Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chapter 5: First Love

  The days marched by, one by one, in a blur of monotonous, stoic living.  Kona took care of his twins, made sure the girls got their homework done, he even managed to remember to take an occasional shower. 

  But the nights were still hard, when he was all alone, and there was no activity to take his mind away.  That was when he couldn't keep his thoughts of Kanani at bay.  They would rush up to overwhelm him, demanding release.  He took comfort in the fact that at least his girls wouldn't see the overwhelmed, blubbering mess part of him.  They would only see the strong part of him.

The Twins had their birthdays.  First it was Kale.                                                

And then Lani.  (thought I had an age up pic--but I didn't.  So I'm stuck using the CAS pic. )                                                                                                                        

  The days fell into a, if not a normal, then a comforting pattern.  Kona even started making dinners again, instead of ordering take out.  He started to take an interest in what his girls were talking about at the dinner table. He was slowly working his way back to the living.

    Though his nights never changed.  Most nights found him rocking one of the twins to sleep while he alternately worried and fumed over Kei.  Poulani and Keilani would be fast asleep in their beds, but not Kei.  Kona would wait up until the Officer could find her and bring her back home.  Kona was glad they lived on a small island, he shuddered to think what type of mischief Kei would get into if they lived in a big city.

  And then two things happened that would forever change the Kahekili family.

  First, the girls all aged up.



And Keilani:                                                                                                    

  The second thing that happened, was the Kahekili's got new neighbors.  The house next door had been empty for years.  But these were not just your ordinary neighbors.  They were teenage boys from Moonlight Shores, living on their own.

The Wolff brothers were very good looking, secretive and charismatic.  All three of the triplets swoon over their new neighbors, but only Kei had the courage to do more than just admire them from a distance. 

 She went next door and knocked.   She waited for several minutes but no one answered.  It appeared the brothers weren't home.  She tried the front door, and it was unlocked.  With a shrug, she opened the door, and went inside.


    She really didn't see anything of interest in the house itself.  She sat on the couch and surveyed the room.  It was quite plain, but it was a house with two boys living in it.    She tried to talk herself out of it, but couldn't work up a good enough argument.  The opportunity was just too good to pass up.


  No one was home, no one would see it was her.  She'd just have a little fun placing a few pranks, and then get out of the house before they got home.


  She giggled to herself as she imagined their faces.  It really was too bad she wouldn't be here to see it for herself.

  She got so involved with placing pranks, she lost track of time.


  Her first clue she was no longer alone was the sound of the front door opening and closing.  She thought briefly about making a run for it, but it really wasn't her style.

  So she came out of the bathroom and brazenly confronted the boy who stood in the living room.  "Hi, I'm Kei.  I'm your neighbor."  The boy didn't look too startled to see her in his house.  He just raised his eyebrow at her.  "I knocked, but no one answered."  Kei said.

  "So, you just walk in?" his voice was as dreamy as the rest of him, Kei decided. 

  "The door was unlocked.  I was curious about the inside of this place, so I came in and took a look.  It's bigger than it looks outside.  I placed a few harmless pranks around your house, you might want to avoid sitting or using the upstairs bathroom.  Hey---what's your name?"

  The boy stared at her for a moment, she almost thought he wasn't going to answer.  And in fact that he might even call the Police and then her Dad would freak out at her again.  "I'm Ethan." he finally said.  "You're a bit forward, aren't you?"

  "So I've been told."  Kei said nonchalantly.  "I've also been told I'm..." she held her fingers up and started to tick them off one by one, "obnoxious, ungrateful, bratty, incorrigible, mean, I disagree with that one by the way.  I just tell it like I see it.  Blunt, they call me that too.  Tactless, oh, and rebellious."

  "Really?"  Ethan smiled.  "I've been told I'm rebellious a time or two as well.  You sound like my type of girl."


  "Well, just so you have no illusions, because I am an upfront kind of girl, I have a record.  I've been in juvvie a few times, it was so lame.  My Dad always feels guilty though and talks the Police Chief into letting me out.  They're good friends you know."


  "Not to worry Kei, I have a record of my own.   I have a feeling we are going to be the best of friends.  Forget about the pranks, we'll leave them there for my older brother Ari to find.  That should be good for a laugh!"  Ethan chuckled.  "So, "  Ethan moved closer to her, "would you like to hang out here for a while?"

