Friday, September 14, 2012

Chapter 11:Future Adventures

 Kei feels more for Ethan than she lets on.

  Ethan has been doing some thinking of his own.

 Happy Birthday Ethan!  He gets a job as a cook, but that won't last for too long.  Fate has decried that he shall be an Inventor.

(and just because, a CAS picture of him.)

Ethan checks out the new circus themed live venue.  He doesn't find Kona though, the person he is looking for.

   Kona was hidden behind a big old ugly sign, showing off his Magician skills to impress the Proprietor.  He was suitably impressed and offered Kona a gig on Monday afternoons.  A steady gig will help out the family finances.

  Back home, Kona and Kei have a heart to heart talk.  "Kei, I don't want to fight with you anymore.  You're almost grown up now.  And I, uh, well, "  Kona nervously sputters, "I'd like you to stay living at home.  I don't see you very often as it is, and I worry about you."

"I'll think about it."

   The first thing she does, is call Ethan.   "Ethan, I don't know where we, as a unit (she avoids the use of the word couple), are going, but my Dad and I just talked about me continuing to live here after I graduate and...what?  Yeah, he's here.  Why do you want to talk to my Dad?  A surprise?  I'm not so sure I like surprises.  Okay, I'll see you in a bit, then."

 Ethan shows up not too much later, and he makes a beeline for Kona.  "Mr Kahekili?  I had something I wanted to talk to you about."

"First let me say, I'm sorry.  If I was in your place, I would want to kill me.  But I love Kei, I think she is beautiful, smart, fun, adventurous, passionate---" Ethan's voice trailed off as he got lost in his memories for a moment, then he forcibly brought himself back. "Well, suffice to say, I adore your daughter.  I want to marry her.  Kei is not so keen on commitment, but I have been working on her.  I would really like your blessing.  Kei does not say so directly, but I can tell from our many conversations about you, that you do mean the world to her. She's afraid of losing you, afraid of losing me."

  Kona was taken aback by Ethan's honesty.  And if Kona was honest, he liked the idea that Kei still thought the world of him.  Because Kona felt that he had really failed her somewhere in the parenting department.  Still, Kona considered the young man with the blazing golden eyes that stood in front of him.  Then, an idea came to him.  "I'll give you my blessing on one condition."

  "Name it."

  "I want you guys to live here, with me.  I just want---"  Kona didn't know how to express to this young man, all of what he was feeling.  How could Ethan understand the pain of a parent's heart, when Ethan didn't have a child yet.  He couldn't know the torture of pacing well worn floors in the middle of the night, waiting for someone to find his errant daughter.  Or to see the face of failure in the morning mirror everyday, because said daughter never came home.  But Kona didn't need to say anything, Ethan felt compassion towards his soon to be father in law.

  "I agree.  I'll move in here, after the wedding.  Now I just need to convince Kei."

  "Good Luck."  Kona told him, and he meant it, for he rather liked Ethan.

  "Thank you Sir.  Family is very important to me, and I only want Kei's happiness.  She won't ever be truly happy, until she reconciles with you.  She would have my head on a platter if she knew I was speaking this way.  But while I love her, I am not blind to her faults.  She took her mother's death---"

  "Badly."  Kona sighed.


 Ethan found Kei in the kitchen, and surprised her with a kiss.

  "Ethan!"  Kei said with pleasure.  "You're here!  Did you already talk to my Dad?

  Ethan pulled her in close to him.  "Yep.  I did.  I love you Kei, you know that, right."  Kei looked at him, but couldn't think of a thing to say.  Ethan smiled at her.  "I know you're scared---"

  That got a reaction out of her.  "I am not scared of anything!"  she retorted.

  "Excellent!"  Ethan dropped to one knee.  "I adore you, you adore me, I see that look, I know you, and I know you love me.  I am fine without you saying the words.  And since you are not scared of anything, would you do me the honor of being my wife, and sharing in the adventure of my life?"

 Kei was stunned speechless.  She was at war within herself.  Half of her wanted to snatch him up and never let him go.  The other half, the other half wanted to shove him far away from her as possible, and never see him again.  He was too dangerous to her heart and peace of mind.

  Ethan saw the struggle in her.  "Let the brave side win Kei.  The other side is weak, and cowardly."

  As usual, Ethan had the words to settle her down, and she said a enthusiastic, "Yes!"

  Ethan slipped the ring on her finger.

 Kei hugged him tightly, her emotions swirling, but she didn't say a word.

  "We'll get married after you graduate, and then I'll move in here."

  Kei pulled back.  "Wai--what?  You move in here?"

