn't good enough, though I tried my best.  She still left.  So I determined to be the opposite.  Logically, I understand she didn't leave on purpose, but emotionally?  Emotionally is a different thing all together.  I still miss my mother and it still hurts.  I'm angry at her for leaving, which makes no sense, I know.  "  Kei sighed.

  "I was angry at her for the longest time."  Kona quietly replied.  "Hearing you say that you thought it was your fault, makes me mad at her all over again."  He sighed heavily.   "It was never your fault Kei, I wish I had known that was what you were thinking and feeling.  Maybe I could have been a better father to you.  Your mother, she was really sick, and she was supposed to take this medicine, that would keep her from dying.  She told me she was taking it, but she wasn't.  She was concerned about the effect the medicine would have on the twins.  I was angry that she hid that from me, that she lied to me, that she wasn't talking to me about anything.  She was so headstrong and stubborn, your mother.  She left me to raise 4 girls, what do I know about girls?  At least Kale was a boy."  Kona stared at his plate.  "I finally had to let go of that anger, there was no room for it in my life.  I had 5 kids to raise and support.  But I talk to her, every now and then.  I tell her what lovely people our children have grown into."

  "Oh Daddy!"  Kei threw her arms around him.  "You are the best of fathers.  You never gave up on me!  Now that I have my own kids, I can only imagine the pain I put you through!  I am so sorry!  If I could undo it, I would.  I have so many regrets.  My biggest regret, is that I never even told Ethan I loved him.  I always tried to protect myself from pain and hurt, but it seems life is full of both.  It is also full of joy, and hope, and happiness as well, and I forgot about that.  It surely seems that by trying to protect myself from the hurt, I lost out on love, and all that it could have been."

  "What are you going to do with this new guy in your life then?"  Kona asked gently.

  Kei smiled at him.  "I think I'm going to marry him."

  The next day, Kei did just that.  It was just a simple exchange of promises and rings, just the two of them.


  Coach Fury patted Kit on the back.  "I'm so glad you are a part of our team Son.  The day you joined, Heaven was smiling on me!  You have such raw talent!  Amazing leadership abilities!  Son you are going places!  Under my coaching, we can take the Green Llamas to State, and win the Championship this year!"

  Kit had joined the Green Llamas Highschool Football team on a lark.  He was well liked, and very popular at his school, and all his buddies told him he should play football.  Kit had never played on a team before, he just played football with his friends in the park, and that was the extent of it.  But they swore he was good at it, at the strategy part as well as the actual playing part.  So why not join?   To his surprise, the Coach had been ecstatic to have him on the team.

   "Do you know how long it's been since we've won a Championship?" the Coach continued.  "No?   Well, then, let me tell you, it has been years!  Years I say!  We're the laughing stock of the league, and then, there you are!  My star player!"

  Kit was uncomfortable with the praise.  "Not really Coach. It's a team effort."

  "Exactly!" the Coach clapped him on the back again.  "Team effort, those boys really banded around you!  They act like a team now!  Now, go on out there and let's play some Football!"

  Kit obliged the Coach, and jogged out to the field and took his position.  He wondered if his Dad was athletic?  He knew his mother couldn't be bothered with something as mundane as a silly football game.  Kit shrugged the thoughts off, and forced himself to concentrate on the here and now.    


  After practice, Kit liked to jog around the field and let his mind wander.  He found it a great way to unwind after practice.  His buddies teased him that it was because the Cheerleaders held their practices after Football practice.  Kit never answered them.  He did like jogging, but he did enjoy the pretty scenery as well.  What guy wouldn't?

  He knew he had caught the eye of Whilamina Wolff, head Cheerleader, and the most gorgeous girl in school.  Her eyes followed him around, and she started showing up extra early just to watch Football practice.  He made sure to jog close by. 

She made sure to watch.                                                                                                 


  Suddenly, Kit finds that he is running into her everywhere, not that he really minds.  She's in the halls, in the Cafeteria, they even share several classes.  Somehow she even got herself installed as his new lab partner in science class.

  He was brought back to present as the subject of his thoughts sidled up to him.  "So Kit, that Science Project we have to work on?  How about you come over to my house after school today, so we can get started on it?"

  She really had the perfect body, Kit found himself thinking, his eyes taking in her flawless features and perfect strawberry blond hair.  He tried to keep his eyes on her face, but his eyes tended to wander down.  She also smelled heavenly, he decided.   She was the prettiest girl he had ever seen, and he was definitely not immune to her.  "Sure." he found himself saying.

  Once at her house, she didn't seem too interested in pursuing the Science Project.  After a few half hearted attempts, Kit gave up, and let her lead the conversation.  She promptly turned the conversation to the matter of children.