  Kei looks into his eyes, really looks into his eyes for the first time.  He has the most amazing golden eyes!  "Sure, I'd love that."


  Ethan has this magnetism about him, and Kei feels this incredible attraction to him, almost like she's being physically pulled in. It doesn't matter that they just met, and she barely knows him.  Her soul knows him.  So when he pulls her closer to him, she doesn't protest.


  And when he whispers in ear that he'd like to kiss her, would she mind?, she lets him know she doesn't mind in the least.  She even kisses him back enthusiastically.  One simple kiss turns into another, which turns into another...


  And before she knows it, they are dropping their clothes and headed for the shower.  She never imagined that her first time would be fumbling about in a shower with some boy she had just met.  But she couldn't seem to help herself, her body just craved him.



    Kei cannot get enough of him, he's like a drug she can't live without, she doesn't want to go home.  She asks Ethan if she can stay the night, and he agrees.  She stays over to sleep, but they don't get much sleeping done.


  She doesn't even hear the living room door open and close again.  Or the sounds of loud cursing coming from Ethan's brother, Ari , who was in the upstairs bathroom.  She is too wrapped up in Ethan to care about anything else.


    The thought of her father, Kona, waiting up for her, doesn't enter her mind either.  Daddy who?  She is consumed by her passion for Ethan.



  Generation 2 is on it's way.  Still working on Kona, but things are a lot easier now that the triplets are teens.  More hands to feed, diaper, and play with toddlers!  Built in babysitters too, so he can finally get a little ahead career wise and change his financial troubles around.  I hope!

  Ethan is a slightly redone version of Wolf Roman.   I changed his genetics just a little, and when I got him, he was super scrawny, so I bulked him up a bit, and gave him some muscle definition.  :D

  Ari is a sim I found on MTS here:  I did a little tweaking of him as well, and made him a teen.

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  1. Yay, young rebels in love! Or lust, whatever, lol.

    I know what you mean about Wolf being scrawny...all the Enmities were rail thin (and small-breasted if female) after Chanda Ramaswami donated her genes to the Enmity family tree. So, I understand why you'd want to bulk him up. =)
    Well, I hope he and Kei don't get in too much trouble, or make too much trouble for everyone else. Or maybe it will just be fun to see what kinds of trouble they can get into.

    I feel so bad for poor Kona, I alwys feel bad when I kill off my Sim's partner and then I have to watch them cry. Poor guy.
    All the girls grew up lovely, but Kei is my favorite.

    1. Or both! :)

      Yep, I couldn't have a scrawny wolf. :P I still need to read that legacy--so much reading--so little time! Thank you for uploading him though, he is one of my favorites!

      Trouble is Kei's middle name, and poor Kona indeed. He has his hands full with her.

      Thank you! Kei is my favorite too. :)

  2. I agree with yang- Kei is stunning! Poor Kona though, having to put up with her.

    Wolf Roman! <3 I *loved* seeing him pop up in your legacy. I used a slightly tweaked version of him as the father of my current heir. He's dreamy, huh? =)

    I can't wait to see what happens next! I sure hope Ethan and Kei were careful...

    1. Thanks! I tried to give her a more rebellious look, compared to her sisters, who are more compliant.

      *loves Wolf* I knew I had to put him into the story as a Legacy, I just had to figure out how!

  3. Hmmm. I wonder if that boy has some mystic powers he's using on her... or am I just crazy suspicious?!

    All the triplets are awesome looking. I wish they were all in my town. =P

    Poor Kona. =(

    1. The story will go more into their relationship---as it has a huge impact on Kei. :)


  4. Love how the three girls aged up. Kei's hair is so appropriate for her rebellious look. I think Poulani is the sweetest little angel looking girl, and Keilani a nice mix of both parents. They all have such baby faces, but that's definitely from Kona who does not even look like an adult to me...cutie!

    As for this swift lust-affair, wow! Wasting no time in getting into some major trouble is she? :) I look forward to reading more about this boy and the kids of trouble he's after.

  5. Animal magnetism at its finest. lol

  6. Woo boy!! That Kei sure is trouble. I really like her character.