Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chapter 3: In Sickness and in Health

  Kona was worried about his wife.  She was so tired all of the time.  She would just pass out, no matter where she was.


    She was also throwing up a lot.  Kona determined that no matter what it cost, she was going to go to a doctor.


  Kanani protested, but Kona stayed firm.  "It might just be pregnancy Kani, but even when you were pregnant with the triplets you weren't this sick.  You need to see a doctor,"

  So Kanani finally caved in and went to see a doctor, on the condition that Kona stayed home.  He had a habit of hovering over her, and she didn't want that.  The doctor confirmed her suspicions that she was pregnant.  He also confirmed her fears, that she was very ill.

  "Kanani," the Doctor said gently.  "You are seriously ill, and could even die.  We do have some medication, that may keep you from dying.  Unfortunately, it also could harm your baby.  The baby could be born with severe birth defects and die.  You should consider termination, because without this medicine, you could die."

  Kanani left the doctor's office in a daze.  She didn't like any of the choices the doctor offered her.


     All the way home she rehearsed in her head on how and what to tell Kona.  But nothing sounded right.  Her heart was torn.  On one hand, she had the life of her baby, on the other hand, she already had three beautiful daughters.

  The closer to home she got, the more resolute she became.  She wanted this baby.  She had already bonded to the baby, there was no way she could terminate it, even if it meant her own life.  She would die for any of her children, including the one still growing inside her.

  When she got home, Kona was waiting anxiously for her.  "What did the doctor say?"

  "Well," she started to say, and then stopped.  "Kona, there is no easy way to say this."  So she laid it out bluntly.

  Kona's answer was immediate.  "Then we should terminate this pregnancy.  There is only one of you, we can always have more children."

  Kanani stared at him incredulously.  "Kona!  How can you say that?  This is my body, my decision.  And I say I'm having this baby.  I already love this baby!"


    "What?  I don't even get a choice in this decision?  I'm just supposed to nod my head yes when you tell me that carrying this baby could kill you?  I love you Kanani, you mean everything to me.  I don't even want to think about my life without you in it."

  "I love you too, Kona.  I always have.  But you have to understand, I love this baby too."


  "At least take your medicine Kanani.  You do have the girls to consider, they need their mother."


  Kanani agreed to make him feel better.  But secretly she knew she wasn't going to take her medicine.  Not if it would harm her little one.   "Don't worry Kona," she said softly.  "Everything is going to work out okay.  You'll see."


  Days flew by, and the household resumed a semblance of normalcy.  But Kanani was still horribly ill, and spent a lot of time in bed.  Her girls would hop up on the bed next to her and chatter about their day at school.  Kanani treasured these moments in her heart.

  Leilani painted her mom pictures.  "See Mommy, this is me, and this is you!"


  Keikei pitched in and helped keep the house clean.


     Poulani tried to help, but everything she touched seemed to break.  Kanani patted the bed beside her.  "Come tell me a story Poulani.  You tell the most amazing stories."  Poulani would clamber on the bed and regal her mother with stories of fairies and elves.


  Keikei took care of the cooking.  She was quite proud of her creations.  "Daddy try this one!" she would proudly say.


    But at night, while she slept, Keikei worried.  She worried that the medicine might not work and that her mother might die.  If I'm extra good, she thought, then Mama won't leave me.


  She was extra nice and thoughtful to her sisters.  She listened to Poulani's stories, even though she thought they were dumb.


  She checked under the bed for monsters for Keilani, who was deathly afraid of monsters.  Keikei would have liked to have found one, but she hadn't found one yet.


  Keikei lived for the rare occasions when she ran into her mother in the hallway, when her Mom said she needed a few minutes to stretch her legs.  Her mom would stay and talk with her, and tell her how proud she was of Keikei.  Keikei loved it.  Surely her mom would stay now!

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  1. Oh no! =(

    I don't see this ending well. I really, really hope Kanani doesn't die. Her kids need her! I have to agree with Kona though. It was awfully selfish of her not to even discuss the possibilities with her husband. She seemed so closed minded to his advice, and lying about taking her medicine... Not good! I'm going to be so mad at her if she does die.

    Poor Keikei. That's a lot of responsibility (and potential guilt) that she's putting on herself. I wish she would talk to someone about it, so that she'd realize that i's NOT her fault if something happens to her mom. Aww, sad chapter.

    1. She's pretty single minded at the moment. Tunnel vision, you could call it. She doesn't really think anything will go wrong---

      Yeah, I feel bad for Keikei. Her mother getting sick will affect her for a very long time. :)

  2. Poor Kanani! She certainly had a tough decision to make, but I have to agree with Colleen - her husband should have had a say as well. It's THEIR baby, not just hers. :( But I digress.

    I hope she makes it because Kona's right - he not only needs her, but the girls (and new baby) do too!

    1. A hard decision to make, that's for sure. Instead of leaning on Kona, and talking things over with him, she's decided to do things her way--- :)

  3. Poor Kanani, I really hope she's okay!

  4. Poor Kanani indeed! It's never fun being ill...

  5. I really like the way you handled such a difficult decision and also, I felt like Kona's response was fair. I can see why he might think she's being selfish or not caring about her other children in taking such a chance. While its a woman's body and her personal choice, the father has to be considered as well as the children who are living and deserve their Mother. I would not want to be in Kanani's shoes to have to make that choice! I don't think I'd be as strong as she's being.

  6. Thanks Envie. :) I tried to take a step back, and present both sides fairly. It is not an easy issue at all, no matter which side you look at.

  7. Such a sad chapter. But your characters are very dynamic. I love the way you're handling this situation - even if it doesn't end well. BTW this is ashaw814 from the MTS forums.

    1. Missed your post, sorry!

      Thanks! I like complex characters, they feel more real. :)

  8. This chapter is so sad! I really hope it turns out okay, but I don't see how it can...

    1. Their family is about to change forever. :)