  "Um, no," Kit told her, "I hadn't thought about how many children I may want someday.  I haven't been a teen very long, and I still have a ways to go before I worry about that."


  After several broad hints thrown his way, Kit obliges her and asks her to go to the Prom with him.

Layla meets Bryce Younan.


    They hit it off, and become fast friends.   Bryce even seems like the Family type, he's already talking about when he graduates and gets married, and has kids.

  After some nervous stuttering, Bryce asks Layla to go to the Prom with him.  She eagerly accepts, and they go quickly from just friends, to Steady.  Layla doesn't even wait until Prom night, she seizes the opportunity and drags a very willing Bryce into the shower with her.

  Kona has a new generation to worry over.

  Kona performs a live stage show to a huge audience.  He is well known and well loved in this little town.  His little magic tricks brighten up people's days, and make them smile.  Kona tries out a new stage entrance, and he gets a thunderous applause for his efforts.

  He also has a new Assistant for the night, his daughter Lani had agreed to help him on a couple of new tricks.


   Lani was never worried, not one little bit.

Another Epic performance by Kona!

  Kit and Layla are on their way to pick up their Prom dates.  Layla is so nervous, she feels like she might puke.

While Kit is ready for whatever the night will bring. 


 Kit was named Prom King, and Mina was named Prom Queen.  While they were slow dancing, Mina kissed him, and asked him to go steady.  Kit immediately agreed.  He felt like the luckiest guy in the world, he was dating the most gorgeous girl in school.

  Kit remembered his Mom's stories about when she had gone to Prom with his Dad.  So Kit talked Mina into doing the Chicken Dance, as a salute to his father.  Mina was not so sure about the dance at first, but then everyone started copying Kit's moves, and it was okay then.  Mina thought, most popular guy in school as a boyfriend?  Snagged.  Mission accomplished.  Now on to step two.

  Prom picture (it was an informal Prom, lol):

   Layla had a great time at Prom.  While her brother's popularity overshadowed the evening, Layla really didn't mind too much.  She danced with Bryce almost non-stop.  They only stopped dancing when Kit and Mina were crowned King and Queen of the Prom, but once their dance was over, Layla was back in Bryce's arms, twirling away.  She even participated in her brother's goofy antics, the Chicken Dance indeed!

  Prom picture:

   After Prom, Mina went home with Kit.  He gave her a tour of the house, and they sat up and talked all night.  They talked about football, cheerleading, school, families, everything.  While talking to Mina about the little bit that he did know about his father, it occurred to Kit, there was a whole lot he didn't know about his father.  He knew just the person to ask too, the one who would have answers to his questions.  At least to some of his questions.

  Mina allowed several make out sessions, but she didn't allow it to go any further.  She wanted to leave Kit with just enough to make him want more, but she has no plans to go further.  At least, not yet.  She has her plans for Kit, and timing is everything.

  Mina stayed overnight, sleeping in a bunkbed with Layla.  It was the most uncomfortable bed she had ever slept on.  The first person she ran into in the morning was Kona.  Mina wanted to make a favorable impression on him, she needed Kit's family on her side.  So she did the one thing she could think of that might gain her attagirl points, she asked Kona for his autograph.

  Kona can write these things in his sleep.  He finds it odd that Mina would want his autograph, but since she is a guest and Kit's friend, he gives her one.



Challenge notes---since I rolled Idle Career and Sports career, I went and found poses to make my story work without actually having Kit gain any athletic skill.  So while I say he practiced---he didn't really.  lol

  I know zilch, zippo, nada about Football or any other Sport.  So---for those of you that do, my apologies.  This is going to be Football Sims style.  lol

  Mina is a very pretty sim, imo---I can't believe EA made her!  She's ambitious too---

  I am so looking forward to Generation 3!

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  1. I'm so glad Kei was able to come to terms finally with her mother's death and open up to Kona. And to realize she ddn't want to repeat her past mistakes and was able to commit to Chane. I hope she has a happy future.
    I'm excited for your Gen 3, too. Kit is very cute and Mina sure seems to have some plans for him.

  2. I love Kit! He's going to be one of those sims I put in all of my neighborhoods, lol. Mina is going to be fun---

    It was a long road for Keibut she was finally able to get some closure over her mother's death, and that's a good thing!

    I have so many ideas for generation3, I'll see how many of them I can actually use! I've been in CAW the last few days, I need a specialized world for some upcoming story lines.

  3. Whaaaaaaat! Mina was an EA Sim? No way! I hope she and Kit make beautiful babies.

  4. I was amazed too! She turned out so pretty! I hope she and Kit have cute kids. I hope they don't take after her father! lol

  5. That conversation between Kei and her father was deeply touching. Something both of them had been needing for so many years <3.