  "Absolutely."  Ethan kissed her on her nose.  "Your sisters are moving out the day after graduation, and we want to have all of our family here to celebrate our wedding.  Family is very important to a Pack.  Your father could use some help with your two younger siblings, and  Lani will certainly need a woman's guidance when she grows into a teen.  What do us guys know of girly things?  Nope, we can't abandon them."

  "I am not not so sure I am one to give advice."

  "Of course you are Kei.  You have already been through it, who better to know the pitfalls of being a teen girl?"

  "I think Ethan, that you see more to me, than what there is."

  "Nonsense, my love.  I see you, the one you try to hide behind the bad behavior, the hurtful words, and the porcupine personality.  But the Kei I see, is more than that.  I know your heart Kei, the bonding hides nothing."

  Kei grunted.  "Humph!  I think you are crazy Ethan.  But if you want to live in my father's dinky, crowded house, who am I to refuse you?"

  Ethan kissed her again. "I am glad you see it my way."  But with all the emotions between them, it triggered their lurking werewolf side.

   In front of Kona's horrified eyes, he watched his daughter and her fiancée turn into---some type of creature.

One secret revealed.  "Sorry Daddy!"  Kei apologized.  "I really do try not to transform into a werewolf in front of people, but well, I was a little excited.  She hugged her father, who blankly patted her back, "I'm going to get married!  Unbelievable."

   "Unbelievable."  Kona echoed her.  "Excuse me a minute, Kei.  I need to, to, check on something in, well, in this room over here.  I'll be right back."  Kei watched puzzled, as her father staggered out of the room.  He blindly found his way into the twins' bedroom, where he passed out from shock.  His daughter was a werewolf.


  Kona's reaction was priceless.  He had that horrified look, and the moodlet that goes with it, and he walked out of the kitchen, and around to the back bedroom, so he could pass out.  I do feel sorry for him though, Kei is going to give the man some serious grey hair and wrinkles!  :)

  And I am irked over the spacing issues I am having today---this blog is against me, lol.  When I try to fix it, things get worse.  So I am going to just leave it. 

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  1. Spacing issues either happen while moving photos around, editing through your phone, or are just plain random. It's the random ones that suck because even I can't figure out how to fix 'em. xD But yours weren't distracting or even noticeable.

    Kona's reaction really was priceless! I laughed out loud when he went to the next room to pass out. But otherwise he took it really well. Can't wait for Kei's wedding!

    1. I'm glad they weren't too distracting. It was some sort of random glitch---I gave up after messing with it for 30 minutes. It wasn't going to do what I wanted.

      Kona was very funny. I imagine I would react in a similar way! :P

  2. Reaction = epic.
    Super sweet chapter! Ethan's actually a looker when he's not in werewolf form. XD

  3. Thank you! He's not bad as far as werewolves go, in werewolf form, but he is definitely good looking in human form! He is based off of Calisims sim Wolf Roman. :)

  4. Oh that was a fantastic reaction by Kona to finding out his daughter and her fiance are werewolves!

    1. It made me laugh---I imagine I would react very similar to that---pass out from shock. lol

  5. Aw, that was a sweet proposal! Ethan really does no how to play Kei's rebelliousness to get her to give in to him, lol.
    I'm glad that he and Kona are getting along, though now that Kona has seen the transformation, maybe he won't like Ethan so much, lol.

  6. Kona's facial reaction and passing out was absolute perfection - so glad you caught it with pictures! I love when those rare perfect moments happen because they really define the story when you can get them! Sims are SO goofy, that's what makes me love doing a legacy story with screenshots, hoping to catch those funny moments.

    Good job on the werewolf addition. I've been somewhat skeptical of all the supernatural stuff (other than my zombie apocalypse haha) and after playing with it for a bit decided not to include it in my legacy until a roll presents itself that adding it would really work. Yours is flowing nicely though and you're leaving a lot of mystery as to why werewolves are there and what's the story behind all that. I look forward to reading more. :)

  7. I think Ethan and Kei are a great match---they do very well together. :)

    Ethan and Kona both love Kei, and both want the best for her. So it is good that they each see that in the other. :)

  8. They make such a great pair. Poor Kona. He has not had it easy.

  9. Thanks--I think so too. Nope--Kona has had a rough haul. Poor guy!

  10. LOL count me as another who loves Kona's reaction.

  11. Okay, I was on the fence about Ethan but after that talk with Kona and proposal, I'm very pro Ethan. Maybe he will bring out the best in Kei!

    I suppose Kona's reaction could have been worse. He didn't take back his blessing and waited for privacy before fainting.