Monday, September 17, 2012

Chapter 16 : You Talk Too Much

  Kei absentmindedly chewed on one fingernail.  She stared at the computer screen.  Maybe she could find some names if she looked up the history of the house she lived in?  She started to type, when a instant message popped up.

  *Are you still researching*

  *Of course.*  Kei typed back.  *Stop bugging me.*

  *I have superior internet service, if you weren't so stubborn, you would come over and use this computer.*

  *I like this one.*

  *rolls eyes.  Sure you do.  Are you still coming over for dinner?  I make a mean salad, and then I can show you what I've been up to.*

  Kei paused, her fingers rested lightly on the keyboard.  She had forgotten she had agreed to come over for dinner tonight.  She was supposed to bring Layla and Kit with her.  But they had begged and pleaded to be allowed to attend a slumber party, and she had agreed to let them go.  *About that,* she typed back, "I forgot about it, and Kit and Layla are already at a Slumber Party.*

  *So?* was his response.  *They can come next time.  Surely you aren't afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?*

  Kei did roll her eyes.  He was just too corny sometimes.  She hesitated, at war with herself.  She should be able to handle a little dinner with a friend.  He was always the perfect gentleman, he never did anything inappropriate.  But sometimes, her eyes would meet his and she would be drawn in against her will.  They would accidentally brush shoulders in the hallway, and she would feel a little jolt.  Her body was waking up, and was ready for something more, her heart, not so much.  Ethan had been gone for several months.  Sometimes it felt like minutes, other times it felt like years.  The barest of smells could bring him back to her, and she would lay in bed and cry, missing him so much.  But other times, she could go weeks without a single tear.  Maybe she should stay home, and play it safe.

  She was finding it harder and harder to be around Chaine.  He was funny, thoughtful, respectful, he challenged her, he had many of the same qualities she had so admired in Ethan.  She could tell why they had been the best of friends.  She was vulnerable around him though, longing for more, and yet equally hating the want.  She didn't want to forget Ethan.  Ethan was her husband.  Ethan was dead, whispered another part of herself.  That did it.  She was staying home.  She went to type her decision, when she noticed the computer was smoking.  Great timing.  Her computer just died.  She sighed.  Apparently she was going over to Chaine's for dinner.  She hoped she wouldn't regret it.

  She walked up the path to his front door, and let herself in.  She had been over here dozens of times, and he over at her house.  They had a standing invitation to each other's homes to just let themselves in.  He told her what he could to help her with her plans, without breaking his promise, but he mainly served as a great sounding board for her ideas.  The talked online as well.  Over the phone.  They talked a lot.  And not all of it was about Ethan.  She frowned.  That was dangerous to her heart.

  She walked into his little study, expecting he would be sitting there on his computer, awaiting a response from her.  She was right.  He turned his head,and their eyes met.  Her heart jolted painfully in her chest, but her body, blast it, seemed to enjoy the charge.

  Chaine stood up and walked over to where she stood.  "I see you made it over."

 "My computer died."

  "I'm glad then.  You can stop using that old dinosaur, and use my computer.  It is much more efficient.  You'll never go back once you are used to it."

  "That's what I'm afraid of."

  "My Kei?  Afraid?  Preposterous!  Now, sit down right here."  He led her to the chair he has just been sitting in.  He gently pushed her down into the chair.  He leaned over her to use the mouse.  Kei's heart stuttered.  She wished he wasn't so close.  She wished he didn't smell so good.  She wished she wasn't so attracted to him.  He did a few clicks here, and a few clicks there, until he brought up a plan design.

Kei pointed to the screen. "What is that?"

  "That, my dear, is a wonderful invention.  It is going to take the whole world by storm, and make me a millionaire."  Kei looked up at him like he was crazy.  He grinned down at her.  "Otherwise known as a hypnotizer.  Imagine, if you will, the possibilities of this little machine.  They would be endless!  No more boring parties!"

  Kei shook her head.  "You are crazy, if you think someone is going to buy that."  She stood up slowly, and Chaine backed away.  He pretended to be hurt.

  "Crazy!  That's not crazy!  That's pure Genius right there."

  "Terrific Genius, how about you feed me this mean salad you promised me."

  "As you wish!  This way!"  He took her elbow and led her to the kitchen.  She enjoyed dinner, she enjoyed his company more than she wanted.  They laughed and goofed around until Kei said she'd better head home.

  "So soon?  Frownie face here."

  Kei smiled at him.  "I've been here for hours."  She looked up into his face, when had he gotten so close?


She didn't know who kissed who first, just that suddenly they were kissing each other, passionately.

 The kiss went on forever, but not long enough.  They pulled slightly apart, their lips nearly touching, their arms still wrapped around each other.  "Kei."  Chaine said her name, softly.  Kei closed the gap between them again and kissed him.  Chaine responded.  She had missed this, this physical contact.  He was so different from----

  Chaine pulled back a little.  "Kei, I am not Ethan."

  "I know." she whispered.

  "I won't be his substitute."

  "I know that too."

  They kissed again, until just kissing  wasn't enough.  "Kei are you sure?"

  "No," she answered as she pulled his shirt off.  She kissed him again.

  He groaned.  "Kei, I need you to be sure.  I don't want you to hate me in the morning, or hate yourself."

  "Chaine," she grumbled, "you talk too much. I say we play this by ear, and I promise, I won't hate either of us in the morning."

  "Good enough for me."

  Much later, Kei slipped out from under his embrace, and called her father.  "Daddy, I won't be home tonight."  Then she slipped back into the bed beside Chaine, and pulled his arm around her.  He nuzzled up against her in his sleep.  She sighed.  She felt so many conflicted things.  But regret was not one of them.  Even when she remembered they didn't use any protection at all, and she could be pregnant again.  She closed her eyes and willed herself to sleep, tomorrow was a new day.


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  1. I'm glad Kei was able to move on with her life. After the rough childhood she had, I was worried she'd revert to her old ways after Ethan died.

    1. She might have, but Ethan was such a huge, good influence on her, she didn't. Kei is maturing. lol :D

  2. Poor, Kei, it is hard to let go, and to not feel guilty about letting go. But I am glad she is able to move on. She andChaine are very cute together, they make a great match!

  3. It was hard for her to move forward, but she is doing it step by step, day by day.

    Thanks! I think Chaine and Kei make a cute couple too! :D

  4. D'aww. Character growth. =)

    Great chapter! I'm so happy for Kei and Chaine. They make an adorable couple, and I really hope it works out for them. *scurries on to read more*

    I love your writing. I'm totally hooked right now, even though I should be fast asleep! Lol.

  5. Thank you buckley! Kei just has to give herself permission to move on, but Chaine is a great guy. He'll give her the space she needs. :)

  6. Awww, I'm so glad Kei is moving on. They make a lovely couple <3, and I can't wait for the baby(ies).